#1 Three Missions:

 Jesus, Mary and Luisa


Volume 12 – January 17, 1921


The Three “FIATs”: the One of Creation; the Second “FIAT” of the Celestial Mama for Redemption, and the Third of Luisa for the Kingdom of the Divine Will. Jesus chooses the lowest creatures.


I (Luisa) felt my poor mind immersed in the Immense Sea of the Divine Volition… I could see the mark of the “FIAT” everywhere. I saw it in the Sun, and it seemed to me that the echo of the “FIAT” in the Sun brought me Divine Love, which darted through me, wounded me and flashed through me. And I, on the Wings of the “FIAT” of the Sun, went up to the Eternal One bringing, in the name of the human family, that Love which darted, wounded, and flashed through the Supreme Majesty. And I said: ‘In Your FIAT You gave me (Luisa) all this Love, and only in the FIAT can I (Luisa) return it to You (Jesus).’


I looked at the stars and I could see the “FIAT” in them; and in their sweet and mild flickering, this “FIAT” brought me sweet Love, hidden Love, compassionate Love, even in the night of sin. And I, in the “FIAT” of the stars, in the name of all, brought to the Throne of the Eternal One pacific love in order to put peace between Heaven and earth, the sweet love of the loving souls, the hidden love of many others, the love of the creatures when they come back to God after sin… But who can say all that I understood and did in the many “FIAT” in which I saw all Creation being absorbed? I would be too long; so I stop here.


Then, my sweet Jesus took my hands in His own, and squeezing them tightly, told me: “My daughter (Luisa), the ‘FIAT’ is all Full of Life; even more, It is Life Itself. That’s why all lives and all things come from within the ‘FIAT.’ Creation came from My ‘FIAT’; therefore in each created thing one can see the mark of the ‘FIAT.’ Redemption came from the ‘FIAT MIHI’ of My dear Mama (Mary), pronounced in My Volition and carrying the same power of My Creative ‘FIAT.’ Therefore, there is nothing in Redemption which does not contain the mark of the ‘FIAT MIHI’ of My Mama. Even My own Humanity, My steps, words and works were sealed by Her ‘FIAT MIHI.’ My pains, My wounds, My thorns, My Cross and My Blood have the mark of Her ‘FIAT MIHI’, because things carry the mark of the origin from which they come from. My origin in time was the ‘FIAT MIHI’ of the Immaculate Mama; therefore all my works carry the mark of Her ‘FIAT MIHI.’ Her ‘FIAT MIHI’ is in each Sacramental Host. If man rises again from sin, if the newborn baby is baptized, if Heaven opens to receive man, it is the ‘FIAT MIHI’ of My Mama that marks, follows and provides everything… Oh, power of the ‘FIAT’! It rises every instant; It multiplies and becomes Life of all goods.


Now I (Jesus) want to tell you (Luisa) why I asked for your ‘FIAT’ – your ‘yes’ in My Volition. I want the prayer which I taught – FIAT Voluntas Tua sicut in Coelo et in terra’, this prayer of so many centuries and generations – to have its Completion and Fulfillment. This is why I (Jesus) wanted another ‘yes’ in My Volition, another ‘FIAT’ containing the creative Power. I (Jesus) want the ‘FIAT’ which rises every instant, and multiplies in everyone. I (Jesus) want, in a soul, My Own ‘FIAT’, which ascends to My Throne and, by its creative Power, brings upon earth the Life of the ‘FIAT’ – on earth as It is in Heaven.”


Surprised and annihilated in hearing this, I (Luisa) said: ‘Jesus, what are You saying? Yet, You know how bad and incapable of anything I am.’ And He (Jesus): “My daughter (Luisa), It is My usual way to choose the most abject, unable, poor souls for My Greatest Works. Even My Mama (Mary) had nothing extraordinary in her exterior life, no miracles – not a sign that would distinguish her from other women. Her only distinction was Perfect Virtue, to which almost nobody paid attention. If I (Jesus) have given the distinction of miracles to other Saints, or adorned others with My wounds, to My Mama, nothing – nothing. Yet, She (Mary) was the Portent of Portents, the Miracle of Miracles, the True and Perfect Crucified – no one else like Her.


I (Jesus) usually act like a master who has two servants. One of them seems an herculean giant, good at everything; the other one is short, unable, and seems to be good at nothing – not one important service. If he keeps him, it is more for charity, for fun. Now, having to send a million – a billion, to another country, what does he do? He calls the little and incapable one, and entrusts the great sum to him, saying to himself: ‘If I give it to the giant, all will fix their attention on him; thieves may attack him and rob him; and if he tries to defend himself with his herculean strength, he may be wounded. I know that he is capable, but I want to spare him; I do not want to expose him to the obvious danger. On the other hand, nobody will pay attention to this little one, knowing him to be incapable; no one would think that I would entrust such an important sum to him; and he will come back safe and sound…’ The poor incapable one is surprised that the lord would trust him, when he could have used the giant, and all trembling and humble, he goes to deposit the great sum, with no one deigning to give him even a glance. So, he returns safe and sound to his lord, more trembling and humble than before.


So I (Jesus) do: the Greater the Work I (Jesus) want to do, the more I (Jesus) choose abject, poor and ignorant souls, with no outward appearance which may expose them. The abject state of the soul serves as safe custody for My Work. The thieves of self-esteem and love of self will not pay attention to him, knowing his inability. And he, humble and trembling, will carry out the Work entrusted by Me, knowing that he has done nothing by himself, but that I (Jesus) did everything in him.”