Volume 24 – October 3, 1928

Exchange between Jerusalem and Rome. 

My (Luisa’s) poor mind was thinking about many things regarding the Divine Will—especially about how Its Kingdom could come, how It (the Divine Will) could spread, and many other things that it is not necessary to write on paper. 

And my Beloved Jesus, moving in my (Luisa’s) interior, told me (Luisa):  My daughter (Luisa), if Rome has the primacy of My Church, she (Rome) owes it to Jerusalem, because the beginning of Redemption was precisely in Jerusalem.  Within that homeland, from the little town of Nazareth I (Jesus) chose My Virgin Mother (Mary); I Myself (Jesus) was born in the little town of Bethlehem, and all of My Apostles were from that homeland.  And even though, ungrateful, she (Jerusalem) did not want to recognize Me (Jesus) and rejected the Goods of My Redemption, it cannot be denied that the origin, the beginning, the first people who received the Good of It (the Redemption), were from this city (Jerusalem).  The first criers of the Gospel, those who established Catholicism in Rome, were My Apostles, all from Jerusalem—that is, from this homeland.

“Now there will be an exchange:  if Jerusalem gave to Rome the life of religion and therefore of Redemption, Rome will give to Jerusalem the Kingdom of the Divine Will.  And this is so true, that just as I (Jesus) chose a Virgin (Mary) from the little town of Nazareth for the Redemption, so I (Jesus) have chosen another virgin (Luisa) in a little town of Italy (Corato) belonging to Rome, to whom the mission of the Kingdom of the Divine FIAT has been entrusted.  And since It (the Kingdom of the Divine Will) must be known in Rome, just as My coming upon earth was known in Jerusalem, Rome will have the great honor of requiting Jerusalem for the great Gift received from her (Jerusalem), which is Redemption, by making known to her (Jerusalem) the Kingdom of My Divine Will. 

“Then will Jerusalem repent of her ingratitude, and will embrace the life of the religion (the Catholic Church) that she (Jerusalem) gave to Rome; and, grateful, she (Jerusalem) will receive from Rome the life and the great Gift of the Kingdom of My Divine Will.  And not only Jerusalem, but all the other nations will receive from Rome the great Gift of the Kingdom of My FIAT, the first criers of It, Its Gospel—all Full of Peace, of Happiness and of Restoration of the creation of man.”