Volume 31 – October 9, 1932

The sweet sound of the bell, each other’s ecstasy of the Creator and of the creature.

“”My daughter (Luisa), what sweet memory is the Creation of man (Adam).  He (Adam) was created in an Ecstasy of Our Love; so much was Our Love that We (Triune God) remained enraptured before Our Own Work that We put forth to the light.  The beauty enraptured Us (God) with which We had invested him (Adam), the Sanctity Enraptured Us (God) with which We had filled him (Adam), the form the harmony Enraptured Us with which We had formed him (Adam).  His prerogatives, every quality of his was an Ecstasy of Love that  We felt and It Enraptured Us (God) to Love him (Adam).  So that Our Love remained shaken, subjugated and putting Us (God) in Ecstasy, it made arise in Us the working, and imperishableLove toward man (Adam).  And in this Ecstasy of Love, Enraptured as We were, We didn’t mind to anything, no limits were put forth, We showed off so much in Loving him (Adam) and in enriching him (Adam) with all the goods that there didn’t remain any void, so that his love might be full for Us (God) and thus be able to Enrapture Us (Triune God) to love him (Adam) continually.  Whence only the memory of how man was created repeats for Us Our Loving Ecstasy toward him.  Now one (Luisa) who turns in Our Divine Will, as she (Luisa) finds Our Works that were as prepared in order to then create man, It sounds the bell in order to call all creatures (past, present and future) to recognize this Love of God toward man.  And Its sweet sound calls Our attention, reawakens Our Love, and makes arise in Us (God) Our Ecstasy of Love toward him.  Ecstasy signifies a total re-pouring toward whom One (God) Loves, and one (Luisa) who comes into Our Will, and holds the strength to make Us undergo Our Ecstasy of Love so that We (God) flow in her (Luisa), and with Our Power We (God) put the creature (Luisa) in ecstasy for Us, so that nothing remains for her (Luisa) and all flows into Our Supreme Being.  A re-pouring of oneself into each other happens, the One into the other.  Therefore there is nothing that pleases Us (God) more than to see the creature (Luisa) in that same Will in which she (Luisa) was created.  To contemplate Our Works, to Know them, to Feel the pulsations of Our Love that every created thing possesses. It was the outfit, that We (God) prepared and gave to man (Adam) in creating so many things and all the Creation.  Now who receives the Life of the Good that created things contain?  Who makes use of this outfit so splendid and with right?  One (Luisa) who knows them, knowing them she (Luisa) finds Our palpating Love, Our Working Divine Will, and she (Luisa) Loves them and Loves in them that Supreme Being who so very much Loves her (Luisa).  Therefore be attentive and constant in turning in Our Works, so that We (Jesus and Luisa) give each other the hand in Loving each other.  We (Jesus and Luisa) put one another in Ecstasy, and with utility you (Luisa)