Volume 18 – November 12, 1925

  “My daughter (Luisa), be attentive in doing your acts in My Divine Will.  You must know that whoever is called as Head of a Mission, for whatever good pertaining to that Mission is enclosed in him, brings so much more Good to communicate to the others.  These Goods will be as so many Seeds that you (Luisa) will lend to the others, so that those who have the Good Fortune of wanting to acquire these seeds will render themselves Possessors of the Harvest of these same seeds.

  “This is what happened with Adam who, being the first man, was constituted Head of all the generations; and, by necessity, being the Head, he (Adam) had to Possess the Seeds necessary for the development of human life, in order to be able to Give to the others.  These Seeds, then, have been increased, explained, better understood, according to the Good Will of the following generations and according to the Capacity and Application that each generation has made of those same Seeds.  But Adam had all of them in himself, and it can be said that they all came through him.  Thus, it can be said that in being created by God, he (Adam) was Gifted with all the Sciences; what the others learned with so much labor, he (Adam) Possessed as gift in a surprising manner.  Therefore, he (Adam) Possessed the Knowledge of all the things of this earth:  he (Adam) had the Science of all the plants, of all the herbs, and of the Powers that each contained; he (Adam) had the Science of all the species of animals and how he should make use of them; he had the Science of music, of song, of writing, of medicine; in sum, of everything.  If each generation possessed its own special Science, Adam Possessed them all.

  “See, therefore, how necessary it is that one who must be the Head should enclose in himself all the Good in which the others must participate.

 “So it is with you (Luisa), My daughter, since I (Jesus) have called you as the Head of a Special Mission, more than a new Adam; and it is not a matter of human sciences but of the Science of sciences, which is My Divine Will, Science all of Heaven.  I (Jesus) want you (Luisa) to enclose in yourself (Luisa) all the seeds that My Divine Will contains in the many acts and for all the acts you (Luisa) will do in It; and, for however much Knowledge you (Luisa) acquire, you (Luisa) will place so many more Rays of Light in the Sun of My Divine Will; and so, the Fullness of the Light being greater there, it is better able to diffuse Itself to the Good of the generations in a manner that, as they are struck by the Fullness of the Light, they can know with more clarity the Good that My Divine Will contains, what it means to Live in It, and the Great Good that will Enrich them.

 “Now, My daughter (Luisa), as it was with Redemption, so it is with My Divine Will.  In order to make It Known and to make It Reign as Prime Act of Life in the creature, the completion of the human acts are necessary.

 “You also (Luisa), by My example and that of My Celestial Mother, must embrace in My Own Divine Will all the acts done in the Old Testament, those of the Queen of Heaven, those done by Me, those that are being done and will be done by all the Good and Holy Persons even to the end of the days; and, in everyone, you will put your (Luisa) Seal of Exchange of Love, of Blessing, of Adoration with the Sanctity and Power of My Divine Will.

 “Nothing must flee from you (Luisa).  My Divine Will embraces everything; you (Luisa) must also embrace everyone and everything and put It in the first place of Honor upon all the acts of the creatures; that alone is My Will.  It will be your coin (Luisa), with which you (Luisa) coin the Image of My Divine Will in all the acts of creatures.

  “Therefore, your field is vast.  I (Jesus) want to see you (Luisa) flowing in My Divine Will over all the Graces and Prodigies that I (Jesus) gave in the Old Testament, in order to give Me your exchange (Luisa) of love and of thanksgiving to supplement the love of the Patriarchs and of the Prophets in their acts.

  “There is no act in which I (Jesus) do not want to find you (Luisa); I (Jesus) will not feel Myself recompensed or content if I (Jesus) do not find you (Luisa) in all the acts of creatures that have been done and that will be done.  Nor will you (Luisa) be able to say that you (Luisa) have completed everything in My Divine Will; you (Luisa) will lack something of the True Living in My Volition.  Therefore, be attentive if you (Luisa) want the Fullness of the Light to sufficiently Illuminate all the people with the Sun of My Divine Will.  Whoever wants to give Light to everyone must embrace, as in a single embrace, everyone and make himself life and supplement of everything and of everyone.  Is this not making My Divine Will Life of everything, Life that is Reciprocated with so much bitterness?  Isn’t it necessary, therefore, that someone flow in everything and everyone by substituting himself as the Act of Life with My Own Divine Will for each act of the ungrateful creature, in order to sweeten these bitternesses?”

“Therefore, be attentive, My daughter (Luisa); do not ruin the work of My Divine Will in you (Luisa).  I (Luisa) Love it so much, and it cost Me (Jesus) so much that I (Jesus) will use all My Infinite Jealousies.  I, (Jesus) Myself, will be on guard of My Divine Will so that yours never has Life.”