Volume 20 – November 2, 1926


Hiding our acts in the acts of the Celestial Mama.  How these stand in for Her.  How Redemption will no longer serve as food for the sick, but as food for the healthy.

 I (Luisa) continued my Living in the Divine FIAT, and while doing my acts in It, I (Luisa) absorbed Light which, in Reflecting Itself, made as many threads of Light come out, which formed a Net of Light that extended over the earth in order to catch the creatures.  Jesus, moving in my interior, told me:  “My daughter (Luisa), every time you (Luisa) go around in My Divine Will, you (Luisa) take more Light in order to form the Net with which to catch the creatures.  And do you know what this Net is?  My Knowledges.  The more Knowledges I (Jesus) Manifest to you (Luisa) about the Eternal FIAT, the more I (Jesus) dispose and enlarge the Net in order to catch the souls who must Live in My Kingdom, and this disposes the Lord to give them to you (Luisa).  When you (Luisa) go around in Our Divine Will, by Virtue of It, your acts (Luisa) become Light, and extend so much as to touch the Divinity, and draw more Light of Truth into the midst of creatures.”

 Then, while I (Luisa) continued my Round in everything that has been done in the Supreme Will, I arrived at everything than My Celestial Mama (Mary) had done in It, and I said to Her:  ‘Sovereign Queen, I (Luisa) come to hide my little love in the Great Sea of your Love, my adoration toward God in the Immense Ocean of yours.  I hide my thanksgivings in the Sea of yours; I hide my supplications, my sighs, my tears and pains in the Sea of yours, so that my sea of love and yours may be one, my adoration and yours may be one, my thanksgivings may acquire the vastness of your own boundaries; my supplications, tears and pains may become one single sea with yours, so that I too may have my seas of love, of adoration, etc.  And just as your Sovereign Height impetrated the longed for Redeemer with this, I (Luisa) too may present myself before the Divine Majesty with all these Seas, in order to ask, to beseech – to implore the Kingdom of the Supreme FIAT.

 My Queen Mama, I (Luisa) must use your very life, your very Seas of Love and of Graces, to win over It and make It concede Its Kingdom upon earth, just as You won over It to let the Eternal Word descend.  Don’t You want to help your little daughter (Luisa), and give me your Seas, to make me obtain that the Kingdom of the Supreme FIAT may come soon upon earth?’

 Now, while I (Luisa) was doing and saying this, I thought to myself:  ‘My Celestial Mama did not occupy Herself, nor did She (Mary) have great interest in the Kingdom of the Supreme FIAT, that It might come soon to Reign upon earth.  She (Our Lady) had interest in the longed for Redeemer, and She (Our Lady) obtained Him.  She (Our Lady) did not occupy Herself with the Divine FIAT, which was more necessary, and which was to put Perfect Order between Creator and creature; while it was up to Her, as Queen and Mother, to reconcile the human will and the Divine Will, so that the Divine Will might Reign with Its Full Triumph.’ 

 At that moment, my always lovable Jesus came out from within my interior and, all goodness, told me:  “My daughter (Luisa), the Mission of My inseparable Mama (Mary) was for the longed for Redeemer, and She (Mary) accomplished it perfectly.  However, you must know that everything that both She (Mary) and I (Jesus) did – its substance, its Source and Primary Cause – was the Kingdom of My Will.  However, since Redemption was necessary in order for It to come, though in Our Interior Acts there was the Kingdom of the FIAT was, on the outside we were all intent and occupied with the Kingdom of Redemption.  On the other hand, your Mission (Luisa) is exclusively for the Kingdom of the Supreme Will, and everything that the Sovereign Queen and I (Jesus) did, is at your disposal, to help you (Luisa), to stand in for you (Luisa), to give you (Luisa) access to the Divine Majesty in order (for you Luisa) to impetrate and ask, incessantly, for the coming of the Kingdom of the Eternal FIAT.  In order for you (Luisa) to receive the Good of the longed for Redeemer, you (Luisa) should have done your part, but since at that time you (Luisa) were not there, My Mama stood in for you (Luisa).  Now you (Luisa) must stand in for Her (Our Lady), in Her part, for the Kingdom of My Divine Will.  So, the Mama (Mary) stood in for the daughter (Luisa), and the daughter (Luisa) stands in for the Mama (Mary).  More so, since the Queen of Heaven (Our Lady) was the First Daughter of My Divine Will, and because She (Mary) always Lived within Our boundaries, She (Mary) Formed her Seas of Love, of Graces, of Adoration, of Light.  Now, since you (Luisa) are the Second Daughter of My Divine Will, what is Hers (Mary’s) is yours (Luisa), because your Mama (Mary) keeps you (Luisa) as a birth from Herself, and She (Mary) enjoys that her daughter (Luisa) be inside Her own Seas in order to Impetrate the Kingdom of the Divine FIAT upon earth, so longed for.  Therefore, see how abundantly your Mama (Mary) makes up for you (Luisa), giving you (Luisa) all that is Hers; even more, She (Mary) feels honored that Her Immense Seas may serve you (Luisa), in order to impetrate a Kingdom so Holy.”

 Even more, by possessing My Divine Will, they (the souls linked to you Luisa) will possess My Life, permanently present within them, just as the Blessed in Heaven possess It.  Therefore, My Divine Will will be the veil that will hide My Life in them (the souls that are linked with Luisa). 

 The Blessed Possess Me within themselves as their own Life, because True Happiness has its origin inside the soul, and so the Happiness which they (the Saints) receive continuously by the Divinity holds hands and exchanges the Kiss with the Happiness which they Possess inside.  This is why they are Fully Happy.  In the same way, the soul (Luisa) who possesses My Divine Will will have My Perennial Life within her (Luisa), which will serve her as continuous food – not once a day, like the food of My Sacramental Life.  In fact, My Divine Will will make a greater display, and will not be content with giving Itself once a day; rather, It will give Itself continuously, because It Knows that these have Pure Palates and strong stomachs to be able to enjoy and digest, in every moment, the Strength, the Light, the Divine Life and the Sacraments.  My Sacramental Life will serve as food, as Delight, as New Happiness for the Life of the Supreme FIAT which they (the souls linked to Luisa) will possess.  The Kingdom of My Divine Will will be the True Echo of the Celestial Fatherland, in which, while the Blessed possess their God as their own Life, they receive Him into themselves also from the outside.  Therefore, inside and outside of themselves, they possess Divine Life, and they receive Divine Life.

What will not be My Happiness in giving Myself Sacramentally to the Children of the Eternal FIAT, and in finding My Own Life in them?  Only then will My Sacramental Life have Its complete Fruit; and as the species are consumed, I (Jesus) will no longer have the sorrow of leaving My children without the food of My continuous Life, because My Divine Will, more than Sacramental Accidents, will maintain Its Divine Life always with Its Full Possession.  In the Kingdom of My Divine Will there will be neither foods nor communions that are interrupted – but Perennial; and everything I (Jesus) did in Redemption will no longer serve as remedy, but as Delight, as Joy, as Happiness, and as Beauty ever growing.  Therefore, the Triumph of the Supreme FIAT will give complete Fruit to the Kingdom of Redemption.”