Volume 21 – March 19, 1927

Concern on whether one who does not complete his Mission on earth, will Fulfill it in Heaven.  How the Mission of the FIAT will be extremely long.  The Order of the Infinite Wisdom.

I (Luisa) was concerned about the health of (Saint) Rev. Father Annibale di Francia.  The letters I (Luisa) had received from him were almost alarming.  I was thinking about the destiny of my writings, since he had had so much interest in taking them all with him (to Messina) – where would they end up, if our Lord took him (Saint Annibale) with Him to the Celestial Fatherland?  And then, his Mission for the publication of the Knowledges about the FIAT would be without Fruit, because one could say he (Saint Annibale) has done nothing yet.  At the most, it can be called the beginning – the will he (Saint Annibale) has to do the publication – but in order to put out a work so long, who knows how long it takes.  And just as for Father (Saint Annibale) it will be a Mission without Fruit, if Jesus takes him away at the very beginning, so it will be for me, if I (Luisa) am fortunate enough to go to my Fatherland.  What will be the Fruit of my Mission – of having sacrificed myself so much, of spending entire nights writing?  Also the many interests of Jesus will be without Fruit, because – He (Jesus) Himself said it – only then does a Good bring Fruit, when it is known.  Therefore, if they are not Known, they will remain as hidden Fruits, without anyone receiving the Good which they contain.

Now, while I was thinking about this, my sweet Jesus moved in my interior and told me:  “My daughter (Luisa), one (Saint Annibale) who has been given a Mission, and has only just started it, or has not completed the carrying out of his Mission, and at that very moment I (Jesus) bring him to Heaven with Me, will continue his Mission from up there, because he (Saint Annibale) will bring, in the depth of his soul, the deposit of the Good of the Knowledges which he has acquired in life.  In Heaven, he (Saint Annibale) will comprehend them with more clarity; and in comprehending the Great Good of the Knowledges about the Supreme FIAT, he will pray, and will make all Heaven pray, that they be Known on earth; and will impetrate a Light more clear for those who will have to occupy themselves with them (the writings).  More so, since each Knowledge about My Divine Will shall bring him (Saint Annibale) one more Glory – a Greater Happiness; and as they become Known on earth, his Glory and Happiness will be Redoubled, because this will be the Fulfillment of his own Mission, which he (Saint Annibale) had the desire to accomplish in his will, and it is right that he (Saint Annibale) receive the Fruit of his Mission, as it is carried out on earth.  This is why I (Jesus) told him (Saint Annibale) to hurry, and I (Jesus) pushed him (Saint Annibale) so much not to waste time – because I (Jesus) wanted him (Saint Annibale) not only to start, but to advance greatly with the publication of the Knowledges about the Eternal FIAT, so that he (Saint Annibale) would not do everything from Heaven.  One who has completed his Mission on earth, can say:  ‘My Mission is finished’; but one who has not completed it, must complete it from Heaven.

As for you (Luisa), then, your Mission (Luisa) is extremely long, nor will you (Luisa) be able to complete it on earthUntil ALL the Knowledges are Known, and the Kingdom of the Divine Will is known upon earth, your Mission (Luisa) can not be called finished.  In Heaven you (Luisa) will have much to do; My Divine Will, which has kept you (Luisa) busy on earth for the sake of Its Kingdom, will not let you (Luisa) be without working together with It in Heaven.  It will always keep you (Luisa) in Its company; therefore, you (Luisa) will do nothing but descend and ascend from Heaven to earth, to help to establish My Kingdom, with Decorum, Honor and Glory.  This will be for you (Luisa) of Great Delight, Happiness and Highest Glory – to see your littleness that, United to My Divine Will, has Transported Heaven onto earth, and the earth into Heaven.  Greater contentment you (Luisa) could not receive.  More so, since you (Luisa) will see the Glory of your Creator completed on the part of His creatures, the Order re-established, the whole Creation with its Full Splendor, and man, Our Dear Jewel, at his Place of Honor.  What will be Our Highest Contentment, Our Highest Glory, Our Happiness without end – as well as yours (Luisa) – in seeing the Purpose of Creation FulfilledTo you (Luisa), then, We (Triune God) will give the name of Redemptrix of Our Divine Will, constituting you (Luisa) mother of all the children of Our FIAT.  Aren’t you happy?” (aren’t we happy?)