Volume 23 – December 22, 1927

How one (Mary and Luisa) who is chosen for a Mission encloses all the Goods that others must receive.  How all Redeemed ones turn around the Celestial Mama (Mary). 

There is no Good that will not descend through you (Luisa Piccarreta), by virtue of the sphere of My Divine Will placed in you (Luisa), nor Glory that will not ascend again along the same way. 

“When I (Jesus) Choose a creature for a Mission that must bring Universal Good into the midst of the human family, first I (Jesus) fix and enclose all the Goods in the Chosen One (Mary and Luisa), who must contain all the superabundant good that others must receive, who, perhaps, will not even take everything that the Chosen Creature encloses.  This happened in the Immaculate Queen (Mary), who was Chosen to be the Mother of the Eternal Word, and therefore the Mother of all Redeemed ones.  Everything that they (souls) were to do, and all the Good they (souls) were to Receive, was enclosed and fixed inside the Sovereign Queen of Heaven, as though inside a sun’s sphere, in such a way that all the Redeemed ones move around the Sun of the Celestial Mama; in such a way that She (Mary), more than most tender Mother, does nothing but feed Her (Mary’s) Rays to Her children, to Nourish them with Her (Mary’s) Light, with Her (Mary’s) Sanctity, with Her (Mary’s) Maternal Love.  But how many of the Rays that She (Mary) spreads have not been taken by creatures, because, ungrateful, they do not all draw around this Celestial Mother?

“So, one who is Chosen must Possess more than what all others together should Possess.  Just as all find light in the sun, in such a way that all creatures do not take the whole expanse of its light and the intensity of its heat, so it happened with My Mama (Mary):  the Goods that She (Mary) contains are such and so many that, more than sun, She (Mary) spreads the Beneficial Effects of Her (Mary’s) Vital and Vivifying Rays.  And so it will be for the one (Luisa) who has been Chosen for the Kingdom of My Divine Will.  See then, how the sacrifice of writing will be repaid to you (Luisa):  first, the Good of the Ray of that Knowledge is fixed in you (Luisa); and then, you (Luisa) will see that Good (the Ray of Knowledge about the Kingdom of the Divine Will) descend through you (Luisa) into the midst of creatures, and, in return, the Glory of the Good that they will do, ascend again within that same LightHow happy you (Luisa) will be in Heaven, and will thank Me for the sacrifices I (Jesus) had you (Luisa) make! 

“My daughter (Luisa), when a Work is Great, Universal, and encloses many Goods that all can enjoy, greater sacrifices are needed, and the one who is Chosen to be the First must be disposed to give and sacrifice her life as many times for as many Goods as she encloses, in order to Give, together with those Goods, her very life for the Good of her other brothers.  Did I (Jesus) not do the same in Redemption?  Don’t you (Luisa) perhaps want to imitate Me (Jesus)?”(and don’t we as well?)