Volume 2

Personal Reflections on the Writings

of Luisa Piccarreta

Servant of God


Author’s Preface

Some prerequisites are required in order to enter into the writing of the Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta:  profound Eucharistic formation, devotion to the Most Holy Virgin, total submission to priestly authority; all her writings must be read and meditated upon in the light of Sacred Scripture and the infallible magisterium of the Church.

Only in this way are her writings understandable and of highest formative Christian value.  Otherwise, they can create inept fanaticism that clearly contradicts the Christian-Catholic thought and mentality of Piccarreta.

The diaries of the Servant of GOD do not present themselves with ordered and logical content because they were not born to create a theological system, or to develop any aspects of dogma and of Catholic moral doctrine.  Actually, they are nothing more than the description of her mystical experiences in the form of a daily diary, a chronicle of conversations that she continually has with Our Lord JESUS Christ.

Our Lord becomes her Master of perfection and leads her on the paths of sanctity, granting her, after having forged her in suffering and in the exercise of the virtues, the gift of the Divine Will.

This gift does not consist in doing the will of God, but in living His will; it is in this that her writings are distinguished.

In this lies what the Servant of God asserts: living the Will of God is the Gift of gifts.

We can say that all her diaries are a commentary on the words of The Our Father:  “Thy Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.”  And, the FIAT means that it must have its fulfillment on earth as in Heaven.

The Servant of God amply speaks about the creative FIAT, the redemptive Fiat, and she announces the sanctifying FIAT that fulfills (completes) all of God’s work. Just as the collaboration of a creature was needed for the redemptive FIAT so that the Word of God became Flesh—that is Most Holy MARY, The Elect among the elect (according to Piccarreta’s thought,) so in the accomplishment of the third FIAT the Lord needs another creature.  All of this is achieved in the greatest silence, as is God’s style.

In Piccarreta’s diaries we note a progressive deepening regarding the way of perfection of souls.

The first diaries speak amply about the exercise of the virtues like faith, hope, love, etc.; we can characterize the second period as the “period of gift,” that is of the Divine Will.

The third period as deepening of the gift of the Divine Will, and of all the benefits that can be derived from it for the salvation of souls and of the world.

These writings delve into:  the Trinitarian mystery, the incarnation of Our Lord, the Eucharist, the role of the Most Holy Virgin in the salvific plan of God and even the role of Piccarreta in the gift of the Divine Will (third FIAT.)

However, it must remain always very clear in reading those diaries which diffusely speak of MARY and of Luisa, in their respective roles, that comparisons cannot be made between the two women figures; clear in the writings is the unrepeatable and unique role of the Most Holy Virgin, who enters in full title into the mystery of GOD and is part of Sacred Scripture, that is, of the public revelations of God as they are indicated to us in the New Testament, especially in the four Gospels’ and to non Catholic is it licit, if one wishes to remain such, to negate the collaboration that this splendid Creature had in the salvific operating plan of Christ her Son, true God and true man, for whom she is Mother of GOD.

As regards Piccarreta, all her diaries and her mystical experiences are fruit of private revelation, just as happened to any other Saint; and they do not convey any obligation, in fact everyone is free to accept them or not.

And if a person wants to give credit to a private revelation, he always needs the verification of the magisterium of the Church, that only can give certain credit to any writing, even while they maintain their non-obligatory value.

In the diaries of Piccarreta there are many dialectic expressions that, in order to comprehend them, need a deep knowledge of the Corato dialect, as for example, to cite one:  “impicciare,” that stands for an tactless interest, not requested and wanted, of some people on the private or public life of others. It clearly emerges from the diaries of the Servant of GOD a farmer’s mentality, in fact the life of Luisa took place in a strongly rural setting.  Io personally have heard speak of, in the pure Corato dialect, on many occasions in which I found myself at her house with my Aunt Rosaria, hearing her conversations, and often finding myself in her little room she said to me, “Peppi, pigh’ l’ spil da terr,” which translated means, “Joseph, pick up the pins that fell on the floor.” But this is only one of the conversations, of which I was witness.

One speaks of Piccarreta for her holiness and for her mystical aspect, but the social aspect of the Servant of GOD toward the poor girls of Corato is neglected.

It is incalculable the number of girls who visited Piccarreta’s house, which had become a school of formation and of work.  For the girls of Corato coming from social classes who bordered on ostracism, and who easily ended up on the streets, learning the work of bobbin lace-making, the goods of which were very much in demand from the well-off and noble families of Corato, it was an enormous social and cultural advancement.  Many of these girls chose religious life and others entered married life, according to their specific inclinations.

Her educative works did not end only with the remediation of poor girls, but was directed also towards the boys who considered her a point of reference in their life and with affection called her “Aunt Luisa.”

Yours truly knew many families who recounted the benefits they got in their life from the formation received from the Servant of God.  Very many girls and many youths embraced religious life and some are still alive, and have prestigious responsibilities in the orders to which they belong.

Another aspect to consider is the prophetic one, a field little explored, almost ignored and neglected by everyone.  These prophecies are set like jewels in Luisa’s conversations with Our Lord Jesus Christ, en-fleshed, and they are found scattered throughout her diaries.  One of these prophesies, the only one reported in these reflections, seems to have the charism of reality, and precisely regards Germany: in it the Lord reveals to the Servant of God that He has great designs on that nation, and that it will all convert to Catholicism.  This prophecy is from 1918 and Our Lord told her that it wouldn’t come true right away.  Certainly we are in the field of hypotheses and of suppositions, even if it is an invitation to reflection.


-Father Giuseppe Bernardino Bucci, Capuchin



Chapter I

Reflections on the Christian Virtues



The first virtue that emerges from the writings of the Servant of God is obedience, which she characterizes all her life.  Luisa’s life could have the name, “obedience.”

Total submission to priestly authority.

From the first pages of her writings emerge all the themes that will then be developed in all her work.  Here are a few:

The sun, the light, are two symbols or signs which will serve her to explain or to render more accessible her thought, even if she insists that they are nothing, even that they are nonsense compared to her mystical experiences.

The Holy Virgin is another dominate theme, so much so as to open new horizons in the deepening of Mary’s role in the salvific plan.

A new element that one does not encounter in other mystics is Jesus’ attitude that, while it orders the total submission to priestly authority, does not permit the spiritual guidance of a priest.

Actually, Luisa never will have a spiritual director.  This task He will assume Himself, guiding her by hand toward the path of perfection, using strength, admonitions, reproaches and chiding so that her soul be forged completely by His grace.

The deepening (understanding) about the mystery of the incarnation and the relationships that exist among the Father and the Son and The Holy Spirit, their infinite, interchangeable love toward men, notwithstanding ingratitude, springs from the unique and eternal Divine Will, that does not differentiate among the three Divine Persons. The Divine Will springs from the unique Eternal Principle which–through the Son and the Holy Spirit–is partaken of as gift to creatures who freely want to live it.



“Faith is GOD.”

The Servant of God, Luisa, speaks of faith obeying the orders of her confessor who had ordered her to write on the virtue of faith.  Luisa says that finding herself in the act of the Heavens with JESUS, He said these words to her:  “Faith is God.”

The Servant of God understood that the word Faith was nothing other that God Himself, and in order give better comprehension, He gave this example:  “as, to the body, material food gives life so that man not die, so Faith gives life to the soul; without Faith the soul is dead,” and he continues, “Faith enlivens, Faith sanctifies, Faith spiritualizes, with  Faith man always has his eye turned toward GOD, so that he sees nothing of the things of the world and if he sees them, he sees them only in GOD.”

The happiness of a soul who lives of faith always flies toward GOD, all that happens to it always has the face turned toward GOD.  In fact, tribulations are changed with FAITH in virtue that they rise in GOD so that it neither afflicts itself nor complains because it knows very well that it will find all justice and all happiness in Heaven.  Joys, riches, pleasures that surround human life have value only in GOD, therefore a soul finds only annoyance in purely terrestrial goods, it scorns them and it tramples on them.

Returning to the similarities between food this is what the Servant of God says about it:  “Food does not only sustain and  make human life grow, but it becomes substance that transforms itself into the very body.  Now, the soul that lives of Faith is like this: since Faith is GOD Himself, the soul comes to live of its very GO, and feeding itself on GOD Himself, it comes to participate of the Substance of  GOD, and it transforms itself into the very GOD: therefore it happens to the soul that it lives of Faith that:  Holy is GOD, holy is the soul, powerful is GOD, powerful is the soul; wise, string, just GOD, wise, strong, just soul, and like this all the other attributes of GOD.

All in all, the soul becomes a little GOD.”

There is also another aspect in the Servant of GOD: the spousal idea of Faith.  Here are her words:  “I will marry you in Faith; like in spouses who,  united by the sacred bond, join their property together, so much so as to not any longer distinguish the stuff of one from the other and both are owners of all the goods. In the soul, however, there is absolute poverty and all good comes from GOD who renders her participant of His substances.”

The goods of the soul are only GOD, and the soul grafts itself by grace, to all the virtues, and Faith is at the center of these virtues that serve her.  In fact, without Faith all the virtues are dead.

The Lord GOD communicates Faith to men in two ways:  the first is in Holy Baptism, the second is when GOD shares with man His power, communicating the Virtue of Miracles: as in resurrecting the dead, curing the infirm, stopping the sun, and more.  If the world has Faith certainly it would be transformed into a terrestrial paradise. The soul who practices Faith is like the birds who fearing to be taken by hunters, are always at the highest summit of the trees, and when they need food descend hurriedly to the ground, they grab it and carry it to the tops of the trees to eat it.  The soul who lives in Faith is always shy of earthly things and its dwelling is always up high in the wounds of Our Lord JESUS Christ and with Luisa suffers and prays about the conditions of human miseries.

The soul who lives of Faith abhors sin, but at the same time it bends down to sinners, and prays so that they be drawn out of the precipice into which they have fallen an it offers itself as victim to placate Divine Justice, even if it cost it its life.

From all this long explanation on Faith springs an definition that opens a preamble to comprehension of the Divinity:  “Faith is GOD; GOD is Faith.”


The Experience of Divinity described by Luisa

Her confessor asked Luisa to explain to him how she saw the divinity of Our Lord.  Luisa told him that it was impossible to describe it, but Our Lord, reproaching her for this denial told her to obey the confessor’s request: and this it how the Servant of GOD spoke about the divinity:  “While I find myself outside of myself in the act of the Heavens, it seems that I see GOD in a Light, and He Himself appears as Light, and in this Light is found beauty, strength, wisdom, immensity, height, depth without end and boundaries, so that even in the air that we breathe it is GOD Himself who is breathed, so that each one of us can live exactly as in fact He is.  So that nothing eludes Him and no one can elude Him.”

This light seems that it is all voice without speaking, it seems all operant while it seems to rest; it is found everywhere without being in the way.  And, while it is found everywhere, it also has its own center.  GOD remains always incomprehensible, He is heard, He is felt, and in the life of souls He contracts Himself into it while He still remains immense and loses nothing of Himself; man feels tongue-tied before so much majesty and so much majesty, so much so as to not be able to ever say anything.

To be able to express better, according to human language, the pious soul says that she sees GOD in everything created because in everything created He threw the shadow of His beauty, His perfumes, His light, as in the sun where she sees a special shadow of GOD, she sees GOD as overshadowed in this pulsar, like the King of all the other pulsars, and on this point Luisa expresses herself with significant similarity that better clarifies the Trinitarian Mystery, saying, “What is the sun? It is nothing other than a globe of fire, one is the globe, but many are the rays which is why we can easily comprehend that the globe represents GOD and the rays the immense attributes of GOD,” and she continues, “The sun is fire, but at the same time is light and is heat, therefore the Most Holy Trinity is overshadowed by the sun; the fire is the Father, the light is the Son, the heat is the Holy Spirit; but the sun is one, and in fact one cannot divide the fire from the light and from the heat, likewise, the power of the Father, of the Son, and off the Holy Spirit is one, which cannot be separated from among them.  And as the fire and the same instant produces heat, so fire cannot be conceived without its conceiving also heat, likewise the Father cannot be conceived before the Son and the Holy Spirit, all three of the Divine Persons possess the same Eternal Principle. 

And she still continues her explanation adding her reflections on the Most Holy Trinity:  “The light of the sun spreads everywhere; likewise GOD with His immensity penetrates everywhere; we recall, however, that the sun is only a shadow, in fact, the sun does not reach where it cannot penetrate its light; GOD, however, reaches everywhere. GOD is purest spirit, and we can, with limits, depict Him in the sun that can penetrate its rays wherever it can, without anyone being able to take it in his hands; GOD watches all and everyone, the wickedness, the vileness of men and He always remains That which He Is: Pure, Holy, Immaculate.

The shadow of GOD is the sun, which sends its light on dirty things and remains immaculate, in fire it spreads its light and it doesn’t burn up, in the sea, in rivers it doesn’t drown; it gives light to all, it fecundates all, it gives life to all with its heat sense diminishes its own light, and it loses none of its heat—on the contrary it is much more powerful in fact while it is doing so much good to all, it needs no one and it always remains that which it is: majestic, splendid without ever changing.  In the sun I well recognize the divine qualities, with Its immensity it finds Itself in fire but It does not burn out, in the sea It does not drown, under our feet and It does not get trampled, It gives to everyone and It does not impoverish Itself and It needs no one, even more It watches all and everyone, It is all eyes and there is nothing It does not hear, and It recognizes every fiber of the human heart, every thought of the mind, and being the Most Pure Spirit It does not have either ears or eyes and whatever happens He never changes.  The sun, investing the world with its light, never tires, likewise GOD, giving life to all, helping and governing the world does not get tired.  Man through not enjoying any longer the light of the sun with its beneficial influences, can hide himself, can shelter himself, but without doing anything to the sun that remains that which it is.  Evil will fall upon the man who renounces the benefits of the sun.

Likewise the sinner, with sin can distance himself from GOD and cannot enjoy beneficial influences, but GOD does nothings; the evil is all his.”  She continues the comparison of the sun in order to better clarify according to our human comprehension, the mystery of GOD, saying: “Even the roundness of the sun symbolizes the eternity of GOD who has neither beginning nor end.  Just as the light of the sun:  so strong and penetrating that no one can shrink it into his eye, and if someone would want to fix it at full meridian he would become dazzled and blinded and if the sun wanted to approach man, he would get incinerated, and this happens with the Divine Sun, that no created mind in its limitation would be able to shrink in into itself to understand it in all that GOD IS; and is man wanted to strain himself, he would become dazzled and confused and if this Divine Sun wanted to lavish all Its love, making Itself felt while man is in mortal flesh, that is, in his temporal life, man himself would become incinerated.  Therefore, GOD has cast a shadow of Himself and of His Perfections in creation, so that it seems to us that we see Him and we touch Him, and we remain continually touched.”

The Servant of God closes her reflection, after an intimate and affectionate conversation with JESUS, in this way:  “Who can say how much my mind had understood about this Divine Sun? It seems that I see It, that I touch It everywhere, I feel invested inside and out of myself, but my capacity is tiny, and while it seems that it understands something about GOD, in seeing Him it seems that actually I have understood nothing, rather to have said nonsense and that GOD forgive me.” (dal the first Volume. II, pp. 121ss.)


Detachment from All and Everyone

GOD being all the beauty and good possible, he deserves to be intensely loved, creatures should open their hearts to GOD so that He may pour out on them all the treasures of His graces.

The world that surrounds creatures, whether small or big:  thoughts, imagination, creatures animate and inanimate, money, power, dominion, cannot  subsist with the free love of GOD.

In fact, being GOD the maximum perfection He does not dare to present Himself to creatures who are full of the very “I,” and neither can He pour His graces into them because all of the imperfections with which they are full form obstacles to His plan of salvation.

It remains always clear that GOD liberally desires  the salvation of all.  The Sacrifice of the Cross speaks to us precisely about this salvific love of GOD.

GOD, in seeing how creatures destroy His treasures, does not wish to lavish His graces onto someone who insists on living only of human will.

In fact, when everything fills the mind of man, a dense and impenetrable fog that impedes the penetration of the grace of GOD surrounds his heart.

Only and uniquely GOD can love creatures with rendering them happy.

And man, if he wants to correspond to the love of GOD, must love creatures by putting GOD first, and ponder that He is the author of love.

Even in adversities, man will have the capacity to never lose esteem toward his very brothers, because he will look upon them as a marvelous gift of GOD and the adversities will render them more worthy of the love of his Creator who embraces everyone.

Only in behaving like this does man acquire a true liberty, that will open itself to grace and at the same time will not tie himself to anyone, his only love is GOD.  Nothing will be able to attract his heart.  Creatures, including all creation, will be for Him a projection or a reflection of love, of beauty, of power and of light of GOD.  He will regard man with the same love of GOD as privileged creature, created in His image.



When the creature frees himself from the external world, he remains with GOD alone and he will seek to love Him profoundly so that GOD will always find him disposed toward receiving His graces.  This type of soul will become a perfect image of GOD, and He Himself will conduct it by hand toward the highest peaks of perfection, purifying the interior of his heart with the exercise of humility.

With humility, GOD makes us understand that man can do nothing good without Him.  The Lord does not trust those souls who attribute to themselves the good that they can accomplish, because that would be a theft of His grace.

The Lord is most generous in gifts toward those souls who live with fear of losing His grace, because they know very well that they can do nothing good without Him.  The soul who does not live a sincere humility trivializes received graces and sets himself toward his own ruin.

The truly humble soul is like a baby in swaddling, who depends on his mamma for everything and continually confesses his nothingness. The Lord shows predilection to humility because GOD is the supreme Truth and whoever is humble lives in this truth and comprehends with clarity his misery and nothingness.  Whoever does not hold his misery clear in his mind and in his heart walks in falsity.

Self-knowledge without humility harms, and it serves nothing.  But, when this generates humility it is most precious.  Humility calls forth grace, humility snaps the strongest chains; humility overcomes any wall of division between the soul and GOD.  Humility is the little plant always green and in blossom not subject to being perturbed by worms, nor by winds or hail, the heat that can damage or wither it.  Humility is the smallest plant among the virtues, and yet it sends forth the highest branches that penetrate Heaven and wind around the heart of Our Lord.  In fact, only the branches that come forth from this little plant have liberty to enter into that adorable Heart. Humility is the anchor of peace in the storms of waves of the sea of this life.  Humility is salt that seasons all the virtues and preserves the soul from the corruption of sin.  Humility is the blade of grass that springs up in the road trodden by the passersby that, trampled, vanishes but soon germinates more beautiful than before.

Humility is that kind graft that renders the wild plant delicate.  Humility is the sunset of guilt. Humility is the coin of grace.  Humility is like the moon that guides us in the shadows of the night of this life.  Humility is the key to the door of Heaven and no one can enter if he doesn’t have had good custody over this key.


It Is Not Necessary to Judge

The Lord knows very well that man is weak, and He wants that he take strength from Him.  The man who draws strength from his act of GOD is always righteous in his workings, in fact, with one eye he watches GOD and with the other his workings; in this way making creatures vanish.  In fact, if he gets a command from whomever, he does not watch the man, but watches God, as if the command came from Him.  Therefore, with one eye fixed on God he cannot judge anyone, neither will he reckon whether the given command is just or unjust.

These souls in all their acts, and especially in human relations will never be able to judge their neighbors, good or bad, because their end is only to please GOD.  Judgments toward one’s neighbor remain far the mind and the heart. Mortifications, scolding and defamation for the souls that live in the will of GOD are considered a privilege because they feel called to participate in the pains and sufferings of Christ.


Righteous Intentions in Works

All that a soul accomplishes passes from Earth to Heaven, that is why it is necessary to be attentive to purity of the working with which one must act.  The soul must think that all its steps, all its words, all its works go into the presence of GOD.  If they are pure, God will accept them and will consider them delightful and flooded with His light and with His grace.  Instead, if the working has low goals, earthly, banal it creates annoyance for GOD, who rejects them, while a fog always more dense surrounds the soul, and his face is no longer raised toward Heaven, but only toward Earth that his feet trample.  If our works are pure, they all deposit themselves in Heaven when a soul enters it he will find all of them, that with joy will give him a big feast.


The Virtue of Purity

The soul that possesses purity is invested with forthright light so that GOD looking at it finds His own image and He feels attracted to love it.  His love toward these souls is so great that He opens His Heart to them.  Only that which is pure and very clean enters into GOD, in fact nothing stained can enter His most pure bosom.

The soul that possesses purity has in herself the splendor of GOD who gave it to her in creating her, in fact, nothing is defiled in her and as a queen aspires to the wedding with her king she saves all her splendor until her virginal flower becomes transplanted in the celestial gardens.  It seems that this virginal flower raises herself over the others, and even over the angels themselves.  Everyone is taken with esteem and love so that she can quickly reach her divine spouse.

The Lord greatly delights in walking among these lilies who perfume Heaven and Earth.  In fact, it is He who is the prime lily, the model, and the exemplar of all the others.  It is beautiful, stupendous to watcg a virgin soul, her heart gives only one breath, only one frankness:  purity.

Even her body becomes a sign of purity; in fact, in her all is pure: pure in her steps, pure in her acts, pure in her speech, pure in her glances, pure in her moving so that in seeing her one smells the fragrance of a truly virgin soul.

Only into virgin souls does the Lord infuse graces so sublime to render them worthy of Himself; in fact, these souls become surrounded by the virginal love of Christ.


The Lord Attracts and Manifests Himself in a Soul

in Three Ways

1.)                                           With benefits

2.)                                           With sympathy (attractiveness)

3.)                                           With persuasion


With benefits:  GOD lets fall upon creatures a rain of benefits so as to gain our love for Himself by rendering Himself sympathetic:  The Lord renders Himself sympathetic with His pains suffered for our love unto death on a cross. In fact, only with the cross did He render Himself sympathetic to His own executioners, to His most cruel enemies.

With persuasion:  in order to attract us to Himself and render our love stronger, He left us His most holy examples, His celestial doctrine, which like light has cleared away the shadows and guides us toward eternal salvation.


The Lord manifests Himself to the soul in three ways:

1.)                                                    with power

2.)                                                    with knowledge

3.)                                                    with love

GOD manifests Himself to the soul with power in all His creation, from the first to the last being, animate and inanimate His power is manifested:  the sky, the stars, the planets, the galaxies, even if their language is mute they manifest the omnipotent power of the Supreme Being, an uncreated Being.

Man even though supplied with a very great intelligence, is not able to create event the smallest fruit fly, and this tells us that there must necessarily exist a most powerful uncreated Being on whom everything depends, life and the sustenance of all beings. With the clearest notes, all of creation speaks to us of GOD. Whoever does not see Him is willing blind man.

Knowledge:  CHRIST descends from Heaven to give us the knowledge of that which to us is invisible, and He presents Himself as the Word of the Father, who makes Himself man to redeem humanity.  The knowledge is the word of God made flesh, who “came to love among us.”

Love: the love of GOD is His Spirit: the Holy Spirit who descends upon us and sanctifies everything, and  reveals to men the love of the Father.



Chapter 2

Eucharistic Mystery

In the “Ecclesia de Eucaristia,” of John Paul II, we find some analogies to the thought of the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta whether on the Most Holy Eucharist and of the Holy Mass in its sacrificial and convivial aspect.


1.)              Reflection on the Holy Mass

In the Holy Mass there is all the foundation of our sacrosanct religion.  The Holy Mass tells us everything and speaks of everything.  The Holy Mass reminds us of our redemption, it speaks to us in detail about the pain that JESUS about 2000 years ago, suffered for us in human form, who was not content to suffer and die on the Cross, but who wanted to continue to suffer even up to today in His state of victim in the Most Holy Eucharist, manifesting His immense and infinite love for us.  The Most Holy Eucharist tells us, too, that our bodies, incinerated by death, will resurrect on the day of the Universal Judgment, together with Christ, already resurrected, to immortal and glorious life. Among the highest and sublime Mysteries of our holy religion there are:  JESUS in Sacramental Bread (Eucharist) and the Resurrection of bodies into eternal glory.  These are incomprehensible Mysteries to the human mind as are incomprehensible the Trinitarian Mystery, the Mystery of the Incarnation and the Mystery of the Suffering and Death of Our Lord Jesus Christ.  The Eucharist makes us touch these Mysteries with our hand so that we will fully understand in the other life.  We will understand the Mystery of His Resurrection and also the Mystery of His annihilation under the Eucharistic species.  Even if we do not see Him in His state of Eucharistic annihilation, Jesus is present and alive and real in that consecrated bread.  Once Most Holy Eucharist is consumed, His sacramental Presence no longer exists.  Once bread is reconsecrated, Jesus is present anew in the sacramental form.  In the same way, Jesus renders Himself present in sacramental form in every place on earth where a priest consecrates the species of bread and wine.


2.0             The Presence of Christ in the Eucharist

The consumed Eucharist allows the union of the soul with JESUS for about a quarter of an hour, while when the soul lives the Will of GOD the spiritual union with JESUS is perpetuated continuously.  Therefore, the Will of God lived in a soul can be called continuous Communion. A soul issuing her acts into the Will of God multiples His grace, His life and His Presence in the world. As happens in the Sacramental Consecration through which JESUS multiplies Himself as many times as there are hosts that get consecrated during the Holy Mass.  The Real Presence of Eucharistic JESUS is a benefit for all humanity in the various parts of the world.  It’s beautiful to ponder how the Eucharistic Presence, fount of immense good, is present on all the continents.  Whether the Eucharistic Presence be in only one place or in widely dispersed, it is fountain of grace.  It is necessary to clarify that the Eucharistic Presence needs three elements:  the priest, the bread and the wine.  Without these elements it is not possible to have the Sacramental Presence.  Moreover, JESUS can multiply Himself on all the continents, in every place of the Earth through all those souls who fulfill and life His Most Holy Will.  The Love of God is transmitted through these souls to the whole world.  These souls have the task of supplying in all those places in which, for lack of bread and priest, the Real Eucharistic Presence is not possible.  Many times the Love of God, in the Eucharistic species, remains stuck, whether because there are few who receive It in Holy Communion, or because many are unworthy to receive It, or because there is an absence of priests to consecrate the bread. Certainly the Love of God in these circumstances does not have the possibility of multiplying Itself as many times as It would desire, in Its Eucharistic Mystery.


3.)              Christ is Recognized in the Breaking of the Bread

Struck by an unusual ardor with heart-felt invitation they exclaim: “Stay with us, Lord because evening is nigh.”  Sad men, weighted down with anguish for that which they had lived that day.  Fugitive men, disappointed, they had experienced the destruction of their hope, their designs dashed.  A stranger joins up with them on their aimless journey.  But who is this stranger who seeks to console them, to give them back their lost hope, melting the hardness of hearts among the shadows of evening in a declining day?  This wayfarer, not recognized in word, becomes recognized in the breaking of the bread.  Before bread miraculously broken, their eyes were opened.

The wayfarer disappeared, He remains under the veils of broken bread, and He will always be  companion on the journey, for a people sprung from Pentecost.  The Eucharist will remains along the way of the holy people of GOD, Who among the vicissitudes of time, will be fount of hope, food, sustenance during the manifold troubles.  In the disappointments, in plans undone, in the distraught hearts, He will always be the Traveling Companion Who will ennoble  the heart with a unique ardor that flows into that invocation, “Stay with us, Lord because evening is nigh.”

The fraction of bread takes the name, “Eucharist,” that becomes the center and fulcrum of the life of the Church, and through It, CHRIST renders Himself perennially present.  While times flow He always renders the mystery of His death and resurrection present and real:  the bread come down from Heaven with which the prize of eternal life comes to us, awaiting the eternal celestial conviction:  the New Jerusalem.  All the Church, as a community, must reflect on this ineffable Eucharistic mystery, especially at the present, in which it is called to live more intensely this unspeakable Mystery.  In fact, the Eucharistic Mystery constitutes the roots of the secrt of spiritual life of the Faithful, in its various components: children, youth, spouses, the aged, deacons, presbyters and bishops all.

In the varied vicissitudes of one certainly uncomfortable scenario of our times, where one glimpses dark works of violence and of blood, that never fail to grieve us, the Church also suffering atrocious pains in Her flesh, finds Her vitality in the broken bread of God’s Will, in the Eucharist with which she feeds Herself in order to strengthen Her very strengths and to renew and to walk along new paths traced out by the grace of GOD. In fact, it is CHRIST at the center of the history of the Church and of all of humanity.  And CHRIST, become food for man in the broken bread, becomes first and last in the history of the human generation, focal point of the desires of humanity, the joy of every heart, the fullness of all human aspirations.  The Word of God, has not only revealed the mystery of the Will of God, but also the mystery of man, who, in the Eucharist, finds his identity as son of GOD, enfleshing himself  in the most pure bosom of the Virgin, (who) in the Eucharist, continues to offer herself to humanity as the fountain of life.


4.)              Eucharist, Mystery of Light

The apparition at sets the fire of the first Eucharist mystery that must be present in the devotion of the People of God:  the Mystery of Light.  Jesus himself defines Himself as the Light of the World.  (John 8. 12).  This characteristic of His, while put in evidence in the Transfiguration and Resurrection, where His divinity and His are clearly proven, is veiled in the Eucharist. In this way, the Eucharistic Mystery becomes the mystery, par excellence, of faith.  By means of His total hiddenness, CHRIST makes Himself   Mystery of Light and of grace through whom the believer is introduced into divine life.  The Eucharist is light because in the Holy Mass two meals are intertwined:  the meal of the Word, and the meal of Bread.  This is evidenced in the discourse of Capernaum where His mystery as Son of God and Eucharistic Mystery is presented:  “My Flesh is real food, and My blood is real Drink.”  (John 6, 55.)  It was these affirmations threw the disciples and hearers into crisis and in the general confusion the words of Peter resound, “Lord, to whom should we go?  You alone have the words of eternal life.”   In the disciples of Emmaus, the word precedes the Breaking of the Bread:  “Stay with us, Lord.”  In Her wisdom, the Church has always desired that the meal of the word abundantly open to the Faithful the treasures of Sacred Scripture.  The Christian community makes a profound examination.  In fact, it is not enough to proclaim the Word if It does not happen with a prior preparation in devout heeding, in silence–necessary elements so that the word touch the most hidden fibers of man.


5.)           The Eucharistic Mystery Is Revealed Through Signs

It is meaningful that the disciples of Emmaus recognize the Lord in the Breaking of the Bread after having abundantly heard, during a long route, His Word, which sets their hearts burning.  It happens likewise in the meal of the word:  hearts become heated up and open to the light of the word of GOD and the Eucharist implements a dynamic context of signs.  It is through these signs that the Mystery opens itself to the eyes of the believer.  In man the temptation to reduce the Most Holy Eucharist to his own sizes, and his own needs can always be present, while it is cleat that it must be man who opens himself to the dimensions of the Mystery. The Eucharistic Mystery cannot take trivializations and ambiguities.


6.)           Conviviality

One of the Eucharistic dimensions is the banquet.  In fact, the Eucharist is born on Holy Thursday, in the context of a supper, and therefore carries in Its natural structure the sense of conviviality:  “Take and eat…”(Matt. 26,…26) “Take and drink of it, all of you.” (Matt. 26,…27.)  All this expresses the rapport of communion that God has favored and established with men. While we must develop this rapport among ourselves without regard to race or nationality.  Nevertheless the Eucharist is not only conviviality, but also a profound sacrificial concept. In this bread broken and given, CHRIST  presents Himself to His Church as unique and unrepeatable Sacrifice on the summit of Golgotha even if it is clear that in the broken bread the Resurrected One is present. The Eucharist carries the signs of the

Passion, which in the Holy Mass becomes a memorial, as the Liturgy exclaims:  “We announce your Death, Lord, we proclaim Your Resurrection.” (from the Roman Missal)  The Eucharist does not exhaust in conviviality and in memorial of the Passion because it enacts the past and at the same time it projects us into the future, into the Parusia (Second Coming), at the end of history.  This eschatological aspect gives to the Sacrament a dynamism that breathes hope into the Christian way.


7.)              CHRIST Is Always Present in His Church

The Eucharist puts faith of the Christian and the Mystery of the Real Presence to the test.  The Church has always proclaimed  that under the Eucharistic species the Real Presence of Jesus is hidden.  It is a true, real presence.  For this reason faith exhorts us to be before the Eucharist with the certainty that we are before Jesus Christ.  And it is precisely this presence that give value to the other dimensions:  banquet, Pascal memorial, anticipation of the end of times that certainly have a meaning that surpasses simple symbolism.  The Eucharist then is Mystery of presence that enforces the promise of Jesus:  “I am with you, until the end of times.”

It is also vital for the Church to develop a Eucharistic cult outside of the Holy Mass having present the consciousness of finding oneself before the Real Presence of Christ.  The Christian must witness this faith with the voice, prayer, gestures, works, movements, silence, with all his comportment and it is necessary that the Eucharist be treated with the utmost respect.  The presence of Jesus in the Tabernacle must become a pole of attraction for an ever-increasing number of faithful. It is good to fall in love with Him who encloses in Himself all possible beauty and to be capable of staying in adoration for long periods, listening to His voice, feeling His heartbeats (Taste and see how good the Lord is.  Psalm 33.)  It is necessary to remain prostrate before the Tabernacle in order to repair with faith and with our affection the transgressions, the neglects, and the offences of ours and of others.


8.)              Remain with Me and I in You

Whoever receives the Eucharist enters into profound communion with Jesus:  “Remain in me and I in you.”  It is a rapport of reciprocal staying, and it allows us to anticipate in some way Heaven on Earth.  This is man’s greatest craving, which corresponds to God’s plan of salvation.   The Eucharist is given to us to satiate us with God on Earth, preparation for full satisfaction in Heaven. The Eucharist cannot be understood and loved outside of the Church, outside of the ecclesial body.  The Eucharist is the fountain of unity, and at the same time it is the greatest manifestation.  In the Eucharistic Mystery Jesus builds His Church as communion.


9.)              The Eucharist in the Liturgy

The highest measure for which the Eucharist is lived in the holy people of GOD is expressed in the Liturgy.  The attention that the Church directs toward the Eucharistic life in the celebration of the Holy Mass, which in the Our Father implores that the Divine Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven, giving particular relief to the Sunday Eucharistic celebration, holy days, days of faith, even the celebration of the Liturgy of the Hours, bring us to the celebration of the Eucharist.  The Liturgy of the Hours, too, like the recitation of the Holy Rosary to the Virgin, with its repetitive flow, constitutes a sort of pedagogy of love, made in order to access with the full spirit of love the table set for the Son of God, for the consummation of that broken bread that becomes the presence of the living God who invades the life of the Church in His sense aspect–food that nourishes, that brings us to the comprehension of the great Eucharistic Mystery, before which Heaven and Earth bow down. The Eucharist, therefore, forms the vertices of the entire way of perfection, because the soul, in carrying out the Divine Will (Take and eat all of you. Matt 26…26) finds the fount of divine grace.

The Eucharist is the Mystery that never stops astonishing the Church, that puts itself before it with an attitude always new, that does not ever stop pervading its soul.  The Eucharist is the incomparable treasure that Christ entrusted to His Church, renewing her continually, stimulating celebrations always more heart-felt and more alive, from which spring a Christian existence that transforms itself into love.  In fact, it issues forth from the unique fount that is the eternal Will of GOD who is one in the Three Divine Persons.


Chapter 3

The Cross–Salvation and Salvific Sign


1.)              The Immense Value of the Cross

If every soul knew or understood the immense good that the cross contains and how this renders a soul precious, that like an inestimable gem, it acquires an always higher value, in the measure

in which this soul accepts sufferings, that the cross entails.  In fact, Our Lord JESUS CHRIST, leaving the domain of the Heavens, comes onto the Earth, not in the midst of riches, pleasures and power, but held to Himself as dearest: the Cross, poverty, suffering and ignominy.

The Cross renders the soul very beautiful, the Cross gives the most beautiful features to the soul that can be found either in Heaven or on Earth, and the soul is made so beautiful in her perfection as to make Her very GOD, who contains within Himself all beauties, fall in love with her.  If a soul wishes to be full of inestimable riches for all her life, she must take upon her shoulders

the Cross that will administer to her all those pains and those sufferings and misunderstandings that will make her encounter crosses that are always heavier, that will conduct her to the peak of perfection.

The soul who accepts carrying the cross on her shoulders helps The Redeemer to redeem the world and on the cross on the soul they fall, all the wickedness of men rendering it always heavier.

This cross kisses the Cross of CHRIST and becomes light for the peoples.  Many sinners save themselves and many souls of Purgatory take flight toward Heaven.

How much good these souls do who, living the Will of God, accept  carrying the cross on their shoulders for the conversion of men.

The Fruit of the Cross is the Eucharist, Jesus says to the Servant of God, “I am your refuge.  My refuge is your forbearance patient endurance.  The Sacrament of the Eucharist is the fruit of the Cross, that is why I feel more disposed to allow you to suffer when you receive my Body.  Your non-mystical, but real forbearance continues My Passion in you to the benefit of souls.  This, for Me, is a great relief because I gather the true fruit of My Cross and of the Eucharist.”  And Jesus added:  “How beautiful your soul is!  The more it grows in its forbearance, the dearer it is to Me!  My eyes remain wounded in watching you because in you they catch a glimpse of My own Image.”  (9 March 1900)


2.)  Acceptance of the Cross Does Nor Harm the Liberty of Man

Jesus speaks thus to Luisa,  “My daughter, the executioners could lacerate My Body, insult Me, trample upon Me, etc…. but they could touch neither My Will nor My Love, I wished that these be free so that, as two current could run, without anyone being able to be their impediment, pouring Myself out for the benefit of all, even the same enemies ho!  How My Will triumphed!  My immense Love toward the enemies!  They were striking Me with whips and I was striking their hearts with My Love and chaining them with My Will,  They were puncturing My Head with thorns, and My Love was lighting the light in their minds to make Me known to them.  They were opening wounds in Me and My Love was healing the wounds of their soul.  They were giving Me death, and My Love was restoring them to life so much so that as I expired on the Cross, the flames of My Love, touching their heart, compelled them to prostrate themselves before Me and to confess Me True God.

Never was I more Glorious and Triumphant in the course of My mortal life down here as I was in the punishments.  Now, My Daughter of My Resemblance, I made the soul free in will and in love so that others could lord over the exterior work of the creature, but of the interior, of the will, of love, no one, no one but I Myself wanted it free in this so that liberally without constraints this will and this love could run toward Me and merging in Me could offer Me all most noble and pure acts that the creature could give Me.

Being free Myself and the soul (of man) being also free, we can mutually pour ourselves and run, run toward Heaven, to love and glorify the FATHER and dwell together with the Sacrosanct Trinity; toward earth to do good to all, run in the hearts of all to wound them with love and with the will, to chain them and conquer them so that I could not give greater dowries to the creature.  But where can the creature most show off this free will and this love?  In forbearance. Love grows and the Will becomes gigantic, and like a queen, she holds herself,  binding My Heart to her pains, that like a crown surround Me, mercilessly, and I let Myself be dominated so that I do not know how to resist the pains of a loving soul, and like a queen, I keep her at My side and the domination of this creature in pains is such that these make her acquire a noble, insinuating, heroic, selfless manner, similar to my manner, and the other creatures compete to make themselves dominated by this soul.  The more the soul works with Me, stays united to Me, becomes like Me, the more I feel absorb by that soul, so that as she thinks, I feel My thought absorbed in her mind, as she looks, as she speaks, as she breathes, so I feel Myself like absorbing the glance, the voice, the breath, the action,  the step, the heartbeat, it all absorbs Me and while it absorbs me she is always acquiring my manner, My similarity, and I continually set my sights on her, and finding Myself.  (30 December 1916.)


3.)  The World without the Benefits of the Cross of Christ Easily Goes to Ruin

Jesus, addressing Luisa,  “My daughter, the world has sickened itself because it lost thinking on the Passion. In the shadows it did not find the light of My  Passion she would have cleared it up, and that making them know My love and how much pain souls cost Me, would have been able to push it to love it, that truly, it had loved.  The light of My Passion, guiding it, would have warned it against all perils.  In weakness it did not find the strength of My Passion that would have sustained it.  In impatience it did not find the mirror of My Patience which would have infused calm and resignation and before My patience becoming ashamed, it would have considered it a duty to control itself.  In pains it did not find the comfort of the pains of a GOD who, sustaining the pains of the world, would have infused love and forbearance.  In sins it did not find My Sanctity, that making them face them, would have infused hatred toward guilt.  Ah!  Man has prevaricated in everything, because in everything he has distanced himself from He who could have helped him, therefore the world has lost balance, it has been like a baby who no longer wanted to know his mother, like a disciple who, knowing his master, no longer wanted to hear his teachings, nor to learn his lessons.  What will become of this baby and this disciple?  They will be the pain of themselves and the terror and the pain of society. Man has become the same—terror and pain, ma pain without pity.  Ah!  Man becomes worse and worse, and I weep for him with tears of blood. (2 February 1917.)


4.)              Only GOD Can Give Peace

The worst chastisement that can befall man is the triumph of the wicked.

Jesus says these words to Luisa, “My daughter, governments feel the ground missing beneath their feet.  I go to great lengths to make them submit, and to make them know that only from Me can they hope for real and enduring peace; now I humble one, now another, now I make them friends, and now enemies.  I do everything possible to make them submit; I will make them lose their arms; I will do unexpected things, and unforeseen, to confound them and to make them comprehend the instability of human things and of themselves and that only GOD is the stable Being from whom they can hope every good and if they want justice and peace, they must come to the fount of true justice and of true peace, otherwise, they will accomplish nothing, they will continue to debate, and even if it will seem that they are achieving peace, it will not be a lasting peace and they will begin fight harder.  My daughter, only My omnipotent finger can fix things as they are, and I will place It as the proper time, but great tests are necessary and will occur in the world, therefore, great patience is needed.  My daughter, the greatest chastisement is the triumph of the wicked.  More expiation is needed, and the wicked, in their triumph, will purify my Church and afterwards I will crush them and I will disperse them like dust in the wind.  Therefore, do not be alarmed at the triumphs of which you hear speak, but weep with Me over their sad lot.  (14 October 1918.)

Now we report the interior dialogue between Luisa and Our Lord in which we take note of the human attitude of the Servant of GOD, who does not, according to her view, see that which the Lord had told her come to fruition, and who expresses the doubt that all seems a pretense:  “I felt very afflicted over the privations of my lovable JESUS, and my mind turned baleful, from the worry that all had been of me, or the workings of my imagination, or of the enemy.  Voices of peace and of triumph are running throughout Italy and I was recalling that my sweet Jesus had told me that Italy would have been humbled. What pain, what mortal agony, thinking that my life was a continuous deceit, I felt that Jesus wanted to speak with me, and I did not want to hear from Him.  I pushed Him away, I struggled for three days with Jesus, and many times I was so worn out that I did not have the strength to repulse Him. Therefore, Jesus spoke, and I, borrowing strength from His speaking, was saying to Him.  “I don’t want to know anything.”  Finally, Jesus ringed my neck with His arm, and He said, “Calm down!  Calm down!” It is I.  Hear Me out.

Don’t you recall that months ago, while you were complaining to Me about poor Italy, I told you, “My daughter, he who loses wins, and he who wins loses!  Italy, France, are already humbled, and they will be even more so until they are purged and returned to Me free, independent, and peaceful.  In the purely apparent triumph that they enjoy, they are already undergoing the greatest humiliation, not even Europe has managed to oust the enemy so that if it could be called  “triumph” that which isn’t, it is of the stranger, but this is nothing.  Now more than ever they lose more, so much morally as temporally, because this will dispose them to commit larger crimes, cutthroat internal revolutions, so much so as to surpass the very tragedy of the war. And then, that which I told you did not only concern the present times, but also those of the future and that which will not be verified now will be verified then, and if someone finds difficulty, doubts, it means that it does not understand My speaking.  My speaking is eternal, as I Am Eternal.  Now, I want to tell you something consoling:  now Italy and France win, and Germany loses.  All the nations have some black marks and all desire humiliations and crushings.

There will be a general turmoil, a convulsion everywhere:  with iron, with fire, and with water, with unexpected dead, with contagious diseases, I will renew the world.  I will do new things.  The nations will become like the towers of Babel, they will come to a point of not even understanding each other.  The people will rebel among themselves; they will no longer want a King.  All will be put down, and true peace will come, only from Me and if you hear talk of peace it will not be real, but apparent.  When I will have cleansed all, I will place my finger in a surprising way and I will give true peace and then all those who will be humiliated will return to Me, and Germany will be Catholic, I have great designs on her.  In England, in Russia, and wherever blood has been spilled, the Faith will rise again, and those countries will absorb themselves into My Church.  There will be the great triumph and union of the peoples.  Therefore, pray, and have patience because it will not be so soon, but time will be needed.  (16 October 1918.)


5.)              The Sublimity of the Cross

 The Cross suffered by Our Lord, freed man from the slavery of the demon and united him to the Divinity in an indissoluble way.

The Cross is fecund, and It gives birth to grace.

The Cross is light, and it distances man from earthly things, and unveils eternity.

The Cross is fire, and in it incinerates all that is not God, and empties the heart of man of everything in order to fill it with grace.

The Cross is an inestimable coin that enriches him who possesses It because the only coin that works in Heaven is the Cross suffered on the Earth.

The Cross does not only allow man to know, but it gives the grace of knowing God.

The Cross has grafted within Itself all the virtues.

The Cross is the princely chair of the Uncreated Wisdom of God who teaches the highest, most sublime doctrines.

The Cross unveils the most hidden mysteries, the most profound things, the most perfect perfection hidden from the learned and the worldly-wise.

The Cross is beneficial water that purifies, administers nourishment to all the virtues it makes them grow and accompanies them into Eternity.

The Cross is like Celestial dew  that preserves and embellishes the lily of purity.

The Cross is the nutrient of hope.

The Cross is the torch of operating faith and it allows the flame of charity to be ever lit.

The Cross sets to flight all the slimy rivers of arrogance, of vainglory, and it produces in the soul the most profound humility.

The Cross is the strongest offensive weapon against the infernal forces, and it defends the soul from the claws of Satan.

The Cross possessed is the admiration of the angles themselves and of the saints, and it renders demons furious.

The Cross is Paradise on Earth, in fact if the Paradise of the blessed is in Heaven, the Paradise of Earth are sufferings.

The Cross is the golden chain that joins man and God and accomplishes the most perfect union in Him.

The Cross is the fire of God, that does not destroy like human fire which renders everything sterile, but it is a fertile fire that destroys all that is not virtue, but it gives life to all the rest, and makes the most beautiful, perfumed  flowers germinate, and produces exquisite fruit.

The Cross is so powerful as to render the soul more disposed to receive the Sacraments. In fact, to receive them, especially the Eucharist, the suitable dispositions and the free consent of the soul is necessary.  With the Cross, the soul predisposes itself to receive the graces of God that can even be missing.  It has the virtue of disposing the soul to grace, and of rendering it worthy of the Sacraments, which, well-received, actualizes the way which brings us into the embrace of GOD.


Chapter 4

The “I love you” of GOD and of the Creature

The Role of Mary Most Holy

in the operative plan of Christ

Luisa:  the Little Daughter of the Divine Will.


1.)              Il “I love you” of God

If the Lord says to the soul, “I love you,” it should reply with another “I love you” so that the great I LOVE YOU may be able to rain upon the little I love you of creatures, that gets launched into the immensity of the divine FIAT.

The creature becomes in this way the object of love of everyone and of all.  In fact, the I love you of the creature spreads itself over all creation and over all humanity.

God is immensity and it please Him to give and to receive from the creature His immense love, giving, contemporaneously, all harmonies and the manifold notes of  beauty, of grandeur, of light that enchant and enrapture the heart of creatures and which contemporaneously enrapture the heart of God.

The Will of God loves the sky, the sun, creation, the angels, the saints, and all must love with a love  similar to that of GOD, from Him received and glorified.  Therefore, upon the wings of the Divine Will the “I LOVE YOU” of GOD is sent to all of visible and invisible creation so that all may love together with Him.  If one loves, it is because one wishes to be loved.  The most atrocious suffering is in not have love returned for love.  Only love of God exchanged produces happiness.

For one who lives in The Divine Will, a supreme concordance of love is effected.  In fact, the Will of GOD, possessing the life of creatures through free choice of It, multiplies to infinity Its Love in It.

The joys, the happiness of this divine love predominate and glorify the soul.

The paternal love of GOD is so sensitive for the one who lives Its Will as to number all breaths, heartbeats, thoughts, words, and movements of the creatures, and the graces poured into it are so many and of so many varieties that astound Heaven and Earth.

All this was fully accomplished in the Mother of GOD Mary Most Holy.


2.)              Mary Most Holy Celestial Heiress

Mary, Mother of GOD, fully lived the life of the divine Fiat, and loved GOD and creatures with the same love.

The love of GOD is so great for this creature–more celestial than human–as to render her the heiress of the Will of GOD, and when this Reign of the Divine Will will have complete fulfillment on Earth as in Heaven, the Holy Virgin will call all her children to possess this immense and infinite heredity, and they will be Her crown.  Angelic choruses, with all the Saints who have lived in her heredity, after having formed them on Earth, will transport them to Heaven.

This will form the fulfillment of the work of GOD in creation, because the plan of GOD will be enacted in creatures, in virtue of the Virgin of Nazareth, His Mother, who knew how to live bowed to the Will of God.

This Celestial Heiress, living in Herself the Will of GOD, transmits (this gift) to all creatures who will have freely accepted it.

Mary, by transmitting to men the Reign of the Divine Will, expresses her great love toward all creatures, in becoming mother and queen.  Mary, having become faithful copy of her Creator, watches over the treasures of grace received from GOD in holiness so that they may possess that which She possesses.

Mary is the Mother of everyone and she does not wish to see her children poor in divine grace while She is very rich.  For this reason she goes breathless in calling men to not sin against GOD, exhorting them to live Her will, which alone can conduct them into a reign of peace and of happiness.

Mary incessantly prays and places in prayer all have merits as Mother of GOD and as Spouse of the Holy Spirit in order to impetrate from GOD the Reign of the Divine Will among men.

The love of this Celestial Mother is unconquerable and only in Heaven will we be able to know how much loving care she has poured out onto souls.

As soon as she was conceived the Virgin Mary began the movement of the grace of GOD toward humanity because is it clear that the Virgin, from her conception, inherited the Divine Will which  took possession  of her person.  In fact, in every heartbeat, thought, breath of this creature, the creative power of GOD made itself present so much so as to form the greatest prodigies of holiness, of beauty, and of grace in the Virgin.  The life of this celestial creature came forth from her existing together with the will of GOD.  The love of GOD brightened and celebrated this creature come-into-the-light-of-time as an heiress of the Divine Will.  In her, GOD felt His own breath, His own heartbeat, His own ardent love toward men.  Mary became all of GOD, she who would carry the redemption into the world with the generation of the Eternal Word.  Mary is “Privileged Instrument” of GOD so much so as to attract toward herself immense grace, beauty and the power of God.

The humanity of Mary has bound to itself all the human family, almost as a member of her own body,  This is guarantee that the Reign of the Will of God must come on earth because she who inherited It already exists:  a creature who is part of the human race.

The prodigies that the Will of GOD accomplished in this creature are undreamed of.  In fact, through this Virgin and Mother many souls burned by passions and by sin feel on themselves the freshness of this divine dew and they convert to good.


3.)              Mary, Mother of GOD and of Men

Mother’s Day is the most beautiful and sublime, the greatest feast in which every man remains glorified, loved, and honored.  The feast of the Mother of GOD honor Heaven and Earth, which are invested with a singular glory, never exhausted.  In fact, the angels and the saints experience new joys and new happiness in contemplating this Mother who encloses within herself  the boast of humanity and of Heaven.  This Mother, more celestial than human, extends her empire of love over everyone, and gives joy to everyone.

The Divine Will, for the first time operate in a creature, is celebrated in the Mother of GOD.  That is why Mary becomes Queen and Lady.  In fact, even in her breathing and in her moving can be seen the lives of all that flow in her acts, which, like refulgent suns inundate her, surround her, embellish her, and render her so beautiful as to form the enchantment of Heaven.  Through her acts lived in the Divine Will, all human acts participate in the plan of redemption done by her beloved Son.  This is the great prodigy accomplished in her by the Divine Will.  It is the Divine Fiat alive in her that accomplishes the prodigy of transforming human miseries into seas of love, of beauty, of power and of Infinite Wisdom, so much that it can be said that that there is no place in creation in which seas of divine love do not flow toward this Celestial Mother, who embraces all with a love that does not know how to end.

It could be said that this Celestial Mother rules Divinity, and at the same time is ruled (by it.)  In fact, investing herself with the divine immensity she renders to her Creator the homage due from the human generations so that creatures may rediscover the love of the Creator and turn to Him in praise and thanksgiving.  Creatures become disposed to receive the divine life that She possesses and gives.   This Mother is a continuous prodigy, all that she did on Earth she continues to do in Heaven because one who operates in the Will of GOD accomplishes acts that have no end:  they are like the sun that never stops giving its light.  The sun gives light to all the generations but it never dims, it never impoverishes itself, it is always rich in its light and in its heat without ever losing anything.  The glory of the Celestial Mother is unconquerable because she possesses the Will of GOD, which, accepted by creatures can form eternal and infinite acts.  Her heart loves us with the same love of GOD and projects into the Heavens the love of creatures purified by hers.  GOD loves this creature so much so that one is able to say that He must love her and it is through this divine love in Her that all men are loved.  This most beautiful Woman, Queen, and Lady is so great as to attract the heart of her Creator.  The very angels feel mute before such a prodigy, before so much greatness that the Heavens cannot contain it.


4.)  Prodigies of the Divine Will Operating in Mary Most Holy

The Holy Spirit is an immense sea of eternal love in the midst of which happened the conception of THE MOST HOLY VIRGIN, Elect among the elect.”  The Divinity administered in this Creature the event of her conception that, being the center of life of this stupendous and admirable creature,  surrounded her with the immense and eternal sea of the love of GOD, not only to defend Her from all that could harm her soul, but also to continuously give beauty, graces, power, wisdom, love and privileges to this Creature so that this little human nature could be conceived at the center of the eternal love of GOD.

MARY was formed and grew under the continuous influx of power of the eternal love of GOD.

Singularly, as a unique case, from her conception she had use of reason and her Creator provided her with all the knowledges and made her know the joys and the sorrows of creation, since the maternal bosom she lived in the loving arms of GOD. 

Mary, privileged creature, was enriched by all the divine qualities and she cast herself before GOD without uncertainty, without fear because only sin creates distance between the Creator and the creature, breaking the love.  It makes every trust be lost, and it strikes up fear.

The LORD established this creature daughter of man as Queen of Heaven and Earth.  Creation rejoiced because she returned to GOD the entire honor and glory that He had conferred in the creation.

Only the infernal forces cried because the dominion of this singular and glorious creature eluded them.

The first act that this Celestial Creature accomplished was that of binding her will to the feet of the throne of the Most High, without even wanting to know it because by divine revelation she had seen the immense evil that the human will had done.  Doing so, the Will of GOD bound Itself to Her, creating a sublime symphony of love between the creature and the Creator, so much so as to make flow into Her all the treasures of His grace.

In the freely setting down at the feet of GOD her Will, Mary carried out the most beautiful, greatest and most heroic act that a human creature could do, and GOD elected her Queen of all and everyone.


5.)              The Tears of the “Queen of Heaven”

Mary offered herself to GOD in any sacrifice for love of humanity.  She wanted to restore to GOD all the honor and the glory of the creation that man had taken from Him by man’s doing his own will.

Mary, since the womb, cried for love of man who had offended GOD, she cried of sorrow for that guilty man, who had plummeted  all humanity into guilt. Certainly, these innocent tears softened the heart of GOD and quicken the longed-for Redemption.

She continuously projected toward her Creator all the merits and all the graces of which GOD had filled Her, attracting upon herself and from herself, onto humankind, other infinite graces, because GOD Himself could not resist Her supplications.

But she derived this power from the power of the FIAT that operated in her; the Divine Volition had become her life, dominating her, which is why she possessed the power and the holiness of GOD’s own Will, that she continuously raised toward Him.  For this reason, GOD could not resist this innocent creature who was possessed of the power and sanctity of His Volition.  In fact, GOD could not be deaf to her, it would have been like resisting His own Self.

GOD let His Divine Qualities flow into her, and as a tumult of fruits flowed over her, the reflexes of God’s ways of acting, and of His love and His power, so that Will of GOD that was the center of Her life attracted all the reflexes of the divine quality that made crown and defense of the Divinity that dwelled in her.

If the MOST HOLY IMMACULATE VIRGIN had not had as her center the Divine Will, all the other prerogatives and privileges with which she was so enriched would have been a nothing.  It was the Divine Will, living in he that preserved, confirmed, amplified, continuously multiplying all the privileges and graces of GOD.

And only like this did the humble Infant of Nazareth became Queen of Heaven and Earth.

Mary, freely never gave space to her human will, and the Will of GOD remained always whole in Her.

The first act that this “Noble Creature” fulfilled, coming out of the womb, was that of collecting all the love the GOD had spread throughout creation and of pronouncing her thanks in the name of all, and continually she begged GOD with tears and moanings so that He would let the Eternal Word descend to Earth to save her brothers and children.

With the Divine Will, dwelling in Her, the Erath was no longer foreign to GOD, justice exchanged itself for grace and the ETERNAL WORD hurried his course.

The first King of sorrows and of anguish was Our Lord, since, being GOD-man, had to enclose within Himself all of man’s possible and endurable pains in order to have primacy over all

The pains and the tears of the Queen of Heaven were reverberations of the pains of Christ her Beloved Son, who reflected in Her the participation of all His sorrows that transfixed her, filled her with bitterness and with pain, so much so as to feel herself die in every participation of the same.  But love sustained her and renewed life in her: for this, not only by honor, but by right, she was The Great Queen of the Immense Sea of the Pains of Her Son.

Mary, therefore, bore all the pains of JESUS, and her heart participated in the passions of the pierced Heart of Her Son.  These pains formed swords that pierced the heart of Mary through and through and were sealed with a FIAT of most refulgent light that gave her so much glory, to the point of astonishing Heaven and Earth.

It was not pains that constituted MARY Queen of Heaven and of Earth, but the omnipotent FIAT of GOD, into which she wove all her acts, and each of her pains in order that the Supreme FIAT be the primary act that formed the swords which pierced her Heart.  In fact, God’s FIAT could have placed into that human heart so many piercings and so many sorrows, without finding the least resistance.  Rather, the Celestial Creature felt herself honored that the divine FIAT constituted her life, for which the Will of GOD adorned with all possible glory for a created creature, constituting her Queen.

So, the Will of GOD, of which Luisa is the first fruit, will take its course in all souls so that every human pain and every act of man may be illuminated by the FIAT, and produce infinite fruits of redemption.  Therefore, GOD will be fully pleased in seeing His creatures who tie their will to His, and He will say, “Dearest children, often, doing good suffers from lack of My Will entering into you, and can become slavish misery that degenerates into passion, while MY Will alone gives true dominion, true virtue, true glory to transform the individual human.” (From the writings of the Servant of GOD, L. Piccarreta, from March 23, 1923.)

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