Abandonment In Jesus Produces Trust Which Gets Rid Of The Major Obstacle That Prevents The Divine Will From Reigning In Souls Which Is Lack Of Trust

From The Writings Of Luisa Piccarreta

“The Little Daughter Of The Divine Will”


Jesus states in the below passage that lack of trust in Jesus is the greatest obstacle that prevents the Divine Will from reigning in souls.


VOL. 28 – June 2, 1930

Furthermore, everything that has passed between Me and you, the many intimacies, the many excesses of my Love, my repeated comings, was required by the decorum of my Divine Will which I was to make known through you.  Had I not come often, how could I tell you so many things about my Divine Will?  Had I not made my dwelling in your heart, as my living temple, my lessons would not have been so continuous.  Therefore, they should comprehend that everything I have done to your soul was to serve my Divine Will, which deserves everything; and it was to serve, in hearing my so many loving condescendences, to make them comprehend how much I love the creature and how much I can love her in order to elevate the creature to my pure Love and to the full confidence which she must have toward the One who loves her so much.  In fact, if there isn’t full confidence between Me and the creature, they cannot be elevated to live in my Divine Will.  Lack of confidence always places an obstacle to the union between Creator and creature; it is the wing-clipper of the flight toward the One who loves her so much; it makes her live at the earth’s level; and even though she does not fall, it makes her feel, vividly, her passions.  More so, since lack of confidence has been the weak act in the course of the centuries, and sometimes even good souls have drawn back in the journey of virtues because of lack of confidence.  And I, in order to remove this torpor that the specter of the lack of confidence produces, wanted to show Myself with you as all love, and in an intimate way, more than father and daughter, in order to call back, not only you, but all others, to live as my children, as though rocked in my arms.  And I have enjoyed, and so have you, how beautiful it is to have the creature as all love and all trust with Me; I can give whatever I want, and she has no fear of receiving what she wants.  So, once true confidence is placed in order between Me and you, the greatest obstacle to letting my Divine Will reign in their souls is removed.

Jesus states in the below passage from volume 29 that abandonment in Jesus produces trust in Jesus. Therefore, abandonment in Jesus gets rid of the major obstacle that prevents the Divine Will from reigning in souls which is lack of trust in Jesus.

VOL. 29 – October 26, 1931

But while I was pouring out my sorrow, my sweet Jesus came back, and embracing my poor soul, told me:  “Daughter, I am here, abandon yourself in My Arms, and rest in Me.  Your abandonment in Me calls for My abandonment in you, and forms My sweet rest in your soul.  Abandonment in Me forms the sweet and powerful chain that binds Me so much to the soul, that I cannot unbind Myself from her, to the point of rendering Me her dear and sweet Prisoner.  Abandonment in Me gives birth to true trust, and she has trust in Me, and I have trust in her; I have trust in her love that will never fail; I have trust in her sacrifices, for she will never refuse Me anything of what I want; and I have all the trust that I can accomplish My Designs.  Abandonment in Me says that she gives Me freedom, and I am free to do what I want; and I, entrusting Myself to her, manifest to her My most intimate Secrets.  Therefore, My daughter, I want you all abandoned in My Arms, and the more abandoned you are in Me, the more you will feel My abandonment in you.”

And I:  “My Love, how can I abandon myself in You if You escape from me?”

And Jesus added:  “Then is the abandonment perfect when, seeing Me escape, you abandon yourself more.  This gives Me no field to be able to escape; on the contrary, it binds Me more.”


Jesus states in the below passage from volume 32 that His life was a continuous abandonment in the arms of His Father. And in order to be an echo of Jesus’ life, Jesus wants us to be in a continuous act of abandonment in Him by repeating frequently throughout the day, “Jesus and Mary Through Luisa, into Your hands I abandon myself completely.”

VOL. 32 – April 23, 1933

How the Life of Jesus was a continuous Abandonment in the Hands of the Father.  One who Lives in the Divine Will never interrupts her walk.  Example of the clock.  She takes Heaven in her fist and by storm.

            I continue to think about the Pains of my impassioned Jesus, and arriving at the last breath of His Life, I heard resound in the depth of my heart:  “Into Your Hands, O Father, I commend My Spirit.”  It was the most sublime lesson for me, the recall of all of my being into the Hands of God, the full Abandonment in His Paternal Arms.

And while my mind was lost in so many reflections, my suffering Jesus, visiting my little soul, told me:  “My blessed daughter, as My Life down here began, so it ended.  From the first instant of My Conception My One Act was continuous.  I can say that in every instant I placed Myself in the hands of My Celestial Father.  It was the Most Beautiful Homage that His Son gave Him, the Most Profound Adoration, the Most Heroic and Complete Sacrifice, the Most Intense Love of Offspring that My Full Abandonment into His hands gave Him.  It rendered My Humanity Speaking, and with Commanding Voice that asked everything and obtained everything that I wanted.  My Celestial Father could not deny anything to His only Son abandoned in His arms.

“My Abandonment every instant was the most welcome Act, so much so that I wanted to crown the last Breath of My Life with the Words:  ‘Father, into Your hands I commend My Spirit.’  The virtue of abandonment is the greatest virtue, it is binding God such that He takes care of the abandoned one in His Arms.  Abandonment says to God:  ‘I do not want to know anything of myself; this life of mine is Yours, not mine, and Yours is mine.’  Therefore, if you want to obtain everything, if you want to Truly Love Me, live abandoned in My arms, let Me hear the echo of My Life in every instant:  ‘Into Your hands I abandon myself completely,’ and I will carry you in My arms as the dearest of My children.”


Luisa states below in one of Her letters that all we should care about is remaining abandoned in the arms of Jesus.

Letters of Luisa #108
My good daughter in the Divine Volition,

I recommend that you do not lose peace, and that you live so abandoned in the Divine Will as to feel It as your own life.  If you do so, this Will so holy will take you upon Its maternal knees, more than a mother; It will hold you tightly to Its Divine Heart; It will raise you as Its beloved daughter.  So, in all your pains, you will feel your Mama near you, assisting you, guiding you and changing your little pains into a Sun and into little coins for Heaven.  In each pain, dear Jesus will give you a kiss, a hug, and will adorn your soul with most refulgent gems.  Therefore, courage, my daughter; never lose heart; never get discouraged.  It is Jesus that wants His daughter similar to Himself; aren’t you happy?  So, do not care about anything else but to live abandoned in His arms.  With this you will feel a new strength, and you will no longer feel alone; sufferings will turn for you into sanctity and into celestial joys.  Dear Jesus will give you His pains as courting, strength and company.

I leave you in the Divine Volition to make yourself a great saint; and sending you my regards from the heart, I say,

Most affectionately yours,

The little daughter of the Divine Will.

Corato, December 15, 1941