Volume 28 – March 5, 1930

 “My daughter (Luisa), the Living in My Divine Will is the Recall of all the Acts of creatures into the Truth of It(the Divine Will).  Everything has come out from within Its Unity—from Our Single Act that Gives Life to all Acts, therefore it is Our Right, by Justice, that everything Return to Us (Triune God) to Recognize where they have come from.  To Recognize where an Act comes from, Who it is that Releases Life for so many Acts, in what Way and How, is the Most Beautiful Homage to Our Power and Wisdom, that, with one single Act, is Life of all Acts.  And only (Luisa) the one who Lives in My Fiat, Embracing everything together with It, takes Everything as though in her Power, and enclosing Everything in that Divine Will in which she (Luisa) Lives, she (Luisa) Rises into Our Unity in order to bring Us (Triune God) Everything, and Give Us the True Homages of all the Effects of Our Single Act. 


“This is why, then, making your Round in Our Divine Willnot only gathers Everything, but Communicates your Act (Luisa) to all created things, in such a way that all the Heavens assume the Attitude of Adorations together with your Adorations; the sun, of loving Us together with your Love (Luisa); the wind, of Glorifying Us (Triune God) together with you (Luisa).  In sum, all created things, feeling, in My Divine Will with which they are all Invested, your Act that you (Luisa) do in It (The Divine Will) all then assume the Attitude of Loving Us, of Adoring Us, of Giving Us Glory and Thanksgivings, in such a way that We (Triune God) feel that in Our Divine Fiat the creature (Luisa) Gives Us (Triune God) the Fullness of Love, the Totality of Adoration, the Complete Glory.  Therefore, continue your Flight in My Divine Will, and do not occupy yourself with anything else, because in It (the Divine Will) you (Luisa) have much to do.”


So I (Luisa) remained thinking about the Unity of the Divine Will, and my sweet Jesus added:  “My daughter (Luisa), do you know what Unity of Divine Will means? It means that from within this One Divine Will—there is nothing Beautiful, Good and Holy that does not come from within It.  This One Divine Will of Ours—one is Its Unity, one is Its Act; but while It is one, the Divine Will, the Unity and the Act extend Everywhere; and because It extends Everywhere as though in One Single Breath, It does Everything, It embraces Everything and Gives Life to Everything.  So, (Luisa) the one who Lives in Our Divine Volition Fuses herself in Our Unity, and everything she (Luisa) does does not go out of Us (Triune God), but remains inside of Us.

       “On the other hand, with the one (not linked to Luisa) who lives outside of It (the Divine Will), We (Triune God) feel the pain of the tearing she causes with her acts from within Our Divine Will; and while she tears them away, she does not Return them to Us, because Our Divine Will is not one with hers.  Hence the Great Difference of the one (not linked to Luisa) who lives outside of Our Fiat—all of her acts are divided and broken, not fused together, therefore she will not have the Good of feeling within herself the Fullness of the Light, of the Happiness and of all Goods, but everything will be misery, weakness and scarceness of light.”