Volume 30 – March 20, 1932 

         “Good daughter (Luisa), you must know that My Divine Will Possesses and contains everything within Itself—all the Joys, all the Beauties; everything comes from It, and without dispersing anything, It contains everything within Itself.  It can be said that It carries everyone and everything within Its Immense Womb of Light.  So, all Live in It—with this difference:  that (Luisa) the one who, with all her will, wants to Live in It and lets herself be subdued by Its Dominion, Lives as daughter, and, as daughter, is constituted Heiress of the Joys, of the Beauties, of the Goods of her Mother, in such a way that this Divine Mother is all intent on Embellishing, Enriching, and making her daughter Rejoice; while the one (not linked to Luisa) who wants to live of human will and does not let herself be subdued by Its Dominion, lives in this Holy Will, yet lives, not as daughter, but like a stranger, and all the Joys convert for the creature into bitterness, Riches into poverty, Beauties into ugliness.  In fact, by living like a stranger, she lives as though apart from the Goods that My Divine Will Possesses, and, rightly so, she deserves to possess nothing Good; her human will that subdues her gives her what it has—passions, weaknesses, miseries.  Nothing escapes My Divine Will—not even hell; and since they did not love It (the Divine Will) in life, living like members detached from It—but always inside, not outside—now, in those gloomy prisons, the Joys, the Happiness, the Beatitudes of My Divine Will convert into pains and into eternal torments.  Therefore, the Living in My Divine Will is not new, as some believe—all live in It, good and bad; if something can be called New, it is the Way of Living, Recognizing It as Continuous Act of one’s Life, Giving It Dominion in all of one’s Acts.  In fact, the Living in It is the Sanctity of each instant that the creature (Luisa) Receives; it can be said that she (Luisa) Grows continuously in Sanctity—but Sanctity fed by My Divine Will, Raised together with It; so, she (Luisa) feels My Divine Will as Life more than her own life.


Volume 31 – July 24, 1932

            “My daughter (Luisa), when the soul lets herself be Dominated, Invested, Subjected to My Divine Will, in a way that every little particle of her being, as much in the soul as in the body, all Possess My Operating Will—such that the mind is Animated by Its Science, the voice has Speaking, the hands have Operating, the feet have Its Divine Steps, the heart has Loving, and as My Divine Will Knows how to Love—then all this United Together Forms the Divine Sanctity in the creature, and We find all Our Rights in the creature, Rights of Creation.  Because everything is Ours, We find the Rights of Our Sanctity, of Our Works, Rights of Our Divine Fiat, of Our Goodness, of Our Love.  In sum, there is nothing of Ours that We do not find in her as Our Right, and the creature finds in exchange her rights in her Creator, because being one will on both parts, the Rights of one are Rights of the other. 

       “Here, therefore, is what it means to Live in Our Volition:  to receive Our Sanctity, Love, Science, Our Goodness, with Right, because It can not do less than Give them.  Since they are of Our Fiat they are her Properties, because her Life already Lives in It.  More so, because (Luisa) the one who Lives in My Divine Will always Grows in Sanctity, in Love, in Our Beauty, and so forth.  This continuous Growth Forms in the creature a New Act of Giving to her Creator.  We (Triune God) Give the New Act that We Possess by Nature to her, and she (Luisa) Gives It to Us by virtue of Our Divine Will.  And O! the Contentment on both sides, the Happiness that is Felt being able to Receive from the creature (Luisa), and We being able to Give.  To Give and to Receive maintains the nourishment of Correspondence, it conserves the always-growing Union, and is as the Breath that maintains the Fire always Lit, and the Flame of Love Lives Always, without danger of being extinguished.  Therefore, always forward in My Divine Will, and everything will go well.”