Part 2

Reflections On The More Acts The Soul Does In The Fiat

From The Writings Of Luisa Piccarreta

“The Little Daughter Of The Divine Will”


VOL. 17 – March 1, 1925

Then, continuing, He said to me: “My daughter, courage, do not fear; there is no darkness in you, because only sin is darkness, while good is light. Don’t you see that I came out from a surface of light, from within your interior? But do you know what this light is? It is all the interior work that you do. Every additional act you do is one more thread of your will which you bind to the current of the Eternal Light; and that thread turns into Light. Therefore, the more acts you do, adding more threads, the more full, intense and radiant the Light will become. So, the Light that you see is what you have done; the void you see in that same Light is what is left for you to do. And I will always be in the midst of this light, not only to enjoy it, but to bind the threads of the human will with the current of the Eternal Light, because I am the origin, the surface, the current, of the light.

But do you know what true light is? True Light is the Truth. The truth, known, embraced, loved and put into practice by the soul, is the true Light, which transforms her into that very Light, and places, inside and outside of her, new and continuous births of Light. This Truth forms the true Life of God within the soul, because God is Truth and the soul is bound to the Truth – even more, she possesses It. God is Light, and she is bound to the Light, and is nourished with Light and with Truth. However, while I nourish the soul with Truth and Light, she must keep the current of her will opened, in order to receive the current of the divine communication. Otherwise it may happen as with the electric current, to which the power it contains within itself is not enough in order to emit light; in fact it cannot emit it if there are no preparations in order to receive it. And on top of this, not everyone receives the same light, but according to the light bulbs they have: those who have one, receive one light; those who have ten, receive light for ten. If the bulbs contain more electric wires, the lamps appear as filled with more light; if they have less wires, even though there is room in the glass, the light is small. And even though the current may be stronger, the lamps do not receive it, if not in proportion to the capacity of the bulbs which receive the current.

Therefore, it takes the celestial current which wants to give, as well as the human current, capable of receiving it; and according to how many more acts you do in my Will, you will add more wires to render more complete the light which I want to enclose in you.”

VOL. 17 – April 9, 1925

After He said this, I found myself inside myself – comforted and strengthened, yes, but highly embittered, thinking who knows when He would come back, and that I had told Him not even a word about my hard state. So I started to fuse myself in His Most Holy Will, and my adorable Jesus came out from within my interior, forming a cloud of light around me. Jesus leaned His arms on this cloud, and looked at the whole world, at all creatures. Oh, how many offenses, from all classes of people, came before His most pure gaze, and wounded my sweet Jesus! How many plots! How many deceptions and pretenses! How many machinations of revolutions, ready for unexpected incidents! And all this drew the chastisements of God, and entire cities were destroyed. My sweet Jesus, leaning on that cloud of light, shook His head and remained embittered, down to the intimate place of His Heart; and turning to me, told me: “My daughter, look at the state of the world! It is so grave that I can look at it only through this cloud. If I wanted to look at it outside of this cloud, I would destroy a great part of it. But do you know what this cloud of Light is? It is my Will operating in you, and your acts done in It. The more acts you do in It, the larger this cloud of Light becomes, serving as my support, and to let Me look with that Love with which my Will created man. It forms an enchantment to my loving eyes, and making present to Me all that I did for love of him, makes a merciful Will arise within my Heart; and I end up feeling compassion for the one whom I love so much.

To you, then, this cloud of Light serves in a marvelous way: It serves as light for all of your being; It places itself around you, and It renders the earth alien to you. It allows no taste, even innocent, for people or other things, to enter into you; and forming a sweet enchantment also to your eyes, It allows you to look at things according to the truth, and in the same way as your Jesus looks at them. If It sees you weak, this cloud besieges you and gives you Its fortitude; if It sees you inactive, It enters into you and becomes operative; even more, it is jealous to the highest degree with its light, acting like a sentry, so that you may do nothing without It, and It may do nothing without you. Therefore, my daughter, why do you afflict yourself so much? Let my Will work in you, and let It concede not one act of life to your will which is not in Me, if you want my great designs to be fulfilled within you.”


VOL. 18 – November 12, 1925

The same with you, my daughter.  Since I have called you as the head of a special mission, more than a new Adam – and here it is not about human sciences, but about the science of sciences, which is my Will, science all of Heaven – I want you to enclose within yourself all the seeds which my Will contains.  And the more acts you do in It, and the more knowledges you acquire, the more rays of light you will place on the Sun of my Will, so that, with greater fullness of light, It will be able to diffuse more for the good of the generations; in such a way that, stirred by the fullness of light, they will be able to know with greater clarity the good which my Will contains, what it means to live in It, and the great good with which they are enriched.

It will happen as with the sun which, because it possesses such great fullness of light, can easily take the whole earth as though in its power, warm it, illuminate it and fecundate it, in such a way that all may know, some more, some less, the good it does by bringing its light to all.  But if the sun, in the height of its sphere, were poor in light, the light which descends down below could not fully illuminate all the earth.  At the most, some small portion of the earth which rotates closer to the sun.  And if to the sun, which was to illuminate the earth naturally, I gave such fullness of light for the good of all generations, much more do I want to fill with fullness of light the Sun of my Will, which must illuminate souls, warm them, and cast into them the fecundity of the seed of Divine Sanctity.  Just as I chose Adam as the head, just as I chose a point in the heavens in which to fix the center of the sun which was to illuminate the earth, so did I choose you as the center of the Sun of my Will; and the fullness of light must be so great, that all may be able to enjoy it and be invested by this light, and each one may make it his own.  This is why your complete acts in my Will are needed, as well as the knowledge which I keep manifesting to you, in order to form the fullness of this light.

VOL. 20 – November 3, 1926

As many acts as we do in the Will of God, so many paths do we prepare in order to receive suffrages in Purgatory.

I continue to live all abandoned in the adorable Will; and while I was praying, I thought to myself:  ‘How I would like to descend into the prisons of the purging souls and release them all, and in the light of the Eternal Will, bring them all to the Celestial Fatherland.’  At that moment, my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me:  “My daughter, the more the souls who have passed to the other life have been submitted to my Will, and the more acts they have done in It, the more paths they have formed in order to receive suffrages from earth.  Therefore, the more they have done my Will, the more ways of communication they have formed for the goods which are in the Church and which belong to Me; and there is no path formed by them which does not bring, to some a relief, to some a prayer, to some a diminution of pains.  The suffrages walk along these royal paths of my Will, to bring to each one the merit, the fruit and the capital that one has formed in my Will.  So, without It, there are no paths nor means in order to receive suffrages.  Even though the suffrages and everything that the Church does always descend into Purgatory, they go, however, to those who have formed the paths.  For the others, who have not done my Will, the paths are closed or do not exist at all.  If these were saved, it is because at least at the point of death they have recognized the Supreme dominion of my Will, they have adored It, and have submitted themselves to It.  This last act has rescued them; otherwise they could not even be saved.  For one who has always done my Will, there are no paths for Purgatory – his path goes straight to Heaven.  And one who has recognized my Will and has submitted himself to It, not in everything and always, but in great part, has formed so many paths and receives so much, that Purgatory sends him quickly to Heaven.

VOL. 20 – December 15, 1926

Then, after this, my poor mind was swimming in the immense sea of the eternal Fiat, and my lovable Jesus added:  “My daughter, among the many qualities and properties which my Will contains, It contains an act of beatitude which is never interrupted; and as many acts as the soul does in It, so many distinct acts of beatitude does she take into herself.  Therefore, the more acts she does in this Fiat, the more she becomes the owner and forms a greater capital of these beatitudes within herself, which give her highest peace on earth, and in Heaven she will feel all the effects and the enjoyments of these beatitudes, which have formed within her.  See, it is as though natural:  while you are on earth, my Will in Heaven releases from Itself an act ever new of infinite beatitude.

Now, who takes this new act which never ceases?  The Saints, the Angels, who live of Divine Will in Heaven.  However, it is not fair that one who is in the exile and lives in my Will lose all of these acts of beatitudes; rather, with justice they are placed as though in stock within her soul, so that, when she will depart for her Celestial Fatherland, she may enjoy them all together, to catch up with the others in receiving that new act of beatitude which is never interrupted.  Do you see, then, what it means to do one more act, or one act less, in my Will?  It is to have as many more acts of beatitude, for as many more times as one has done my Will; and to lose them, for as many times as she has done her own.  And she takes not only many acts of beatitude, but many acts of sanctity, of divine science, many different acts of beauty, of love, for as many times as she has done my Will.  And if she has been always in my eternal Fiat, she will have within herself the sanctity which resembles her Creator.  Oh! how beautiful she will be.  In Heaven, the echo of Our beatitudes, the echo of Our Sanctity, the echo of Our Love, will be heard in this fortunate creature.  In sum, she has been Our echo on earth, and she will be Our echo in the Celestial Fatherland.”

VOL. 21 – March 26, 1927

Now, while I was saying this and other things, my beloved Jesus moved in my interior and told me:  “My daughter, as many acts as the soul does in My Will, so many times does she rise again in the Divine Life; and the more acts she does in It, the more the Divine Life grows, and the more complete becomes the glory of the Resurrection.  Therefore, the foundation, the substance, the light, the beauty, the glory, are formed by the acts done in My Will.  The more contact the soul has had with My Will, the more It can give, embellish and expand.

“Even more, one who has always lived in My Volition, since My Will has had Its dominion over all the acts of the creature, will possess the act ever new of My Fiat.  So, not only will she receive the new and continuous act of the beatitudes from God, but by virtue of My Will that she has possessed on earth, she will possess the new act of the beatitudes within herself, such that, as she releases it from herself, it will invest the whole Celestial Fatherland.  And so, there will be such harmony between the new act of God and the new act of one who has possessed My Will, as to form the most beautiful enchantment for that Celestial Dwelling.  The prodigies of My Will are eternal and ever new.”

VOL. 23 – December 30, 1927

What great difference between the divine and the human character.  The human does many acts, many works, but the creature remains always encircled within her acts; it seems that they have no light to extend and diffuse to all; they have no feet to walk – wherever they are done, there do they remain.  So, as much as a creature might do, her acts are numbered, restricted, and therefore the character of the human operating is so dissimilar from the operating of the divine unity and from one who operates in it, that it is easily erased and remains without seed of fecundity.  This is why I want the soul to live in the unity of my Will – to make her acquire the divine characters, which are indelible and eternal, and, like light, they diffuse, they expand, they multiply, they give themselves to all; even more, they have supremacy over the acts of all.  If you knew how much pleasure the Divinity takes in seeing your littleness rise in the unity of the one divine act that never ceases, to unite your acts within Our single act – you, to give Us your own, and We, to give you Our own and to impress in you the character of Our single act….  You put Us in feast, and We feel the happiness, the joy of having created the Creation.  So, in order to be more attentive, you must be convinced that your living in Our Will is the feast that the creature can bring to her Creator; and the more acts you do in It, the more times you renew Our joys and Our happinesses on your part; and bringing Us the whole Creation on your lap, you give Us the glory and the requital of love for Its having being created by Us.”

VOL. 25 – October 17, 1928

My poor mind wandered in the Divine Volition; I felt all the truths spoken to me by my Highest Good, Jesus, like many suns that invested my little human will, such that, enraptured by so much variety of light, it no longer felt like acting.  And my Highest Good, Jesus, moving in my interior, told me:  “My daughter, each truth I have manifested on my Divine Will is not only a Divine Life that I have issued from Myself, but it possesses a sweet enchantment, to enchant the human will which, enchanted by Mine, will feel itself under the enchantment of an inactivity and will give free field of action to my Divine Will.  So, each truth on my Divine Will will be a fierce army against the human will.  But do you know what it will be fierce with?  With light, with strength, with love, with beauty, with sanctity, to wage war on the human will by means of all these weapons.  The human will, before all these weapons, will undergo a sweet enchantment and will let itself be conquered by the Divine Fiat.  Therefore, each additional knowledge on It is a greater enchantment that the human will will undergo.  It can be said that all the truths I have told you about my Divine Will are as many paths in order for It to make Its way into the human will, which will first prepare, and then form my Kingdom in the midst of creatures.  Now, just as each truth possesses an enchantment, so each act done by the creature in my Will is an encounter that she has with my Volition, to receive all the strength of this divine enchantment.  So, the more acts of my Will she does, the more human ground she loses, acquiring the divine.  And if she plunges all of herself into It, the only thing left to her will be to remember that she has a will, but that she keeps it at rest and enchanted by the Divine Will.”

VOL. 26 – June 4, 1929

My abandonment in the Fiat continues.  I feel within me such a need to live in It, that It has become more necessary to me than my own nature.  Even more, I feel my nature changed into Will of God; I feel it dissolved within It, and in all things, instead of finding myself, I find that Fiat which says to me:  “I am your life; run – run always within Me, in the sea of my Light, to live of my acts, of my Sanctity, of my happiness and of all the goods I possess.”  But while I was crossing the sea of the Divine Fiat, my sweet Jesus moved in my interior and told me:  “My daughter, as the soul keeps operating in my Divine Volition, so does It expand more within the creature, in such a way that for each additional act done in It, as much more growth does It form within her; and so, the Divine Life can be seen growing in the creature in an admirable way.

But this is not all; as the Divine Life grows in the creature, the more acts she does in my Divine Fiat, the more the creature grows within the womb of her Celestial Father.  The Supreme Being opens His womb and encloses in it this happy creature, to raise her in a divine manner, to clothe her with royal garments, to feed her the food with Their[1] own hands, to embellish her with rare beauty.  All of Heaven remains amazed, enraptured, in seeing that their Creator raises a creature within His womb; and they say among themselves:  ‘He must be doing something great with her, for He loves her so much, and keeps her in such great custody as to raise her within His paternal womb.’  And all await the full growth of this creature, to see what will become of her.  Therefore, the prodigy of living of my Will is unique; It communicates such power to one who lives in It, that she enters everywhere, and God Himself loves and wants to raise her within His divine womb.

VOL. 26 – September 15, 1929

After this, I continued to cross the endless sea of the Divine Fiat, and as I emitted my little acts in the Eternal Volition, many germs formed in my soul; and the seed of these germs was of light of Divine Will – varied with many colors, but all animated with light.  And my sweet Jesus, making Himself seen, was breathing on those germs, one by one; and as He breathed on them, those germs would grow so much as to touch the divine immensity.  I remained surprised in seeing the goodness of my Highest Good, Jesus, taking those germs in His most holy hands, with so much love, in order to breathe on them, and then placing them all in order in my soul.  And looking at me with love, He told me:  “My daughter, wherever there is the creative force of my Divine Will, my divine breath has the power to render the acts of the creature immense.  In fact, as the creature operates in my Fiat, the creative force enters her act, placing in it the fount of the divine immensity; and the little act of the creature converts, one into fount of light, another into fount of love, others into founts of goodness, of beauty, of sanctity.  In sum, the more acts she does, the more divine founts she acquires; and they grow so much, as to spread within the immensity of her Creator.  It happens as to the yeast, which has the virtue of fermenting the flour, as long as, in forming the bread, one puts in it the little yeast as the germ of fermentation.  But if one does not put the yeast, even though the flour is the same, the bread will never come out leavened, but unleavened.  Such is my Divine Will – more than yeast that casts the divine fermentation into the human act; and the human act becomes divine act.  And when I find the germ of my Divine Will in the act of the creature, I delight in breathing on her act, and I raise it so much as to render it immense; more so, since We can call that act ‘Our act’ – ‘Our Will operating in the creature’.”

VOL. 27 – October 18, 1929

Now, you must know that only in the soul in whom my Divine Will reigns, since It reigns in all Creation, what the soul does unites itself to the single act that my Will does in the Creation, to receive the deposit of all the good that was done in It.  In fact, this great machine of the universe was done in order to give It to the creature – but to that creature who would let Our Divine Volition reign.  It is right that We do not go out of Our established purpose, and that the creature recognize and receive Our gift.  But how to receive it if she is not in Our house – that is, in Our Divine Will?  She would lack the capacity to receive it and the space in which to contain it.  Therefore, only one who possesses my Divine Will can receive it.  My Will delights with Its single act; as if It were in the act of creating for love of her, It makes her feel Its continuous act of creating the heavens, the sun and everything, and says to her:  ‘See how much I love you – only for you I continue to create all things; and to receive the requital from you, I make use of your acts as material in order to extend the heavens, as material of light in order to form the sun; and so with all the rest.  The more acts you do in my Fiat, the more material you administer to Me with which to form more beautiful things in you.’  Therefore, let your flight in my Will never stop, and I will take the occasion to always operate in you.”

VOL. 27 – November 10, 1929

Now, you must know that as many times as the soul operates in my Divine Will, she empties herself of her own and forms as many doors to let Mine enter.  It happens as to a house which could possess a sun inside:  the more doors it has, the more rays come out through each door.  Or to a piece metal which had holes, and were placed in front of the sun:  the more holes it has, the more each little hole is filled with light and possesses the ray of light.  Such is the soul; the more acts she does in my Divine Will, the more entrances she gives It, in such a way as to become all irradiated by the light of my Divine Fiat.”


VOL. 28 – April 1, 1930

Then, I continued my round in the acts of the Divine Will, and I thought to myself:  ‘But what is the use for the so many times I go round and round in the Supreme Fiat to follow Its acts?’  And my sweet Jesus added:  “My daughter, all lives have need of nourishment; without nourishment, a person neither forms nor grows.  And if nourishment is lacking, there is the danger that life may be taken away from him.  Now, following my Will, uniting oneself to Its acts, going around in It over and over again, serves to form the nourishment with which to nourish, form and make Its Life grow in your soul.  Its Life can nourish Itself with no other acts but those which are done in Its Will; nor can It form in the creature, or grow, if she does not enter into It; and by the union of her acts, It forms in her Its birth of light, to form Its Life of Divine Will in the creature.  And the more acts of Divine Will she forms, and the more she unites herself with Its acts and lives in It, the more abundant food she forms to nourish It and make It grow more quickly within her soul.  Therefore, your going around in It is life that it forms – it is nourishment that serves the development of the Life of my Divine Will in your soul; and it serves to prepare the food to nourish my Will in the other creatures.  Therefore, be attentive, and do not want to stop.”


VOL. 28 – October 18, 1930

“My daughter, each act done in my Divine Will forms a divine resurrection in the soul.  Life is formed, not of one act, but of many acts united together; so, the more acts are done, so many times does she rise again in my Will, in such a way as to be able to form a complete Life, all of Divine Will.  Just as the human life is formed of many distinct members in order to be able to form its life, and if there were only one member, it could not be called life, and if some members were missing, it would be called defective life; in the same way, the repeated acts done in my Will serve as if different members of Divine Will were formed in the creature; and while they serve to reunite together these acts in order to form the Life, they serve to nourish the same Life.  And since my Divine Will has no end, the more acts are done in It, the more Its Divine Life grows in the creature.  And while this Life rises again and grows, the human will receives death from these very acts done in my Divine Volition; it finds no nourishments with which to nourish itself, and feels itself dying at each act done in my Divine Will.  But – what sorrow! – as many times as the creature does her will in her acts, so many times does she make Mine die in her act.  Oh! how horrifying it is that a finite will casts out of its act an infinite Will that wants to give it life of light, of beauty, of sanctity.”


VOL. 29 – April 4, 1931 

“Moreover, you must know that My Divine Will is Heaven, your humanity is earth.  Now, as you keep doing your acts in It, you take Heaven; and the more acts you do, the more room you take in this Heaven of My Fiat; and while you take Heaven, My Will takes your earth, and Heaven and earth are fused together and remain dissolved, one within the other.”


VOL. 30 – November 16, 1931

Visiting my little soul, He told me:  “My little daughter of My Will, indeed everything that passes between the Creator and the creature, the acts that she does, and what she receives from God, serve to maintain the correspondence, for them to know each other more so as to love each other more, and to keep up the game between each other—to obtain the intent of what God wants from the creature, and of what she wants from God.  So, each act is a game that is prepared to obtain the most beautiful Victories and make a prey of each other.

“The act serves as material in order to play, and as pledge in order to have something to give to the winner.  God, by giving, puts in His Pledge; the creature, by doing her act, puts in her own—and they set up the game.  And Our Goodness is so great, that We make Ourselves weak so as to let the creature win; other times We make Ourselves Strong, and We win; and this We do in order to keep her on her toes, so that, by doing more acts, she may put in more pledges, and so she may be able to win, to make up for the defeat.  After all, how could the Union be maintained, if We were to give nothing, and the creature were to give Us nothing?

“See then, each act is a committing of Ourselves to give greater Graces, and a Correspondence that you open between Heaven and earth, and a Game in which you call your Creator to be with you.  More so, since each Act done by the Divine Will in the act of the creature is a Divine Seed that Germinates in her; the act prepares the soil in which My Will sows Its Seed, to make it Germinate into a Divine Plant.  In fact, according to the seed that is sown into the womb of the earth, that is the plant that is born:  if the seed is of flowers, the flower is born; if the seed is of fruit, the fruit is born.

“Now, My Divine Will sows a distinct Seed in each act of creature:  in some It sows the Seed of Sanctity, in some the Seed of Love, in others the Seed of Goodness, and so forth.  The more acts she does in It, the more soil she prepares in which My Will prepares Its Distinct Seed, to fill the earth with these human acts.  So, one who lets herself be dominated by My Divine Will is Beautiful, is Striking; each of her acts, containing the variety of the Divine Seeds, is a note of her Creator:  one act says Sanctity, another Mercy, others Justice, Wisdom, Beauty, Love.  In sum, a Divine Harmony appears, with such order, that it shows the Finger of God Operating in her.

“Do you see, then, the necessity of the act of the creature in order for Us to be able to find the soil in which to enclose Our Divine Seed?  Otherwise, where to sow it?  As for Us, We have no soil; therefore she must form it for Us with her acts, so that, with Our Seeds, We may Germinate Our Divine Being in the creature.  Therefore, one who does and Lives in Our Divine Will can be called she who Reproduces her Creator and Hosts within herself He who Created her.”

VOL. 31 – January 22, 1933

“Now, the acts that one does in Our Will are New Properties that she acquires, besides those that her Creator has given her, and We, in the Emphasis of Love, tell her:  ‘However many more acts you will do in Our Volition, so many more Divine Fields We will give you for where to place your acts.  So, you will work in Our Celestial Field, and We will give you however many more fields you want, enough that you would not keep them empty, but be attentive to putting them in traffic. Even more, We will have the great contentment of seeing your properties more extensive.’  We act as a father when he gives his dowries to his son.  This son works, sacrifices himself a lot, in a way that he increases his dowry, extends his properties more, and the father enjoys, more than if they were his, the properties and the fortune of the son.

“So do We do, rather, even more.  When We see her all attentive, ready for any sacrifice, We do not leave her alone, but work together.  We lend her everything that she needs:  Will, Sanctity, Our Acts, everything, in order to have the Contentment of seeing Our daughter possessor of many properties.

VOL. 34 – March 14, 1937

The Divine Volition never leaves me.  It seems to me that in order to greatly Confirm me and make me long to Live in It—and not only me, but all those who will want to Live in It—It wants to tell New Things and what one additional act that one can do in Its Most Holy Will means.

And my sweet Jesus, who acts as Spokesman for a Volition so Holy, visiting my little soul, told me:  “My blessed daughter, I need to still tell you what Good one additional act that the creature does in My Volition encloses.  My Will is Life, and It does not know how to Operate, nor do anything, except Generate Life—nor can It do less than this.  Now, in every additional act that she does in It, the Generative Act that It possesses becomes enclosed.  The creature, by doing her act, lends It the veil for where to form and hide this Divine Birth.  As the act is completed, so My Will goes around through the entire world in order to find the more disposed souls, and It deposits Its Generated Birth and forms there a child of Its of the Kingdom of Its Fiat.  See, therefore, what one additional act means:  to form one more child in My Kingdom.  In fact, however many more acts are done in It, so much more will the Kingdom of My Volition be populated. 

VOL. 35 – October 31, 1937

“These Acts are Divine; they are able to form the passport for other creatures, to let them enter the Kingdom of Our Will.  They will give a Child to Our Kingdom, so that the more Acts will be performed in Our Volition, the more populated Our Kingdom will be, and all the Good will overflow to those who have been the first to give life to My Will in their acts.  You must know that the first passports were formed by Me, and by My Celestial Mother, for the first Children of My Will.  These passports carry My Signature, written with My Blood and with the sufferings of the Most Holy Virgin.  All other passports still need My Signature; otherwise they would not be recognized.

VOL. 36 – October 26, 1938

Then He added: “My daughter, you don’t know yet all the Good the creature receives by Living in My Will, and the Great Glory she gives to her Creator.  Every act she does in It is a leaning of God on the creature, leaning His Power of Love and of Sanctity.  The more acts she repeats the more We trust her and the more We can lean on what is Ours, since Our Will is there, giving capacity and Strength to the creature to receive what We want to give.  But if We don’t find Our Will and her acts repeated in It, We don’t know where to lean; she doesn’t have Strength, capacity, or the space in which to receive Our Gifts and Graces, so that I can trust her.  Poor creature, without Our Will.  She, the True Citadel, without doors and without sentries to defend it—exposed to all the dangers. If We want to give, it would be like exposing Our Gifts and Our very Life to uselessness and to the danger of receiving offenses and ingratitude, so that they make Us turn Gifts and Graces into chastisements.

VOL. 36 – November 20, 1938

You must know that the more acts the creature does in Our Will, the more she enters into God; the more We extend that little field within Our Divine Womb, the more Beautiful the Works We can do, and the more We can give of Ourselves.