How to Let the Divine Will Dominate You

From the Writings of Luisa Piccarreta

“The Little Daughter of the Divine Will”


Jesus states below in volume 11 that if you read the 4PM burial hour of the Passion every day that He will consider you as a mother.


VOL. 11 – October 1914

I add that one day I was doing the Hour in which the celestial Mama gave burial to Jesus, and I followed her closely to keep her company in her bitter desolation in order to offer her my compassion. I didn’t usually do this Hour – only sometimes; so I was debating on whether I had to do it or not. Blessed Jesus, all love, and as if He was begging me, told me: “My daughter, I don’t want you to neglect it. You will do it for love of Me, and in honor of my Mama. Know that each time you do it, my Mama feels as if she were personally repeating her life upon earth, and therefore repeating that glory and love which she gave Me on earth. I too feel as if my Mama were on earth again – her Maternal tenderness, her Love and all the glory that she gave Me. So, I will consider you as a Mother.”

Then, He hugged me and I heard Him saying to me, very quietly: “My Mama, Mama”; and He whispered to me all that sweet Mama did and suffered in this Hour; and I followed her. Since then, I never skipped it again, helped by His Grace.


So by praying the Burial Hour of the Passion every day you let the Divine Will dominate you as Jesus states below.


VOL. 29 – July 2, 1931

Oh! how many things It knows how to do in one who lets herself be dominated by It.  It knows how to make the Divine Order descend into the human, and It converts the Divine Order into one’s nature, and It makes of her such portents as to astonish Heaven and earth.  Therefore, let yourself be dominated by My Will, and I will make My sweet Word resound in you:  ‘My dear mama whom My Fiat keeps for Me on earth.’”


And in order for the Divine Will to form It’s Kingdom in your soul, you have to let the Divine Will dominate you as it states below in Luisa’s Round.


Luisa’s 24 Hour Round: Round #7 on the Immaculate Conception

While You entrust everything to Her, She generously gives You the gift of her own will and swears to You that She doesn’t care to recognize it.  Plunging into your Fiat, She chooses It for her own FiatShe gives It dominion over Her and in this way forms in her soul the first Kingdom of the Divine Will.