Volume 29 – May 16, 1931

“The Acts done by the creature (Luisa) in My Divine Will I could call ‘New creation’ that I (God) make in the creature (Luisa).  As she (Luisa) keeps doing her Act in It (the Divine Will), My Fiat asserts Itself with Its Creative Strength, and Forms in it Its Act, and, by Right, It Confirms it.

 “It happens as it happened in Creation; since the Creative Strength of My Divine Will ran in creating many things, they remained Immutable, without ever changing.  Have the heavens, the stars, the sun, perhaps changed?  Not at all—as they were created, so they are, because wherever My Divine Will places Its Creative Strength, there remains the Perennial Life of Its Own Act; and as It Confirms, it can Never Change.  See, then, what it means to Do and Live in My Divine Will:  to be under the Empire of a Creative and Confirming Strength, that places all the Acts of the creature in Safety, rendering them Immutable.  So, by Living in My Divine Will she (Luisa) will remain Confirmed in the Good that she (Luisa) does, in the Sanctity that she (Luisa) Wants, in the Knowledge that she (Luisa) Possesses, in the Triumph of the Sacrifice.


Volume 30 – December 6, 1931

 “(Luisa) Beloved daughter of My Divine Will, to Live in The Divine Will means to Recognize Its Paternity; and as she (Luisa) feels herself a daughter, she (Luisa) wants to be close, clasped, on the knees of her Father, and Live in His House—and by Right, because she (Luisa) Recognizes herself as a Birth from He (God) who, with so much Love, Generated her and delivered her to the Light; and she (Luisa) looks at all other things as extraneous, and without the Sweet Bond, either of Paternity or of Relationship.  So, she (Luisa) sees with Clarity that, by going out of the House of her Father, she would be a lost daughter, who would have not even a nest in which to form her abode.

 “And this is why (Luisa) the one who Does and Lives in My Divine Volition tears the Veils of Our Powerand finds that her Creator Powerfully Loves her, and draws her, creature (Luisa), with His Power to make Himself Powerfully Loved.  Tearing the Veil, she (Luisa) finds the Sacrarium of the Divine Power, and she (Luisa) fears no more, because if He (God) is Powerful, He (God) is Powerful to Love her and to make Himself Loved; and Loving with Powerful Love, she (Luisa) becomes daring and tears the Veil of the Divine Wisdom, of Goodness, of Mercy, of Love and of Justice, and finds as though many Divine Sacraria that Love her Wisely, and with a Goodness Most Tender and Excessive, United to Mercy Unheard-Of, They (Attributes of the Triune God) Love her; she (Luisa) finds the overflowing Love that Loves her Immensely; and since the Divine Being is Order, He (God) Loves her with Justice.  And the creature (Luisa), moving from one Sacrarium to another, not outside, but Inside of these Veils, feels the Reflections of her Creator and she (Luisa) Loves Him (God) Wisely, with Goodness and Tenderness, United to Mercy that, since her God has no need of it, she (Luisa) turns for the Good of all (human) generations (past, present and future); and feeling the Love that overflows within her bosom—O! how she (Luisa) would want to melt herself in Love in order to Love Him; but Justice, Preserving her, gives her the Just Love, as much of it as it is possible for the creature (Luisa), and It (the Divine Will) Confirms her (Luisa) in Life.