How To Beg Luisa To Maintain a Continuous Flight Within You

From the Writings of Luisa Piccarreta

“The Little Daughter of the Divine Will”

In the below passage from Volume 12 Jesus shows how Luisa did not know how to pray,love,repair or suffer. She needed to continuously pray to Jesus to beg Him to love, pray, repair and suffer within her.


VOL. 12 – June 14, 1917

The more the soul strips herself of herself, the more Jesus clothes her with Himself.

Continuing in my usual state, I was praying my lovable Jesus to come in me, to love, pray and repair, because I knew how to do nothing. And sweet Jesus, moved to compassion for my nothingness, came and spent some time with me, praying, loving and repairing together with me. Then He said to me: “My daughter, the more the soul strips herself of herself, the more I clothe her with Myself. The more she believes she can do nothing, the more I act in her, and I do everything. I feel all my Love, my prayers, my reparations, etc. being placed in action by the creature; and to give honor to Myself, I listen to what she wants to do. Does she want to love? I go to her and love together with her. Does she want to pray? I pray together with her. In sum, her stripping and her love, which is Mine, bind Me and force Me to do with her whatever she wants to do. And I give to the soul the merit of my own Love, of my prayers and reparations. To my highest contentment, I feel my Life being repeated; and I make the effects of my work descend for the good of all, because it is not of the creature, who is hidden in Me – but it is Mine.”

So if Luisa does not know how to pray, love, repair or suffer we as Luisa’s children definitely do not know how to pray, love, repair or suffer. So we need to continuously beg Luisa to Love, pray, repair and suffer within us.

There is a prayer in volume 11 that we can pray continuously throughout the day to admit to God that by ourself it is impossible to live in the Divine Will; However if we use this prayer to beg Luisa to love,pray, repair, suffer and live in the Divine Will for us then it is possible to live in the Divine Will with Luisa living in the Divine Will for us.

The prayer from Volume 11 that we can pray to Luisa throughout the day is:”Luisa, I want to do this thing but I am unable to do it, come and do it with me and I’ll do everything well”

Below is the passage that this prayer comes from:


VOL. 11 – August 20, 1912

Jesus is close to us, ready to do well, together with us, all that we are about to do, as soon as we ask Him.

Continuing, my always adorable Jesus, as He came, told me: “My daughter, how sorry I feel in seeing the soul huddled within herself, and operating by herself. While I am close to her and look at her, seeing that many times she is unable to do well what she does, I wait for her to call Me and say: ‘I want to do this thing, but I am unable do it. Come and do it with me, and I’ll do everything well. For example: I want to love; come to love together with me. I want to pray; come and pray together with me. I want to make this sacrifice; come and give me your strength, for I feel weak…’, and so forth with everything else. Gladly and with greatest delight, I would offer Myself for everything.

I am like the teacher who assigned an essay to his pupil, remaining close to him to see what his pupil does. Unable to do well, the pupil gets worried, worked up, upset, and he may even cry, but he doesn’t say: ‘Master, teach me how I should do this.’ What is not the mortification of the teacher, in feeling treated like a nothing by his student? Such is my condition.”

Then He added: “It is said: man proposes, God disposes. As soon as the soul proposes to do some good – to be holy – I immediately dispose the things that are needed around her: light, graces, knowledge of Me, detachments. And if I do not achieve the purpose with these, then by means of mortifications I do not deny anything to that soul, in order to grant her what she had proposed. But, oh, how many forcefully escape from this crafting that my Love has woven around them! Few are those who do not give up and let Me accomplish my work.”

Therefore, if we pray this prayer to Luisa throughout the day we will maintain a continuous flight in the Divine Will by virtue of Luisa doing it herself within us.

We will also give God the greatest honor because by depending on Luisa for everything we will give God the greatest honor as Jesus states in the below passage from Volume 7:


VOL. 7 – February 28, 1906

The greatest honor that the creature can give to God is to depend on His Divine Will in everything. The way in which Grace communicates Itself.

This morning blessed Jesus made Himself seen for just a little, and told me: “My daughter, the greatest honor that the creature can give to God is to depend on His Divine Will in everything; and the Creator, in seeing that the creature fulfills her duty of creature toward the Creator, communicates His Grace to her.” And while He was saying this, a light came out of blessed Jesus, which made me comprehend the way in which He communicates Grace.

I understood it in this way. For example, the soul feels within herself the annihilation of herself; she sees her nothingness, her misery, her inability to do a shadow of good. Now, while she feels this way, God communicates His Grace, and the Grace of truth, in such a way that the soul can see the truth in everything without deceit, without darkness. And here is how, what God is by nature – eternal Truth which cannot deceive nor be deceived – the soul becomes by Grace. That is to say, the soul feels detachment from the things of the earth, she sees their fleetingness, their instability, how everything is false, everything is rot, which deserves to be abhorred rather than loved. While the soul feels this state, God communicates His Grace, and the Grace of true love and of eternal love; He communicates His beauty, in such a way as to make the loving soul go mad, and the soul remains filled with the love and the beauty of God. And here is how, what God is by nature – love and eternal beauty – the soul becomes by Grace; and so with all the other divine virtues, such that if I wanted to say everything, I would be too long. I only add that Grace anticipates the soul, It excites her, but only when the soul masticates those truths, and swallows them like food into her bosom, then It communicates Itself and enters to take possession of her. This is why not everyone receives the effects described above – because they let them escape from their minds like lightnings, and do not make a place for them.