Volume 20; January 9, 1927 

Then He (Jesus) added:  “My daughter (Luisa), you cannot comprehend what I (Jesus) feel for you (Luisa) — the Joys, the Happiness I feel because I (Jesus) find in you (Luisa) the First Fruits of the Kingdom of My Divine Will.  I find the Delights of the early Fruits, the First Fruits of the Music that only the creature who Lives in It can Produce, because she takes all of Our Notes that are in Our Divine Will, makes them her own, and forms her Beautiful Music in My Kingdom.  And I—oh! how I (God) delight in listening to her (Luisa).  I (God) find the First Fruits of Order, the First Fruits of True Love, that My Divine Will has conceded to her(Luisa); I (God) find the First Fruits of Beauty, that Enraptures Me so much that I (God) cannot detach My Gaze.  So, I (Jesus) find all of your (Luisa’s) acts as First Acts, that no one before you (Luisa) has given to Me. 

“The first fruits are always the things that are liked the most, that attract, and that are enjoyed the most.  And if other similar things come after the first fruits, it is by virtue of the Prime Act that other similar acts could be Formed; so, all the Glory is of the Prime Act.  Therefore, you (Luisa) will always have the First Fruits in the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat; there will be nothing done in It that will not start from your (Luisa’s) Prime Act. 

“So, all will be turned toward you (Luisa)—to you the beginning of the Glory.  Therefore, I (Jesus) want everything to begin from you (Luisa), in order to Form My Supreme Kingdom.”

Volume 21; March 16, 1927 

(Jesus says:) Now, so that these re-tyings that My Holy Humanity formed between the Kingdom of My Divine Will and creatures might have Validity, Life and Recognition, it was necessary that I (God) choose one creature who, being entrusted with the Special Office of making Known this Kingdom of My Divine Will, would bind to herself all these re-tyings that My Divine Will had formed with My Holy Humanity, receiving the Power to transmit these re-tyings of My Kingdom to the other creatures.  This is why I (Jesus) remain in the depth of your (Luisa’s) soul, maintaining the Life of My Supreme Fiat—to bind these re-tyings and to lay Its Kingdom in them; and I (Jesus) speak to you (Luisa) so much about It, as I (Jesus) have not done with anyone else until now.  Therefore, be attentive, because this is about the Greatest Thing:  to restore the order of Creation between the Creator and the creature. 

  “This is why I (Jesus) have chosen you (Luisa), My daughter—and from their same stock:  not only to manifest to you the Knowledges, the Goods, the Prodigies of this Fiat, but so that, by Living in It, with your Universal Acts, you might incline My Divine Will to come to Reign again in the midst of creatures, as in the beginning of Creation.  Therefore, to you (Luisa) it is given to Unite everyone, to Embrace everyone—so that, finding everyone and everything in you (Luisa), just as everything is found in My Divine Will, you (Luisa) may place Harmony among them, they may exchange the Kiss of Peace, and My Kingdom will be Restored in the midst of creatures.  Here, then, the necessity of the Knowledges, of the Wonders of My Divine Fiat:  to dispose the creatures, to attract them to desire, to want—to Long for this Kingdom and the Goods that are in It; as well as the necessity that I (God) first choose one creature (Luisa), who, by Living in My Divine Will, with her Universal Acts that My Divine Will Itself administers to her, which are Divine Acts, may Impetrate the Kingdom of My Fiat for creatures.