Volume 20; September 28, 1926

And Jesus added:  “Good, My daughter (Luisa).  It is My Glory, the Triumph of My Divine Will, that requires all this; but It wants—It demands that Its First Triumph be over you (Luisa).  Aren’t you (Luisa) happy to become the Victory, the Triumph of this Supreme Will?

Volume 20; October 2, 1926

“If you see Me (Jesus) taciturn, it is not because of you (Luisa), because between Me and you there is no need of words in order to understand each other—to see each other is to understand each other.  I (Jesus) pour all of Myself in you (Luisa), and you (Luisa) in Me (Jesus); and in pouring Myself, I (Jesus) pour New Graces in you (Luisa), and you (Luisa) take them, because what is necessary for you (Luisa), who must be the Primary Cause in order to form the Kingdom of the Eternal Fiat, will not be necessary for those who only have to Live in It.  With you (Luisa), it is not only about Living in It, but about Forming It, therefore your Jesus must abound very much with you (Luisa), to give you (Luisa) the raw materials for the Formation of a Kingdom so holy. 

Volume 20; October 12, 1926 

“But all this is not all.  Do you know what First daughter (Luisa) delivered by My Divine Will means?  It means not only to be First in the Love and in all the things of her Creator, but to enclose within herself all the Love and all the Goods of the other children.  So, if the others will Possess each one his own part, she (Luisa), as the Firstborn, will Possess, All together, the Goods of the others.  And this, by Right and with Justice, because, as Firstborn, to her did My Divine Will entrust everything—gave everything, therefore in her (Luisa) is the Origin of all things, the Cause for which Creation was created, the Purpose for which the Divine Action and Love entered the field.  She (Luisa) who was to be the Firstborn daughter of Our Divine Will was the Primary Cause of All the Works of a God; therefore, as a consequence, from her (Luisa) derive All Goods—from her (Luisa) do they come, to her (Luisa) do they return.  See, then, how fortunate you are (Luisa); you cannot fully comprehend what it means to have primacy in Love and in all the things of your Creator.”

…“Now, don’t you know that the Primacy that Adam lost as firstborn son of My Divine Will has passed on to you (Luisa), and that in you (Luisa) I (Jesus) must enclose all the Goods that I was to enclose in him (Adam), had he (Adam) not withdrawn from My Divine Will?  Therefore, I (Jesus) look at you (Luisa) as the First Creature come out of Our Hands, because the one (Luisa) who Lives in My Divine Will is always the First before her Creator; and even if she (Luisa) is born later in time, this says nothing:  in Our Divine Will, the one (Luisa) who has never gone out of It is always First.  See, then—you (Luisa) must care about everything; My coming itself is the irresistible force of My Divine Will that draws you (Luisa) to Me (Jesus) and disposes you (Luisa).  Therefore, I (God) want Highest Gratitude (from us who read this) at your (Luisa’s) Fortune of being the Firstborn daughter of My Divine Will.”