Volume 25; November 14, 1928

After this, my lovable Jesus made Himself seen as a tiny little child, who, throwing His arms around my neck, (Jesus) told me (Luisa):  “My mama, My mama….  The one (Luisa) who does My Divine Will becomes mother; My Divine Fiat embellishes her for Me, transforms her, and renders her fecund, in such a way as to give her all the qualities in order to be a true mother.  And I (Jesus) keep forming this mother with the reflections of the Sun of My Divine Volition, and I Glory and take so much Pleasure in calling her (Luisa) My mama, My mama….  And not only do I (Jesus) choose her (Luisa) as My mother, but I (Jesus) call many more tiny little ones and give to them My mother (Luisa) as their mother.”

And while He (Jesus) was saying this, He (Jesus) showed me (Luisa) many little boys and girls around me (Luisa); and the child Jesus said to them:  “This is My mother and your mama.”

The little ones made Feast and drew all around me together with Jesus; and Jesus added:  “These little ones you (Luisa) see are no other than the first cohort of the children of My Divine Volition.  In It, all will be little, because My Divine Will has the virtue of preserving them Fresh and Beautiful, just as they came out of Our (Triune God’s) Creative Hands.  And since It called your (Luisa’s) littleness to Live in It, it is Right that, as the First One, you (Luisa) be the tiny little mama of the tiny little children.”

Volume 25; December 2, 1928

“Ah! don’t you (Luisa) know that you (Luisa) are the Tabernacle of My Divine Will?  How many Works have I not done in you(Luisa); how many Graces have I not poured into you (Luisa) in order to form this Tabernacle for Myself?  A Tabernacle—I could call it—Unique in the world.  In fact, as for Eucharistic tabernacles, I have a good number of them, but in this Tabernacle of My Divine Fiat (Luisa) I (Jesus) do not feel like a prisoner, I (Jesus) possess the endless expanses of My Divine Will, I (Jesus) do not feel alone, I (Jesus) have the one (Luisa) who keeps Me Perennial company; and now I (Jesus) act as a Teacher and I (Jesus)give you (Luisa) My Celestial Lessons; now I (Jesus) do My Outpourings of Love and of Sorrow; now I (Jesus) Celebrate, to the point of amusing Myself with you (Luisa).

“So, if I (Jesus) pray, if I 9Jesus) suffer, if I(Jesus) cry and if I (Jesus) celebrate, I AM never alone, I (Jesus) have the little daughter of My Divine Will (Luisa Piccarreta) together with Me.  And then, I (Jesus) have the Great Honor and the Most Beautiful Conquest, that I (Jesus) like the most, which is a human will all sacrificed for Me (Jesus), and as the Footstool of My Divine Will.  I could call it My Favorite Tabernacle (Luisa), in which I (Jesus) so much Delight, that I would not exchange it for the Eucharistic tabernacles; because in them I AM alone, nor does the host give Me a Divine Will as I (Jesus) find It in you (Luisa), such that, as It bilocates Itself, while I have It within Me, I (Jesus) also find It in you (Luisa).

Volume 25; December 5, 1928

“This is nothing other than a simile of the one (Luisa) who does My Divine Will and Lives in It and one who lives in the earth of her human volition.  The first (Luisa) makes descend, not only the Sun of My Divine Will into her (Luisa’s) soul, but the whole of Heaven.  Therefore, with this Sun, she (Luisa) Possesses the Perennial Day, a Day that never sets, because the Light has the virtue of putting darkness to flight.  So, the night of passions, the night of weaknesses, of miseries, of coldnesses, of temptations, cannot be there with this Sun; and if they wanted to draw near to form the seasons in the soul, this Sun beats down Its Rays and puts all nights to rushed flight, saying:  ‘I AM here, and that’s enough—My Seasons are Seasons of Light, of Peace, of Happiness and of Perennial Flowering.’  This soul (Luisa) is the bearer of Heaven upon earth.