August 12, 1928

(Luisa) The One who Lives in the Divine Fiat Rises into the Acts of Innocent ADAM and Possesses the Universal (Catholic) Virtue.  How the Fiat is Order.  How the Life of (Luisa) the One who Lives in It (the Divine Will) is Precious.


I was continuing my Round in the Creation, and I paused now at one point, now at another, to be able to follow and look at what God had done in Creation; and arriving at what ADAM had done in his State of Innocence, I was saying to myself:  ‘How I wish I could do what our father (Adam) did in his State of Innocence, so that I too might Love and Glorify my Creator as he (Adam) did in the Original State of his creation.’  But while I was thinking of this, my beloved Jesus, moving in my interior, told me:  “My daughter (Luisa), in his State of Innocence, Possessing the Life of My Divine Will, ADAM Possessed the Universal (Catholic) Life and Virtue.  Therefore, I (God) found the Love of everything and of everyone Centralized in his (Adam’s) Love and in his (Adam’s) Acts, and all the Acts were Unified Together – not even My Works were excluded from his Act.  I (God) found everything in the Works of ADAM; I (God) found all the Shades of Beauties, Fullness of Love, Unreachable and Admirable Mastery, and then, everything and everyone.


Now, (Luisa) the One who Lives in My Divine Will Rises into the Act of Innocent ADAM, and making the Universal (Catholic) Life and Virtue her own, she (Luisa) makes his (Adam’s) Act her own.  Not only this, but she (Luisa) Rises into the Acts of (Mary) the Queen of Heaven, in those of her very Creator, and flowing in all the Acts, she (Luisa) Centralizes herself in them and says:  ‘Everything is mine, and I (Luisa) Give everything to my God.  Just as His Divine Will is mine, so everything is mine – everything that came out of It.  Having nothing of my own, with Its Fiat I (Luisa) have everything, and I (Luisa) can Give God to God.  Oh, how Happy, Glorious, Victorious I feel in the Eternal Volition!  I Possess everything and I can Give everything, without exhausting anything of my Immense riches.’  So, there is no Act, either in Heaven or on earth, in which I (God) do not find (Luisa) the One who lives in My Divine Will.” … So, the True Sign that My Fiat Reigns in the creature (Luisa) is that one cannot see clashing or disordered things, but Highest Harmony and Perfect Order, because everything she (Luisa) does has its Origin in the One who created her, and she (Luisa) does nothing but follow the Order and the Works of her Creator.”


Then, He continued saying:  “Therefore, My daughter (Luisa), the Life of (Luisa) the one who lets My Adorable Divine Will Live in her is so Precious and Striking to Me, and of a Beauty so Rare, that it is Impossible to find one similar to her (Luisa).  I (God) see nothing but Our Works come out of her (Luisa).  If it were necessary for Our Glory and for Our Inextinguishable Love, she (Luisa) would form for Us (Triune God) a New Heaven and the whole of Creation (a New earth); and Flowing within the Works of Redemption and Sanctification, she (Luisa) would give Us (Triune God) New Redemptions and (New) Sanctifications, because that Divine Will that did all this within Ourselves, can do the same in the creature (Luisa) in whom It Dominates and Reigns.  And just as It called all of Our Works from nothing, so It can call them from the nothing of this creature (Luisa), not only by Repeating all of Our Works, but by adding yet more Surprising Things.  And We – Our Supreme Being – knowing that this creature (Luisa) can give Us (Triune God) anything by Virtue of Our Fiat, feel Glorified and Loved as if indeed she (Luisa) were doing them for Us (Triune God), because in her (Luisa) We (Triune God) look not only at what she (Luisa) does for Us, but also at what she (Luisa) can do for Us (Triune God). 

        See then, how much Preciousness she (Luisa) encloses; how Striking she (Luisa) is in All of her Acts.  The Shades of her Beauty Enrapture Us (Triune God) and Form the Most Delightful Scenes for Our Divine Gaze; so much so, that in Our Emphasis of Love, We (Triune God) are forced to exclaim:  ‘Oh, Our Divine Will, how Prodigious! Admirable! Lovable! and Delightful You are, in the creature (Luisa) in whom You Reign!  She (Luisa) is your Veil in which, Hiding Yourself, You Prepare the Most Beautiful and Delightful Scenes for Us (Triune God) to Enjoy.’  Therefore, she (Luisa) can be called the Most Fortunate Creature, who arrives at calling the Attention of her God to make Him Feast and to let Him Enjoy His Own Works; and who can reach the point of saying:  ‘By virtue of Your Divine Will, I (Luisa) Possess Everything, I (Luisa) bring You (Triune God) everything and I (Luisa) want nothing, because whatever is Yours (Triune God) is mine’.”