Vol. 7 – 7/17/06

This morning I saw blessed Jesus with a Key in His Hand, and He said to me: “My daughter (Luisa), this Key is the Key of My Will. It befits one (Luisa) who Lives in My Will to have the Key in order to open and close as she pleases, and to take whatever she likes of My Treasures. In fact, by Living of My Will, she (Luisa) will look after My Treasures more than if they were her own, because all that is Mine is hers, and she will not spoil Them; rather, she will give Them to others, or will take for herself whatever can give Me more Honor and Glory. Therefore, behold, I deliver the Key to you (Luisa) – look after My Treasures.”

While He was saying this, I felt all immersed in the Divine Will, so much so, that I could see nothing but Will of God, and I spent the whole day in this Paradise of His Will. What happiness, what contentment! During the night, as I found myself outside of myself, I continued to be in this atmosphere, and the Lord added: “See, My beloved, for one (Luisa) who Lives in My Will, there is no Grace that comes from My Will for all creatures of Heaven and of earth in which she does not take part as first. And this is natural, because the one who Lives in the house of a father is the one who abounds in everything; and if the others who are outside receive something, it is the surplus from the one who Lives inside.” But who can say what I understood of this Divine Will? These are things that cannot be expressed. May everything be for the Glory of God.


Vol. 11 – 2/19/13

After this, I seemed to see people around me, and I said to Jesus: ‘Who are they?’ And Jesus: “They are the ones whom I entrusted to you (Luisa) some time ago. I commend them to you (Luisa) – watch over them. I would like to form this bond of union between you (Luisa) in order to have them always around Me.” And He pointed out to me one in particular. And I: ‘Ah, Jesus, have You forgotten about my misery and nothingness, and the extreme need I have? What shall I do?” And Jesus: “My daughter (Luisa), you will not do anything, just as you’ve never done anything. I will speak and operate within you (Luisa), and I will speak through your mouth. If you only want it so, and if there is Good disposition in them, I will offer Myself for everything. Even if I should keep you asleep in My Will, I will wake you up when necessary, and I will let you speak to them. I will delight more in hearing you (Luisa) speak about My Will both in vigil and in sleep.”


Vol. 12 – January 29, 1919

“Now, the first link which connected the true Living in My Will was My Humanity. My Humanity, identified with My Divinity, swam in the Eternal Volition, and kept tracing all the acts of creatures in order to make them Its own, to give to the Father a Divine Glory on the part of creatures, and to bring the Value, the Love, the Kiss of the Eternal Volition to all the acts of creatures. In this sphere of the Eternal Volition, I could see all the acts of creatures – those which could be done and were not done, and also the Good acts done badly – and I did those which had not been done, and redid those done badly. Now, these acts which were not done, except by Me alone, are all suspended in My Will, and I await the creatures to come to Live in My Volition, and repeat in My Will that which I did.

This is why I chose you (Luisa) as the second link of connection with My Humanity, a link which becomes one with Mine, as you Live in My Volition and repeat My own Acts. Otherwise, on this side My Love would remain without Its outpouring, without Glory from the creatures for all that My Divinity operated within My Humanity, and without the perfect Purpose of Creation, which must be enclosed and perfected in My Will. It would be as if I had shed all My Blood and suffered so much, and nobody had known it. Who would have loved Me? Which heart would have been shaken? No one; and therefore in no one would I have had My Fruits – the Glory of Redemption.”

Interrupting Jesus’ saying, I said: ‘My Love, if there is so much Good in this Living in the Divine Will, why didn’t You manifest it before?’ And He: “My daughter (Luisa), first I had to make known what My Humanity did and suffered externally, to be able to dispose souls to knowing what My Divinity did inside. The creature is incapable of understanding My Work all together; therefore I keep manifesting Myself little by little.

Then, from your (Luisa) link of connection with Me, the links of other souls will be connected, and I will have a cohort of souls who, Living in My Volition, will redo all the acts of the creatures. I will receive the Glory of the many suspended acts done only by Me, also from the creatures – and these, from all classes: virgins, priests, lay people, according to their office. They will no longer operate humanly; but rather, as they penetrate into My Will, their acts will multiply for all in a way which is fully Divine. I will receive from the creatures the Divine Glory of many Sacraments administered and received in a human way, of others which have been profaned, of others sullied with interest, and of many Good Works in which I remain more dishonored than honored. I yearn very much for this time… And you (Luisa), pray and yearn for it together with Me, and do not move your link of connection with Mine, but start – as the first one.”


Vol. 12 – 2/9/19

‘How is it possible that I am the second link of connection with your Humanity? There are souls so dear to You, under whose feet I do not deserve to be. And then, there is your inseparable Mama, who occupies the first place in everything and over everything. It seems to me, my sweet Love, that You really want to tell me lies; yet, I am forced by obedience, with the cruelest torment of my soul, to put it on paper. My Jesus, have pity on my hard martyrdom!’

While I was saying this, my always lovable Jesus, caressing me, told me: “My daughter (Luisa), why do you trouble yourself? Isn’t perhaps my usual way to elect from the dust and to form great portents – portents of Grace? All the honor is Mine, and the weaker and lower is the subject, the more I am glorified. And then, My Mama does not enter into the secondary part of My Love, of My Will; rather, She forms one single link with Me. It is also certain that I have souls most dear to Me, but this does not exclude that I may elect one rather than another to the height of an office – and not only of an office, but to such height of Sanctity as befits the Living in My Will. The Graces which were not necessary to others, whom I did not call to Live in this immensity of Sanctity of My Will, are necessary for you, whom I elected from Eternity. In these most sad times I chose you (Luisa) so that, by Living in My Will, you (Luisa) would give Me Divine Love, Divine Reparation and satisfaction, which can be found only in the Living in My Will. The times, My Love and My Will required a greater display of Love in the midst of so much human evil.


Vol. 12 – 2/10/19

“Now I want to adorn you (Luisa) and clothe you (Luisa) like Me, so that you may come with Me before the Majesty of the Eternal One, to repeat My own Office.” So, Jesus clothed me, as though identifying me with His Humanity, and we found ourselves together before the Supreme Majesty. I don’t know how to say it… this Majesty was an inaccessible, immense, varied Light of incomprehensible beauty, on which everything was dependent. I remained dissolved in It, and even the Humanity of Jesus was little. Just to enter the Air of this Light was delightful, embellishing… But I don’t know how to go on to explain.

My sweet Jesus said: “Adore the Uncreated Power together with Me in the Immensity of My Will, so that not I alone, but also another creature (Luisa) may adore in a Divine Manner, and in the name of all her brothers of the generations of all centuries, the One Who created everything – on Whom all things are dependent.”


Vol. 12 – 3/2/21

“My daughter, be cheered – come into My Will. I chose you (Luisa) among thousands and thousands, so that My Will may have full completion in you (Luisa), and so that you (Luisa) may be like a rainbow of peace which, with its seven colors, attracts others to Live in My Will. Therefore, let us leave the earth aside. Up until now I have kept you with Me in order to appease My Justice and prevent greater chastisements from being poured upon the earth. Now, let us allow the current of human evil to run; I want you (Luisa) with Me, in My Volition, to be occupied with preparing the Era of My Will.

As you move forward on the path of My Volition, the rainbow of peace will form, which will form the link of connection between the Divine Will and human will. From it, My Will will have Life on earth, and this will begin the fulfillment of my prayer, and the prayer of the whole Church: ‘Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done, on earth as It is in Heaven’.


Vol. 12 – 5/4/19

“Ah! daughter, I am dividing the lots of the world from within your (Luisa’s) heart. Your heart is the center of My Throne upon earth; and from My center I look at the world, the madness of creatures, the precipice which they are preparing; while I am put aside, as if I did not mean anything to them. So I am forced to withdraw the Light, not only of Grace, but also of natural reason itself, so as to confuse them, and let them touch with their own hands what man is, and what man can do. And from within your heart (Luisa) I look at him, and I cry and I pray for the ungrateful man. I want you (Luisa) together with Me, crying, praying and suffering for my relief and company.”

And I: ‘My poor Jesus, how much compassion I feel for You! Ah, yes, I will cry and pray together with You! But tell me, my Love, how is it possible that my heart be the center of Your Throne upon earth, while there are so many Good souls in whom You dwell – and I am so bad?’ And He added: “In Heaven too I have the center of My Throne, though I am the Life of each Blessed, and by being Life of each Blessed, I do not exclude the fact that I have a Throne in which all of My Majesty, My Omnipotence, Immensity, Beauty, Wisdom, etc. dwell as though at the central point, since each Blessed cannot contain them – not having the capacity of containing all the Immensity of My Being. In the same way, I have My center upon earth; though I also dwell in others, I do have My central point, from which I decide, I command, I operate, I do Good, I chastise – which I do not do in My other dwellings.

And do you know why I have chosen you (Luisa) as the central place? Because I have chosen you (Luisa) to Live in My Will, and one who Lives in My Will is capable of containing Me completely, as My central point, because she Lives in the Center of My Being and I Live in the center of hers. But while I Live in her center, I Live as though I were in My own center. On the other hand, one who does not Live in My Will cannot embrace Me completely; therefore, at the most I can reside there, but not raise My Throne. Ah, if everyone understood the great Good of Living in My Will, they would compete! But, alas! – how few of them understand this and Live more in themselves than in Me.”


Vol. 12 – 8/12/18

Another day I was feeling sick, because of the continuous throwing up that I do; and I was saying to my sweet Jesus: ‘What would You have lost in giving me the Grace of not feeling the necessity to take food – such that then I am forced to bring it up?’ I say this to obey. And my lovable Jesus told me: “My daughter (Luisa), what are you saying? Quiet, quiet, don’t say this any more. You (Luisa) must know that if you did not need anything, I would let the peoples die of starvation. But because you (Luisa) need it, since it can serve your necessities, I give the necessary things to creatures for love of you (Luisa) and because of you (Luisa). Therefore, if I listened to you, you would harm the others. On the other hand, by taking food and then bringing it up, you (Luisa) do good to others, and your suffering glorifies Me. Even more, how many times do I see you suffering while you throw up, and since you suffer in My Will, I take that suffering of yours, I multiply it, I divide it for the Good of creatures and, pleased, I say to Myself: ‘This is the bread of My daughter (Luisa), which I give for the Good of My children.’”


Vol. 13 – 11/8/21

Afterwards, I was saying to my Jesus: ‘My Life, I enter into Your Will to be able to extend myself in everyone and to everything – from the first to the last thought, from the first to the last word, from the first to the last action and step that were done, are done, and will be done. I want to seal everything with Your Will, so that You may receive from everything the Glory of Your Sanctity, of Your Love, of Your Power; and so that all that is human may remain covered, hidden, marked by Your Will. May nothing – nothing human remain, in which You do not receive Divine Glory.’

Now, while I was doing this and other things, my sweet Jesus came all festive, accompanied by innumerable Blessed, and said: “The whole of Creation says to Me: ‘My Glory, my Glory’.” And all the Saints answered: ‘Here, O Lord, we give You Divine Glory for everything.’ I could hear an echo from all sides, saying: ‘For everything we give You Love and Glory.’

And Jesus added: “Blessed are you (Luisa), and all generations will call you (Luisa) Blessed. My Arm will make Works of Power in you (Luisa). You (Luisa) will be the Divine Reflection; and filling the whole earth, you (Luisa) will make Me receive from all generations that Glory which they deny to Me.” On hearing this, I remained confused, annihilated, and I did not want to write. And He, caressing me, told me: “No, no, you will do it – I want it. What I said will serve as Honor of My Will. I Myself wanted to pay the just homage which befits the Sanctity of My Will; rather, I said nothing compared to what I could say.”


Vol. 13 – 11/26/21

“..Now I come to you (Luisa). I was true Man and true God, My dear Mama was innocent and holy, and Our Love pushed us even further: We wanted another creature who, being conceived like all the other children of men, would take the third place at My Side. I was not satisfied with the fact that only Myself and My Mama remained unbroken with the Divine Will. We wanted other children who, in the name of all, Living in full accord with Our Will, would give Us Divine Glory and Love for all. Therefore I called you (Luisa) from Eternity, when nothing yet existed down here; and just as I longed for My dear Mama, delighting in Her, caressing Her, and pouring upon Her, in torrents, all the Goods of the Divinity, so I longed for you (Luisa), I caressed you (Luisa), and the torrents which were poured on My Mama inundated you (Luisa) – for as much as you were capable of containing. They prepared you (Luisa), anticipated you (Luisa); and embellishing you (Luisa), they gave you (Luisa) the Grace that My Will be whole in you (Luisa), and that My Will, not yours, would animate even your tiniest acts. My Life, My Will and all My Love flew in each act of yours. What contentment! How many joys did I not feel! This is why I call you (Luisa) second support after My Mama. Not upon you did I lean – because you were nothing, and lean I could not – but upon My Will, which you (Luisa) were to contain. My Will is Life, and whoever possesses It possesses Life, and is able to sustain the Author of Life Itself.

Therefore, just as I centralized in Me the Purpose of Creation, I centralized in My Mama the Fruits of Redemption, and I centralized in you (Luisa) the Purpose of the Glory as if My Will were whole in everyone. And from you (Luisa) will come the squad of the other creatures. The generations will not pass away if I do not obtain this intent.”


Vol. 14 – 7/6/42

Oh, how I rejoiced in seeing you (Luisa) as the first one – you, whom called in a special way to form your Life in My Will! I made in you (Luisa) the first deposit of all My Sacramental Lives, and I entrusted you (Luisa) to the Power and the Immensity of the Supreme Volition, that they might render you capable of receiving this deposit. From that time you (Luisa) were present to Me, and I constituted you (Luisa) as depository of My Sacramental Life; and in you (Luisa), all the other souls who would Live in My Will. I gave you (Luisa) primacy over all; and with reason, because My Will is subject to no one – even over the Apostles and the Priests. In fact, if they consecrate Me, however they do not remain as Life together with Me – on the contrary, they leave Me alone and forgotten, not caring about Me; while these souls would be Life within My own Life – inseparable from Me. This is why I love you so much – it is my own Will that I love in you (Luisa).”


Vol. 14 – 8/6/22

“Now, My daughter (Luisa), this is why I have called you (Luisa) in a special way into this Balance of My Will – so that, as you (Luisa) Live in It, you may come to balance all the work of deranged humanity. By Living in My Will, you (Luisa) will balance yourself, you will be in order and in perfect harmony with Us and with all things created by Us. So, since you (Luisa) harmonize everything, We will feel you (Luisa) flowing in the Sphere of Our Will, giving Us the order and the harmony of all the intelligences, words, Works and steps of all. We will constitute your acts (Luisa) in Our Will as the rulers of all the others, and We will be repaid of the chaos of unfortunate humanity. Each act of yours (Luisa) will be the seal of the order which We will receive in the name of all the others. You (Luisa) have much to do in Our Will; you (Luisa) will be like a Queen, and will bring Us all conquests and all harmonies. Our Will will provide you (Luisa) with all that is necessary so that you (Luisa) may make up for all, and fill the void of balance of the human will, which received so much harm in withdrawing from the balance of Our Will.”


Vol. 14 – 9/5/22

“…Now, know that I have enclosed and secured the Creation in you (Luisa). I want that that which was done in Heaven have Life upon earth – but in Our own Will which, ascending to Us again, may bring It to Us all Love, full of Light and beautiful as We delivered It. This is why I marked in you (Luisa) all the deaths and pains of each creature and of all of them together – so that I might find the whole Creation in you (Luisa). And since Heaven remains open between you and Us, you (Luisa) will bring Creation onto Our lap, as if It were delivered by you (Luisa) – that is, as a birth from Our Will made in you, which you bring back to Our feet, delivering It on Our lap. These are Our Rights that We claim; all We want is that that which came out from Us enter into Us. It is true that Our Will alone, acting in a soul with Its Power just as It acted in that void when We delivered Creation, will be able to give Us back Our Rights, and make the whole Creation smile at Us, at Our Feet, as though in Triumph. But We want to use this Power so that We may not remain disappointed in the work of Creation; and Our Love Triumphs more in taking from one creature that which all should give Us. Now We are fixing everything in you (Luisa); then, the other little births will be delivered which, Loving to Live in this way in Our Will, will bring Creation onto Our Lap – some ten, some twenty, some a hundred. You (Luisa) will be like a tree which has sunk its roots deep into Our Will, and these roots will make other saplings germinate which, surrounding the tree like a crown, will produce their Fruits.


Vol. 14 – 11/11/22

“…Now I come to you (Luisa). After My Celestial Mama, I called you, so that all human acts may have the first seal done by Me, the second done by My Mama, and the third by one creature (Luisa) of common stock. My Eternal Love would not be content, if I did not raise one (Luisa) of common stock, who must open the doors to those who would dispose themselves to enter these Gates in order to Live in Our Will. This is the reason for My many Manifestations, for the many Values and Effects which I made known to you (Luisa) about My Will. These will be Powerful magnets to draw you (Luisa), and then others, to Live in It. However, in order to enter Our Will and follow the sublime Flight of My Acts and of those of My indivisible Mama, being of common stock, you could not enter Our Will if you did not have, or had at least been transformed into the nature which came out of My Hands, before man withdrew from Our Will. Here are, then, My many Graces in order to restore your nature (Luisa), your soul (Luisa), to that original state. As I kept giving you (Luisa) Graces, I removed from you the seeds, the tendencies, the passions of the rebellious nature, always leaving Your Will free.

Having to call you (Luisa) into the Center of My Will to Live a communal Life in It, and to make you (Luisa)cover all the Acts done by Me, which are not yet known by creatures, it was necessary to restore your nature to this happy state, for My decorum, Sanctity and Dignity. Otherwise, you could not have run with Me in the interminable acts of My Will, nor be with Me with that familiarity which is needed in order to operate together. The passions, the seeds of tendencies which are not good, would have been like many bars of division between Me and you. At the most, you would have been at the commands of My Will like many of my faithful ones, but you would have been very far from doing what I did, and neither you nor I would have been happy; while Living in My Will is precisely this – to Live completely happy on earth, to then move on to Live more Happy in Heaven.

Therefore I tell you (Luisa), true daughter of My Volition, first happy birth from My Will – be attentive and faithful to Me; come and Live in my Eternal Volition. My Acts await you (Luisa), wanting the seal of yours; those of My Mama await you (Luisa); the whole of Heaven awaits you (Luisa), wanting to see all of their acts glorified in My Will by a creature (Luisa) of their own stock. The present and future generations await you (Luisa), to be given back the lost happiness. Ah! No, no… the generations will not end until man returns into My Womb, beautiful, dominant, just as he came out of My Creative Hands. I am not content with just having redeemed him; even at the cost of waiting… I will still have patience, but he must return to Me as I made him, by virtue of My Will. By doing his own will, he went down into the abyss and transformed himself into a brute; by doing My Will, he will rise and acquire the New Transformation into the nature created by Me. Then will I be able to say: ‘I have accomplished everything; the order of the whole Creation has returned to Me, and I will rest in It.”


Vol. 15 – 4/20/23

“Daughter (Luisa) so very dear to my Supreme Volition, it is My usual way to do My greatest Works in virgin and unknown souls; and not only virgin by nature, but virgin in their affections, heart and thoughts, because true virginity is the Divine Shadow, and only in My Shadow can I fecundate My greatest Works.  During the times in which I came to Redeem there were also pontiffs and authorities, but I did not go to them, because My Shadow was not there.  Therefore I chose a Virgin, unknown to all, but well known to Me; and if True Virginity is My Shadow, it was Divine Jealousy that, choosing Her unknown, wanting Her all for Myself, kept Her unknown to all others.  But even though this Celestial Virgin was unknown, I made Myself known, by making My way to make Redemption known to all.

The greater the work I want to do, the more I cover the soul with the appearance of the most ordinary things.  Now, since the persons you mention are known people, the Divine Jealousy could not maintain its watch, and the Divine Shadow – oh, how hard it is to find it!  And besides, I choose whomever I please.  It is established that two Virgins must come to Humanity’s aid – one for the salvation of man, and the other to make My Will Reign upon earth, to give man his terrestrial happiness, to unite two wills, the Divine and the human, and make them one, so that the Purpose for which man was created may have its complete fulfillment.  I Myself will take care of making My way to make known what I want.  What I most care about is to have the first creature (Luisa) in whom to centralize My Volition, and that My Will may have Life in her on earth as It does in Heaven; the rest will come by itself.  This is why I always say to you (Luisa): ‘your flight in My Will,’ because the human will contains weaknesses, passions, miseries, which are veils that prevent one from entering into the Eternal Volition; and if they are grave sins, they are barricades that form between one will and the Other.  And if My Fiat ‘on earth as it is in Heaven’ does not Reign upon earth, this is precisely what prevents It from doing so.  Therefore, to you (Luisa) is it given to tear these veils, to knock down these barricades, to make of all human acts as though one single act by the Power of My Will, overwhelming them all, and bringing them to the Feet of My Celestial Father, as though kissed and sealed by His very Will; so that, in seeing that one creature (Luisa) has covered the whole human family with His Will, attracted and pleased, He may let His Will descend upon earth through her (Luisa), making It Reign on earth as It does in Heaven.”


Vol. 15 – 4/28/23

“Now, to one who makes My Will her own and Lives in It as in her own royal palace, the same Power is communicated, as much as is possible to a creature.”

Now, while He was saying this, I felt myself being drawn outside of myself, and I found an ugly monster under my feet, which was biting itself out of rage.  And Jesus, being near me, added:  “Just as my Virgin Mother crushed the head of the infernal serpent, so do I want another virgin (Luisa), which must be the first possessor of the Supreme Will, to press again that infernal head so as to crush it and debilitate it, in such a way as to confine it into hell, that she may have full Dominion over it, and it may not dare to approach those who must Live in My Will.  Therefore, place your foot (Luisa) on its head, and crush it.”  Made brave, I did it, and it would bite itself more, and so as not to feel my touch, it shut itself up in the darkest abysses.  Then Jesus resumed His speaking:  “My daughter (Luisa), do you think that the Living in My Will is nothing?  No, no – on the contrary, it is the all, it is the fulfillment of all sanctities, it is the absolute Dominion of oneself, of one’s passions, and of one’s Capital enemies; it is the complete Triumph of the Creator over the creature.  So, if she adheres and I come to letting her Live in My Will, without her ever again wanting to know her own, I have nothing left to want from the creature, and she has nothing left to give Me.  All My Yearnings are fulfilled, My Designs realized – there is nothing left but delighting in each other.  It is true that I came upon earth to redeem man, but My Primary Purpose was that the Divine Will might Triumph over the human will by according these two wills together and making them one, taking the human will into that Will from which it had gone out.  This was the main offense that My Celestial Father received from man, and I was to compensate Him for it, otherwise I would not give Him full satisfaction.  But in order to obtain the first Purpose, first I had to issue the second – that is, to save him, to give him my hand since he had fallen, to wash him of the mud in which he was lying.  How could I say:  ‘Come to Live in My Will,’ if he was horrid to look at, and was under the slavery of the infernal enemy?

Therefore, after having obtained the second Purpose, I want to secure the first one – that My Will be done on earth as It is in Heaven, and that man, who had gone out of My Will, enter into Mine once again.  And in order to obtain this, I give to this first creature (Luisa) all My Merits, all My Works and Steps, My palpitating Heart, My Wounds, My Blood – My whole Humanity, to dispose her, to prepare her, to let her enter into My Will.  In fact, first she (Luisa) must take the complete Fruit of My Redemption, and then, as though in Triumph, enter the possession of the Immense Sea of My Supreme Will.  I do not want her to enter as a stranger, but as a daughter; not as poor, but as rich; not as ugly, but as beautiful, as if she (Luisa)were another Me.  Therefore, I want to centralize My whole Life in you (Luisa).”


Vol. 15 – 7/11/23

“Now, My daughter (Luisa), you too are unique in My Mind, and will also be unique in history.  There will not be, either before or after you (Luisa), another creature for whom I will dispose, as though forced by necessity, the assistance of My ministers.  Having chosen you (Luisa) in order to deposit in you the Sanctity, the Goods, the Effects and the Attitude of My Supreme Will, it was appropriate, just and decorous for the very Sanctity that My Will contains, that one of My ministers should assist you, and be the first depository of the Goods which My Will contains, so as to let them pass from his lap into the whole body of the Church.  What great attention is required of you (Luisa), and of them!:  of you (Luisa), in receiving from Me, like a second mother to Me, the great Gift of My Will, and in knowing all Its Qualities; of them, in receiving them from you (Luisa), so that the ‘Fiat Voluntas Tua on earth as It is in Heaven’ may be fulfilled in My Church.  Ah! you do not know how much I had to give you (Luisa) to dispose your capacity, so that I might deposit My Will in you.  I removed from you (Luisa) any seed of corruption; I purified your soul, your very nature, in such a way that neither do you feel anything for them, nor do they for you, because, since the seed is missing, it is as if fire were missing to firewood.  And even though I did not exempt you from original sin, as I did with My dear Mother, by removing from you (Luisa) the seed of corruption I worked another prodigy of Grace, never conceded to anyone else, because it was not decorous for My Will, trice holy, to descend into and take possession of a soul which would be shaded, even slightly, by the slightest corrupted breath.  My Will would not have adapted Itself to taking possession of her, to communicating Its attitude to her, had It seen any seed of corruption in her, just as I, Word of the Father, would not have adapted Myself to being conceived in the Womb of the Celestial Mama, had I not exempted Her from original sin.  And then, how many Graces have I not given you (Luisa)?  You think it is nothing, and therefore you give it no thought; and instead of thanking Me, you occupy yourself with thinking about what I have disposed for you (Luisa), and about those I have placed around you – while I want that you only follow My Will.

You (Luisa) must know that this fulfillment of My Will is so great as to be numbered among the greatest Works which the Divinity has operated.  And I want It to be known, so that in knowing Its greatness and the immense Goods It contains, they may love It, esteem It and desire It.  Three times did the Supreme Divinity decide to operate ‘ad extra’.  The first was in Creation, and it was without the intervention of the creature, since none of them had yet come out to the Light of the day.  The second was in Redemption, and with it intervened a Woman, the holiest, the most beautiful – My Celestial Mama.  She was the channel and the instrument I used in order to fulfill the work of Redemption.  The third is the fulfillment of My Will to be done on earth as It is in Heaven – that is, for the creature to Live and operate with the Sanctity and the Power of Our Will; a work inseparable from Creation and Redemption, just as the Sacrosanct Trinity is inseparable.  Nor can We say that the work of Creation has been completed by Us, if Our Will, as We decreed, does not act in the creature and Live with that Freedom, Sanctity and Power with which It operates and Lives in Us.  Even more, this is the most beautiful point, the highest, the brightest, and the Seal of the fulfillment of the Work of Creation and Redemption.

These are Divine Decrees, and they must have full completion.  And in order to fulfill this Decree We want to use another woman – and that is you (Luisa).  The woman was the incitement, the cause for which man fell into his misfortunes, and We want to use the woman to put things in order, to let man out of his misfortunes and give back to him decorum, honor, Our true likeness – just as he was created by Us.  Therefore, be attentive, and do not take things lightly.  This is not about just anything – this is about Divine Decrees, and about giving Us the Field to let Us accomplish the Work of Creation and Redemption.  Therefore, just as We entrusted Our Mama to St. John, that She might deposit in him, and from him to the Church, the treasures, the Graces and all of My Teachings which I had deposited in Her during the course of My Life, when She was entrusted to Me and I acted as Priest to Her – as I deposited in Her, as in a sanctuary, all the Laws, the precepts and the doctrines which the Church was to possess; and She, faithful as She was, and jealous of even one word of mine, deposited them in My faithful disciple John, so that they might not be lost, and therefore My Mama has primacy over the whole Church – so I did with you:  since the ‘Fiat Voluntas Tua’ must serve the whole Church, I entrusted you (Luisa) to a minister of mine, that you (Luisa) may deposit in him everything I manifest to you about My Will – the Goods contained in It, how the creature must enter into It, and how the Paternal Goodness wants to open another Era of Grace, placing His Goods, which He possesses in Heaven, in common with the creature, and giving back to her the lost happiness.  Therefore, be attentive, and be faithful to Me.”


Vol. 16 – 2/22/24

“…Now let’s come to us, My daughter (Luisa). When I came upon earth, man was so glutted with evil and so full of human will that the Living in My Will could find no place. So, in     My Redemption, first I beseeched the Grace of resignation to My Will for him, because in the state in which he was, he was incapable of receiving the greatest Gift – the Living in My Will. Then I beseeched for him the greatest Grace, as crown and fulfillment of all Graces – the Living in My Will, so that Our pure Joys of Creation and Our innocent Amusements would begin their course again on the face of the earth. See, about twenty centuries have passed since the true and pure Joys of Creation were interrupted, because We have not found sufficient capacity, total stripping of the human will, to be able to entrust the property of Our Will.

Now, in order to do this, We had to choose a creature (Luisa) who would be most close to and familiar with the human generations. Had I placed My Mama as the example, they would have felt very distant from Her, and would have said: ‘How could She not Live in the Divine Will, since She was exempt from any stain, even from origin?’ Therefore, they would have shrugged their shoulders, and would not have given it a thought. And if I had placed My Humanity as example, they would have been even more scared, and would have said: ‘He was God and Man, and since the Divine Will was His own Life, there is no wonder that He Lived in the Supreme Will.’

Therefore, so that this Living in My Will could have Life in My Church, I had to go down the stairs, descend further, and choose a creature (Luisa) from Her midst. Providing her with sufficient Graces, and making My way within her soul, I had to empty her of everything, making her understand the great evil of the human will, so that she would abhor it so much as to choose death rather than do her own will. Then, giving her My Divine Will as Gift, assuming the attitude of a Master, I made her understand all the beauty, the Power, the effects, the value, and the way to Live in My Eternal Will. I established in her (Luisa) the Law of My Will, so that she could Live in It. I acted as in a second Redemption, in which I established the Gospel, the Sacraments, and the teachings as primary Life, in order to be able to continue Redemption. Had I not left any foundation, to what could the creatures cling? What to do? Just so did I for the Living in My Will… How many teachings did I not give you? How many times did I not lead you (Luisa) by the hand in Eternal Flights in My Will; and you, flying over the whole Creation, brought the pure joys of Creation to the Feet of the Divinity, and We amused Ourselves with you (Luisa)?

Now, having chosen a creature (Luisa) who apparently has no great disparity from others, they will take courage. Finding the teachings, the way, and knowing the great Good contained in the Living in My Will, they will make It their own. In this way the pure Joys of Creation and Our innocent Amusements will no longer be broken on the face of the earth. Though there should be but one for each generation to Live in Our Will, it will always be a feast for Us; and during feasts there is always a greater display, and one is more generous in giving. Oh, how many Goods will they obtain on earth, while their Creator plays on its surface!

Therefore, My dear daughter (Luisa), be attentive to My Teachings, because it is about letting Me establish a Law – not terrestrial, but Celestial; not a Law of mere Sanctity, but a Divine Law – a Law which will no longer allow distinction between terrestrial and Celestial citizens; a Law of love, a Law which will destroy everything that can prevent even a shadow on the union between the creature and her Creator, and will put all His Goods in common, removing from her all weaknesses and miseries of original sin. The Law of My Will will put so much strength in the soul that it will serve as sweet enchantment, in such a way as to put to sleep the evils of nature and substitute them with the sweet enchantment of the Divine Goods.

Remember how many times you saw Me write in the depth of your soul (Luisa). It was the New Law of the Living in My Will; and first I delighted in writing it, in order to expand your capacity, and then I took the attitude of a Master in order to explain it to you… How many times have you (Luisa) not seen Me taciturn and pensive in the depth of your soul? It was the great crafting of My Will that I was forming in you (Luisa). And seeing Me not speak, you lamented that I no longer loved you… Ah, it was exactly then that, pouring out upon you (Luisa), My Will enlarged your capacity, confirmed you in It, and I loved you (Luisa) the most. Therefore, do not want to investigate anything of what I do, but rest, sure, always in My Will.”


Vol. 16 – 11/10/23

“My dear little one (Luisa)! I chose you (Luisa) little, because the little ones let one do whatever he wants with them. They do not walk alone, but let themselves be led; even more, they are afraid to place one foot by themselves. If they receive Gifts, feeling incapable of keeping them, they place them on the lap of their mama. The little ones are stripped of everything, nor do they care whether they are rich or poor; they are concerned with nothing. Oh, how beautiful is the tender age, full of Graces, of beauty, of freshness! Therefore, the greater is the work I want to do in a soul, the smaller I choose her. I like childlike freshness and beauty very much. I like it so much that I maintain her in the littleness of the nothingness from which she came. I let nothing of her own enter her, that she may not lose her littleness, and therefore preserve the Divine freshness and beauty from which she came.”

On hearing this, I said: ‘Jesus, it seems to me that I am very bad, and this is why I am so little, and You are saying that You Love very much because I am little. How can this be?’

And Jesus, again: “My little one (Luisa), wickedness cannot enter the true little ones. Do you know when evil, growth, starts to get in? When one’s own will starts to get in. As it enters, the creature begins to fill herself and to Live from her own. And everything comes from the littleness of the creature, and it seems to her that her littleness becomes greater – a greatness to be cried over. Since God does not Live completely in her, she moves away from her Beginning, she dishonors her origin, losing the Light, the beauty, the Sanctity and the freshness of her Creator. She seems to grow before herself and maybe before men; but before Me – oh, how she decreases! She may even become great, but she will never be My little beloved one – one whom, taken by Love for her, I fill with Me, that she may remain as I created her, and I make of her the greatest, such that no one will be able to equal her.

I did so with My Celestial Mama. Among all generations, She is the littlest one, because her will never entered her to act, but always my Eternal Will; and not only did It preserve Her little, beautiful, fresh, as She had been delivered by Us, but It made Her the greatest of all. Oh, how beautiful She was, little in herself, but great – superior to all in Our virtue! It is only because of her littleness that She was raised to the height of Mother of the One who formed Her.

So, as you see, all the Good for man is to do My Will; all the evil is to do his own. Therefore, in order to come to redeem man, I chose My Mother, because She was little, and I used Her as a channel in order to let all the Goods and Fruits of Redemption descend upon mankind.

Now, so that My Will might be known, in order to open Heaven to let My Will descend upon earth and to make It Reign on earth as It does in Heaven, I had to choose another little one (Luisa) among all generations. Since this is the greatest Work I want to do – to restore man in his origin, from which he came, to open for him that Divine Will which he rejected, to open My Arms to him to receive him again into the Womb of My Will – My Wisdom calls the most little one out of nothing.

It was just that she be little: if I placed a little one at the head of Redemption, I had to place another little one (Luisa) at the head of the “Fiat Voluntas Tua” on earth as it is in Heaven. Among two little ones was I to enclose the Purpose of Creation of man and realize My Designs upon him. Through one, I was to redeem him, wash him with My Blood from his ugliness, and give him forgiveness; through the other one, I was to make him return to his beginning, to his origin, to his lost nobility, to the Bonds of My Will which had been broken by him, admitting him once again to the Smile of My Eternal Will, to the exchange of kiss between his will and Mine, and to Live as one within the other. This alone was the Purpose of Creation of man, and no one will be able to oppose what I have established. Centuries and centuries will go by – just as in Redemption, also in this; but man will return into My Arms, as he was created by Me.

But in order to do this, first I have to choose the one (Luisa) who must be the first to Live in My Eternal Will, to bind in her all the relations of Creation, and to Live with her with no split of wills; rather, one being her will and Ours. From here the necessity that she be the littlest which We delivered in Creation – so that, in seeing herself so little, she may run away from her will; even more, she may bind it so tightly to Ours as to never do her will, and although little, she may Live together with Us, through that Breath with which We created man. Our Will maintains her fresh and beautiful; she forms Our Smile, Our Amusement, and We do whatever We want with her. Oh, how happy she is; and enjoying her littleness and her happy destiny, she will cry for her brothers and will interest herself in nothing other than compensating Us for all and for each one, of all the wrong which they have done to Us by withdrawing from Our Will. The tears of one (Luisa) who Lives in Our Will will be Powerful; more so, since she wants nothing but what We Ourselves want; and through her We will open, together with the first channel of Redemption, the second one of the “Fiat Voluntas Tua” on earth as it is in Heaven.”

On hearing this, I said: ‘My Love and my All, tell me, who will this little fortunate be? Oh, how I would like to know her!’

And He, immediately: “How is it – have you not understood who she is? It is you (Luisa), My little one. I have told you many times that you are the little one, and this is why I love you (Luisa).”

But as He was saying this, I felt as though being transported outside of myself, into a most pure Light, in which one could see all generations, as though divided in two wings – one to the right and the other to the left of the Throne of God. At the head of one wing, there was the August Queen Mama, from Whom came all the Goods of Redemption… Oh, how beautiful was her littleness! Marvelous, prodigious littleness: little and Powerful, little and great, little and Queen – little, seeing everyone hang on her littleness, as She disposes of all, rules over all, and only because She is little, She enwraps the Word within her littleness, making Him descend from Heaven to earth, to let Him die for love of men!

Another little one could be seen at the head of the other wing… I say it trembling and out of obedience: she was the one whom Jesus had called “His Little Daughter of the Divine Will” (Luisa). And my sweet Jesus, placing Himself in the middle of these two wings, between the two little ones who were at their heads, with one hand took mine, and with the other, that of the Queen Mama, and united them both together, saying: “My little daughters, hold hands before Our Throne, and embrace the Eternal Divine Majesty in your little arms. To you alone, because you are little, it is given to be able to embrace the Eternal One, the Infinite One, and to enter into Him. And if the first little one snatched Redemption from the Love of the Eternal One, may the second (Luisa), giving her hand to the first, be helped by Her to snatch from the Eternal Love the “Fiat Voluntas Tua” on earth as it in Heaven.”

Now, who can say what happened? I have no words to express myself. I can only say that I remained more humiliated and confused, and almost like a fussy little child, I wanted my Jesus in order to tell Him of my fears, my doubts. And I prayed that He would cast away from me all these things, as I feared that the mere thought of them was a subtle pride, and that He would give me the Grace to really love Him and to do His Most Holy Will in everything.

Then, my always adorable Jesus, coming back again, made Himself seen inside of me, and my person served almost to cover Him within me. And without letting me speak, He told me: “My poor little one (Luisa), what do you fear? Courage, I am the One who will do everything in My little daughter. You will do nothing but follow me faithfully, will you? You are right that you are too little and that you can do nothing, but I will do everything in you (Luisa). Don’t you see how I am within you (Luisa), and you are nothing but the shadow that covers Me? I am the One who will cross within you (Luisa) the eternal and unending Boundaries of My Will. I am the One who will embrace all generations to bring them, together with your shadow, at the Feet of the Eternal One, so that the two wills, the human and the Divine, may kiss each other, may smile at each other, and may no longer look at each other like strangers, being divided, scowling at each other, but one may be fused into the other, forming one single Will. It is the Power of your Jesus that must do this; you (Luisa) have to do nothing but comply. I know, I know that you are nothing and can do nothing, therefore you afflict yourself. But it is the Power of My Arm that wants and can work, and I like to work great things in the most little ones.


Vol. 16 – 12/6/23

“My little one (Luisa), in order for the Will of Heaven to descend upon earth, it is necessary that all human acts be sealed and glazed with acts of Divine Will, so that, in seeing that all the acts of the creatures are covered with Its Will, drawn by the powerful Magnet of Its own Volition, the Supreme Will may descend upon earth and Reign in it. You, then, have been given this task, as First Newborn of Our Will.

Know that in order to draw the Word and make Him descend from Heaven, My Mama took on this commitment to go around all generations; and making all the acts of human will Her own, She placed the Divine Will in them, since She possessed so much of this Capital of the Supreme Volition as to surpass all that all creatures together would possess. And for every round She made in It, this Capital multiplied. And so, I, Eternal Word, in seeing that one of Our most faithful creatures had covered, with so much Grace and Love, all the human acts with the Divine Will, taking to heart all that was needed in order to do this, and in seeing that Our Will was present in the world – drawn, descended from Heaven.

The second commitment befitted Me in order to form Redemption. How much I had to go around, across all human acts, as though taking them all in My Hand and covering them, sealing them, glazing them with My Divine Will, in order to attract My Celestial Father, making Him look at all the human acts covered with that Divine Will which man had rejected into the Celestial Regions, so that My Divine Father would open the Gates of Heaven, which had been closed by the human will. There is no Good which does not descend by means of My Will.

The third one is yours (Luisa). It befits you (Luisa), Firstborn Daughter of Our Will, to add the third seal of Our Will upon all human acts to the first and the second, in order to obtain the coming of the Kingdom of the Divine Will upon earth. Therefore, go around, My daughter (Luisa), over all the human acts of creatures. Penetrate into the hearts; bring to each heartbeat the heartbeat of My Will, to each thought the kiss, the knowledge of My Will. Impress the Omnipotent Fiat in every word; invade everything; overwhelm everyone with It, that My Kingdom may come upon earth. Your Jesus will not leave you alone in these rounds; I will assist you (Luisa) and guide you (Luisa) in everything.”


Vol. 17 – 5/1/25

“When an office is unique, as a consequence, nothing must escape the one who has it as mission. He must have everything under his eyes, so as to be able to offer the Good he possesses; he must be like a true sun that can give Light to all. So were I, and My Celestial Mama.

Now, your mission (Luisa) of making known the Eternal Will is braided with Mine and with that of My dear Mother. And since it has to serve for the Good of all, it was necessary to centralize the Eternal Sun of My Will into one creature (Luisa); so that, as a unique mission, this Sun might let Its Rays blaze from her, and all might take the Good of Its Light. This implies that, for the decorum and honor of My Will, I had to pour into you (Luisa), as bearers and preparations, such Graces, Light, Love and Knowledge of It, as to befit the residence of the Sun of My Will. Even more, you (Luisa) must know that, just as My Humanity, in Its Office of Redeemer, conceived all souls, the same was to happen in you (Luisa), in your mission and office to make My Will known and Reign: as you (Luisa) continue to do your acts in My Will for all, all creatures remain conceived in Your Will; and as you (Luisa) keep repeating your acts in Mine, you (Luisa) form many sips of Life of Divine Will, in order to be able to nourish all the creatures which are as though conceived in yours, by virtue of My Will. Do you not feel how, in My Will, you (Luisa) embrace all, from the first to the last creature which is to exist upon earth; and for all, you (Luisa) would want to satisfy, love, please this Supreme Will, binding It to all, removing all obstacles that prevent Its Dominion in the creatures – making It known to all; and even with sufferings, you (Luisa) expose yourself to satisfy for all, this Supreme Will, which so much loves to be known and to Reign in the midst of creatures?

To you (Luisa), Firstborn Daughter of My Divine Will, it is given to make known the Qualities, the value, the Good It contains, and Its eternal sorrow of Living unknown – hidden, in the midst of the human generations; even more, despised and offended by the evil ones, and placed by the Good ones at the level of the other Virtues, as if It were a little Light which is lit by men – as virtues are in comparison with My Will – and not the Eternal Sun that My Will is.

The mission of My Will is the greatest that can exist: there is no Good which does not descend from It; there is no Glory which does not come from It. Everything is centered in It: Our interior Works and those which We have delivered; the Creation of the Angels, of the world, of men; all Virtues, all merits, all predestinations, all Goods, all the Glory of the chosen ones, all the mysteries of the infinite Love, which are still unknown to man; and the past, the present, the future – all in one Act and in act, and in one single point.

Therefore, be attentive, and do not want to waste time with doubts or uncertainties. Everything I told you (Luisa) for this mission was necessary – not for you, but for the Honor, the Glory, the Knowledge and the Sanctity of My Will and of Its Dominion in the creatures. And since My Will is one, one was to be the creature (Luisa) to whom I had to entrust It, and through whom It would make Its rays blaze, to do Good to all.”


Vol. 17 – 5/30/25

“Knowledge opens the doors to the Good which is known, and the more Knowledges I manifested to you (Luisa) about My Will, the more different doors of Goods, of Light, of Grace and of Divine participation, I opened for you (Luisa).

These doors are opened for you (Luisa); and as these Knowledges reach the midst of creatures, the doors will be opened for them, because knowledge makes love arise for the Good which is known. The great door, which I will open, will be My Will, so that they may close the little door of their will. My Will will make them abhor their own, because in the face of My Will, the human is incapable of acting. With the Light of My Will, the creature can see how insignificant and Good at nothing her own is. Therefore, as a consequence, the creatures who will penetrate into these Divine Knowledges, according to the efforts they will make in order to reach them, will keep their own will aside. Moreover, you must know that when I manifest to you (Luisa) one Knowledge about My Will, only then do I decide to open another door of My Knowledge, when you have let all the Good of what I have manifested to you (Luisa), enter into your soul. If I did not do so, yours would only be the News of that Good, but not the possession of It. And I cannot do this – whenever I speak, I want the Good which I manifest, to be possessed. Therefore, be attentive in the practice of My Will, that I may open to you (Luisa) more doors of My Knowledges, and that you (Luisa) may enter more into the Divine Possessions.”


Vol. 17 – 6/25/25

“My daughter, it is My usual way – and the order of My Eternal Wisdom wants it so – to manifest My greatest Works first to one single soul (Luisa), and to concentrate in her all the Good which My Work contains, dealing with her one on one, as if no one else existed. When I have done everything, in such a way as to be able to say that I have accomplished My Work completely within her; so much so, that nothing must be lacking to her – then I make it flow, as from a vast sea, for the Good of the other creatures.

This is what I did with My Celestial Mama. First I dealt with Her in the most Divine intimacy, about the Work of Redemption; no other creature knew anything. She disposed Herself to make all sacrifices, to all the necessary preparations in order to make Me descend from Heaven to earth. I did everything as if She were the only Redeemed One; but after She delivered Me to the Light with Her virginal labor, in such a way that everyone could see Me and take the Goods of Redemption, I gave Myself to all, provided that they wanted to receive Me.

The same will happen with My Will. Once I have completed everything within you (Luisa), in such a way that My Will will Triumph in you (Luisa), and you in It, then, like an immense overflowing sea, It will flow for the Good of all. But it is necessary to form the first soul (Luisa), in order to then have the second.”


Vol. 18 – 2/21/26

“My daughter (Luisa), little newborn of My Will, you must know that one who is born in My Will can also be a mother, by giving birth to many children for My Supreme Volition.  In order to be mother, it is necessary to have sufficient matter in one’s own interior, so as to be able to form, with one’s own blood, with one’s own flesh and with continuous nourishment, the birth which one wants to give to the Light.  If there is no seed and not enough matter, it is useless to hope to become a mother.  Now, since you (Luisa) have been born in My Will, in you (Luisa) there is the seed of fecundity, and there is also the fully sufficient matter of all the manifestations I have made to you on My Will.  It can be said that each Knowledge I have given you can give birth to a child for My Will.  Your continuous acts in My Will are abundant nourishment in order to first form these children of Heaven within yourself, and then deliver them as Triumph, Honor, Glory and Crown of My Will, and as perennial joy of the mother who delivered them.  See, then, what each additional manifestation means – it is one more birth that My Will delivers, it is a Divine Life that goes out for the Good of creatures, it is to debilitate the strengths of the human will in order to establish in it the fortress of the Divine Will.  How attentive, then, you (Luisa) must be not to disperse anything, even from the smallest manifestations I make to you (Luisa), because you would deprive Me of the honor of having one more child, which can narrate to all one more Good about My Will in order to give it to creatures, that they might love It more and let themselves be subdued by the Power of My Supreme Volition.”


Vol. 18 – 11/9/25

“My daughter (Luisa), I want you to fuse yourself in My Will first, coming before the Supreme Majesty to reorder all human wills in the Will of their Creator, to repair with My own Will for all the acts of the wills of creatures opposed to Mine.  Will came out of Us in order to Divinize the creature, and Will do We want.  And when this Will is rejected by them, to do their own will, it is the most direct offense to the Creator – it is to deny all the Goods of Creation and to move away from His likeness.  And do you think it is trivial that, fusing yourself in My Will, you (Luisa) place the whole of this Will of Mine as though on your lap, which, though it is one, brings Its Divinizing Act to each creature; and reuniting all these Acts of My Will together, you (Luisa) bring them before the Supreme Majesty, to requite them with Your Will together with Mine, with Your Love, redoing all the acts opposite those of creatures, and you press this same My Will of Mine to surprise the creatures once again with more repeated acts, that they may know It, receive It within themselves as Prime Act, love It, and fulfill this Holy Will in everything?  The adoration of My Wounds – more than one does it for Me; but giving Me back the Rights of My Will, as the Prime Act which I did toward man – this, no one does for Me.  Therefore, it is your duty (Luisa) to do it, as you (Luisa) have a special mission about My Will.  And if sleep catches you while you are doing it, our Celestial Father will look at you (Luisa) with Love, in seeing you (Luisa) sleep in His Arms – seeing His little daughter (Luisa), who, even while sleeping, holds on her little lap all the Acts of His Will, to repair them, requite them in Love, and give to each Act of Our Will the Honor, the Sovereignty, and the Right that befits It.  Therefore, first fulfill your duty (Luisa), and then, if you can, you will also do the adoration of My Wounds.”


Vol. 18 – 11/12/25

“My daughter (Luisa), be attentive in doing your acts in My Will.  You (Luisa)must know that for one who is called to be the head of a mission, the more he encloses of the Good pertaining to that mission, the more Good he will be able to communicate to others.  Those Goods will be like many seeds which he will lend to others, so that whoever has the fortune of wanting to acquire those seeds, may become the possessor of the harvest of those seeds.  This happened in Adam who, being the first man, was constituted the head of all generations; and, he being the head, it was necessary for him to possess the seeds in order to give to others what is necessary for the development of human Life.  Regardless of the fact that these seeds have been expanded, dilucidated, known more, according to the Goodwill of the following generations, to capacity and the application they have used over these very seeds; nevertheless, Adam had them all within himself, and it can be said that everything comes from him.  So, it can be said that, in being created by God, he was endowed with all sciences.  What others learn with so many efforts, he possessed as Gift in a surprising way.  So, he possessed the knowledge of all the things of this earth; he had the science of all plants, of all herbs and of the virtue which each of them contained; he had the science of all species of animals and of how he should use them; he had the science of music, of singing, of writing, of medicine – in sum, of everything.  And if the generations possessed each one its special science, Adam possessed them all.  See, then, how it is necessary for one who must be the head to enclose within himself all the Good which he must share with others.

The same with you, my daughter (Luisa).  Since I have called you (Luisa) as the head of a special mission, more than a new Adam – and here it is not about human sciences, but about the science of sciences, which is My Will, Science all of Heaven – I want you (Luisa) to enclose within yourself all the seeds which My Will contains.  And the more acts you do in It, and the more Knowledges you acquire, the more rays of Light you (Luisa) will place on the Sun of My Will, so that, with greater fullness of Light, It will be able to diffuse more for the Good of the generations; in such a way that, stirred by the fullness of Light, they will be able to know with greater clarity the Good which My Will contains, what it means to Live in It, and the great Good with which they are enriched.

It will happen as with the sun which, because it possesses such great fullness of light, can easily take the whole earth as though in its power, warm it, illuminate it and fecundate it, in such a way that all may know, some more, some less, the Good it does by bringing its light to all.  But if the sun, in the height of its sphere, were poor in light, the light which descends down below could not fully illuminate all the earth.  At the most, some small portion of the earth which rotates closer to the sun.  And if to the sun, which was to illuminate the earth naturally, I gave such fullness of Light for the Good of all generations, much more do I want to fill with fullness of Light the Sun of My Will, which must illuminate souls, warm them, and cast into them the fecundity of the Seed of Divine Sanctity.  Just as I chose Adam as the head, just as I chose a point in the heavens in which to fix the center of the sun which was to illuminate the earth, so did I choose you (Luisa) as the center of the Sun of My Will; and the fullness of Light must be so great, that all may be able to enjoy it and be invested by this Light, and each one may make it his own.  This is why your complete acts in My Will are needed, as well as the knowledge which I keep manifesting to you (Luisa), in order to form the fullness of this Light.

It is the usual way of the Eternal Wisdom to establish the acts of the creature in order to give completion to the Good which It wants to do to her.  So it happened for the coming of Redemption upon earth by the Eternal Word.  It took the course of four thousand years; and during this time, all the acts which creatures were to do in order to dispose themselves to earn the great Good of Redemption had been established, as well as all the Graces and Knowledges which the Supreme Majesty was to give in order to make known that same Good which the descent of the Word would bring into their midst.  And so, here come the patriarchs, the holy fathers, the prophets and all the Good of the Old Testament, who, with their acts, were to cover the way, the staircase, in order to reach the fulfillment of the longed-for Redemption.

But this is not enough.  As Good and holy as their acts were, there was the so very high wall of original sin, which maintained the division between them and God.  This is why a Virgin was needed, conceived without original sin, innocent, holy, and enriched by God with all Graces, who made all the Good acts of the course of four thousand years as though Her own.  She covered them with Her innocence, Sanctity and purity, in such a way that the Divinity would see those acts through the acts of this innocent and holy Creature, who not only embraced all the acts of the ancients, but surpassed them all with Her own; and this is why She obtained the descent of the Word upon earth.  It happened to all the Good acts of the ancients as to one who has much gold and silver, but the image of the king, which gives the value of money to that precious metal, is not impressed on it.  So, even though it contains value in itself, it cannot be called value of money, which can circulate in the kingdom with the right of currency.  However, suppose that that gold or silver were acquired by the king, and that, giving it the shape of coins, he impressed his image upon them:  here is the right of currency acquired by that gold.  So the Virgin did:  She impressed Her innocence, Her Sanctity, the Divine Will which She possessed as whole, upon them; She presented them all together to the Divinity, and She obtained the longed-for Redeemer.  So, the Virgin completed all the acts which were needed in order to make the Word descend upon earth.

But this was not the end.  So that the Redeemer might have His field of action upon earth, and whoever wanted to, might use those acts as coins with which to purchase Heaven for himself, the imprint of innocence, of Sanctity and of the Divine Will was needed; and the imprint of the operating of the Word Himself was needed in order to make man rise to Heaven.  If that of the Virgin was enough to make Me descend into the midst of creatures, in order to make man rise, My Divine operating was needed.  And so, this is why I embraced all those acts and I made them My own, I made up for all, I accomplished everything, and for all I placed the Divine Imprint on all the Good acts, from the first to the last man who is to come upon earth.  And this Imprint was made by Me with unheard-of pains, and with the shedding of My Blood.  And so, like magnanimous King, I gave to all the coins with which to purchase Heaven for themselves.  All this had been established by the Uncreated Wisdom, and not even one Act of all this could be missing in order for Redemption to take place.

Now, My daughter (Luisa), just as it was with Redemption, so it will be with My Will.  In order to make It known and to make It Reign as Prime Act of Life in the creature, the fulfillment of the acts is needed.  You too (Luisa), on the example of My Celestial Mama and of Mine, must embrace in My Will all the acts done in the Old Testament, those of the Queen of Heaven, those done by Me, those which are done and will be done by all the Good and the saints, up to the last day; and upon each one of them you (Luisa) will place your seal of requital of love, of blessing, of adoration, with the Sanctity and the Power of My Will.  Nothing must escape you (Luisa).  My Will embraces everything; you too (Luisa) must embrace everything and everyone, and place My Will alone at the first place of honor upon all the acts of creatures.  It will be your imprint, with which you (Luisa) will imprint the Image of My Will on all the acts of creatures.  Therefore, your field is vast; I want to see you (Luisa) in My Will, flowing over all the Graces and the Prodigies which I did in the Old Testament, to give Me your requital of love and of thanksgiving; and in the acts of the patriarchs and prophets, to make up for their love.  There is not one act in which I do not want to find you (Luisa).  I would not be satisfied nor content if I did not find you (Luisa) in all the acts of creatures which have been done and will be done; nor would you be able to say that you have completed everything in My Will – you would lack something of the true Living in My Will.  Therefore, be attentive, if you (Luisa) want the fullness of Light to be enough as to be able to illuminate all peoples with the Sun of My Will.  One who wants to give Light to all must embrace all as though in one single embrace, by making himself Life and substitution of everything and of everyone.  Is My Will perhaps not Life of everything?  And is this Life not requited with so many bitternesses?  Is there not the need, then, for one (Luisa) who would flow in everyone in order to sweeten these bitternesses, by substituting, as act of Life with My own Will, for each act of the ungrateful creature?”


Vol. 19 – 5/18/26

Now, My daughter (Luisa), what I did and wanted from My Celestial Mama in the great Work of Redemption, I want to do with you in the great Work of the Supreme Fiat.  The Work of the Divine Fiat is a Work that must embrace everything – Creation, Redemption and Sanctification.  It is the basis of everything, it is the Life that flows in everything and encloses everything within itself.  Because it has no beginning, it is the beginning of all things, and the end and fulfillment of Our Works.  See, then:  the Capital We want to entrust to you (Luisa) is exuberant – you have not calculated it.  But do you know what it is that We entrust to you (Luisa) in the Supreme Fiat?  We entrust to you (Luisa) the whole Creation, all the Capital of Redemption, and that of Sanctification.  My Will is Universal, and in all things It has been the Operator.  So, it is right that what belongs to It be entrusted to you (Luisa).  Would you perhaps want My Will without Its Works?  We do not know how to give Our Life without Our Works and Our Goods – when We give, We give everything.  And just as by giving the Word to the Celestial Queen, We centralized all His Works and His Goods in Her, in the same way, by giving you (Luisa) Our Supreme Will, Reigning and Dominating in you (Luisa), We give you (Luisa) all the Works that belong to It.  This is why We are giving you (Luisa) so many Graces, Knowledges and capacities – so that from the very beginning the Supreme Fiat might suffer no failure.  And you (Luisa), placing It in safety, must give It the requital of Love and Glory of all Creation, Redemption and Sanctification.  Your task is great – it is Universal, and must embrace everyone and everything, in such a way that if Our Will, communicated to the other creatures, should suffer some failure, in you (Luisa) We must find the compensation for the void of others.  And as you (Luisa) place It in safety within yourself, and you (Luisa) give Us the Love, the Glory and all the acts that the other creatures should do for Us, Our Glory will always be complete and Our Love will collect Its just interest.  So, you (Luisa) too will be Our trustworthy one, the one responsible for the Divine Will entrusted to you (Luisa), and Its guarantor.”

Now, while Jesus was saying this, I was taken by such fright.  I comprehended all the weight of my responsibility, and fearing strongly that I might put in danger nothing less than all the weight and Works of a Divine Will, I said:  ‘My Love, thank You for so much Goodness of yours toward me, but I feel that what You want to give me is too much.  I feel an infinite weight that crushes me, and my littleness and incapacity have neither strength nor ability.  As I fear that I might displease You, and I might be unable to embrace everything – go to some other creature, more capable, so that all this Capital of Your Supreme Will may be safer, and You may receive all the interest equivalent to such a great Capital.  I had never thought of such a great responsibility, but now that You are making me understand it, I feel my strengths fail me and I fear my weakness.’  And Jesus, clasping me to Himself to relieve me from the fear that crushed me, added:  “My daughter (Luisa), courage, do not fear.  It is your Jesus that wants to give you too much.  Am I perhaps not free to give whatever I want?  Do you perhaps want to put a limit to my complete work, which I want to entrust to you?  What would you say if My Celestial Mama had wanted to accept Me, the Eternal Word, but without His Goods and without the acts that were needed to be able to conceive Me?  Would this be true Love and true acceptance?  Certainly not.  So, would you want My Will without Its Works and without the acts that befit It?

Now, so that you may remove this fright, you (Luisa) must know that everything I have told you – that is, this Capital so great – is already in you (Luisa).  After I had you acquire the practice of giving Me the requital of the Glory and the Love of all Creation, Redemption and Sanctification, making you (Luisa) embrace everything and everyone, and having seen that the equivalent interest was coming to Me easily – only then did I want to make known to you (Luisa), with more clarity, the great Capital of My Will entrusted to you (Luisa), so that you may know the great Good you (Luisa) possess, and as you come to know it, I may sign the Deed of the Capital entrusted to you (Luisa), and also make for you (Luisa) the receipt of the interest you give Me.  If you did not know it, neither the Deed of the Capital, nor the receipt of the interest could be made.  Here is, therefore, the necessity to make it known to you (Luisa).  Besides, why do you fear to the point of wanting to send Me to another creature?  Do you not have a love within you (Luisa) that says,  ‘I love You for everyone and for everything’, and a motion that repays Me for the motion of all, and that in everything you do, embraces everyone, to give Me the acts, the prayers, the Glory and the reparations of all, as though in one single embrace?  If you already do this, why do you fear?”

At that moment, I saw other souls around me.  Jesus went to them, and checking them all, He seemed to touch them to see whether, at His Touch, the Motion of His Divine Life would come out – but nothing came out.  Then He came back to me, and taking my hand, He squeezed it tightly.  At His Touch a Light came out of me, and Jesus, all content, told me:  “This Light is the Motion of the Divine Life in you (Luisa).  I went to the other creatures, as you saw, but I did not find My Motion.  How, then, can I entrust the great Capital of My Will?  This is why I have chosen you (Luisa), and that’s enough.  Be attentive and do not fear.”


Vol. 19 – 5/23/26

“This, My daughter (Luisa), can be called your time.  All are turned toward you (Luisa); I hear the voice of all, as if it were one alone, praying Me, pressing Me, that My Will may reacquire Its absolute Divine Rights over you (Luisa), so that, acquiring Its total Dominion, It may pour into you (Luisa) all the fullness of Goods It had established to give if the creature had not withdrawn from My Will.  So, the whole of Heaven, the Celestial Mama, the Angels and Saints – all are turned toward you (Luisa) for the Triumph of My Will, because their glory in Heaven will not be complete if My Will does not have Its complete Triumph on earth.  Everything was created for the total fulfillment of the Supreme Will, and until Heaven and earth return into this circle of the Eternal Volition, they feel their works, their glory and beatitude as though halved, because, not having found Its complete fulfillment in the Creation, the Divine Will cannot give what It had established to give – that is, the fullness of Its Goods, of Its Effects, Joys and Happinesses which It contains.  This is why they are all longing; My Will Itself is all for you (Luisa) and intent on you (Luisa); It holds nothing back of Graces, of Light and whatever it takes to form in you (Luisa) the greatest of Prodigies, which is Its Fulfillment and Its total Triumph.


Vol. 19 – 6/6/26

“Now, in order to form Redemption I needed a Virgin Mother, conceived without the shadow of original sin, because, having to take on human flesh, it was decorous for Me, Eternal Word, not to take an infected blood to form my Most Holy Humanity.  Now, in order to make My Will known, so that It might Reign, I do not need to have a second mother according to the natural order, but rather, I need a second mother according to the order of Grace.  In fact, in order for My Will to Reign, I have no need of another Humanity, but to give such knowledge of It that, drawn by Its Prodigies, by Its Beauty and Sanctity, and by the immense Good that comes to them, creatures may submit with all love to Its Dominion.  Therefore, in choosing you (Luisa) for the mission of My Will, I took you (Luisa) from the common stock according to the natural order, but for the decorum of My Will I had to raise you so high according to the order of Grace, that not one infected shadow might remain in your soul, because of which My Will might feel reluctant to Reign in you (Luisa).  Just as the pure blood of the Immaculate Virgin was needed to form My Humanity, to be able to redeem man, so was the purity, the candidness, the Sanctity, the Beauty of your soul needed to form in you (Luisa) the Life of My Will.  And just as by forming My Humanity in the womb of My Mama, this Humanity gave Itself to all – it is understood, to those who want It – as means of salvation, of Light, of Sanctity; in the same way, this Life of My Will which has been formed in you (Luisa), will give Itself to all, to make Itself known and to acquire Its Dominion.

Had I wanted to free you of original sin as I did with My Celestial Mama, so that My Will might take Life in you (Luisa), no one would have given a thought to letting My Will Reign within himself.  They would have said:  ‘One needs to be a second Mother of Jesus and to have Her privileges so that the Life of the Supreme Will might Reign in us.’  On the other hand, by knowing that you (Luisa) are from their stock, conceived just like them, if they want it, helped by their own Good will they too will be able to know the Supreme Will – what they must do to let It Reign within them, the Good that comes to them, the terrestrial and Celestial happiness prepared in a distinct way for those who will let My Will Reign.  My Redemption was to serve to plant the tree of My Will which, watered with My Blood, cultivated and hoed with My sweats and unheard-of pains, fertilized with the Sacraments, first would make the tree develop, then would make the flowers bloom, and finally would make the Celestial Fruits of My Will mature.  And in order to make these precious Fruits mature, the course of My thirty-three years was not enough, nor were the creatures prepared and disposed to receive a Food so delicate, all of Heaven, which I was giving.  Therefore I contented Myself with planting the tree, leaving all possible means to make it grow, beautiful and gigantic; and at the appropriate time, as the Fruits are about to mature and so that they may be picked, I chose you (Luisa) in a way all special, to make known to you the Good it contains, and how I want to raise the creature back to her origin.  Banishing her will, the cause for which she descended from her happy state, she will eat of these precious Fruits, which will give her such taste as to remove from her all the infection of passions and of her own will, and give back the Dominion to My Will.  Embracing everything as though in one single embrace, My Will will unite everything together:  Creation, Redemption, and the Fulfillment of the Purpose for which all things were created – that is, that My Will be known, loved and done on earth as It is in Heaven.”

And I:  ‘Jesus, my Love, the more You tell me, the more I feel the weight of my littleness, and I fear that I might be an obstacle to the Kingdom of Your Will on earth.  Oh! if You and My Mama had done this directly while being on earth, Your Will would have had Its full effect.’  And Jesus, interrupting my speaking, added:  “My daughter (Luisa), Our task was perfectly accomplished – now you (Luisa) be attentive on accomplishing your own.  This is your task (Luisa); more so, since the Sovereign Queen and I are untouchable by pains, We are in the state of impassivity and of complete Glory, and therefore pains can no longer have anything to do with Us.  You (Luisa), on the contrary, have the pains as help to impetrate the Supreme Fiat, New Knowledges, New Graces; and even though I am in Heaven, I will be hidden in you (Luisa) to form the Kingdom for My Will.  My Power is always the same; while being in Heaven I can do what I would have done while being visible on earth.  When I want it, and the creature lends herself, giving all of herself prey to My Will, I invest her and make her do what I Myself should do.  Therefore be attentive, and mind your own task.”


Vol. 19 – 7/11/26

“Now, My daughter (Luisa), just as it was necessary to make known to creatures who He and She were, and how much it cost Them to form the Kingdom of Redemption, so it is necessary to make known she (Luisa) whom My Paternal Goodness has chosen, first, to form the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat within her, and then, to give rise to Its transmission to others.  Just as it was for Redemption, which was formed between Me and My Celestial Mama first, and then became known to creatures, so it will be for the Supreme Fiat.  Therefore, it is necessary to make known how much this Kingdom of My Will costs Me; that – so that man might enter once again into the Kingdom he had lost – I had to sacrifice the littlest (Luisa) of all creatures, keeping her nailed to a bed for forty years and more, without air, without the fullness of the light of the sun that everyone enjoys; how her little heart has been the refuge of My Pains and of those of creatures; how she (Luisa) has loved all, prayed for all, defended all; how many times she (Luisa) has exposed herself to the blows of Divine Justice to defend all of her brothers; and then, her intimate pains, and the very privations of Me that martyred her little heart, giving her continuous death.  In fact, since she (Luisa) has known no other Life but Mine, no other Will but Mine, all of these pains laid the foundations of the Kingdom of My Will, and, like solar rays, matured the Fruits of the Supreme Fiat.  So, it is necessary to make known how much this Kingdom cost you (Luisa) and Me, so that, from Its cost, they may know how much I yearn for them to acquire It; and from Its cost they may appreciate It, love It and aspire to enter, to Live in the Kingdom of My Supreme Will.”


Vol. 19 – 8/22/26

“My daughter (Luisa), one who is called to be the head of a mission must not only embrace all the members, but rule them, dominate them and constitute himself Life of each of them; while the members do not give Life to the head, nor do all that it does, but rather, each one does its own office.  So, one (Luisa) who is called to be the head of a mission, embracing all that is needed in order to be able to carry out the task entrusted to him, suffering more than anyone and loving everyone, prepares the food, the life, the lessons, the offices, according to the capacity of those who want to follow his mission.  That which is necessary for you (Luisa), who must form the tree with all the fullness of its branches and the multiplicity of its Fruits, will not be necessary for one who must only be branch or fruit.  Their task will be to remain incorporated in the tree, in order to receive the vital humors it contains – that is, to let themselves be dominated by My Will, never giving life to their volition in anything, either internal or external, to know My Will, and to receive It as their own Life, so as to let It carry out Its Divine Life; in sum, to let It Reign and dominate as Queen.

So, My daughter (Luisa), one (Luisa) who must be the head needs to suffer, to work, and to do, himself alone, everything that all others together will do.  This is what I did; because I was the Head of Redemption, I can say that I did everything for Love of all, to give them Life and to place them all in safety.  The Immaculate Virgin also; because She was Mother and Queen of all – how much did She not suffer?  How much did She not Love and work for all creatures?  No one can claim having reached Us, either in suffering or in loving.  At the most, they may resemble Us in part; but reaching Us – no one.  However, by having been at the Head of all, both the Sovereign Queen and I enclosed all Graces and all Goods; strength was in Our Power, Dominion was Ours, Heaven and earth obeyed Our every wish and trembled before Our Power and Sanctity.  The redeemed ones have taken Our crumbs and have eaten Our Fruits; they have been healed with Our Remedies, they have been strengthened with Our Examples, they have learned Our Lessons, they have risen again at the cost of Our Lives; and if they have been glorified, it has been by virtue of Our Glory.  But the Power is always Ours, the Living Fount of all Goods springs always from Us; so much so, that if the redeemed ones move away from Us, they lose all Goods and return to be ill and poor, more than before.  This is what it means to be head; it is true that one suffers greatly, works much, and must prepare the Good for all, but all that one possesses surpasses everything and everyone.  There is such distance between one (Luisa) who is head of a mission and one who must be a member, that the head can be compared to the sun and the member to a little Light.  This is why I have told you (Luisa) many times that your mission is great – because this is not about mere personal sanctity, but about embracing everything and everyone, and preparing the Kingdom of My Will for the human generations.”

After this, I was following the Acts in the Supreme Volition, which converted all into Light and formed a horizon of radiant Light that formed clouds of quicksilver; and wherever this Light penetrated, everything converted into Light.  It had the Power, the Strength to empty everything, filling everything with its most refulgent Light.  And Jesus added:  “My daughter (Luisa), there is nothing more penetrating than light.  It diffuses everywhere with enchanting rapidity, bringing its beneficial effects to all those who let themselves be invested by it.  The light refuses to do its good to no one, be they people, earth, water, plant or other things; its nature is to illuminate and to do good, and therefore it leaves no one behind – to all it brings its kiss of light and gives the good it contains.  My Will is more than light; It diffuses everywhere and brings the Good It contains; and the Acts done in It form the atmosphere of Gold and Silver which has the virtue of emptying all the darkness of the night of the human will, and with its beneficial Light, it brings the Kiss of the Eternal Volition, to dispose the creatures to wanting to come into the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat.  Each act of yours done in It is a New Horizon that you (Luisa) make arise for the eye of the human intellect, to make it long for the Light of the Good that My Will possesses.  My daughter (Luisa), in order to prepare this Kingdom it takes work, it takes Celestial Laws, which are Laws all of Love.  The Laws of fears, of penalties, of condemnation do not enter into It, because the Laws of Love of My Will will be friendly, filial, of reciprocal Love between Creator and creature.  Therefore fears and condemnations will have neither force nor Life; and if there will be some suffering, it will be full of Triumph and of Glory.  Therefore, be attentive, because this is about making known a Celestial Kingdom – about manifesting Its Secrets, Its Prerogatives, Its Goods, to draw souls to Love It, long for It, and to take possession of It.”


Vol. 20 – 3/19/20

“My daughter (Luisa), when I asked you (Luisa) if you would consent to Live in My Volition and you accepted, saying, ‘I say “yes”, not in My Will but in Yours, so that my “yes” may have all the Power and the Value of a “yes” from a Divine Volition,’ that ‘yes’ exists and will always exist, just as My Will will exist. Therefore, your life has ended – your will no longer has reason to live for itself. This is why I told you (Luisa) that, since all creatures are in My Will, you (Luisa) come in the name of the whole human family, to place at the foot of My Throne, in a Divine Way, the thoughts of all in your mind (Luisa), in order to give Me the Glory of each thought; in your gaze (Luisa), in your word (Luisa), in your action (Luisa), in the food you (Luisa) take, and even in your sleep (Luisa), those of all. Your life must embrace everything. Don’t you see that sometimes, when you are oppressed by the weight of My privation, and something escapes you of what you do, and you do not unite all the human family together, I reprimand you? And if you don’t listen to Me – afflicted, I tell you (Luisa): ‘If you do not want to follow Me, I will do it by Myself.’ Life in My Will is to Live without one’s own life, without personal reflections – it is the Life that embraces all Lives together. Be attentive in this, and do not fear.”


Vol. 20 – 10/12/26

“Firstborn daughter of My Will (Luisa), why are you so oppressed?  If you think of your great fortune, your oppression will depart from you.  Do you know what firstborn daughter of My Will means?  It means first daughter in the Love of Our Celestial Father, and first among all to be loved.  It means first daughter of Grace, of Light, first daughter of Glory, first daughter possessor of the riches of her Divine Father, first daughter of Creation.  As firstborn daughter of the Supreme Will, she (Luisa) contains all the bonds, all the relations, all the rights that befit a firstborn daughter—bonds of daughtership, relations of communication to all the dispositions of her Celestial Father, rights of possession of all His Goods.

“But all this is not all.  Do you know what first daughter delivered by My Will means?  It means not only to be first in the Love and in all the things of her Creator, but to enclose within herself all the love and all the goods of the other children.  So, if the others will possess each one his own part, she (Luisa), as the firstborn, will possess, all together, the goods of the others.  And this, by right and with justice, because, as firstborn (Luisa), to her did My Will entrust everything—gave everything, therefore in her (Luisa) is the origin of all things, the cause for which Creation was created, the Purpose for which the Divine Action and Love entered the field.  She (Luisa) who was to be the firstborn daughter of Our Will was the primary cause of all the Works of a God; therefore, as a consequence, from her (Luisa) derive all Goods—from her (Luisa) do they come, to her (Luisa) do they return.  See, then, how fortunate you (Luisa) are; you cannot fully comprehend what it means to have Primacy in Love and in all the things of your Creator.”


Vol. 20 – 10/26/26

“My Love, I want to annihilate my will in Yours, that it may never have life, so that Your Will may have Life in everything and forever, in order to repair for the first act that Adam did, and return to Your Supreme Volition all the Glory as if Adam had never withdrawn from It.  Oh! how I wish to give back to him the honor he lost because he did his own will and rejected Yours.

“And I intend to do this act for as many times as all creatures have done their own will—the cause of all evils, and have rejected Yours—the Origin and Fount of all Goods.  Therefore I pray You that the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat may come soon, so that everyone, from Adam up to all the creatures who have done their own will, may receive the honor and the glory that they lost, and Your Will may receive Triumph, Glory and Its Fulfillment.”

Now, while I was saying this, my highest Good, Jesus, was moved and touched, and making my first father Adam present to me, let him himself tell me, with emphasis of love, all special:  “Blessed daughter (Luisa), finally my Lord God, after so many centuries, has delivered to the Light of the day she (Luisa) who was to think about giving me back the honor and the glory that I lost, alas, by doing my will.  How I feel my happiness redoubled.

“Until now, no one has ever thought of giving me back that honor that I lost.  Therefore I thank God profoundly for having delivered you (Luisa) to the Light, and I thank you (Luisa), the daughter dearest to me, for taking on the commitment of giving back to God the Glory as if His Will had never been offended by me, and to me the great honor that the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat be established once again in the midst of the human generations.  It is right that I give you (Luisa) the place that had been destined to me, as the first creature that came out of the Hands of our Creator.”

After this, my lovable Jesus, clasping me to Himself, told me:  “My daughter (Luisa), not only Adam, but the whole of Heaven awaits your acts in My Will, in order to receive the honor that their human will has taken away from them.  You must know that I have placed more Grace in you (Luisa) than I placed in Adam, so that My Will might possess you (Luisa) and dominate you (Luisa) with Triumph, and yours might feel honored never to have Life, and to give the place to My Will.  In him I did not place My Humanity as his help and strength, and as cortege of My Will, because I did not have It then.  But I have placed It in you (Luisa), to provide you (Luisa) with all the necessary helps so that your will might remain at its place, and Mine might Reign and, together with you (Luisa), might follow your rounds in My Eternal Volition in order to establish Its Kingdom.”


Vol. 20 – 11/27/26

“My daughter (Luisa), when one has a special mission, this person is called mother, or father.  Whoever originates from this fulfilled mission can be called daughter of this mother.  True mother means to carry the birth from oneself within one’s womb, to form it with one’s own blood, to bear pains, sacrifices, and if needed, to expose one’s own life in order to give life to the birth from one’s womb.  And when this birth has matured in one’s womb and has come out to the light, then, with justice, by right and with reason, this birth is called son, and she who generated him, mother.  Therefore, in order to be mother, it is necessary to first form all the members in one’s own interior—to generate them in one’s own blood, and the acts of these children must be generated from the very heart of their mother.

“Now, My daughter (Luisa), in order to be daughter of My Will, you (Luisa) have been generated in It; in It you (Luisa) have been formed, and, in forming you (Luisa), the Light, the Love of My Will, more than blood, has grafted in you (Luisa) Its Ways, Its Attitude, Its Operating, making you (Luisa) embrace everyone and everything.  This is so true that, you (Luisa) being a birth from It, It calls you (Luisa) now ‘newborn of My Will,’ now Its “little daughter.’  Now, only one who has been generated by It can generate the children of My Will; therefore, you (Luisa) will be the mother of the generation of Its children.”

And I:  “My Jesus, what are You saying?  I am not Good at being daughter—how can I be mother?”

And Jesus:  “Yet, from you (Luisa) must come the generation of these children.  What mother has suffered so much?  Who has been confined in a bed for forty years and more, for the love of forming a birth from herself, and of giving birth to the generation of her children?  No one.  What mother, as Good as she might be, has sacrificed her whole entire existence to the point of enclosing within herself the thoughts, the heartbeats, the Works, so that everything might be reordered in the birth that she carried, wanting to give Life to it—not once, but as many times for as many acts as her child does?  No one.

“Do you (Luisa) yourself not feel within yourself the generations of these children, by following their thoughts, words, works, steps, to reorder them all in My Will?  Do you (Luisa) not feel yourself wanting to give Life to each one, as long as they know My Will and be regenerated in It?  Everything that you (Luisa) do in your interior, and that you suffer, is nothing other than the formation and the maturation of this birth, all of Heaven.  This is why I have told you (Luisa) many times:  your mission is great, there is no one who can equal it, and highest attention is needed.”

Then, I was feeling oppressed because it had been written to me that Reverend Father Di Francia was having the memories of my childhood printed, as well as everything that follows; and in my sorrow I was saying to my beloved Jesus:  “My Love, look a bit at what they are doing to me—from making known what You have told me about the virtues and about Your adorable Will, they are now putting what regards myself.  At the most, they should be doing this after my death—not now.  Only for me there was this confusion and this highest sorrow; for the others—no.  Ah! Jesus, give me the strength to do Your Holy Will also in this.”

And Jesus, clasping me in His Arms to give me Strength, all Goodness, told me:  “My daughter (Luisa), do not afflict yourself so much.  You must know that the other sanctities are small lights that are formed in the soul, and these lights are subject to growing, to decreasing, and even to becoming extinguished; therefore, it is not right to put it in print while one is still living in time, before the light is no longer subject to becoming extinguished by passing on to the next Life.  What impression would one make, if it became known that this light no longer exists?

“On the other hand, the Sanctity of Living in My Will is not light, but Sun; therefore it is not subject either to becoming poor in light, or to becoming extinguished.  Who can ever touch the sun?  Who can take a single drop of light away from it?  No one.  Who can extinguish one atom of its heat?  Who can make it descend even by one thousandth below its place, from the height at which it reigns and dominates the whole earth?  No one.  If there were not the Sun of My Supreme Fiat, I would not have allowed them[1] to be printed.  But, rather, I hasten, because the good that a sun can do cannot be done by a light.

“In fact, the good of a light is too limited, and neither is it a great good if it is displayed, nor a great harm if it is not permitted to rise.  On the other hand, the good of the sun embraces everything, it does good to all, and not letting it rise as early as possible is a great harm; and it is a great good to let it rise even one day earlier.  Who can tell of the good that a sunny day can produce?  Much more so with the Sun of My Eternal Will.  So, the greater the delay, the more sunny days are taken away from creatures, and the more days are taken away from the Sun, constraining Its Rays within Our Celestial Fatherland.”

But in spite of all the saying of Jesus, my oppression continued and my poor mind was made gloomy by the thought that my poor insignificant existence—that deserved to be buried without anyone noticing that I had been on earth—was to be placed under the eyes and in the hands of who knows how many.  My God, my God—what sorrow!

But while I was thinking of this, my lovable Jesus made Himself seen in my interior, lying flat, as if His Holy Humanity were acting as foundation in my poor and little soul.  And resuming His speaking, He said to me:  “My daughter (Luisa), do not become distracted.  Don’t you see that the Foundation of the Kingdom of the Eternal Fiat in you (Luisa) is formed by My Steps, by My Works, by My Heart palpitating with Love, for the Honor of My Will, by My ardent Sighs, and by the burning Tears of My Eyes?

“All of My Life lies within you (Luisa) to form the Foundation; therefore it is not befitting that your little work over this Foundation so solid and so holy, be done with distraction, or that your rounds in the Supreme Volition be done as shaded.  No, no, My daughter (Luisa), I do not want this in you.  Do not fear, you (Luisa) will remain buried in the Sun of My Will.  Who, more than It, will be able to eclipse you (Luisa), in such a way that no one may notice you?  The Sun of the Supreme Fiat will have great care, so that, as the little lamp of your soul is surrounded by Its Rays, the Sun may appear in it, while keeping the lamp hidden within Itself.

“Therefore, remain at peace, if you want to make your Jesus content; abandon everything in Me, and I will take care of everything.”


Vol. 21 – 3/16/27

“Now, so that these re-tyings that My Humanity formed between the Kingdom of My Will and creatures might have validity, life and recognition, it was necessary that I choose one creature (Luisa) who, being entrusted with the special office of making known this Kingdom of My Will, would bind to herself all these re-tyings that My Will had formed with My Humanity, receiving the Power to transmit these re-tyings of My Kingdom to the other creatures.  This is why I remain in the depth of your soul (Luisa), maintaining the Life of My Supreme Fiat—to bind these re-tyings and to lay Its Kingdom in them; and I speak to you (Luisa) so much about It, as I have not done with anyone else until now.  Therefore, be attentive, because this is about the greatest thing:  to restore the order of Creation between the Creator and the creature.

“Not only this, but it was necessary that I first choose one creature (Luisa) who would Live in the Divine Fiat, in order to receive from her universal acts, because My Will is Universal—It is present everywhere, there is no creature that does not receive Its Life.  By withdrawing from My Will, man rejected a Universal Good; he took away from God the Universal Glory, Adoration and Love.  Now, in order to give back this Kingdom, these Universal Goods, first He wants, by right, a creature (Luisa) to whom, as she (Luisa) Lives in this Fiat, He may communicate this Universal Act; and as she (Luisa) loves, adores, glorifies, prays, she may constitute herself, together with His very Will, Universal Love for all, Adoration and Glory for each creature; and diffusing her prayer as if each one were praying, she (Luisa) Prays in a Universal Way that the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat may come into the midst of creatures.

“When a Good is Universal, Universal Acts are needed in order to obtain it, and only in My Will are there these Acts.  As you (Luisa) Love in It, your Love extends wherever My Will is; and My Will feels your Love in every place, It feels Itself followed everywhere, therefore It feels in you (Luisa) the original Love, just as It had established for the creature to Love It in the beginning of Creation.  It feels Its own Echo in your Love, that does not know how to Love with little and finite love, but with Infinite and Universal Love; It feels the first Love of Adam before he sinned, when he did nothing but repeat the Echo of the Will of His Creator; and It feels as though drawn by these Universal Acts that follow It everywhere, to come to Reign again in the midst of creatures.

“This is why I have chosen you (Luisa), My daughter—and from their same stock:  not only to manifest to you the Knowledges, the Goods, the Prodigies of this Fiat, but so that, by Living in It, with your Universal Acts, you (Luisa) might incline My Will to come to Reign again in the midst of creatures, as in the beginning of Creation.  Therefore, to you (Luisa) it is given to unite everyone, to embrace everyone—so that, finding everyone and everything in you (Luisa), just as everything is found in My Will, you (Luisa) may place harmony among them, they may exchange the Kiss of Peace, and My Kingdom will be restored in the midst of creatures.  Here, then, the necessity of the Knowledges, of the Wonders of My Divine Fiat:  to dispose the creatures, to attract them to desire, to want—to long for this Kingdom and the Goods that are in It; as well as the necessity that I first choose one creature (Luisa), who, by Living in My Will, with her Universal Acts that My Will Itself administers to her, which are Divine Acts, may impetrate the Kingdom of My Fiat for creatures.


Vol. 21 – 3/19/27

“My daughter (Luisa), one who has been given a mission, and has only just started it, or has not completed the carrying out of his mission, and in the middle of it I take him to Heaven with Me, will continue his mission from up there, because he will carry in the depth of his soul the deposit of the Good, of the Knowledges, that he has acquired in life.  And, in Heaven, he will comprehend them with more clarity; and in comprehending the great Good of these Knowledges about the Supreme Fiat, he will pray, and will make all Heaven pray, that they be known upon earth; and will impetrate more clear Light for those who will have to occupy themselves with them.

“More so, since each Knowledge about My Will will bring him one more glory, a greater happiness; and as they become known upon earth, his glory and happiness will be redoubled, because this will be the fulfillment of his mission, the carrying out of which he had in his will; and it is right that he receive the fruit of his mission, as it is carried out on earth.  This is why I would tell him to hurry, and I urged him so much not to lose time—because I wanted him not only to start, but to advance a great deal in the publication of the Knowledges about the Eternal Fiat, so that he would not do everything from Heaven.  On the other hand, one who has completed his mission on earth can say:  ‘My mission is finished.’  But one who has not completed it must continue it from Heaven.

“As for you (Luisa), then, your mission is extremely long, nor will you be able to complete it on earth.  Until all the Knowledges are known and the Kingdom of the Divine Will is established upon earth, your mission can never be called finished.  In Heaven you (Luisa) will have much to do; My Will, that has kept you (Luisa) occupied on earth for Its Kingdom, will not let you be without working together with It in Heaven—It will keep you (Luisa) always in Its company.  So, you (Luisa) will do nothing but descend and ascend from Heaven to earth, in order to help and to establish My Kingdom with decorum, honor and Glory.

“And this will be for you (Luisa)of great delight, happiness and highest glory—to see your littleness that, united with My Will, has transported Heaven onto earth, and the earth into Heaven.  Greater contentment you could not receive.  More so, since you (Luisa) will see the Glory of your Creator completed on the part of creatures, the order re-established, the whole Creation with Its full splendor, and man, Our dear jewel, in his place of honor.  What will be Our highest Contentment, highest Glory and Happiness without end—as well as yours—in seeing the Purpose of Creation fulfilled?  To you (Luisa), then, We will give the name of Redemptrix of Our Will, constituting you (Luisa) mother of all the children of Our Fiat.  Aren’t you happy?”


Vol. 22 – 6/20/27

“As the soul (Luisa) enters into My Will, she enters into the midst of Our Acts and continues to love with Our Love and to adore with Our Adoration; and she remains bound to Our reciprocal Love, to Our Will, that has the virtue of being unceasing in Its Acts, and everything that others may do, is nothing other than the continuation of the Act done in My Divine Will.  The Acts done in It have perennial and continual Life.  Therefore, your love (Luisa) in the last times will be in nothing dissimilar to that of today; and if others love, they will love in and with your love (Luisa), because it will be first act, having its origin in God.

“Therefore, from the Celestial Fatherland you (Luisa) will love in time and in Eternity; My Will will keep your love jealously just as It keeps Its own, and wherever It extends and has Its Life, It will make you (Luisa) love and adore everywhere.  For one (Luisa) who Lives in My Will, all of her acts have all the Divine Acts, Our very way of operating, as their beginning and end.  So, the soul (Luisa) does nothing but follow what God does.

“The Sovereign Queen, who Lived perfect Life in the Royal Palace of Our Will, had no other love, no other adoration but Our own.  All of Her Acts can be seen as so fused in Ours, that what in Our Acts is nature, in Her is Grace; and since Her Acts did not have their origin in Her will, but in Ours, by right She has Primacy over all the acts of creatures.  Therefore, if you (Luisa) love, the Celestial Queen has Primacy over your love, and you follow Her Love just as you (Luisa) follow Ours, and the Great Lady and We continue to Love in your love; and so with anything that you (Luisa) may do in Our Will.

“So, when you (Luisa) come to the Celestial Fatherland, your love will not depart from the earth, but will continue to love in each creature.  Therefore, even from now, My Divine Fiat makes you (Luisa) extend your love to the past, to the present and to the future, to give you (Luisa) the right that your love may extend everywhere and to all times, and it may never cease to love.  Here is the great difference between one who Lives in My Will and one who lives outside of It.”


Vol. 23 – 12/22/27

 “Moreover, you must know that all the Knowledges and manifestations that I give you (Luisa) about My Will, and that you write on paper, do not depart from you (Luisa), but remain centralized in you (Luisa) like rays inside their sphere.  And this Sphere is My very Divine Will Reigning in you, that delights with great Love in adding ever New Rays that It makes with Its Knowledges in this Sphere, so that creatures may find enough Light to know It, and enrapturing attractions to Love It.  All the Rays to form the Kingdom of the Divine Will will be enclosed in this Sphere; and all the Rays, starting from within one single Sphere, will have one single Purpose:  to form My Kingdom.

“However, each Ray will have a distinct Office; one Ray will enclose the Sanctity of My Divine Fiat and will bring Sanctity; another, Happiness and Joy, and will invest those who want to Live in It with Happiness and Joy; another Ray will enclose Peace and will consolidate all in the Peace; another, Strength; another, Light and Heat; and the children of My Kingdom will be Strong, will have Light to do Good and to flee from evil, and ardent Love to Love what they possess.  And so with all the other Rays that will start from within this Sphere.

“Now, all the children of My Will will be invested by these Rays, they will move around them; even more, each Ray will feed their souls, and they will suckle from them the Life of My Fiat.  So, what will be your Happiness (Luisa) in seeing all the Good, the Happiness, the Sanctity, the Peace and everything else, descend into the midst of the children of My Kingdom from inside your Sphere, by virtue of these Rays?  And then, the complete Glory that these creatures will give to their Creator for having known the Kingdom of My Will, ascend again within those very Rays?  There is no Good that will not descend through you (Luisa), by virtue of the Sphere of My Will placed in you (Luisa), nor Glory that will not ascend again along the same way.

“When I choose a creature for a mission that must bring Universal Good into the midst of the human family, first I fix and enclose all the Goods in the chosen one (Luisa), who must contain all the superabundant Good that others must receive, who, perhaps, will not even take everything that the chosen creature encloses.  This happened in the Immaculate Queen, who was chosen to be the Mother of the Eternal Word, and therefore the Mother of all redeemed ones.  Everything that they were to do, and all the Good they were to receive, was enclosed and fixed inside the Sovereign Queen of Heaven, as though inside a sun’s sphere, in such a way that all the redeemed ones move around the Sun of the Celestial Mama; in such a way that She, more than most tender mother, does nothing but feed Her Rays to Her children, to nourish them with Her Light, with Her Sanctity, with Her Maternal Love.  But how many of the Rays that She spreads have not been taken by creatures, because, ungrateful, they do not all draw around this Celestial Mother?

“So, one who is chosen must possess more than what all others together should possess.  Just as all find Light in the sun, in such a way that all creatures do not take the whole expanse of its light and the intensity of its heat, so it happened with My Mama:  the Goods that She contains are such and so many that, more than sun, She spreads the beneficial effects of Her vital and vivifying Rays.  And so it will be for the one (Luisa) who has been chosen for the Kingdom of My Will.  See then, how the sacrifice of writing will be repaid to you:  first, the Good of the Ray of that Knowledge is fixed in you (Luisa); and then, you will see that Good descend through you (Luisa) into the midst of creatures, and, in return, the Glory of the Good that they will do, ascend again within that same Light.  How happy you will be in Heaven, and will thank Me for the sacrifices I had you (Luisa) make!

“My daughter (Luisa), when a work is great, Universal, and encloses many Goods that all can enjoy, greater sacrifices are needed, and the one who is chosen to be the first must be disposed to give and sacrifice her Life as many times for as many Goods as she encloses, in order to give, together with those Goods, her very Life for the Good of her other brothers.  Did I not do the same in Redemption?  Don’t you perhaps want to imitate Me?”

After this, I continued my round in the Creation in order to follow the Acts of the Divine Will present in It; and my Beloved Jesus added:  “My daughter (Luisa), before man was created, first I wanted to create the whole Creation, which was to serve as mirror for man; and as he would reflect himself in It, It was to serve him so that he might copy within himself the Works of his Creator.  The copy of all Creation that he was to make within himself was to be such and so great, that all the reflections of It were to be seen in man, like a mirror, and all the reflections of him in the Creation.  So, they were to reflect themselves in each other.

“God loved man more than the whole Creation, and this is why first He wanted to form for him the Mirror of His Works, so that, reflecting himself in it, he was to copy the Order, the Harmony, the Light, the Firmness of the Works of He who had created Him.  But, ungrateful, man does not look at this Mirror in order to copy it, and this is why he is disordered, his works are without Harmony, clashing, like one who wants to play without learning music—instead of giving pleasure to those who listen to him, he causes bother and discontentment.  The good he does is without Light and Heat, and therefore without Life, and inconstant at each blowing of the wind.

“This is why I call one (Luisa) who must Live in My Divine Will to reflect herself in the Creation, so that, moving around within It, she may find the stairs in order to ascend in the order of My Will.”


Vol. 24 – 7/23/28

“My daughter (Luisa), the soul (Luisa) in whom My Will is present is the luminous point in the world.  Just as a sun can be seen under the vault of the heavens, that invests the earth with its rays, and penetrating everywhere with its life of light, embellishes, colors, fecundates the whole earth, so can another sun, more beautiful, more refulgent, be seen in that point of the world—that is, in the soul (Luisa) in whom My Divine Will Reigns—and its Rays extend and expand so much as to embrace everything and everyone.

“How beautiful it is to see from Heaven these luminous points in the depth of the earth.  It no longer seems earth—but Heaven, because there is the Sun of My Fiat.  Its Rays embellish, fecundate and scatter such variety of Divine Colors as to communicate the varieties of Beauties of the Creator with Its Life of Light.  Wherever these luminous points are present, the current of evil is stopped; My Justice Itself feels disarmed by the Strength of this Light, and changes the scourges into Grace.  These points are the smile of the earth; their Light is herald and bearer of Peace, of Beauty, of Sanctity, of Life that never dies.

“They can be called the fortunate points of the earth, because in their midst there is the Light that never dims, the Life that always rises; while where these luminous points are not present, the earth is obscure, and if any good is done, it is like those little lights that have no rays, because the source of the light is missing in that good, and therefore it has no strength nor virtue to extend and to expand.  And since the source is missing, they are subject to becoming extinguished, and the earth remains obscured, as though buried in thick darkness, because the human will is herald and bearer of evils, of disturbances, of disorder, and the like.

“So, the soul in whom My Will does not Reign puffs out darkness, shadow and restlessness, and if she does any good, it is a good invested with fog.  Her air is always unhealthy, her fruits unripe, her beauty discolored.

“All the opposite for the soul in whom My Will Reigns:  she (Luisa) is the true queen that dominates everything, she gives Peace to all, does Good to all and is well-liked by all; and while she does Good to all, she has need of no one, because the source of My Will that she possesses makes all Goods arise within her.”

Then, I was continuing my round in the Divine Volition to bring all created things to my Creator—heavens, sun and everything—as profound adoration to my God, and to be able to say to Him:  “Heavens, stars, sun, sea You gave me, and I give You everything back as the requital of my love.”

But while I was thinking of this, my sweet Jesus told me:  “My daughter (Luisa), ah! yes, I created everything for you (Luisa) and I gave you (Luisa) everything; for each thing I created, first I thought of giving it to you as Gift, and then I put it out.  I gave you (Luisa) so many of these Gifts, that you have no place to keep them; and My Love, in order not to keep you hampered, gave you (Luisa) the space in which to keep them, in such a way that, while you enjoy now one thing, now another as you please, you (Luisa) are not cluttered up, because each thing has its place to remain at your disposal.

“Now, if you knew Our contentment when We see Our little daughter take her fight in Our Will to bring to Us heavens, stars, sun and everything else, to requite Us with the very Gifts that We gave to her….  We feel Our own Glory, Our Love, the repetition of Our Works; and knowing that if she had the Power to make them she would make them for Us, in order to always excel in Our Love toward one (Luisa) who Lives in Our Fiat, We give her the merit as if the creature had made the heavens for love of Us, the sun, the sea, the wind—in sum, everything.  We requite her as if she were maintaining the whole Creation to give Us Glory and to tell Us that she loves Us.

“My Will loves so much one (Luisa) who Lives in It, that there is nothing It has done or can do in which It does not say to the soul:  ‘Let us do it together’; so as to be able to say:  ‘What I have done for love of her, she (Luisa) has done for love of Me.’”


Vol. 25 – 10/28/28

“Now, so that the Kingdom of Our Divine Will may Reign in the midst of creatures, it is necessary that the creature absorb into herself all of these Acts of the Divinity done for Love of them—and absorb them so much into herself, as to enclose within herself everything that My Fiat possesses, interiorizing them and consummating them within herself.  So, My Divine Will, consummated within the creature, will make this whole Divine army reenter into her.  All of Our Acts that came out of Us for Love of them, in Creation, Redemption and Sanctification, will reenter into creatures, and My Divine Will, reentered and consummated within them, will feel Triumphant and will Reign, dominant, together with Our Divine army.

“This is why I do nothing but make you (Luisa) sip, continuously, everything that was done by Us and that is done in Creation, Redemption and Sanctification—so as to be able to say once again, as I did on the Cross:  ‘I have consummated everything—I have nothing left to do in order to redeem man.’

“So shall My Will repeat:  ‘I have consummated it in this creature (Luisa), in a way that all Our Acts have been enclosed in her—I have nothing left to add.  I have consummated everything, so that man might be restored and the Kingdom of My Divine Will may have Its Life and Its Regime on earth as It does in Heaven.’

“Oh! if you (Luisa) knew how many Works I am doing in the depth of your soul in order to form this first Kingdom to My Divine Will….  In fact, once I have done the first, from one creature It will pass on to the next, in such a way that My Kingdom will be populated more than all others.  Therefore, My Love in forming this Kingdom of Mine is so great, that in the soul (Luisa) in whom My Divine Volition must Reign, I want to enclose everything that I Myself did in Redemption, what the Sovereign Queen did, adding what all the Saints have done and do.  Nothing must be lacking in her of all Our Works; and in order to do this, I put the whole of Our Power, Wisdom and Love in motion.”


Vol. 25 – 11/14/28

After this, my lovable Jesus made Himself seen as a tiny little Child, who, throwing His Arms around my neck, told me:  “My Mama, My Mama….  One (Luisa) who does My Divine Will becomes mother; My Divine Fiat embellishes her for Me, transforms her, and renders her fecund, in such a way as to give her all the Qualities in order to be a true mother.  And I keep forming this mother with the reflections of the Sun of My Divine Volition, and I Glory and take so much pleasure in calling her My Mama, My Mama….  And not only do I choose her (Luisa) as My mother, but I call many more tiny little ones and give to them My mother as their mother.”

And while He was saying this, He showed me many little boys and girls around me; and the child Jesus said to them:  “This is My mother and your mama.”

The little ones made feast and drew all around me together with Jesus; and Jesus added:  “These little ones you see are no other than the first cohort of the children of My Divine Volition.  In It, all will be little, because My Divine Will has the virtue of preserving them fresh and beautiful, just as they came out of Our Creative Hands.  And since It called your littleness (Luisa) to Live in It, it is right that, as the first one, you (Luisa) be the tiny little mama of the tiny little children.”


Vol. 26 – 5/9/29

I had read in the first volume of my writings how Our Lord had told me that He wanted me to accept going into battle against the infernal enemy, in the hard trials to which I submitted myself.  So I was thinking to myself:  “It seems to me that there is contradiction, because Jesus has told me many times that one who Lives in His Divine Will is not subject to either temptations or disturbances; nor does the enemy have the Power to enter into the Divine Fiat, because It would burn him more than the very fire of hell, and in order not to be burned more, he runs away from the soul who Lives in It.’

Now, while I was thinking about this and many other things, my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me:  “My daughter (Luisa), you are wrong, nor are there contradictions.  You must know that, since I was to call you (Luisa) in a way all special to Live in My Divine Will, to make It known to you (Luisa) and, through you (Luisa), make known to others the Sanctity of Living in It, so that It might Reign on earth, it was necessary that I centralize in you (Luisa) the whole of the human Sanctity, in order to consummate it in you (Luisa) and to give rise to the true Sanctity of the Living in My Divine Volition.

“Sanctity in the human order was to be the footstool, the throne, of the Sanctity in the order of My Divine Will.  And this is why, from the very beginning, when I called you (Luisa) to the state of victim and to all that you suffered during that time, first I would tell you, to ask you whether you would accept, and after you had accepted, then I would put you in that state of pain.  From you (Luisa) I wanted voluntary suffering, not forced, because it was your will that I wanted to make die and, over your will, almost like a little flame that is extinguished, ignite the great Fire of the Sun of My Fiat.

“Voluntary suffering is something great before Our Supreme Majesty, and therefore, over the death of your will, drowned with pains, My Will could have Dominion and could dispose you to receive the greater Good of Its Knowledges.  Was it not My suffering, all voluntary—no one could impose himself on Me—that formed the great Good of Redemption?  So, everything you (Luisa) suffered at that time was nothing other than the completion of the Order of Sanctity in the human way; and this is why I told you almost nothing about the Sanctity of Living in My Divine Will—I wanted to complete one in order to start the other.

“And when I saw that you (Luisa) denied Me nothing of what I wanted, even at the cost of your Life, and as you would deny Me nothing, your will would lose the way and would find itself in the continuous act of dying, My Will made Its way and reacquired Its Life in you (Luisa); and as It kept reacquiring Its Life, so It kept revealing Itself, telling you Its long story, Its sorrow, and how It yearns to come to Reign in the midst of creatures.  My word is Life, and as I kept speaking to you about My Fiat, more than tender father, so I kept forming Its Life in you (Luisa).  In fact, you could never have understood what regarded My Will, had you not had Its Life in you (Luisa), because it is what forms one’s Life that one has true interest in comprehending and defending; what does not form one’s Life enters into the secondary order, not the primary, and one does not feel the true love that one can have for one’s own Life.  So, to the very Life of My Fiat, formed in you (Luisa), I could entrust all of Its Knowledges, to be able to form as many other Lives of It in the creatures.


Vol. 27 – January 30, 1930

“My daughter (Luisa), there is much analogy between the way in which Redemption unfolded and the way in which the Kingdom of My Divine Will will unfold.  See, in My Redemption I chose a Virgin; in appearance She had no importance according to the world, either of riches, or of height of dignity or positions that would indicate Her; the very city of Nazareth was not important—a tiny little house was Her whole abode.  But even though I chose Her from Nazareth, I wanted for it to belong to the Capital city, Jerusalem, in which there was the body of the Pontiffs and Priests who then represented Me and announced My Laws.  For the Kingdom of My Divine Will I have chosen another virgin (Luisa) who, in appearance, has no importance, either of great riches or of height of dignity; the very city of Corato is not an important city, but it belongs to Rome, in which resides My representative on earth, the Roman Pontiff, from whom come My Divine Laws; and just as he makes it his duty to make My Redemption known to the peoples, so will he make it his duty to make known the Kingdom of My Divine Will.  It can be said that one and the other will proceed in the same way and manner, as the Kingdom of My Supreme Fiat must unfold.”


Vol. 29 – 4/4/31

And Jesus, assuming a sweeter appearance, took my poor soul in His Hands, and in the depth of it He wrote:  “I place My Divine Will in this creature (Luisa), as origin, means and end.”  And then He repeated:  “My daughter (Luisa), I place My Divine Will in your soul as origin of Life, from which all your acts will descend, as though from one single point; and diffusing in all your being, in the soul and in the body, they will make you (Luisa) feel the palpitating Life of My Divine Will in you, that will hide within Itself, as though inside a sacrarium, all your acts as continuation from Its Divine Origin.  Now, by having My Divine Will as origin, you (Luisa) will remain fully ordered in your Creator, and will recognize that every origin comes from God, and will give Us the Glory and the requital of love of all created things, which have come out of Our Creative Hands.  By doing this, you will embrace the work of Creation, of which We were the origin, the Life and the preservation.

“From the origin you (Luisa) will pass to the means.  You must know that man, by withdrawing from Our Divine Will, denied the origin and disordered himself; and he remained vacillating, without support, without strength.  At each step, He felt himself pushed to fall, as though feeling the ground missing under his feet, and Heaven, over his head, in act unloading Itself upon him in a fierce storm.  Now, a means was needed in order to firm up the earth and make Heaven smile—and here is My coming upon earth, as means to reunite Heaven and earth, God and man.  So, to one (Luisa) who has My Divine Will as origin, the means is revealed, and she will embrace the whole work of Redemption, and will give Me the requital of the Love and the Glory of all the pains that I suffered in order to redeem man.  Now, if there is the origin and the means, there must be the end.  The end of man is Heaven, and for one (Luisa) who has My Divine Will as origin, all of her acts flow into Heaven, as the end that her soul must reach, and as the origin of her beatitude that will have no end.  And if you have My Divine Will as end, you will give Me the Glory and the requital of the love for having prepared a Celestial Fatherland for creatures, as their happy dwelling.  Therefore, be attentive, My daughter (Luisa), and I seal in your soul My Divine Will as origin, means and end, that will be for you Life, the safe guide, the support, and will lead you (Luisa) in Its Arms to the Celestial Fatherland.”


Vol. 30 – January 3, 1932

“And then, when We have the great Glory of forming this Kingdom inside one creature alone, she (Luisa) will be like sun, such that all have the right to enjoy and possess its Light.  More than sun, she will give to all creatures the right to possess a Kingdom so holy; and We, with infinite Wisdom, will abound with Graces, with Light, with Helps, with surprising Means, so that they may let the Kingdom of My Will Reign in their midst.


Vol. 30 – January 24, 1932

“See, therefore, the necessity of your acts in My Will in order to form a long stairway that must touch Heaven in a way as to use violence with Its own Divine Strength so that My Fiat descends upon the earth and forms Its Kingdom there, making the first people found on this stairway—the ones who receive It and lend themselves to letting It Reign in their midst.  Without the stairway, one cannot climb, therefore it is necessary that one creature (Luisa) make it in order to give the field of letting the others climb.  And in order to make it that this one would lend herself, We must give her the office of mother who, loving creatures as her children given to her by My Divine Will, accepts the Mandate and does not spare herself either fatigues, or sacrifices, and, if necessary, even Life itself, for love of these children.

“More so, because in giving her the office of mother, My Divine Will endowed the soul with maternal love, and makes her feel these children in her own heart.  And It gives her Divine and human tenderness in order to conquer God and the creature, and unite them together so as to make him do His Divine Will.  There is no greater honor that We can give to the creature than maternity.  She (Luisa) is bearer of generations, and We give her the Grace of forming Our Chosen People.  And although maternity says sorrow, yet she will feel Joy all Divine in seeing the children of My Will come forth from within the sorrow.  Therefore always repeat your acts, and do not withdraw.  Withdrawing is for the cowardly, the lazy, the inconstant, not for the strong, much less for the children of My Will.”


Vol. 30 – 4/30/32

“Now, one who disposes herself to doing Our Volition, prepares the place, the decency, the nobility for where to be able to put this Gift so Great and Infinite.  Our Knowledges on the Fiat will help and prepare her in a surprising way to receive this Gift, and what has not been obtained up till today, they will be able to obtain tomorrow.  Therefore, I am doing as a king would, who would want to elevate a family with bonds of kinship with his royal family.  In order to do this, first he takes one member of them.  He keeps her in his royal palace, he raises her, he eats together with her, accustoms her with his noble ways, entrusts his secrets to her, and, in order to make her worthy of himself, he lets her Live of his will.  And in order to be more secure and in order to not let her descend into the baseness of her family, he makes her the Gift of his volition, so that she could hold it in her Power.

“What the king can not do, I can do, Bilocating My Will in order to make a Gift of It to the creature.  So the king has his eyes fixed on her; he always goes embellishing her, dressing her with precious and beautiful clothes in a way that he feels himself enamored.  And not being able to endure it any longer, binds her to himself with the lasting bond of marriage, in a way that one becomes Gift of the other.  With this, both parts have the right to Reign; and that family acquires the bond of kinship with the king, and the king, for love of she who has given herself to him, and because he has given himself to her, calls that family to Live in his royal palace, giving them the same Gift that he gave to her whom he loves so much.

“So have We done.  First We have called one (Luisa) from the human family to Live in the Royal Palace of Our Volition.  Little by little We made her the Gift of Its Knowledges, of Its most Intimate Secrets.  In doing this We experienced Indescribable Contentments and Joys, and We felt how sweet and dear it is to let the creature Live in Our Volition.  And Our Love pushed Us, rather It used violence on Us, to make her the Gift of Our Omnipotent Fiat. Even more, because she had made the Gift of hers to Us, she was already in Our Power, and Our Divine Will could be secure and at Its Place of Honor in the creature.  Now, after We had made the Gift of Our Fiat to a member of this human family, she (Luisa) acquires the bond and the Right of this Gift, because We never do Works and Gifts for one only, but when We do Works and make Gifts, We do always do them in a Universal Way.  So this Gift will be ready for everyone, provided they want It and dispose themselves.


Vol. 30 – 6/26/32

“Now, after another most extensive length of time, wanting to give the Kingdom of Our Will, We wanted the sacrifice on which to set It, such that, while the earth is flooded by sins and deserves to be destroyed, the sacrifice of the creature buys it back for Us, and with her sacrifice—and in her sacrifice, she calls back the Divine Will to Reign, and makes the New Life of My Volition be Reborn in the world in the midst of creatures.  Here, then, I asked for the prolixious sacrifice of your life (Luisa), sacrificed in a bed.  And this was nothing, because other souls have remained in a bed of pain; but it was the New Cross, which I have not asked of and given to anyone, that was to form your daily martyrdom—and you know what it is, since many times you have lamented to Me about it.

“Daughter (Luisa), when I want to give a Great Good, a New Good to creatures, I give New Crosses and I want a New and Unique Sacrifice—a cross for which the human can give itself no reason; but there is My Divine Reason, that man is obliged to not investigate, but to lower his forehead and adore it.  And besides, this was about the Kingdom of My Will, and My Love had to invent and want New Crosses and sacrifices never before received, to be able to find pretexts, the prop, the strength, sufficient coins, and an extremely long chain to let Itself be bound by the creature.  And the sure sign, when We want to give a Great and Universal Good in the world, is to ask of a creature a great sacrifice, and prolixity in it; these are the assurances and certainties of the Good that We want to give.  And when We find one who accepts, We make him a portent of Grace, and in his sacrifice We form the Life of that Good that We want to give.

“So, My Will wants to form Its Kingdom in the sacrifice of the creatures, surround Itself with it in order to be secure, and, by her[2] (Luisa’s) sacrifice, undo the human will and erect Its Own; and with this, she (Luisa) comes to form many coins of Divine Light before Our Divinity, to buy back the Kingdom of Our Divine Will and give It to the human generations.  Therefore, do not be surprised at your long sacrifice, or by what We have disposed and do in you (Luisa)—it was necessary to Our Will; nor should you be concerned because you do not see and hear in others the effects of your sacrifice.  It is necessary that with your sacrifice you make the deed of purchase with Our Divinity; and once you have settled with God, the purchase is assured:  in due time, with certainty, the Kingdom of the Divine Volition will have Life, because the purchase of It was made by the sacrifice of one who belongs to the human family.”


Vol. 33 – 3/11/34

“My daughter (Luisa), the Life of one who Lives in Our Will is formed within Our Divine Being—she is conceived, born, and Reborn continuously.  Just as Our Divine Being is always in the Act of Generating, in the same way she is always in the act of being born again; and as she is born again, she is Reborn to New Love, New Sanctity and New Beauty.  As she (Luisa) is Reborn, she grows and takes always from Ourselves.  These New Births are her greatest fortune—and Ours as well, because We feel that not only does the creature Live in Us, but she (Luisa) is also born again and she grows in Our Life, being Renewed in Our very Act, which is always New.  And as she is Reborn, We delight in looking at her because she acquires a New Beauty—more Beautiful, more attractive than the one before.  But, does she, perhaps, remain there?  Ah, no.  More Beauties will Invest her, without ever ceasing—so many as to enrapture Our Gaze, preventing Us from moving it, to enjoy in her Our Endless Beauties.  And We Love Our Beauties, from which We Incessantly Invest her.  As We look at this creature (Luisa) under the rain of Our various Beauties, Our Love does not remain behind; It makes her be born again every instant in Our Love, which is always New.  Therefore, she Loves Us always with New Love, a Love that always grows and never stops.

“Who can tell you what this creature’s Life is like, formed within Ourselves?  It is Our Paradise that We form within her.  By being born again in Us, she gives Us always New Joys, and New Surprises of Happiness, because as she is Reborn, she is born again in Our Power, Wisdom, Goodness and Sanctity.  Recognizing Our Life in her, We Love her as We Love Ourselves.

“Now, as she (Luisa) is born again within Us many times, We give her virtue to be able to receive Our Sowing, so that We can sow in her as many of Our Divine Lives as We want.  And here It is—Our Will, coming into the picture.  With Its Fiat, My Will Speaks and Creates; It Speaks and sows Divine Lives, making them grow with Its Breath, feeding them with Its Love, giving them with Its Light the Colors of all Its various Beauties.  And since this is Life Reborn in Us many times, and grown within Us, We have Infused in her all the Attributes necessary to be able to receive the sowing of Our Divine Lives.  These Lives are the Most Precious.  They possess the Creative Virtue—they have Our same Value.  We can say:  ‘We Ourselves formed many of Our Lives and sowed them within the creature.  Comparing these Lives to the sun, its Light remains like shadow before Them.  The expanse of Heaven is small compared to Them.’

“Would you like to know what the use of these Lives of Ours will be, that have been formed with so much Love in the creature (Luisa)?  They will serve to populate the earth, and to Generate the Life of Our Will in the human family.  They are Our Lives, My daughter (Luisa).  Our Life never dies—It is Eternal, with Us.  Therefore, They are all in waiting to take possession of the creatures, in order to form One Single Life with them.  And this is also the cause—Our Great Divine Reason for which We have been Speaking for so long about Our Divine Will.  Each Word We say is one of Our Lives that We deliver—it is a Birth that We give to the Light.  Every Word that We pronounce on Our Fiat is a Life that We expose, that puts Itself in communication with the creatures.  Every Knowledge that We Manifest carries Our Kiss, so that the creature may form Our Life at every breath.  And since Life has motion, warmth, heartbeat and breath, she must also feel, by necessity, this Life of Ours within herself.  This Life will have the virtue of Transforming the Life of this fortunate creature into Itself.  Therefore, My daughter, be attentive.  Do not allow even one Word on Our Fiat to escape you, because they are Lives—Lives that We Live inside other creatures.  The value of one single Word on Our Fiat is so Great that the whole of Creation…O, how behind it remains.  The Creation is Our Work, while one Word on Our Fiat is Life, and the Life always costs more than all the Works.

“Further, Our Love for this creature (Luisa) who receives the sowing of Our Divine Lives is so Great that, as We Speak to her about Our Will, Our Eternal Love pours over her, unleashing Itself and feeling loved in return.  The weight of human ingratitude—of not being loved—remains empty, because We find one who Loves Us with Our Love; this has the virtue of making up for all the Love that all the creatures should give Us—of burning all their evils, and of filling and shortening the greatest distances.  Our Love finds in her Our refreshments, Our revenges; so We Love her Infinitely.  But We are not satisfied in Loving her by Ourselves.  We make her Loved by the Celestial Queen, as a more than tender daughter; by the Angels and the Saints, as their inseparable sister; We make her loved by Heaven, the sun, the wind—by everyone.  They feel in her the Strength, the Virtue of Our Love; they feel fortunate to love her, because she is the Bearer of Joys for all.  And Our Love and the content We feel are such that We call her ‘Our Consoler, Our Fiat whom We keep on earth, Our Depository.’  All is Ours within her.”


Vol. 34 – 5/10/37

“My little daughter of My Volition (Luisa), every Truth that I Manifest to you about My Fiat is a growth that you (Luisa) make of It, it is one more mouthful that serves in order to strengthen you, warm you, and conform you all the more in It; it is one more sip that you drink of the Immense Sea of My Will, it is one more Divine Property that you acquire.  Now you must know that every additional act that you (Luisa) do in It, We prepare before you Our Celestial Table.  And if you Love, It feeds you with Our Love.  If you pass to understanding Us, It feeds you (Luisa) with Our Wisdom.  And O! how much Beautiful news and how many Knowledges It gives of your Creator.  In fact, your God becomes your predilect food.  Therefore in everything that you do, now It feeds you with Our Power, now with Our Goodness, now with Our Sweetness, with Our Strength, Light and Our Mercy.

“Therefore the human littleness, by Living in Our Eternal Volition, absorbs Us sip by sip, mouthful by mouthful, because being little, as well as because of how much is possible for a creature, it is not given to her to take all together what she must take of Our Divine Being.  More so, because this serves to mutually delight each other:  We to give and she to receive.  We to give of Ours, and she to give to Us her littleness; We to Work her as We want, and she lends herself to letting Us Work.  It is the exchange on both parts, the mutually harmonizing with each other, the speaking to each other, that forms Our Most Beautiful Works, and We develop the Life of Our Will in the creature.  Without doing anything, one does nothing.  Therefore it is necessary to Operate, to speak, to make Ourselves understood.  To Labor, in order to make the Beautiful statues, the Repeaters of Our Life.  So when We find one (Luisa) who wants to listen to Us, gives herself to Us in order to receive, We do not spare anything of what We can do and know how to do for the creature.

“Now, My daughter (Luisa), when the creature is fed by Our Fiat, even to not knowing any other food, and has formed the chain of her acts, all Sealed by the characteristics of the Divine Virtues, God remains imprisoned in His Divine Virtues in the creature.  And then if she (Luisa) loves, it is God who makes a display of the Power of His Love, of His Goodness, Sanctity, etc., in the acts of the creature.  In fact, such is the Power that goes forth by means of these Acts that God does in His creature, that It Invests Heaven and earth, It flutters over all souls, and with Its Powerful Love It Invests them, It envelops them and lets her give the kiss of the Divine Volition in a way that the human family will feel Its Power, Its Love, that wants to Reign.  More so because this hidden God gives them this right by means of a creature (Luisa) who belongs to their human race, rights that they will not be able to disown, except some perfidious one, but My Power will know how to knock down and Conquer.  So let Me Complete the Labor of My Will in you (Luisa).  Do not oppose anything, and you and I will be content to see It Reign in the other creatures.”


Vol. 34 – 7/4/37

“My blessed daughter (Luisa), if you knew how I enjoy and how My Love pours Itself out in Manifesting to you Our Celestial Mysteries, in what state of Love Our Supreme Being, Our Adorable Will, is found, in order to give Me enjoyment you would be attentive to let Me say in what way We find Ourselves in the midst of creatures, and the Great Good that We can do them.  Now, you know it, that Our Immensity envelops everything.  Our Power and Strength is so much, that We carry everything and everyone in Our arms as if they were a little feather.  All this is natural for Our Being Three Times Holy, so much so that if We would want to lessen Ourselves We cannot do it.  Our Immensity and Power flow in every fiber of the heart, in all the breaths, in the rapidity of the blood that flows in the veins, in the swiftness of the thought.  We are Actors and Spectators, and aware of everything.  But this is nothing.  They are nothing other than the Qualities of Our Supreme Being.

“What is more amazing, is that We want to form so many of Our Lives in each creature.  This is the Operation of God, to have the virtue of being able to form as many Divine Lives for however many creatures have been put forth to the Light of day.  After all, the creature is Ours, Created by Us, We Live together.  And because We Love her, Our Love brings Us with an Irresistible Strength and Power all Ours, to form Ourselves as Life in her.  And Our Creative Art, that is not content with Creating the creatures, in the ardor of Its Love, It wants to Create Ourselves in the person Created.  See, therefore, in what condition We find Ourselves in the midst of the human family.  In the act of always forming Our Lives in them.  But Our Creative Art remains rejected, suffocated, without being able to continue Our Divine Creation.  While We Live together with them, they Live at Our Expense, they Live because they Live of Us, and yet We have the great Sorrow of not being able to form Our Life in them, while this would be Our Highest Contentment, the Greatest Glory that they could give Us, if they give Us the Freedom of making Ourselves the Life of every creature.

“But do you know where We are Free to form this Life of Ours?  In the one (Luisa) who Lives in Our Will.  Our Divine Fiat prepares the prime materials for Us in order to form Our Life.  It places in attitude Its Power, Its Sanctity, Its Love, and calls Us into the depth of the soul.  And We, finding the adaptable and workable matter, with Indescribable Love form Our Divine Life.  Not only do We form it, but We raise it, and with Our highest enjoyment and delight We develop Our Creative Art around this Celestial creature.  And the chain of Prodigies begins.  She (Luisa), possessing her Creator and Our Will Operating in her, becomes the bearer of everyone and of everything.  If she thinks, she brings Us the thoughts of everyone, and she acts as supplier and repairer for all the human intelligences.  If she (Luisa) speaks, if she works, if she walks, she carries the words, the works, the steps of everyone.  The Creation itself makes a decorous cortege for her, and she (Luisa) acts as bearer of the sky, of the stars, of the sun, of the wind, of everything; she does not leave anything behind.  She (Luisa) brings Us the Homage, the Glory, of all Our Created things, even the homage of the sweet song of the tiny little bird.  Possessing the Life of He who has Created them, everything makes a crown for her; rather, they all want to be carried by she (Luisa) who possesses the Speaking Act, so that for each one she (Luisa) tells the speaking story of Love, for which they have been Created by their Creator.

“In fact, one (Luisa) who possesses Our Volition, acquires Our Jealousy of Love, because We want everything for Ourselves.  And this with Highest Justice, because there is nothing that We have not given, therefore with Justice We want everything.  So she (Luisa), taken by Our same folly of Love, wants everything in order to give Us everything.  And, jealous, she wants to bring Us everything in order to tell Us for everyone and for each created thing her little word of love.  Therefore the one (Luisa) who Lives in Our Volition is never alone.  First she is with her Creator, with whom she is always in a contest of Love, how they can Love each other more.  Then, all things being around her, she (Luisa) acts as bearer of everything to Him whom she loves, He who, being Infinite Love, wants to see all things in the creature converted into Love for His Love.”


Vol. 35 – January 24, 1938

“But I was not satisfied to remain Prisoner by Myself.  My Love, flaring up even more, made Me choose you (Luisa) to make you prisoner with chains so strong as to be impossible for you to escape Me.  This, as an Outpouring of My Love and for company in My Imprisonment; to be able to talk to you extensively about My Will—Its anxiety, Its sighs for desire to Reign—and also as a pretext of My Love to be able to say before the Supreme Majesty:  ‘A creature of the human race is already Our prisoner.  We speak with her about Our Will, to make It known, and extending Its Kingdom.  This prisoner (Luisa) is like a deposit for the whole human family, so that We will have Our Kingdom by right.  I can say that each of My Sacramental Lives is also like a deposit that I give you (Luisa), sufficient to secure My Kingdom for My children.  But to these many deposits, My Love wanted to add the deposit of a simple creature  (Luisa) who carries the marks of My Imprisonment, so as to strengthen the bonds between creature and Creator, and therefore accomplish and Complete the Kingdom of Our Will in the midst of the creatures.’


Vol. 36 – 4/12/38

So, while my mind was immersed in the Divine Fiat, my sweet Jesus, visiting my little soul, with Inexpressible Goodness told me: “My blessed daughter of My Will (Luisa), how many Wonders My Will can make in the creature, as long as she gives It the first place and all the freedom to Operate.  My Will takes the will, the word, the act that the creature wants to do, as part of Itself—covers it with Its Creative Virtue, pronounces Its Fiat in it, and forms as many Lives for as many existing creatures.   You (Luisa) were asking in My Will for the Baptism of all newborn babies that will come to the Light of the day—and then, for Its Life to Reign in them.  My Will did not hesitate for a instant; soon it pronounced Its Fiat and formed as many Lives from Itself for as many newborn babies coming to the Light—Baptizing them, as you wanted, with Its First Light, and then giving each one of them Its Life.  If these newborn babies, for lack of Knowledge, will not possess Our Life, this Life still remains for Us, and We will have many Divine Lives that Love Us, glorify Us, bless Us, as We do Ourselves.  These Divine Lives are Our Greatest Glory, but they don’t put aside the creature who gave Our Fiat the opportunity to form so many of Our Lives for these newborn babies who are coming to the Light; rather, they keep her hidden in themselves to let her Love as they Love, and let her do what they do.  Neither would they set the newborn babies aside; rather, they would give them so much attention, guard and defend them as to be able to Reign in their souls.

 “My daughter (Luisa), who can tell you how much We Love this creature (Luisa) who Lives in Our Will?  We Love her so much that We leave Our Will in her Power to let her do what she wants.  If she (Luisa) wants to form Our Lives, We let her do that; if she (Luisa) wants to fill Heaven and earth with Our Love, We give her the Freedom to do it—so much so, that she (Luisa) can make everyone say that they Love Us.  We even hear the ‘I love You’ of one who Lives in Our Will in the little bird that trills and warbles and sings.  If in the ardor of her love she wants to love more, she can enter Our Creative Act and delight herself with New Suns, Heavens and Stars, making Us say, Unceasingly,  ‘I Love you, I Love you,’ and taking part in narrating Our Glory.  In Our Will the sight is long and all attentive to see what she wants and how she can love Us more.”

My God, how many Wonders, how many Surprises there are in Your Will.  Its Sweet Enchantment is so great that not only does one remain captivated, but as if embalmed—Transformed in the Wonders of the Fiat in such a way that one doesn’t know how to get out of It.  So, I was thinking to myself:  what is be the difference between one who Lives in the Divine Will, one who is resigned to the painful circumstances of Life and one who doesn’t do the Divine Will at all?

My sweet Jesus, coming back added: “My blessed daughter (Luisa), the difference is so big that there is no comparison at all.  One who Lives in My Will has Dominion over all and We Love her so much that We even let her dominate Ourselves.  We are so pleased in seeing the little creature dominating Us that We feel unusual Joy, because We see that Our Will Dominates in the creature and she dominates together with Our Will.  O!, how many times We let her win.  Many times Our Joy is so Great that We let Our Will win in the creature instead of in Ourselves.  Further, by Living in the Divine Will—being in continuous contact with It—she acquires Divine Senses.  She acquires a long sight.  Her Light is so penetrating and clear, that she can even fix herself in God, in whom she sees the Divine Mysteries.  She can touch Our Sanctity and Beauty, Loving them and possessing them.  With this Eye of Light she can find her Creator everywhere—there’s nothing in which she can’t find Him.  With His Majesty and His Love, He bundles the creature and makes her feel how much He Loves her.  In feeling her love, He Loves her and, O! how Unspeakable the Joys on both parts—feeling His Love and loving Him in everything.  She acquires Divine Hearing, and soon she hears what We want; she is always intent on listening to Us, and there is no need to repeat again and again what We want.  A small sign is enough and all is done.

 “She acquires a Divine Sense of Smell.  By merely smelling she feels whether what is around her is Good, Holy and belongs to Us.   She acquires Divine Taste—to the extent that she fills herself with Love and all that is Heaven.   Finally, in Our Will she acquires Our Touch, so that all is Pure and Holy, and there is no fear that even the smallest breath may shade her—all beautiful, lovely and pretty—the one (Luisa) who Lives in My Fiat.


Vol. 36 – 7/18/38

“My daughter (Luisa), all created things await you, but do you know why?  Because, thanks to My Fiat that animates all, they feel their Union with you (Luisa), their inseparability from you; and since the creature has the Supremacy, they all await you in their midst, so that together with the creature they can Glorify and Love Us, each one according to the Office assigned by Us.  Each created thing possesses the fullness of its own good.  The sun possesses the fullness of the light, and each act of light it produces, each effect and good it unleashes from its womb of light, is like a continuous little sonata of Glory and Love that it gives to Us.  But it doesn’t want to give it alone, rather, it wants the one (Luisa) for whom it has been created.  Only then are We Truly Loved and Glorified:  when the creature animated by Our Will, flows into that act of Light, Loving and Glorifying Us with the Love and Glory of Light.  So We feel Our Purpose—the Reason for which We Created Light—when We find the creature hidden inside that Light, Loving Us with the Fullness of the Light and heat.  We find in her Love that wounds Us, Love that sweetens Us, Love that says, always, ‘Love.’ Therefore We placed the sun in the Power of the creature, to Love Us.  But if We don’t find the creature in the created things, We are not Happy.  They remain like instruments with no sound or Life; at the most We Love and Glorify Ourselves, but it is not the creature Loving and Glorifying us.  So Our Purpose fails.

“The wind is waiting for you, for your voice to flow in its whispers, waiting to feel your whispering Love toward its Creator. O! how honored it feels when all see, in the impetuosity of the wind, your impetuous Love—almost prevailing—towards the One Who Created it:  its blows; its breaths invested by your ‘I love you;’ and as We feel Your Love breathing, We Breathe Love to you, to be Loved more.  The air that all breathe is waiting for you, to be animated by your voice.  So, in the air everyone inhales, they receive the ‘I Love you’ of their Creator; in the air they exhale, your ‘I love you’ runs, to bring Us, within its womb, every Life, every breath changed into as many loving voices.  All created things wait for you (Luisa), to receive the New Life of Love brought by the soul who Lives in My Will.  Even the Saints, the Angels, the very Queen of Heaven await, to receive the freshness and the Joy of the Love Operating in the creature.  Although the soul is on earth, she Lives with their same Will, and they are as if watered by the Love of this happy creature.  They feel the New Love from which My Will has filled her, investing all; they feel the Joy of the Conquering Love she bears.  My daughter, what Order, what Harmony one who Lives in My Will establishes between Heaven and earth!  All her acts, motions and thoughts turn into voices, sounds and harmonies that, investing all created things, make everyone say they Love Us; and as We remain Loved, all of them together with Us are Loved with a New Love.  The whole Heaven remains enraptured in seeing the Wonders, the sweet Enchantment of those who Live in Our Divine Fiat.

“Now you must know that My Love is not satisfied if I don’t do and give New Surprises of Love to one (Luisa) who Lives in My Will, and if I don’t add New Things to reveal to her.  So, My daughter (Luisa), My Celestial Father Generated Me, when I Loved you (Luisa), and I Loved Him; and in that Love I Loved you too, because My Will was bringing you along, always present.  I Generate continuously, and in the ardor of Our Love as Father and Son, the Holy Spirit Proceeded. In that ardor I also Loved you (Luisa) from a continuous Love.  I Created the whole Creation, and for each thing I was Creating, I Loved you (Luisa) first, then I Created it, laying it to your service.  Even in the Love between Me and My Heavenly Mother, I Love you.  O! how much I Loved you (Luisa) in the Incarnation in her Virginal Womb. I Loved you (Luisa) in each breath, each motion, each tear.  My Will had you (Luisa) present so that I Loved you and you received—as a Gift from Me—My Breathing, My tears, My Motion.  My Love for the creature (Luisa) who was going to Live in My Will reached the extent that, even in doing Graces and in Loving My Saints—in that same Love—she was enclosed.  I can say that I Loved you always, I Loved you in everyone and in everything.  I Loved you at all times.  I Loved you in every place.  I Loved you (Luisa) everywhere.


Vol. 36 – 10/30/38

“My blessed daughter (Luisa) of My Will, how I yearn for the soul to Live in Our Divine Will.  I am so pleased when she (Luisa) repeats her acts in It that I go on preparing New Gifts, Graces, Love and Knowledge, to make her know My Will more and more, and to make her appreciate and esteem the Celestial Residence in which she had the Great Honor to reside.  Therefore, if she Loves I Redouble My Love for her; and if she (Luisa) returns to Love Me I always come back with New Love, to surprise her; so much so, that the creature feels inundated and, confused.  She repeats:  ‘Is it possible that a God Loves me so much?’  And as she says so, taken by the ardor of My Love, she returns to Love Me and I, again, surprise her with My Love.  It is like a contest of Love—the human smallness that harmonizes with the Love of her Creator.  And she doesn’t Love Me only for herself.  Her Love is such that she Loves Me for everyone and everything. Then, what does My Fiat do?

“By Its Power and Immensity, It puts wings on this Love We gave to the creature, making it soar everywhere.  We feel that she (Luisa) Loves Us in each step, motion, thought, word and heartbeat of all the creatures.  She Loves Us in the sun, wind, air and sea; there is nothing in which she doesn’t Love Us.  O! how Happy and Glorified We feel that the creature (Luisa) Loves Us in all and everywhere.  For this, not only do We Love her, but We Love all creatures with New Love.  At an Act of Love in My Will, such Great Prodigies happen that the Heavens compete to be spectators and enjoy the New Surprises of Our Love.  Our very Divinity waits with Unspeakable Joy for the creature (Luisa) to enter into Our Will to Love Us—to be able to show off Our Love—to feel Loved by all.  We unleash Our Love, to become her Life, and not only Our Love:  as the creature goes repeating her acts in Our Fiat, We unleash New Power, Goodness and Wisdom, so that she will feel animated by New Power, Goodness and Wisdom.  All will take part in It, and We will have the Joy of seeing the human creatures (generations) being Invested by Our New Power, Goodness and Wisdom. What wouldn’t We make of this creature who Lives in Our Will?

“We even reach the extent of giving her (Luisa) the right to Judge together with Us, and if We see that she suffers because the sinner is under a rigorous Judgment, to soothe her pain We mitigate Our Just chastisements.  She (Luisa) makes Us give the kiss of Forgiveness, and to make her Happy We say to her:  ‘Poor daughter, you are right.  You are Ours and belong also to them.  You feel in you the bonds of the human family, therefore you would want that We Forgive everybody.  We’ll do as much as We can to please you, unless he despises or refuses Our Forgiveness.’  This creature (Luisa) in Our Will is the New Esther wanting to rescue her peoples.  O! how Happy We are to keep her always with Us in Our Will because, through her, We feel more inclined to use Mercy, to concede Graces, to Forgive the most obstinate sinners, and to lessen the pains of the purging souls.  Poor daughter! She (Luisa) has a thought for everyone, and a pain similar to Ours, seeing the human family swimming in Our Will without recognizing It—Living in the middle of enemies in the most wretched misery.”

Then He added: “My daughter (Luisa), you must know that as the creature recognizes Our Will, she loves It, wanting to make her Life in It.  So she pours into her God, and God pours into her.  With this pouring from both sides, God makes the creature His own, making her take part in all His Acts, Resting in her, feeding her, making her grow more and more in His Acts—and the creature makes God her own, feeling Him everywhere, taking her sweet rest in the One she loves and Who forms her Life.  God is All for her.  Further, as the creature does her act in Our Fiat, We feel her bond with all created beings. In that act she wants to give Us everyone and everything; it seems she makes all beings visit Us, so all may recognize Us, Love Us and fulfill their duties towards their Creator.  She makes up for all, Loves for everyone and everything.  Nothing can miss in one act done in Our Will, otherwise We cannot say it is Our Act.  Our Will, for decorum and honor, offers to the creature all that she should give Us and do to Us; It offers all the other creatures and the whole of Creation, as if it was her right.

“If We didn’t find in Our Will, in which the creature operates, all the Glory, Honor and the return We deserve for having given Life to all, and for having Created many things to maintain these Lives, where could We find it?  Our Will is diffused in all, It is love and Support for all; and Our Greatest Glory is that the creature (Luisa) who Lives in Our Will gives It the opportunity to make her do what each creature should do to give of Glory and compensation for having been Created.  We knew that the creature was limited. Her littleness couldn’t give Us either Complete Love or Complete Glory; therefore, We exposed Our Divine Being—the Power of Our Will—in order to receive what was due to Us.  The creature (Luisa) Living in Our Will was to be a guarantee of Love and Glory from all, through her.  Therefore, these are the Rights We demand:  that she Live in It.  We demand Rights of Creation, of Redemption, Rights of Power, Justice, Immensity, so that, at least, what she can’t do by herself, she does united with Our Will.  Then We can say:  ‘The creature Loves Us—she Glorifies Us as We want and deserve.’  Therefore, if you (Luisa) want to give Us all, and Love Us for all, Live always in My Will—so We’ll find everything and Our Rights will be satisfied.”



[1] Luisa’s Memories of Childhood.

[2] the creature