Volume 16; June 6, 1924

And Jesus: “My daughter (Luisa), it seems you do not want to understand (and we who are reading this): the One (Triune God) who wants to enclose this Divine Will in you (Luisa) must give you the Grace and the Capacity to contain It. Did I (Jesus) perhaps not enclose My whole Being in the womb of My Celestial Mama (Mary)? Did I perhaps enclose Myself in part, leaving part of Myself in Heaven? Certainly not. And by enclosing Myself in her womb, was She (Holy Mary) not the first one to take part in all the acts of her Creator and in all pains, identifying Herself with Me so as to omit nothing of what I (God) worked? Was She (Our Lady) not My (Jesus’s) starting point, from which I came out to give Myself to other creatures? If I did this with My inseparable Mama in order to descend toward man and Fulfill My Redemption, can I not do it with another creature, giving her (Luisa) the Grace and Capacity to enclose My Divine Will, making her share in all the acts It contains, in order to form Its Life and to come out from her (Luisa), as from a second Mother (Luisa), to make Me (Jesus) Known and to Fulfill the “Fiat Voluntas Tua” on earth as it is in Heaven? Do you (Luisa) not want, then, to be the Point of Origin of My Divine Will?

Volume 18; October 21, 1925

The work of the soul (Luisa) in My Divine Will is like the silvery sound of a vibrant and shrill bell, which sounds so loudly as to call the attention of all; and it sounds and sounds again, so sweetly, that all recognize, at that sound, the operating of the soul (Luisa) in My Divine Will, all receiving the Glory and the Honor of a Divine Act.”  Having said this, He (Jesus) disappeared.

Volume 19; June 6, 1926

Now, in order to form Redemption I (Jesus) needed a Virgin Mother (Our Lady), conceived without the shadow of original sin, because, having to take on human flesh, it was decorous for Me, Eternal Word, not to take an infected blood to form My Most Holy Humanity.  Now, in order to make My Divine Will Known, so that It might Reign, I (Jesus) do not need to have a second mother according to the natural order, but rather, I (Jesus) need a second mother (Luisa) according to the Order of Grace.  In fact, in order for My Divine Will to Reign, I have no need of another Humanity, but to give such Knowledge of It that, drawn by Its Prodigies, by Its Beauty and Sanctity, and by the Immense Good that comes to them, creatures may submit with all Love to Its Dominion.

Volume 19; September 5, 1926

Now, while I (Luisa) was in the nightmare of the pain of His (Jesus’) privation, my beloved Jesus moved in my interior, clasping me to His Most Holy Heart, telling me:  “My daughter (Luisa), Our daughter (Luisa), the daughter (Luisa) of the Celestial Mama (Mary), the daughter (Luisa) of the Angels and of the Saints, the daughter (Luisa) of the Heavens, the daughter (Luisa) of the sun, the daughter (Luisa) of the stars, the daughter (Luisa) of the sea; in sum, you (Luisa) are the daughter of all – all are fathers to you, and you are a daughter to all.  See how vast is the paternity!  How long is your daughtership!  Instead of oppressing yourself you should delight, thinking that all are fathers to you and you are a daughter to all.  Only one who Lives in My Will can have the right to such vast paternity and to such a long daughtership – to be loved by all with paternal love, because all recognize in her (Luisa) their daughter.  In fact, since created things are all invested with My Divine Will, wherever It (the Divine Will) Reigns as Triumphant and Dominating, they see in you (Luisa) the same Divine Will that Reigns in them, therefore all hold you (Luisa) as the daughter of their wombs.  There are so many bonds between you (Luisa) and them as to surpass in an infinite way the natural bonds that exist between father and son.  Do you know who is not your father?  Only those who do not let My Divine Will Reign in them; these have no right over you, nor do you have any duty toward them – they are like something that does not belong to you (Luisa).

But do you know what it means to Possess such a vast paternity and such a long daughtership?  It means to be bound with bonds of Justice to all the Riches, the Glory, the Honor, the Privileges that such vast paternity Possesses.  So, as My daughter (Luisa), your Jesus gives you (Luisa) all the goods of Redemption as Gifts; as Our daughter (Luisa), you are endowed with all the Goods of the Sacrosanct Trinity; as daughter of the Sovereign Queen, She (Our Lady) gives to you Her sorrows, Her works, Her love and all of Her maternal merits as gifts; as daughter of the Angels and of the Saints, they compete among themselves to give you all of their Goods; as daughter of the heavens, of the stars, of the sun, of the sea and of all created things, they feel Honored to finally have their daughter, to be able to give their Inheritance; and My very Divine Will Reigning in them, with Its endless Light forms for you the deed of all Creation, and all feel the Happiness, the Joy of being able to give their Inheritance, because by being able to give, they no longer feel sterile, but fecund, and fecundity brings Joy, Company, Harmony, Glory, the repetition of one’s very life.  How many fathers and mothers are unhappy, even though they are rich, because they have no offspring!  In fact, sterility in itself brings isolation, bitterness, lack of any support and of Happiness; and if it may appear that they enjoy, in their hearts they have the thorn of sterility that embitters all their enjoyments.  So, your (Luisa’s) vast paternity which you Possess, and your long daughtership is a cause of Joy for all – and much more for My Divine Will which, Bilocating, Reigns in you (Luisa) and constitutes you (Luisa) the daughter of all the things created by It (Divine Will), in such a way that all feel your support and the contentment of being able to give the Goods they Possess.  Therefore, your oppression is not justified in the midst of so many Goods, of so much Happiness, and of so many who protect you (Luisa), defend you (Luisa) and Love you (Luisa) as their True daughter.”