How To Repair For the Coldness Of Creatures

From The Writings of Luisa Piccarreta

“The Little Daughter of the Divine Will”


In the below passage from Volume 14, Jesus states that He is hidden in the food we eat and the beverages that we drink


VOL. 14 – May 12,1922

So I abandoned all of myself in His Will, but I felt great repugnance in me toward Justice; and my sweet Jesus, coming back, told me: “If you knew how heavy it is for Me to use Justice, and how much I love the creature! The whole of Creation is for Me like the body to the soul, like the skin to the fruit. I am in continuous and immediate act with man, although created things hide Me, just as the body hides the soul. However, if it wasn’t for the soul, the body would have no life. In the same way, if I withdrew from created things, they would all remain without life. In all created things I visit man, I touch him and I give him life. I am hidden in the fire, and I visit him with its heat; if I were not there, the fire would have no heat – it would be a painted fire and without life. But while I visit man in the fire, he does not recognize Me, nor does he send Me one greeting. I am in the water, and I visit him by quenching his thirst; if I were not there, the water would quench no one’s thirst – it would be dead water. But while I visit him, he passes before Me without bowing once to Me. I am hidden in the food, and I visit man by giving him substance, strength and taste; if I were not there, in taking food man would remain on an empty stomach. Yet, ungrateful, while he lives on Me, he turns his back to Me. I am hidden in the Sun, and I visit him with my light almost every instant; yet, ungrateful, he repays Me with continuous offenses. I visit him in all things: in the air that he breathes, in the flower that gives off its fragrance, in the refreshing breeze, in the striking thunder – in everything. My visits are innumerable. Do you see how much I love him? And you, being in my Will, are together with Me, visiting man and giving him life. Therefore, do not be frightened if sometimes you concur in Justice.”


In the below passage from Volume 28, Jesus states that He wants us to send him an ‘I love You” in the food we eat and the beverages that we drink  in order to repair for the coldness of creatures who do not recognize Jesus with an ‘I love You’ in the earthly things they encounter such as eating food or drinking beverages.


VOL. 28 – April 1, 1930

“My daughter, Our Love in Creation was exuberant, but always toward man.  In each created thing We placed as many acts of love for as many times as the creature was to make use of them.  Our Divine Fiat, which maintains the balance in all Creation and is perennial life of It, as It sees that the creature is about to use the light of the sun, puts Our Love in exercise, to make the creature encounter It in the light that she receives.  If she drinks, Our Love makes Itself be encountered, so as to say to her while she drinks:  ‘I love you’.  If she breathes the air, Our Love says to her, repeatedly:  ‘I love you’.  If she walks, the earth says to her, under her steps:  ‘I love you’.  There is not one thing that the creature may take, touch and see, in which Our Love does not make Its happy encounter with the creature by saying to her:  ‘I love you’ – to give her love.  But do you know what the cause is of so much insistence of Our Love?  To receive, in each thing that the creature may take, the encounter of her love.  So, the infinite Love wanted to meet with the finite love and form one single Love, so as to place in the creature the balance of Its Love.  And since the creature makes use of created things without even thinking that Our Love comes to meet her in the things that she takes, to hear Our repeated refrain:  ‘I love you, I love you’, and she makes use of them without having a glance for the One who is sending them to her, the love of the creature remains unbalanced, because, not meeting with Our Love, it loses the balance and remains disordered in all its acts, because it has lost the divine balance and the strength of the Love of its Creator.  Therefore, be attentive with your requital of love, to repair Me for so much coldness of creatures.”