(Luisa) The one who Lives in the Divine Will belongs to the Divine Family. Different ways of belonging to God; example of a kingdom.Some Live in God, some outside of God.

Though I (Luisa) felt abandoned in the Divine Fiat, I also felt all annihilated, but so much, that I saw myself as littler than an atom; and I thought to myself: “How miserable, little and insignificant am I.”

And my adorable Jesus, interrupting my thought, making Himself felt and seen, told me: “My daughter (Luisa)! whether little or Great, you (Luisa) belong to Our Divine Family; you (Luisa) are a member of It, and this is enough for you. Even more, it is everything for you, and is the Greatest Glory and Honor you (Luisa) could Possess.”

And I: “My Love, we have all come out of You (Jesus), and we all belong to You (Jesus), therefore it is no wonder that I (Luisa) belong to You (Jesus).”

And Jesus: “Indeed everyone belongs to Me (God) by Bonds of Creation, but there is Great Difference from (Luisa) the one who belongs to Me not only by Bonds of Creation, but with Bond of Fusion of wills—that is, Mine (The Divine Will) is her (Luisa’s) sole and only will. I (Jesus) can say that these (the souls linked to Luisa) belong to Me (Jesus) with Bonds of True Family of Ours, because the will is the most intimate thing that can exist, both in God and in the creature; it is the essential part of Life, it is the Director, it is the Dominator that has the Virtue of Binding, with Inseparable Bonds, God and the creature (Luisa and the souls linked to Luisa); and from this Inseparability it can be recognized that she (Luisa) belongs to Our Divine Family.

“Does this not happen inside a kingdom? All belong to the king, but in how many different ways they belong: some belong as people, some as army, some as ministers, some as sentries, some as courtiers, another as the queen of the king, and others as his children. Now, who belongs to the Royal Family? The king, the queen, their children; all the rest of the kingdom cannot be said to belong to the Royal Family, though they belong to the kingdom, they are obliged to laws, to subjection, and rebels are put in jail.

“Therefore, even though all belong to Us (God)—but in how many different ways; and only (Luisa) the one who Lives in Our Divine Will Lives in Our midst.  Our Divine Fiat brings her (Luisa) to Us (Triune God) on Its Lap of Light, into Our Inmost Divine Womb; nor can We (Triune God) put her (Luisa) outside of Ourselves; in order to do that, We would have to put Our Divine Volition outside of Ourselves, that We cannot do, nor do We Want to.  On the contrary, We are Happy to have her (Luisa), to cuddle her as Our Dear Memory (Adam), when Our Love, overflowing, issued the Creation, wanting the creature (Adam) to Live in Our Inheritance of the Divine Will and to amuse herself with her Creator with her innocent smiles.  And if you (Luisa) see yourself little, it is the Exuberant Love of My Fiat, that is all Attention and Jealousy over you (Luisa), that concedes you not one act of your human will; therefore the human will has no growth, and you (Luisa) feel yourself always little.  And this is because My Divine Will Wants to Form Its Life in your littleness, and when Its Divine Life grows, the human will life has no reason to grow; therefore you (Luisa) Must content yourself with remaining always little.”

Then, I (Luisa) continued my abandonment in the Holy Divine Will, and my sweet Jesus added:  “My daughter (Luisa), the one who Lives in My Divine Fiat Lives in God, therefore she (Luisa) Possesses and can Give the Goods that she (Luisa) Possesses.  The Divine Being surrounds her (Luisa) everywhere, in such a way that she (Luisa) sees, (Luisa) feels, (Luisa) touches nothing but God.  In Him (God) she (Luisa) delights, Him (God) alone she (Luisa) comprehends and (Luisa) Knows, everything disappears for her, and what is left to her is only the memory that, while she (Luisa) finds herself in her God, she is still a pilgrim, and as a pilgrim she (Luisa) Must Plead for her brothers and sisters, because, finding herself in the condition of Giving the Goods she (Luisa) Possesses, she (Luisa) Must Give according to their(the souls linked to Luisa) dispositions. 

       “Don’t you (Luisa) remember, years ago, when I (Jesus) would show you how I (Jesus) would place you (Luisa) inside My Sacred Heartand everything would disappear for you, and you would Enjoy it and no longer wanted to go out; and I, to make you remember that you were a pilgrim, would place you outside, at the door of My Sacred Heart or in My Arms, to let you see the evils of the mankind, so that you would Plead for them; and you were displeased with Me, for you did not want to go out of My Sacred Heart?  It was the beginning of the Living in My Divine Will that you felt in My Sacred Heart—exempt from any danger, free of all evils,because God Himself posts Himself around the Happy Creature (Luisa) to keep her defended from everything and from everyone. 

“On the other hand, the one (souls not linked to Luisa) who (only) does My Divine Will and does not Live in It, finds herself in the condition of being able to Receive, but not to Give; and since she (souls not linked to Luisa) lives outside of God, not in God, she sees the earth, feels the passions, that put her in continuous danger and give her an intermittent fever, such that they feel now Healthy, now sick; now they want to do Good, and now they get tired, they are bored, they become irritated and leave the Good.  They are just like those who do not have a home in which to be safe, but live in the middle of the street, exposed to cold, to rain, to the scorching sun, to dangers, and they live of alms.  Just penalty, for the one (souls not linked to Luisa) who could Live in God, while she contents herself with living outside of God.”