The First Children Of the Divine Will Shall Form The Entrances

For Other Creatures To Enter Into The Kingdom Of The Divine Will

From The Writings Of Luisa Piccarreta

“The Little Daughter Of The Divine Will”


VOL. 33 – March 4, 1934

So my sweet Jesus, surprising me with His brief little visit, told me:  “My little daughter of My Will, how Beautiful It is; the creature cannot receive greater honor than that of becoming admitted within It.  The instants, the littlest Acts done in It, embrace centuries; and since they are Divine, they are invested with such Power that what one wants to do with them—everything he can do and everything he can obtain.  The Divine Being remains bound in these Acts, because they are His Acts, and He must give them the Value that they merit.  Besides this, you must know that the Acts done in My Will form the ways that must serve souls in order to let them enter into It, and they are so very necessary that if heroic souls do not first come forth to Live in It in order to form the principal ways of Its Kingdom, the generations, not finding the ways, will not know what to do in order to enter into My Will. 

            “My daughter, in order to form a city, first the ways are formed, that form the order that a city must have, and then the foundations are cast in order to construct it.  If the ways are not formed—the exits, the communications that it must have, are not formed—there is the danger that instead of a city, the citizens could form for themselves a prison, because the ways not being provided, they do not know where to go out.  Do you see how necessary the ways are?  Now, the city without way is the human will that, closed in its prison, has closed all the ways in order to enter into the Celestial City of My Divine Will.  Now the soul who enters into It breaks the prison, knocks down the unhappy city without ways, without exits, and united with the Power of My Volition, the Divine Engineer forms the plan of the city, orders the ways, the communications, and acting as Insuperable Craftsman, forms the New Citadel of the soul with such Mastery as to form the ways of communication in order to let other souls enter and form so many citadels in order to be able to form a Kingdom.  The first will be the model of the others.  See, therefore, what the Acts done in My Will serve.  They are so very necessary for Me, that without them the way would be lacking in order to let It Reign.  Therefore I want you always in My Will, never come out of It if you want to render your Jesus content.”


VOL. 35 – October 31, 1937

“These Acts are Divine; they are able to form the passport for other creatures, to let them enter the Kingdom of Our Will.  They will give a Child to Our Kingdom, so that the more Acts will be performed in Our Volition, the more populated Our Kingdom will be, and all the Good will overflow to those who have been the first to give life to My Will in their acts.  You must know that the first passports were formed by Me, and by My Celestial Mother, for the first Children of My Will.  These passports carry My Signature, written with My Blood and with the sufferings of the Most Holy Virgin.  All other passports still need My Signature; otherwise they would not be recognized.