Volume 28 – February 26, 1930

 “My daughter (Luisa), what a Sweet Memory is the creation of man (Adam).  He was Happy, and We (Triune God) too felt the Fruit of the Happiness of Our Work; We felt such Pleasure in Loving him (Adam) and in being Loved back.  Our Divine Will preserved him for Us Fresh and Beautiful, and Carrying him in Its Arms of Light, It let Us contemplate how Beautiful was the Work created by Us, Our dear son (Adam); and, as Our son, We kept him (Adam) in Our House, amidst Our Endless Goods, and, as a consequence, as Our son, he (Adam) acted as Master.  It would have been against the Nature of Our Love not letting (Adam) the one whom We so much Loved, and who so much Loved Us, Act as Master.  In True Love there is no ‘mine’ and ‘yours,’ but everything is in common. And besides, letting him Act as Master caused no harm to Us; on the contrary, it Gladdened Us, it made Us Smile, it Amused Us, it Gave Us the Beautiful Surprise of Our Own Goods. 


“And then, how could he (Adam) not be Master if he Possessed Our Divine Will that Lords over Everything and Dominates Everything?  In order not to make him (Adam) Master, We (Triune God) would have had to place Our Divine Will in servitude, that could not be—wherever It (The Divine Will) Reigns, there are no servitudes, but Everything is Mastership.  Therefore, for as long as man (Adam) Lived in Our Divine Fiat, he Knew no servitude; as he sinned, withdrawing from Our Divine Volition, he lost the Mastership and reduced himself to servitude.  What a change!  From son, to servant!  He lost the Command over created things, he became the servant of everything.  By withdrawing from Our Divine Fiat, he felt shaken from his very Foundations, and he felt his very person vacillating; he experienced what weakness is, and felt himself the servant of passions that made him feel ashamed of himself; and he reached the point of losing the Dominion of himself.  So, Strength, Light, Grace, Peace, were no longer in his Power as before, but he had to beg for them with tears and prayers from his Creator.  Do you see, then, what Living in My Divine Will means?  It means to be Master.  A servant is one who does his own human will.”