Volume 20 – January 16, 1927

(Luisa) The one who Lives in It (the Divine Will) takes everything as though in one blow.

“My daughter (Luisa), the one who Lives in the Divine Will takes everything together, as though in one blow.  In fact, since My Divine Will is Everywhere, there is nothing that can escape It, Its Life is Eternal, Its Immensity knows no limits, nor circumferences, therefore the soul (Luisa) who Lives in It takes the Eternal God, all the heavens, the sun, everything that exists, the Virgin (Mary), the Angels, the Saints—in sum, everything.  And as she prays, palpitates, breathes, Loves, her Act becomes Common to all; so, all palpitate from her heartbeat, all breathe with her breath, all Love with her Love, because wherever My Divine Will Extends, It moves all to do the Act of (Luisa) the one who Lives in It.  From this, it happens that since the Sovereign Queen has the First Place in the Divine Fiat, She (Mary) feels the little daughter (Luisa) who Lives in It close to Herself; and associating Herself with her, She (Mary) repeats what she (Luisa) does together with her, and places Her (Mary’s) Seas of Grace, of Light, of Love, in Common, because one is the Will of the Mama (Mary) and of the little daughter (Luisa).  Even more, the Height of the Sovereign of Heaven (Mary) feels Honored in her (Luisa), with Acts of a Divine Will; She (Mary) Feels that this little daughter (Luisa) enters into Her Seas, and stirring them with her (Luisa’s) Acts, she makes them Swell, to Double them and Expand them.  But to do what?  To let her Creator receive Doubled Divine Glory, and Love from her (Luisa’s) very Seas of Love; and to place the Seas of her Celestial Mama as though in a Bank, so that She (Mary) may Receive Doubled Glory. 

“Therefore, though little, this creature (Luisa) moves Everything, she imposes herself on everything; all let her do; all feel the Power of the Good that she (Luisa) wants to Give to all.  So, she (Luisa) is little and Strong; she (Luisa) is little and she (Luisa) is Present everywhere; she (Luisa) is little and her Prerogative is Littleness, therefore she (Luisa) possesses nothing—not even her human will, because, voluntarily, she (Luisa) has given it (her human will) to the One (Triune God) who had Right over it (her human will).  And the Divine Will gives her (Luisa) Everything—there is nothing which It (The Divine Will) does not Entrust to her (Luisa).  Therefore, the Prodigies of the Living in My Divine Will are Indescribable and Innumerable.  Oh! if all Knew what it Means to Live in My Divine Will, and the Good they Receive—even more, there is no Good which they do not take, there is no Good which they cannot do—they would all compete and Yearn to Live in My Most Holy and Adorable Volition.”