Luisa Is The Center Of The Divine Will

From The Writings Of Luisa Piccarreta

“The Little Daughter Of The Divine Will”


VOL. 12 – March 9, 1919

Then, my sweet Jesus added: “Have you seen how I want you? The Sun that you see is my Will, in which my Humanity was as though within Its own center. I received everything from my Will; no other food entered into Me. Not even one thought, one word or one breath entered into Me, which was nourished by a food extraneous to my Will. It was right that I gave everything back to It. So do I want you – in the center of my Will, from which you will take the nourishment of everything. Beware of taking any other food; you would descend from your nobility, and degrade yourself, like those queens who lower themselves to taking vile and dirty foods, unworthy of them. And as you take, you must immediately return everything back to Me. Therefore, you will do nothing other than take and give to Me. In this way, you too will form an enchanting harmony between Me and you.”


VOL. 13 – June 12, 1921

There where God finds His Life, He shall stop and dwell forever. Then will He rest, not in the work of Creation, but within His own Life. The soul must be the center of the Divine Will.

Continuing in my usual state, my always lovable Jesus continues to speak to me about His Holy Will, telling me: “My beloved daughter, birth from my Will, I do not want you sky studded with stars; I would like it – I would find my work, but it would not satisfy Me because I would not find Myself. Nor do I want you sun, though I would find delight in it – I would find the shadow of my light and heat but, not finding Myself, I would pass over you. Nor do I want you flowery earth with flowers, plants and fruits, although it might please Me, since I would find the breath of my fragrances, traces of my sweetness, the mastery of my creative hand. In sum, I would find my works – but not my Life. Therefore, I would pass over everything, I would continue to wander without stopping – to find what? My Life. And where will I find my Life? In the soul who lives in my Will. This is why I do not want you sky, sun or flowery earth, but center of my Will; there where I find my Life, I shall stop and dwell forever. Only then will I be content; I will rest not in my work, as in Creation, but in my own Life.

Know that your life must be the Fiat. My Fiat delivered you to the light, and like a noble queen carrying the Fiat Creator in your womb, you must walk through the field of life upon the wings of that same Fiat, sowing everywhere the seed of my Will, in order to form many other centers of my Life upon earth, and then come back into my own Fiat in Heaven. Be faithful to Me, and my Will will be your life, the hand which leads you, the feet to walk, the mouth to speak – in sum, It will make up for you in everything.”


VOL. 13 – October 27, 1921

And Jesus: “My daughter, it is fair after I carried you in my interior for my whole Life, that your duty be to carry Me in your interior for all of your life. If I placed you in my interior, it was in order to perfume your soul, and to extend a new heaven within you, so as to render it a worthy residence for my Person. It is true that you felt safer and that joys poured down upon you; but the earth is not a place of delights – its inheritance is pain, and the cross is the bread of the strong. More so, since I had to establish the center of my Will in you, and therefore it was necessary that my Will lived in you and served you as the soul to the body. My Will could never descend into a soul in a singular way and outside of the ordinary, if she did not have her distinct prerogatives. The same with my Mama: I, Eternal Word, could not have descended in Her, if She did not have Her distinct prerogatives and the Divine breath had not breathed into Her, as into a new Creation, to the point of rendering Her admirable to all, and superior to all created things. The same with you: first my Humanity wanted to have Its stable dwelling in you in order to prepare you; and now It is giving you the Life of my Will, like the soul to the body.


VOL. 14 – November 11, 1922

Having to call you into the center of my Will to live a communal life in It, and to make you cover all the acts done by Me, which are not yet known by creatures, it was necessary to restore your nature to this happy state, for my decorum, sanctity and dignity. Otherwise, you could not have run with Me in the interminable acts of my Will, nor be with Me with that familiarity which is needed in order to operate together. The passions, the seeds of tendencies which are not good, would have been like many bars of division between Me and you. At the most, you would have been at the commands of my Will like many of my faithful ones, but you would have been very far from doing what I did, and neither you nor I would have been happy; while living in my Will is precisely this – to live completely happy on earth, to then move on to live more happy in Heaven.


VOL. 20 – February 6, 1927

Then, I continued to follow Its acts in the Supreme Volition, and my sweet Jesus added:  “My daughter, for one who possesses my Will, it is as if she had the sun centered within herself – but not the sun that can be seen up in the sky; rather, the Divine Sun, that very Sun which is centered in God.  Extending Its rays, It centers Itself in the soul, so she is the owner of light, because she possesses within herself the life of the light, and all the goods and effects which it contains.  Therefore, she enjoys the communion of goods of her Creator.  Everything is placed in common with one who possesses my Will:  common is the love, common is the sanctity, common is the light – everything is in common with her.  Even more, since the Creator looks at her as a birth delivered by His Divine Will, she is already His daughter, so He enjoys, loves and wants that His goods be in common with her.  And if this could not be, He would suffer as a father would suffer who, being extremely wealthy, finds himself in the impossibility of giving His goods to his true and faithful children; so, unable to give what he possesses, he is forced to see them poor.  This father, in the midst of the opulence of his riches, would die of sorrow, poisoned amidst his own bitternesses, because the joy of a father is to give and to make his children happy of his own happiness.  If a terrestrial father who were not able to place his goods in common with his children can suffer so much, to the point of dying of grief, much more would the Eternal Creator suffer, more than a most tender Father, if He could not place His goods in common with one who possesses the Divine Fiat, who, being his daughter, has her rights to possess the communion of goods of her Father.  And if it were not so, it would clash with that love which knows no limits, and with that goodness, more than paternal, which is the continuous triumph of all Our works.


VOL. 25 – November 4, 1928

Then, while my mind was wandering in this light, my sweet Jesus, moving in this light, as it seemed He was as though sunken inside of it, told me:  “My daughter, for as many truths as I have manifested to you about my Divine Will, so many lights have unleashed themselves from Our divine womb and have fixed themselves in you, but without detaching from the center of your Creator.  In fact, the light is inseparable from God; it communicates itself, it fixes itself in the creature, and it never loses its center, from which it came out.  How beautiful it is to see the creature, with all these lights fixed in her, which have the virtue of making the One who created her arise again in the creature – and so many times, for as many truths as are manifested to her.  And since what I have manifested to you on my Divine Will are innumerable truths – so many, that you yourself cannot count them all – many lights, that is, many luminous rays, are fixed in you, which descend from God, but without detaching from its divine womb.  These lights form the most beautiful ornament in you, and the greatest gift you could receive from God.  In fact, since these truths are fixed in you, they give you right over the divine properties – and so many rights, for as many truths as I have manifested to you.  You cannot comprehend the great dowry you have been endowed with by God with these truths, which, like many lights, are fixed in your soul.  The whole of Heaven is amazed at seeing so many lights in you, all filled with many Divine Lives.  And as you communicate them to other creatures, this light winds its way, it fixes itself in other hearts, but without leaving you, and forms the Divine Life wherever it reaches.  My daughter, what great treasure has been entrusted to you with so many truths I have told you on my Divine Will; a treasure which has its source in its divine womb, and which will always give light without ever ceasing.  My truths are more than sun, which gives light to the earth, invests it, fixes on it; and in fixing on it, it gives birth, on the face of it and for each thing, to the effects and the goods which its light contains.  But, jealous, it does not detach its light from its center; and this is so true that, as it moves on to illuminate other regions, the earth remains in the dark.  On the other hand, the Sun of my truths, while it does not detach from its center, fixing itself in the soul, forms in her the perennial day….”


VOL. 26 – April 7, 1929

My poor mind is always back into the center of the Divine Volition.  I feel I cannot do without crossing Its endless sea and diving ever more deeply into It, so as to see, hear and touch nothing but Divine Will.  Oh! adorable Will, raise your gigantic waves up into the celestial regions, and transport the little exiled one, your newborn, from your Will on earth up into your Will in Heaven.  O please! have pity on my littleness, and fulfill over me your last act on earth, so as to resume your continuous act in Heaven….


VOL. 26 – June 27, 1929

Then, continuing in my abandonment in the Divine Fiat… which is such that, as much as I hasten to cross all of It, I can never manage; on the contrary, I see that much way is left to me to go within Its sea of light, to the point that I cannot even catch sight of where Its endless boundaries end.  So, as much as I hasten, my journey will never end, I will always have something to do and way to go within the sea of the Eternal Volition.  Then, my sweet Jesus added:  “My daughter, how great is the sea of my Will.  It has no beginning and no end, therefore the littleness of the creature can neither cross it, nor embrace it all.  However, one who lives in It finds herself on the way in the center of the sea, as it will never be given to her to go out from within its center, because she will never find either a shore or a boundary of It.  On the contrary, in the front and in the back, on the right and on the left, she will find nothing but sea of Divine Will, and for each act that she emits in It, she is given a divine right back.  In fact, since her act has been done within and together with my Divine Volition, with Divine Justice, It communicates to the soul the right of the Divine Light, the right of Its Sanctity, the right of Its Beauty, of Its Goodness, of Its Love.  She lives in the sea of my Will by right – not as a stranger, but as the owner, because she has her acts changed into divine rights which have rendered her the conqueror of my Divine Will.  And if you knew how much We delight, how happy We feel, in seeing the littleness of the creature living in the sea of Our Volition – not as a stranger, but as the owner; not as servant, but as queen; not as poor, but as immensely rich – and rich in Our conquests which she has made in Our Fiat.  Therefore, one who lives in Our Divine Volition will feel within herself, by right, the dominion of light, the dominion of sanctity, the dominion of beauty, and of making herself as beautiful as she wants.  She has goodness at her disposal, love as the substance of her acts, my Divine Will as her own Life – and completely her own; and all this by divine right, given by Our very selves.  Therefore, be attentive in multiplying your acts in Our adorable Fiat!”


VOL. 27 – November 6, 1929

Now, daughter of my Divine Volition, do you want to know who breaks my loneliness in the midst of so many works of mine?  One who lives in my Divine Will.  She comes into the middle of this center, and she speaks to Me; she speaks to Me about my works, she tells Me that she loves Me for each created thing, she opens her heart to Me and speaks to Me of her intimate secrets; she speaks to Me of my Divine Fiat and of her sorrow for she does not see It reigning.  And my Heart, in hearing her, feels in her Its own love and sorrow; It feels as though portrayed again, and as she speaks, my Divine Heart swells with love, with joy, and unable to contain it, I open my mouth and I speak, and speak at length.  I open my Heart and I pour my inmost secrets into her heart; I speak to her about my Divine Will as the only purpose of all Our works.  And while I speak, I feel true company – but a speaking company, not mute; a company that understands Me, that makes Me happy, and into which I can pour Myself.  Has everything I have manifested to you about my Divine Will perhaps not been outpourings of love, transfusion of life that we did, one into the other, and that, while I would speak to you, served to entertain us and to form the sweetest and most pleasant company?  A soul that lives in my Divine Will is everything for Me, she makes up for the muteness of my works for Me; she speaks to Me for everything, she makes Me happy, and I do not feel lonely; and having someone to whom to give the great gift of my word, I am no longer left as the mute Jesus who has no one to whom to say a word – and if I want to speak, if my Fiat is not there I will not be understood – but the Jesus who speaks and has His company.”


VOL. 29 – February 13, 1931

In fact, you must know that one who lives in My Will lives in the center of the sphere of the Divine Sun, and can say:  ‘The Sun is all mine.’  On the other hand, one who does not live in It lives in the circumference of the Light that the Divine Sun spreads everywhere, because My Will, with Its Immensity, can neither deny Itself to anyone, nor does It want to deny Itself; It is like the sun, that is forced to give light to all, even if not all of them wanted it.  And why this?  Only because it is light, and the nature of light is to give itself to all—to those who do not want it and to those who want it.  But, what great difference exists between one who lives in the center of My Divine Sun and one who lives in Its circumference.  The first one possesses the properties of the Light and all of its goods, that are infinite; the Light keeps her defended from all evils; so, sin cannot have life in this Light; and if bitternesses arise, they are like clouds, that cannot have perennial life—a little breeze of My Will is enough to put to flight the thickest clouds, and the soul finds herself sunken within the center of Its Sun that she possesses.  More so, since the bitternesses of one who lives in My Will are always because of Me, and I can say that I am embittered together with you; and if I see you crying, I cry along, because My very Will renders Me inseparable from one who lives in It, and I feel her pains more than if they were My own.  Even more, My very Will that resides in the soul calls My Humanity into one who suffers, to make It repeat Its Life living on earth; and—oh! the Divine prodigies that take place; the new currents that open between Heaven and earth, because of the new Life of pains that Jesus has in His creature.  And My Heart, while It is human, is Divine—It possesses the sweetest tendernesses; the attractive and powerful tendernesses of My Heart are such and so many, that as I see one who loves Me suffer, My most tender love melts My Heart and pours Itself completely over the pains and over the heart of My beloved creature.  Therefore, I am with you in suffering, and I do two offices—of Actor of pains, and Spectator—to enjoy the fruits of My pains that I keep unfolding within her.  Therefore, for one who lives in My Divine Will, I am Sun and center of her life; so, we are inseparable; I feel her life palpitating in Me, and she feels My Life palpitating in her inmost soul.  On the other hand, one who lives in the circumference of the Light that the Sun of My Divine Will spreads everywhere, is not the owner of the Light, because true ownership is said to be so when a good resides within oneself; and the good inside no one can take away from us—either in life, or after death.  On the other hand, the good outside is subject to danger, nor does it have the power to keep us safe; and the soul suffers weakness, inconstancy, passions that torment her, and she reaches the point of feeling as though far away from her Creator.  Therefore, always in My Will do I want you, to let Me continue My Life upon earth.”


VOL. 29 – August 3, 1931

I am always there, in the center of the Divine Fiat, though under the nightmare of the privation of my sweet Jesus.  Oh! how painful it is to feel, escaping from oneself, that Jesus who loves me and whom I love, and while He forms my life of strength, of love, of light, His Life of love, of strength and of light escapes from within my life.  Oh! God, what pain—to feel life, while the true Life is not there.  What torture, what torment.  Oh! how I feel like repeating:  “There is no sorrow similar to my sorrow.  Heavens and earth—cry with me, and, all of you—implore for me the return of that Jesus who loves me and whom I love.”  So I abandoned myself more than ever in that Divine Fiat that no one can take away from me—not even Jesus Himself.  If He hides, He makes some little escapes from me, but His Divine Will never leaves me, It is always with me, and my poor mind goes around everything that the Divine Fiat has done and does for love of us.


VOL. 32 – June 25, 1933

“Now if We, by wanting that Our Fiat Reign in creatures, seek and find Ourselves in her, the creature, by wanting It, seeks herself in God, and she finds herself in Him.  See, therefore, what exchange, what labor on both parts, what stratagems and Loving Genius—God who continuously seeks Himself in the creature.  But where does He find Himself?  In the center of her, such that He seeks and re-seeks Himself, He calls and re-calls, where His same Love calls Him, where His same Life resides.  The creature imitates her God, she goes around, and goes around again, she seeks and she re-seeks, she calls and re-calls, but where does she find herself?  In the Divine Center.  This says Exchange of Life between the one and the other, the same Will that Dominates the creature and God, the same Love with which they are animated.  So there is nothing to marvel at, what one does, the other does.  And only Our Will knows how to do these Prodigies.  Without It everything is sterile, everything is blocked on the part of God and on the part of creatures; We feel that We are Prisoners of Ourselves, and she feels herself imprisoned by her human will, without escape and all blocked in herself, and without Divine Life.  So with all this, is it not therefore Just that We want nothing other than that Our Will Dominate and Reign?”


VOL. 33 – November 19, 1933

“In addition to this, as the creature forms her act in My Divine Will, so the veins of the soul empty themselves of what is human and there flows, I could say, a Divine Blood that makes felt in Substance the Divine Virtues in the creature that has the virtue of flowing almost as blood in the same Life that animates her Creator, that renders them inseparable from each other—so much so that one who wants to find God can find Him in His place of honor in the creature, and one who wants to find the creature will find her in the Divine Center.”


VOL. 33 – March 19, 1935

But while I thought this, my sweet Jesus, my dear Life, surprising me, all Goodness told me:  “My blessed daughter, tell Me, what do you want?  Do you want that My Will Reigns and Lives in you as Life?  If you truly want it, everything is done, because so much is Our Love and ardent Desire that the creature possess Our Will as Life in order to let her Live of It, that as her human will truly wants it, so Ours fills the human volition with Our Supreme Volition in order to form Its Life there, and Live in her as in Its own Center.  You must know that the Divine Will and the human are two spiritual powers.  The Divine, Immense with an Unreachable Power.  The human, little power, but for however little, it has its power.  And both being spiritual, the one can pour itself into the other and form one single Life.  All the power is in the volition, and being spiritual power, it has the space of being able to place inside of its will the good that she wants, and also the evil.  In fact, what the will wants, that is what one finds inside of herself:  If she wants self-esteem, glory, love of pleasures, of riches, she will find inside of her volition the life of self-esteem, of glory, the life of pleasures, of riches, and, if she wants, sin—even sin will form its life.


VOL. 34 – May 6, 1937

My abandonment in the Divine Volition continues.  My poor mind, oppressed because of the incidents of life, so sorrowful for me, sought my refuge in the center of the Fiat, in which I feel myself reborn to New Life, rejuvenated, re-made from my sorrowful stops.


VOL. 36 – June 20, 1938

I am under the Empire of the Divine Will.  Its Power raises me in Its Center; Its Love, embalming me, brings me Its Celestial air; Its Light Purifies, Embellishes, Transforms me, enclosing me in the range of the Divine Will, so that all is forgotten; so Great and so many are the Joys, so enchanting the scenes of the Supreme Being that one remains enraptured.  O, Divine Will, how I’d love for all to know You, to enjoy Joys so Pure, Gladness so Ineffable, that can be found only in You!