A Spirit Of Continuous Prayer Rejects the Devil And Gets Rid of Disturbance

From the Writings of Luisa Piccarreta

“The Little Daughter of the Divine Will”


9AM Hour of the Passion Reflections and Practices

From 9 to 10, crowned with thorns, Jesus is mocked as king and subjected to unheard-of insults and pains. He repairs in a special way for the sins of pride. And we – do we avoid sentiments of pride? Do we attribute to God the good which we do? Do we consider ourselves inferior to others? Is our mind always empty of any other thought in order to give rise to grace? Many times we do not give rise to grace by keeping our mind filled with other thoughts. Then, since our mind is not completely filled with God, we ourselves cause the devil to bother us, and maybe we even foment temptations. When our mind is filled with God, as the devil approaches us, not finding the place toward which to direct his temptations, confused, he flees. In fact, holy thoughts have so much power against the devil that, as he is about to approach us, they wound him like many swords, and cast him away.

Therefore, we lament unfairly when our mind is bothered and tempted by the enemy. It is our poor surveillance that pushes our enemy to assault us. He is spying on our mind in order to find little gaps, and attack us. Then, instead of relieving Jesus with our holy thoughts and removing the thorns from Him, ungrateful, we push them into his head, making Him feel the pricking more sharply. In this way, grace remains frustrated, and cannot carry out the crafting of its holy inspirations in our mind.

Many times we do even worse. As we feel the weight of temptations, instead of bringing them to Jesus, making of them a bundle to be burned by the fire of His love, we worry, we become sad, and speculate on those very temptations. Therefore, not only does our mind remain occupied by evil thoughts, but all our poor being remains as though soaked with them; and so it would almost take a miracle from Jesus to free us. Jesus looks at us through those thorns and, calling us, He seems to say:

“Ah, my child, you yourself do not want to cling to Me. If you had come soon to Me, I would have helped you to free yourself from the bothers which the enemy brought into your mind, and you would not have made Me sigh so much for your return. I asked for help from you in order to be freed from thorns so sharp; but I waited in vain, because you were occupied with the work that your enemy had given you. Oh! how much less tempted you would be, if you came soon into my arms. Fearing Me, and not you, the enemy would leave you immediately.”

My Jesus, may your thorns seal my thoughts in your mind, and prevent the enemy from causing any sort of temptation.

When Jesus makes Himself felt in our mind and in our heart, do we reciprocate His inspirations, or do we place them into oblivion? Jesus is mocked as king. And we – do we respect all the holy things? Do we use all the reverence which befits them, as if we were touching Jesus Christ Himself?

My crowned Jesus, let me feel your thorns, so that I may understand from their pricks how much You suffer, and I may constitute You as King of my whole self.

Showed from the lobby, Jesus is condemned to death by those people who had been loved and who had benefited so much from Him.

Loving Jesus accepts death for us, in order to give us life. Are we ready to accept any pain to prevent Jesus from being offended and from suffering? Our pain must be accepted so as not to make Jesus suffer. Since He suffered infinitely in His Humanity, and since we have to continue His life on earth, we must reciprocate the pains of the Humanity of Jesus Christ with our own pains.

How do we compassionate the pains which Jesus suffers in seeing many souls being snatched from His Heart? Do we make His pains our own so as to relieve Him from all that He suffers? The Jews want Him crucified, so that He may die like a criminal, and that His name be erased from the face of the earth. Do we strive to let Jesus live on earth? With our acts, with our example, with our steps, we must put a divine mark in the world, so that Jesus may be recognized by all, and so that, through our works, His life may have a divine echo, heard from one end of the world to another.

Are we ready to give our own life so that beloved Jesus may be relieved of all the offenses, or do we rather imitate the Jews, people so much favored – almost like our own souls, which are loved so much by Jesus – and shout like them, “Crucifigatur” (let Him be crucified)?

My condemned Jesus, may your condemnation be my own, which I accept for love of you. And in order to console You, I will pour myself continuously in You, to bring You into the hearts of all creatures, to make You known to all, and to give your life to all.


VOL. 2 – July 4, 1899

Jesus speaks about disturbance.

This morning, Jesus renewed in me the pains of the crucifixion; our Queen Mama was also present, and Jesus, speaking of Her, said: “My Kingdom was in the Heart of my Mother, and this, because Her Heart was never disturbed even slightly; so much so, that in the immense sea of the Passion, She suffered immense pains, and Her Heart was pierced through by the sword of sorrow, but She did not receive the slightest breath of disturbance. Therefore, since my Kingdom is a Kingdom of peace, I was able to lay my Kingdom within Her, and to reign freely without any obstacle.”

Jesus kept coming other times, and I, seeing myself all full of sins, said to Him: ‘My Lord Jesus, I feel I am all covered with wounds and with grave sins. O please! I beg You – have pity on this miserable one!’ And Jesus: “Do not fear, for there are no grave sins; and besides, one must have horror for sin, but not become disturbed, because agitation, wherever it comes from, never does good to the soul.” Then He added: “My daughter, you are victim, as I am – let all your works shine with the same intentions as Mine, pure and holy, so that, finding my own image in you, I may pour the influence of my graces freely, and I may offer you, adorned in this way, as fragrant victim before Divine Justice.”


VOL. 4 – July 28, 1902

A spirit of continuous prayer.

Continuing in my usual state, I found myself outside of myself, and I found my adorable Jesus who, not wanting to show me the troubles of the world, told me: “My daughter, withdraw – do not want to see the evils, most grave, which are in the world.” And on saying this, He withdrew me Himself, and while carrying me He repeated: “What I recommend to you is a spirit of continuous prayer. The continuous effort of the soul to converse with Me, whether with her heart, or with her mind, with her mouth, or even with a simple intention – renders her so beautiful in my sight, that the notes of her heart harmonize with the notes of my Heart. I feel so drawn to converse with this soul, that I manifest to her not only the works ad extra [external] of my Humanity, but I keep manifesting to her something of the works ad intra [interior] which the Divinity did in my Humanity. Not only this, but the beauty that a spirit of continuous prayer makes her acquire is so great, that the devil is as though struck by lightning, and remains frustrated in the snares He lays in order to harm this soul.” Having said this, He disappeared, and I found myself inside myself.

VOL. 13 – October 18, 1921

The disturbance of the soul is the night that prevents the Sun of Jesus from rising. Disturbance is nothing other than lack of abandonment in God.

I spent a day distracted because of a few things I heard – which it is not necessary here to say – and also a little disturbed; and as much as I tried, I could not free myself. So, for the entire day I did not see my sweet Jesus, the Life of my soul, as if the disturbance were a veil which, placing itself between me and Him, prevented me from being able to see Him. Then, late at night, my mind, tired, calmed itself and my lovable Jesus, as if He were waiting, made Himself seen and, sorrowful, told me: “My daughter, today with your disturbance you have prevented the Sun of my Person from rising in you. Disturbance is cloud between Me and you, which prevents the rays from descending in you. And if the rays do not descend, how can you see the Sun? If you knew what it means not to let my Sun rise, and what great harm this is for you and for the whole world, you would well be attentive never to trouble yourself. In fact, it is always nighttime for disturbed souls, and at night the Sun does not rise. On the other hand, it is always daylight for the peaceful ones, and at whatever hour my Sun wants to rise, the soul is always ready to receive the good of my coming.

Then, disturbance is nothing other than lack of abandonment in Me, and I want you so abandoned in my arms that you must not have even one thought for yourself – I will take care of everything. Do not fear; your Jesus cannot do without taking care of you, keeping you sheltered from all. You cost Me much – much have I placed in you. I alone have right over you. Therefore, if the rights are Mine, the custody will be all Mine. So, be at peace and do not fear.”


VOL. 28 – December 21, 1930
Triumphs on the part of the Divine Will when the creature lets herself be worked by the Divine Fiat.  Exchanges of triumphs on both sides.

My flight in the Divine Volition continues; it seems to me that I call It, because life would be missing in me without It.  The life of good, the life of love, the life of the light, the life of peace, would be missing in me; and my human will, seeing itself alone, would assault me and would give life to my passions in me.  This is why I fear so much that even for just one instant it may remain without the Fiat operating in me, because, It being present, my will remains crouched down and does not dare to move before a Will so holy and so powerful.  Therefore I call It, and It gives me Its hand to take me into Its acts, that I may follow It and keep It company.  And since It created everything for love of creatures, when It feels her close and identified, It takes such delight, that It feels as though repaid for the many things It issued from Its creative hands.