Volume 13; December 3, 1921

Now, Living in My Divine Will is not only salvation, but is Sanctity which must rise over all other sanctities, and which must carry the seal of the Sanctity of the Creator. Therefore, minor sanctities were to come first, as cortege, bearers, messengers and preparations for this Sanctity which is Fully Divine. And just as in Redemption I chose My incomparable Mama (Mary) as the link of connection with Me, from which the fruits of Redemption had to descend, I (Jesus) chose you (Luisa) as the link of connection from which the Sanctity of Living in My Divine Will was to have its beginning; a Sanctity which, coming out from My Divine Will to bring Me the complete Glory of the Purpose for which man was created, would make man come back along the same steps of My Divine Will, in order to return to his Creator. What is your wondering then? These are things established from eternity, and no one will be able to move them.

Volume 14; September 24, 1922

And I (Luisa): ‘How can I clothe You (Jesus)? I have nothing.’ And He: “Indeed you (Luisa) can clothe Me (Jesus) – you (Luisa) have My whole Will in your power. Absorb It within you and then release It, and you (Luisa) will make Me (Jesus) the most beautiful garment – a garment of Heaven and Divine. Oh, how warmed I will be! And I will clothe you with the garment of My Divine Will, so that we may be clothed with one single uniform. This is why I want it from you: so that I may give it to you with Justice. If you clothe Me, it is fair that I clothe you, to repay you for what you have done for Me. All the evil in man is that he has lost the seed of My Divine Will; therefore he does nothing but cover himself with the greatest crimes, which degrade him and make him act like a madman. Oh, how many follies they are about to commit! Fair penalty – since they want to have their own self as God.”

Volume 14; October 6, 1922

The first plane of the human acts changed into Divine in My Will, has already been done by Me (Jesus); I (God) left it as though suspended, and the creature, except for My dear and inseparable Mama (Mary), knew nothing. This was necessary. If man did not know the way, the door, the rooms of My Holy Humanity, how could he enter inside of Me and copy what I did? Now the time has come for the creature (Luisa) to enter into this plane and do also something of her (Luisa’s) own within Mine (Jesus’). What is the wonder if I (Jesus) have called you (Luisa) as the first one? Besides, it is so True that I (Jesus) have called you (Luisa) as the First, since to no other soul, though dear to Me, have I (God) manifested the way to Live in My Divine Will, the Effects of It, and the Wonders and Goods which the creature operating in the Supreme Volition receives.