VOLUME 25 – March 31, 1929

Absolute Rights of the Divine Will.  How the human will changed the human Destiny and the Divine.  How, if man (Adam) had not sinned, Jesus was to come upon earth Glorious and with the Scepter of Command.  Man was to be the bearer of his Creator. 


…Now, while I (Luisa) was feeling myself under the Empire of the Divine Fiat, my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me:  “(Luisa) Little daughter of My Divine Will, you must know that these are Absolute Rights of My Divine Fiat – to have Primacy over Each Act of the creature – and one who denies Its Primacy takes Its Divine Rights away from It, which are due to It by Justice, because It is the Creator of the human will.  Who can tell you, My daughter (Luisa), how much evil a creature can do when she reaches the point of withdrawing from the Divine Will of her Creator?  See, One Act of the First man (Adam) withdrawing from Our Divine Will was enough, reaching the point of changing the Destiny of the human generations – not only this, but the very Destiny of Our Divine Will.


If ADAM had not sinned, the Eternal Word (Jesus), who is the very Will of the Celestial Father, (Jesus) was to come upon earth Glorious, Triumphant and Dominator, accompanied Visibly by His Angelic Army, which all were to see; and with the Splendor of His Glory, He (Jesus) was to Charm everyone and Draw everyone to Himself with His Beauty; Crowned as King and with the Scepter of Command, so as to be (Jesus) King and Head of the human family, in such a way as to Give creatures the Great Honor of being able to say:  ‘We have a King (Jesus) who is Man and God.’ More so, since your Jesus was not coming from Heaven to find man infirm, because, had he not withdrawn from My Divine Will, no illnesses, either of soul or of body, were to exist; in fact, it was the human will that almost drowned the poor creature with pains.  The Divine Fiat was untouchable by any pain, and so was man to be.  Therefore, I (Jesus) was to come to find man Happy, Holy, and with the Fullness of the Goods with which I (God) had created him.  But, because he (Adam) wanted to do his human will, he changed Our Destiny, and since it was Decreed that I (Jesus) was to descend upon earth – and when the Divinity Decrees, no one can Move It – I (Jesus) only changed the Manner and the Appearance, but I (Jesus) did descend, though under most humble guises:  poor, with no apparatus of Glory, suffering and crying, and loaded with all the miseries and pains of man.  The human will made Me (Jesus) come to find man unhappy, blind, deaf and mute, full of all miseries; and I (Jesus), in order to Heal him, was to take them upon Myself; and so as not to strike fear in them, I (Jesus) was to show Myself as one of them, become their brother and give them the Medicines and the Remedies which were Needed.  So, the human will has the Power to render man Happy or unhappy, a Saint or a sinner, Healthy or sick.

See then, if the soul (Luisa) decides always – always to do My Divine Will and to Live in It, she (Luisa) will change her destiny, and My Divine Will will Fling Itself upon the creature (Luisa); It will make her (Luisa) Its Prey, and Giving her (Luisa) the Kiss of Creation, It will Change Appearance and Manner.  Clasping her (Luisa) to Its Bosom, It will say to her (Luisa and those linked to Luisa):  Let us put everything aside, the First Times of Creation have come back for you (Luisa and those linked to you) and for Me (God); everything will be Happiness between you (Luisa) and Me (God), you (Luisa) will Live in Our House, as Our daughter, in the Abundance of the Goods of your Creator.’