The Divine Will Is Spying On You To See If You Call It In Your Acts

From The Letters Of Luisa Piccarreta

“The Little Daughter of the Divine Will”

Letters of Luisa #75

You must also know that as soon as we make the intention of doing an act, the supreme Fiat spies us, so to speak, to see if we call It into our acts.  If we do, It rejoices and embraces us, caresses us and embellishes us, sanctifies and purifies our acts; and then the Lord pronounces His Fiat over them, and makes with them His miracles.  Our actions, then, form the clothes that cover this divine collaboration, filling Heaven and earth… Father, if we only knew how many miracles and prodigies are enclosed in the Life of the Divine Will, we would give our lives to receive so many goods.


VOL. 35 – October 25, 1937

“One Act in My Will overwhelms Heaven and earth, and if It cannot find souls disposed to receive such a Good, It puts Itself on the lookout; spying the circumstances, the opportunities and the disillusions of life; ready to Invest them, embalm them and give them the Good It possesses.  The Acts in My Will are never lazy.  They are Full of Light, Love, Sanctity and Divine Sweetness; they feel the need to give Light to those who live in darkness; to give Love to those who are cold; to give Sanctity to those who live in sin; to give Divine Sweetness to those who feel embittered.  These acts, true children of My Divine Fiat, never stop.  They keep wandering, even for centuries, if necessary, in order to give the Good they possess.  And since they are animated and armed by Its Power, they can say:  ‘We can do everything, because an Omnipotent Divine Will gave us Life.’”


VOL. 35 – January 30, 1938

“My little daughter of My Divine Volition, so great is the anxiety—so many the sighs because My Will wants to Reign in the act of the creature, that It begins spying to see if the soul calls It Prime Act of her own acts.  Once being called, It puts on a festive air and runs, blowing inside the act of the creature to impress Its Creative Strength on it, and to convert it into Divine Nature.  Therefore, this creature feels the Nature of the Divine Love that Invests her, surrounds her and flows like blood in her veins—even in the marrow of her bones, in the beating of her heart…. So, her entire being says nothing other than Love.

“Converting human acts into Divine Nature are the Greatest Prodigies that My Will can do.  It cannot give other than what It possesses:  It possesses Love, and Love It gives.  O, how Happy It feels for not seeing or feeling anything but Love—neither can It do without Loving.  In giving Love to the creature, by nature, My Will placed her in the Divine Order:  all is harmony between God and the creature.  One can say that My Will threw the creature into Our own Maze of Love.  So, if she adores, thanks or blesses, Its Divine Strength runs to change that adoration, thanksgiving and blessing into Divine Nature.  Therefore, the creature has it in her power, as if by nature, always to adore, thank and bless the Supreme Majesty, because what My Will communicates by Nature possesses the continuous and Unceasing Act.


VOL. 35 – February 14, 1938

Therefore, Our Love is Exuberant for the one who wants to Live in our Fiat.  We are all eyes over her—almost spying—to see when she gives Us her act; to let Our Creative Virtue Operate in it.  This creature is for Us the show of Our Love—the activity of Our Power; and she becomes the Repeater of Our own Life.”