Feast of the Assumption

In the Divine Will

From the Writings of
The Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta
The Little Daughter of the Divine Will

 The Solemnity of the Assumption

Excerpt from Day Thirty-One of The Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will

 . . . As I gave my last breath of pure love in the endlessness of the Divine Will, my Son received me in His arms and took me to Heaven, in the midst of the angelic choirs which praised me as their Queen.  I can say that Heaven emptied Itself to come toward me.  All celebrated, and in looking at me, remained enraptured and said in chorus:  “Who is She, who comes from the exile, all cleaving to her Lord?  All beautiful, all holy, with the scepter of Queen?  Her greatness is such that the heavens have lowered themselves to receive Her.  No other creature has entered the celestial regions so adorned and so striking—so powerful as to hold supremacy over all.”

Now, my child, do you want to know who She is—for Whom the whole of Heaven sings and remains enraptured?  It is I—She who never did her own will.  The Divine Will abounded so much with me as to extend more beautiful heaven, more refulgent suns, seas of beauty, of love, of sanctity, with which I could give light to all, love and sanctity to all, and enclose everything and everyone within my heaven.  It was the work of the Divine Will operating in me to accomplish such a great prodigy; I was the only creature entering Heaven, to have formed Its Kingdom in my soul.  Now, in looking at me, all the celestial Court remained amazed, because as they looked at me, they found me heaven; and looking at me again, they found me sun; and unable to take their gaze away from me, looking at me more deeply, they saw me sea, finding in me also the most clear earth of my humanity, with the most beautiful flowerings.  Enraptured, they exclaimed:  “How beautiful She is!  She has centralized everything within herself.  She lacks nothing!  Among all the works of her Creator, She is the only complete work of the whole creation!”

Now, blessed child, you must know that this was the first feast made in Heaven for the Divine Will, which had worked so many prodigies in Its creature.  Therefore, at my entrance into Heaven, the whole celestial Court celebrated all the beautiful and great things that the Divine Fiat can work in the creature.  Since then, these feasts have never been repeated, and this is why your Mama loves, so much, that the Divine Will reign in the souls in an absolute way:  to give It the field in order to let It repeat Its great prodigies and Its marvelous feasts.

Volume 2 – August 15, 1899
Charity orders all virtues.  The Virgin Mary assumed into Heaven.  The ‘Hail Mary’ together with Jesus.

This morning my most sweet Jesus came all festive, carrying a bundle of most graceful flowers in His hands; and placing Himself in my heart, now He would surround His head with those flowers, now He would hold them in His hands, amusing and delighting His whole self.  While He was celebrating with these flowers, and it seemed He had made a great gain, He turned to me and told me:  “My beloved, this morning I have come to place in order all virtues in your heart.  The other virtues may remain separate from one another, but Charity binds and orders everything.  Here is what I want to do in you – to order Charity.”

I said to Him:  ‘My sole and only Good, how can you do this since I am so bad and full of defects and imperfections?  If Charity is order, aren’t these defects and sins disorder that keeps my soul all messy and upside-down?’  And Jesus:  “I will purify everything, and Charity will put everything in order.  Besides, when I let a soul participate in the pains of my Passion, there cannot be grave sins; at most, some venial involuntary defects, but my love, being fire, will consume everything that is imperfect in your soul.”  So it seemed that Jesus purified me and ordered all of me; then He poured as though a rivulet of honey from His Heart into mine, and with that honey He watered all of my interior, in such a way that everything that was in me remained orderly, united and with the mark of Charity.

After this, I felt I was going out of myself into the vault of the heavens, together with my loving Jesus.  It seemed that everything was in feast – Heaven, earth and Purgatory.  All were inundated with a new joy and jubilation.  Many souls were going out of Purgatory and, like bolts of lightning, reached Heaven in order to be present at the feast of our Queen Mama.  I too pushed myself through that immense crowd of people – Angels, Saints and souls from Purgatory which already occupied that new Heaven.  It was so immense, that the heavens that we see, compared to that one, seemed a little hole to me; more so, since I had the obedience of the confessor.  But as I went about looking, I could see nothing but a most refulgent Sun spreading Its rays, which penetrated through me, in such a way as to make me become like crystal; so much so, that my little spots appeared very clearly, as well as the infinite distance that exists between Creator and creature.  More so, since each one of those rays had its imprint:  some delineated the sanctity of God, some the purity, some the power, some the wisdom, and all the other virtues and attributes of God.  So, in seeing her nothingness, her miseries and her poverty, the soul would feel annihilated, and instead of looking, she would fall down, her face to the ground, before that Eternal Sun which no one can face.

But what is more, in order to see the feast of our Queen Mama, one had to look from within that Sun, so much did the Most Holy Virgin appear to be immersed in God; in fact, in looking from other points, one could see nothing.  Now, while I was in this state of annihilation before that Divine Sun, Baby Jesus, being held in the arms of the Queen Mama, told me:  “Our Mama is in Heaven; to you I give the office of acting as my mama on earth.  And since my life is continuously subject to scorns, to poverty, to pains, to the abandonment of men, and my Mama, while being on earth, was my faithful companion in all of these pains – not only this, but She tried to relieve Me in everything, as much as Her strengths were capable of – you too, acting as my mother, will keep Me faithful company in all of my pains, suffering in my place as much as you can; and where you cannot reach, you will try to give Me at least a refreshment.  Know, however, that I want you all intent on Me.  I will be jealous even of your breath, if you do not do it for Me; and when I see that you are not all intent on contenting Me, I will give you no peace and no rest.”

After this, I began to act as his mama, but – oh, how much attention was needed to make Him content!  To see Him content, one could not even take a glance at any other place.  Now He wanted to sleep, now He wanted to drink, now He wanted to be cheered with caresses; and I had to be ready for anything He wanted.  Now he would say:  ‘My Mama, my head is hurting – o please, relieve Me!’; and immediately I would check His head and, finding some thorns, I would remove them, and placing my arms beneath His head I would make Him rest.  While I would make Him rest, all of a sudden He would get up and say:  “I feel a weight and a suffering at my Heart, to the point that I feel I am dying.  Take a look at what is in there.”  And observing the interior of His Heart, I found all the instruments of the Passion; I removed them one by one, and I placed them in my heart.  Then, seeing Him relieved, I began to caress Him and kiss Him, and I said to Him:  ‘My sole and only treasure, You didn’t even let me watch the feast of our Queen Mama, or listen to the first canticles that the Angels and the Saints sang as She entered Paradise.’

And Jesus:  “The first canticle that they sang to my Mama was the ‘Hail Mary’, because in the ‘Hail Mary’ there are the most beautiful praises, the greatest honors; and the joy which She felt in being made Mother of God is renewed.  Therefore, let us recite it together to honor Her, and when you come to Paradise I will let you find it as if you had recited it together with the Angels and the Saints for the first time in Heaven.”

So, we recited the first part of the ‘Hail Mary’ together.  Oh, how tender and moving it was to hail our Most Holy Mama together with Her beloved Son!  Each word He said carried an immense light, through which one could comprehend many things about the Most Holy Virgin.  But who can say them all – especially because of my inability?  Therefore I let them pass in silence.

Volume 18 – August 15, 1925
All created things walk toward man. The Feast of the Assumption should be called Feast of the Divine Will.

I continued to fuse myself in the Holy Divine Will in order to give to my Jesus the return of my little love for all that He has done for mankind in Creation; and my beloved Jesus, moving in my interior, in order to give more value to my little love, did what I was doing together with me. Then He told me: “My daughter, all created things were made for man, and all of them run toward man. They have no feet, but they all walk; they all have motion, in order to find him and to be found.

The light of the Sun starts from the height of the heavens in order to find the creature, illumine her and warm her. The water walks, to reach even into the human bowels, to quench her thirst and to refresh her. The plant, the seed, walks – opens the earth and forms its fruit to give itself to man… There is not one created thing that does not have a step, a motion, toward the one to whom the Eternal Maker had directed it in its creation.

My Will, that walks continuously toward the creature in created things, never stops. It is all motion toward the one whom It loves so much.

Yet, who says a “Thank you” to my Will, that brings her the light of the Sun to illumine her, the water that can be drunk to quench her thirst, the bread to satisfy her hunger, the flower and the fruit to cheer her, and many other things to make her happy? Would it not be fair that, since my Will does everything for man, man would do everything to do my Will?

Oh, if you knew the feast that my Will makes in created things, when It walks toward one who does my Will! My Will, operating and fulfilled in the creature, and my Will operating in created things, kiss as they meet, harmonize, love each other, and form the hymn of adoration to their Creator and the greatest portent of all Creation. Created things feel honored when they serve a creature who is animated by that same Will which forms their own lives.

On the other hand, my Will takes the attitude of sorrow in those same created things, when It has to serve one who does not do my Will. This is why many times, created things place themselves against man, strike him, chastise him… They then feel superior to man, because they preserve intact within themselves that Divine Will by which they were animated from the beginning of their creation, while man descended to the bottom, not keeping the Will of his Creator within himself.”

After this, I began to think of the feast of my Celestial Mama Assumed into Heaven, and my sweet Jesus, with a tender and moving tone, added: “My daughter, the true name of this Feast should be Feast of the Divine Will. It was the human will that closed Heaven, broke the bonds with its Creator, made miseries and suffering enter the field, and put an and to the feast that the creature was to enjoy in Heaven. Now, this Creature, Queen of all, by doing the Will of the Eternal One, always and in everything – even more, it can be said that Her life was Divine Will alone – opened the Heavens, bound Herself to the Eternal One, and restored in Heaven the feasts with the creature. Every act She did in the Supreme Will, was a feast that She started in Heaven; it was Suns that She formed to adorn this feast; it was melodies that She sent to delight the Celestial Jerusalem.

Therefore, the true cause of this feast is the Eternal Will operating and fulfilled in my Celestial Mama. It operated such prodigies in Her as to astonish Heaven and earth, chain the Eternal One with indissoluble bonds of love, and enrapture the Word, even from Her womb. The very Angels, enraptured, repeated among themselves: “From where comes so much glory, so much honor, such greatness and prodigies never seen before – in this excelling Creature? Yet, she is coming from the exile!” Astonished, they recognized the Will of their Creator as life operating in Her; and, trembling, they said: “Holy, Holy, Holy! Honor and glory to the Will of Our Sovereign Lord! And glory to Mary, trice Holy, She who let this Supreme Will operate!”

So, it is my Will that was and is celebrated more than everything on the day of Her Assumption into Heaven. It was my Will alone that made my Most Holy Mother ascend so high as to distinguish Her among all. Everything else would have been as nothing, had She not possessed the prodigy of my Will. It was my Will that gave Her Divine Fecundity and made of Her the Mother of the Word. It was my Will that made Her see and embrace all creatures together, making of Her the Mother of all, and loving all with a love of Divine Maternity. Constituting Her Queen of all, It made Her rule and dominate. On that day, my Will received the first honors, the glory and the abundant fruit of Its work in Creation; and the unending feast began, for the glorification of Its work in my beloved Mama. And even though Heaven was opened by Me, and many Saints already possessed the Celestial Fatherland when the Celestial Queen was assumed into Heaven – we waited for Her who had honored It so much and contained the true prodigy of the Most Holy Will, to make the first feast for the Supreme Volition, because She Herself was the primary cause of it, having fulfilled the Supreme Will in everything.

Oh, how the whole of Heaven magnified, blessed and praised the Eternal Will, upon seeing this sublime Queen, all surrounded by the Eternal Sun of the Supreme Will, enter the Heavens, into the midst of the Celestial Court! They saw Her all studded with the power of the Supreme FIAT, and saw that not one breath had been in Her which did not have this FIAT impressed in it. Astonished, all the celestial spirits looked at Her and said: ‘Ascend, ascend higher! It is justice that She, Who so much honored the Supreme FIAT, and through Whom we find ourselves in the Celestial Fatherland, have the highest throne, and be our Queen!’

The greatest honor that my Mother received, was to see the Divine Will glorified in Her.”

Volume 24
August 15, 1928
Living in the Divine Fiat is communism between Creator and creature.  The Virgin:  Her insuperable glory.  The Sanctity of the Divine Will known in Heaven.

My abandonment in the Fiat is continuous.  It seems to me that It wants me in all of Its acts, either as actor together with It, or at least as spectator of what It does.  In fact, since the eternal Volition possesses the incessant act, Its nature is always to act, never ceasing to operate; and since I am a little child, It is content with keeping me either in one way or in the other, as long as I remain with It.  So, continuing my round through the whole Creation, I thought to myself:  ‘Is it necessary – does Jesus really want me to go around everywhere?’  And my beloved Jesus, moving in my interior, told me:  “My daughter, to live in my Divine Will is to let oneself be found by God in each created thing, so that the Supreme Being may find in all of His works the one whom He loved, whom He called from nothing out of love, and for whom He created so many varieties of beautiful and marvelous works.  If He did not find you in each of His works, He would lack the echo of your love, of your gratitude, and would be as though without you in those works in which you would not go around, as if He had not done them for you; while Our purpose in calling you to live in Our Divine Will is precisely this:  for Us, to find you in Our works, and for you, to find Us in each created thing – you, giving Us your little love; We, giving you the great love We had in creating so many things – and uniting your love and Ours together to form one single love, so as to be able to say:  ‘How much the little daughter of Our Divine Will loves Us!’

Otherwise, Our love and Our works would remain isolated and without the company of the one for whom We created everything, while to live in the Divine Will is communism between Creator and creature;  becoming inseparable, wherever one is, the other is as well, and the creature finds her little place in everything that God does.  Don’t you want to find your little place in all the works of Creation and Redemption?  Therefore, continue your flight, and let yourself be carried in the arms of my Fiat; It will take care of placing the little newborn in each of Its works.”

After this, I was thinking about and accompanying the Sovereign Queen when She was assumed into Heaven; and my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, as though singing the praises of His Celestial Mother, told me:  “My daughter, the glory of the Mama of Heaven is insuperable.  No one else in the celestial regions possesses seas of graces, of light, seas of beauty and of sanctity, seas of power, of science and of love; and what is more, She possesses these seas within the endless sea of Her Creator.  The other inhabitants of the blessed fatherland possess, at most, some little rivulets, some little drops, some little fountains.  She is the only one, because She alone lived life in the Divine Fiat.  The human volition never took place in Her – Her life was all of Divine Will; and by virtue of It, She centralized all creatures within Herself, conceiving them in Her maternal Heart, and bilocating Her Son Jesus as many times, to give Him to each creature whom She had conceived within Her virginal Heart.  This is why Her Maternity is extended to all, and all can boast and say:  ‘The Mother of Jesus is my Mother, and this Mother so sweet, lovable and loving, gives Her beloved Son to each of us as a pledge of Her maternal love.’  Only my Will could give Her this virtue of conceiving all creatures as Her children, and of multiplying Her Jesus for as many children as She had.

Now, in Heaven, the height of the Sovereign Mother, possessing Her seas, does nothing but raise highest waves of light, of sanctity, of love, etc., unloading them over the throne of the Supreme Being who, so as not to be surpassed by Her love, having His own sea, more extensive and deeper, forms His own waves, higher, from beneath the seas of the Virgin Queen, and pours them over Her.  And She prepares more waves, and God prepares yet more, in such a way that the whole of Heaven remains flooded by these waves of light, of beauties, of love and the like – so much so, that all take part in them and enjoy.  And the Blessed, in seeing that they cannot form these waves because they possess no seas, comprehend that if their Mother and Queen possesses all of this, it is because She formed Her life and sanctity in the Divine Will.  So, through the Virgin, the Saints know what sanctity of Divine Will means in the creature, and therefore they long for more creatures to bring these seas into the celestial fatherland, so as to see more waves being formed – enchanting and of greater enjoyment for them.  The earth does not yet know the sanctity in my Will, and this is why I so much yearn to make it known; but it is well known to Heaven because the Sovereign Queen is there, whom, by merely seeing Her, becomes the revealer of the sanctity of my Fiat.  So, by virtue of It, She was a portent of graces on earth for Herself and for the whole human family, and She is a portent of glory in the celestial fatherland, nor can any other creature be said to be similar to Her.”

Volume 36 – August 15, 1938
The feast of Assumption is the most beautiful, the most sublime feast.  It is the feast of the Divine Will operating in the Heavenly Queen.

While my mind was swimming in the sea of the Divine Will, I stopped at the act in which my Mother and Queen was assumed into Heaven.   How many wonders, how many enrapturing surprises of love.  And my sweet Jesus, as if He felt the need to speak about His Celestial Mother, all festive told me: “My blessed daughter, today is the feast of Assumption.  This is the most beautiful, the most sublime, the greatest feast, in which we remain glorified, loved and honored the most!  Heaven and earth are invested with an unusual joy, never before felt.  The Angels and the Saints feel as if invested with new joys and new happiness, and they all praise with new songs the Sovereign Queen who, in her empire, rules over all, giving joy to all!

Today is the feast of feasts – the unique one, the new one, which was never repeated again. Today, the day of the Assumption, celebrated for the first time the Divine Will operating in the Sovereign Queen and Lady; the marvels are enchanting in each of her smallest acts, even in her breathing, in her motion.  Many of our divine lives can be seen flowing in her act as many Kings which, more than bright Suns, inundate – surround and embellish her – making her so beautiful as to form the enchantment of the Celestial Regions.  Do you think it’s nothing, that each one of her breaths, motions, works and pains were filled with many of our divine lives?  This is exactly the great prodigy of my Will operating in the creature:  to form a divine life for each time It could enter the motion and the acts of the creature.  Then, since my Fiat possesses the virtue of bilocation and repetition – doing again and again without ceasing everything she does – so the Great Lady feels these divine lives multiplied within herself, which do nothing other than further extend her seas of love, beauty, power and infinite Wisdom!  You must know that the divine lives she possesses are so great and so many that, upon entering Heaven, they crowded the whole Celestial Region and, being impossible to contain them, they filled the whole Creation as well.  Therefore, there is no place where her seas of love and power do not flow, along with the many of Our Lives of which  She is possessor and Queen.

We can say that she dominates Us and that We dominate her.  By clothing herself with our immensity, power and love, she populated all our Attributes with her acts and with the many of our divine Lives which she had conquered!  Therefore, from every place and everywhere, we feel ourselves being loved and glorified – inside and outside of ourselves, from within all created things, in the most remote hiding places – by this Celestial Creature and by those same divine lives which our Fiat formed in Her.  Oh! Power of our Will, only You can do such prodigies to make us loved and glorified as we deserve and want – to the extent of creating many of our lives in the one who lets You dominate.  This is why She can give Her God to all, because She possesses Him.  Even more, when She sees a creature disposed to receive our Will, without losing one of our Divine Lives, She has the virtue of reproducing, from within these divine Lives which She possesses, yet another of our Divine Lives to give to whomever she wants.

This Virgin Queen is a continuous prodigy.  What She did on earth, She continues in Heaven; because, when the Divine Will operates, both in the creature and in ourselves, her acts never end, and, while remaining in It, they can be given to all.  Does the Sun, perhaps, cease to give its light to the human generation because it has given too much of it?  Not at all.  Even if it has given much, it is always rich in its light, and does not lose a single drop of it.  Therefore, the glory of this Queen is insuperable because She possesses our operating Will, which has the virtue of forming in the creature eternal and infinite acts.  She loves us always and unceasingly with our lives which She possesses. She loves us with our own love.  She loves us everywhere.  Her love fills Heaven and earth and runs to pour itself inside our Divine womb.  And we love her so much that we cannot live without loving her.  While, in loving us, She loves all, making everyone love us.  How could we resist and not give her anything She wants?  It is our own Will that asks for what She wants, tying us with Its eternal bonds so that we can refuse her nothing.  This is why the feast of the Assumption is the most beautiful one:  it is the feast of my Will operating in this Great Lady, making her so rich and beautiful that the Heavens cannot contain her.  Even the Angels remain speechless, and don’t know how to describe what my Will does in the creature.”

   After this, while my mind remained stupefied in thinking about the great prodigies that the divine Fiat worked and continues to work in the Celestial Queen, my beloved Jesus added: “My daughter, her beauty is unreachable.  It enchants, it charms, it conquers.  Her love is such that She offers herself to all, loving all – leaving behind her seas of love.  She can be called Queen of love, winner of love, because She loved much, and through love She won her God.  You must know that, by doing his will, man broke the bonds with his Creator and with all created things.  By the power of our Fiat, which She possessed, this Heavenly Queen tied her Creator to the creatures; tied all beings together – united them – put them back in order and with her love, gave new life to the human generations.  Her love was so great as to cover and hide, inside its seas, weaknesses, evils, sins – the creatures themselves.  Oh! If this Holy Virgin did not possess so much love, it would be difficult for us to look at the earth.  Only her love makes us look at it, but we want to give our Will to reign in the middle of the creatures because  She wants it so.  She wants to give to her children what She possesses, and by love She will win Us and her children.”