The Living in the Divine Will will happen as if by magic

From the Writings of Luisa Piccarreta

“The Little Daughter of the Divine Will”


VOL. 24 – July 7, 1928

Goods produced by the Divine Will; evils produced by the human will.  How all evils will cease as if by magic, if the Divine Will reigns.  How the Divine Will reigned in the house of Nazareth.

I was following my sweet Jesus in His public life, and while thinking about the so many human illnesses that Jesus healed, I thought to myself:

‘Why did the human nature transform itself so much, that some became mute, some deaf, some blind, some covered with wounds, and so many other evils.

If it was the human will that did evil, why did the body also suffer so much?’  And my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me:  “My daughter, you must know that the body did nothing evil, but all the evil was done by the human will.  Before sinning, Adam possessed the complete Life of My Divine Will in his soul; one can say that he was filled to the brim with It, to the extent that It overflowed outside.  So, by virtue of My Will, the human will Transfused Light outside, and emitted the Fragrances of its Creator – Fragrances of Beauty, of Sanctity and of Full Health; Fragrances of Purity, of Strength, which came out from within his will like many Luminous Clouds.  And the body was so embellished by these exhalations, that it was delightful to see him Beautiful, Vigorous, Luminous, so very Healthy, with an enrapturing Grace.

Now, as Adam sinned, his human will remained alone, and he no longer had the one who would diffuse in his will the light, the varieties of so many fragrances which, being transfused outside, preserved the soul and the body as it had been created by God.  Instead, thick clouds, putrid air, perfumes of weakness and of miseries began to emanate from within his human will, in such a way that the body also lost its freshness, its beauty.  It became debilitated and remained subject to all evils, sharing in all the evils of the human will, just as it had shared in the good.  So, if the human will is Healed by receiving again the Life of My Divine Will, all the evils of the human nature will have life no more, as if by magic.

Does, perhaps, the same not happen when a putrid, bad, stinking air surrounds the creatures?  How many more evils does it not increase, as the stink reaches the point of taking one’s breath away, penetrating deep into one’s bowels, to the extent of producing contagious diseases that lead one to the tomb?  And if some air from outside can cause so much harm, much greater harm can the foggy and putrid air of the human will cause, which comes from within the creature, from the depth of her whole being.  And then, there is the palpable example of the plants.  How many times, in a garden or a flowery field for which the farmer was all in feast hoping for an abundant harvest or expecting to pick many beautiful fruits, a fog was enough to strip the trees and make all the fruits fall to the ground, or an air too cold was enough to cast mourning over the flowery field, to blacken it and make it die, putting the poor farmer in mourning.

If the air is good, it communicates the life of good; if it is bad, it communicates the life of evil, and even death.  The exhalation of the air, if it is good, can be called life; if it is bad, it can be called death for the poor creatures.  If you knew how much I suffered in My public life, when blind, mute people, lepers etc. presented themselves before Me…  In them I recognized all the exhalations of the human will, and how man, without My Will, becomes deformed in soul and body.  In fact, only My Fiat has the virtue of Preserving Our Works Whole, Fresh and Beautiful, as they came out of Our Creative Hands.”