Volume 12 – March 14, 1919

 Now, in order to obey, to my highest confusion and repugnance, I will say the thing which I had neglected to say and write. I remember that one day my sweet Jesus, speaking about His Most Holy Divine Will and about the pains which the Divinity made His Most Holy Humanity suffer, said to me: “My daughter (Luisa), since I (Jesus) have chosen you (Luisa) as the First One to Live in My Divine Will, I (Jesus) want that you (Luisa) too share in the pains which My Holy Humanity received from the Divinity in My Will. Every time you enter My Volition, you will find the pains that the Divinity gave Me – not those which the creatures gave to Me, although these too were wanted by the Eternal Will. But since those were given to Me by creatures, they were finite. Therefore I want you (Luisa) in My Divine Will, in which you will find infinite and innumerable pains. You will have countless nails, multiple crowns of thorns, repeated deaths, interminable pains, all similar to Mine – Divine and immense, which will extend in an infinite way to all, past, present and future. You will be the First One to be, together with Me, the little lamb killed by the hands of My Father, to rise again and be killed again – not a limited number of times, as for those who have shared in the wounds of My Holy Humanity, but as many times as My Divinity made Me suffer. You (Luisa) will be crucified with Me by the Eternal Hands, to receive in you the Mark of the Eternal, Immense and Divine Pains. We (you and I) will present ourselves together before the Throne of the Eternal One, with written on our foreheads in indelible characters: ‘We want death to give Life to our brothers. We want pains to free them from the Eternal pains.’ Aren’t you happy?”

And I: ‘Jesus! Jesus, I feel too unworthy, and I believe You are making a big mistake in choosing me, poor little one. Therefore, mind what You do.’ And Jesus, interrupting me, added: “Why do you fear? Yes, yes, I minded, for thirty-two years of bed in which I have kept you. I exposed you to many trials, and even to death – I (God) calculated everything. And then, if I Am wrong (which cannot be), it will be a mistake of your Jesus, which cannot harm you, but only do Immense Good to you. But know that I (Jesus) will have the Honor, the Glory, of the First soul (Luisa) stigmatized in My Divine Will.”

Volume 12 – March 2, 1921

 “My daughter (Luisa), be cheered – come into My Divine Will. I (Jesus) chose you (Luisa) among thousands and thousands, so that My Divine Will may have Full completion in you (Luisa), and so that you (Luisa) may be like a rainbow of peace which, with its seven colors, attracts others to Live in My Divine Will. Therefore, let us leave the earth aside. Up until now I (God) have kept you (Luisa) with Me in order to appease My Justice and prevent greater chastisements from being poured upon the earth. Now, let us allow the current of human evil to run; I (God) want you (Luisa) with Me, in My Volition, to be occupied with preparing the Era of My Divine Will.

As you (Luisa) move forward on the path of My Volition, the (True) rainbow of peace will form, which will form the Link of connection between the Divine Will and human will. From it, My Divine Will will have Life on earth, and this will begin the Fulfillment of My prayer, and the prayer of the whole Church: ‘Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done, on earth as It is in Heaven’.”