Volume 15; May 8, 1923

Ah! My daughter (Luisa), I (Jesus) had created man (Adam) like a flower, which was to grow, acquire color and fragrance, in My very Divinity.  By withdrawing from My Divine Will, it happened to him as to a flower which is snatched away from a plant.  As long as it remains in the plant, the flower is beautiful, lively in its color and fragrant in its perfume; but once it is snatched away from the plant, it withers, it fades, it becomes ugly, and reaches the point of giving off a bad smell.  What a lot this was for him (Adam), and what a sorrow for Me who, with so much love, wanted to raise this flower in My Divinity, to delight and amuse Myself with him!  Now, by My omnipotence, I (God) want this detached flower to bloom again, by transplanting it once again into the Womb of My Divinity; but I (Jesus) want a soul (Luisa) who wants to Live in the Womb of My Volition.  She (Luisa) will be the seed that she will lend to Me (Jesus), and My Divine Will will do all the rest.  In this way, My delights of Creation will return, I (God) will amuse Myself with this Mystical Flower (Luisa), and I (God) will be repaid for Creation.”

Volume 16; November 10, 1923

Now, so that My Divine Will might be known, in order to open Heaven to let My Divine Will descend upon earth and to make It Reign on earth as It does in Heaven, I (Jesus) had to choose another little one (Luisa) among all generations. Since this is the greatest Work I (God) want to do – to restore man in his origin, from which he came, to open for him that Divine Will which he rejected, to open My arms to him to receive him again into the Womb of My Divine Will – My Wisdom calls the most little one (Luisa) out of nothing.

It was just that she be little: if I placed a little one (Mary) at the head of Redemption, I had to place another little one (Luisa) at the head of the “Fiat Voluntas Tua” on earth as it is in Heaven. Among two little ones was I to enclose the purpose of Creation of man and realize My designs upon him. Through one (Mary), I was to Redeem him, wash him with My Blood from his ugliness, and give him forgiveness; through the other one (Luisa), I was to make him Return to his beginning, to his Origin, to his lost Nobility, to the bonds of My Divine Will which had been broken by him, admitting him once again to the smile of My Eternal Will, to the exchange of kiss between his human will and Mine, and to Live as one within the other. This alone was the Purpose of Creation of man (Adam), and no one will be able to oppose what I (God) have established. Centuries and centuries will go by – just as in Redemption, also in this; but man will return into My arms, as he was created by Me.

But in order to do this, first I have to choose the one (Luisa) who Must be the First to Live in My Eternal Will, to bind in her all the relations of Creation, and to Live with her with no split of wills; rather, one being her will and Ours (The Triune God). From here the necessity that she (Luisa) be the littlest which We (God) delivered in Creation – so that, in seeing herself so little, she (Luisa) may run away from her human will; even more, she (Luisa) may bind it so tightly to Ours as to never do her human will, and although little, she (Luisa) may Live together with Us (Triune God), through that Breath with which We created man (Adam). Our Divine Will maintains her Fresh and Beautiful; she (Luisa) forms Our smile, Our amusement, and We (Triune God) do whatever We want with her (Luisa). Oh, how Happy she (Luisa) is; and enjoying her littleness and her Happy destiny, she will cry for her brothers and will interest herself in nothing other than compensating Us for all and for each one, of all the wrong which they have done to Us by withdrawing from Our Divine Will. The tears of one (Luisa) who Lives in Our Divine Will will be powerful; more so, since she (Luisa) wants nothing but what We Ourselves want; and through her (Luisa) We (Triune God) will open, together with the First Channel of Redemption (Holy Mary), the Second one (Luisa) of the “Fiat Voluntas Tua” on earth as it is in Heaven.”

On hearing this, I (Luisa) said: ‘My Love and my All, tell me, who will this little fortunate be? Oh, how I would like to know her!’

And He (Jesus), immediately: “How is it – have you not understood who she is? (Jesus asks this question to us as well and then tells us again) It is you (Luisa Piccarreta), My little one. I (Jesus) have told you many times that you (Luisa) are the little one, and this is why I (God) Love you (Luisa).”