Volume 18 – December 6, 1925

The Living in the Divine Will, symbolized by the starry heavens, encloses everything; It binds and orders everything.


“…Not only must I (Jesus) find the whole Creation, but since the True Living in My Divine Will binds everyone, I (Jesus) must find in the soul (Luisa), as though in act, ADAM the Saint, just as he (Adam) came out from My Creative Hands, as well as ADAM guilty, humiliated and crying, so that she (Luisa) may be bound with him in the state of Sanctity, and taking part in his Innocent and Holy Acts, she (Luisa) may give Me (Jesus) Glory, and make the whole Creation smile once again; and then sharing in his tears, with him (Adam) she (Luisa) may long for that rejected FIAT, which had caused so much ruin… I (Jesus) must find in her (Luisa) the Prophets, the Patriarchs, the Holy Fathers, with all of their acts. And if those longed for the Redeemer, you (Luisa) will long for My Supreme FIAT, as Triumph and Fulfillment of their sighs… I (Jesus) want to find My inseparable Mama (Mary), with all Her Acts, in which My Divine Will worked so many Portents, as She had Full Dominion of It (the Divine Will in you Luisa). I (Jesus) want to find all of Myself and all My Acts (in you Luisa) . In sum, I (Jesus) want to find all My Things, all that belongs to Me, all that My Supreme Will has done and will do (in you Luisa), because these are all things which are inseparable from Me, and it is just and necessary that they become inseparable from one (Luisa) who Lives in My Divine Will.


… This is why I (Jesus) always say to you (Luisa) that the Living in My Divine Will is not yet Known; and I keep Teaching you (Luisa) now something, now something else, enlarging your capacity (Luisa) so that all My Things and all the Good which My Divine Will delivered, may enter into you (Luisa). I (Jesus) want to hear you (Luisa) repeat to Me your Return of Love in everything that belongs to Me. I do not tolerate that one (Luisa) who Lives in My Divine Will may not Know all of My Things, and may not Love them and Possess them. Otherwise, what would be the Great Prodigy of Living in My Divine Will?”


All that the first man ADAM did, up to what the last one to come will do – everything was to be in common among them. Therefore, man was not to possess only his own strength, but the strength of all; all goods were to be in common among them. My Divine Will, more than electricity, was to bring among them the bond and the communication of all that is Good and Holy; and even though each one was to do his own Office and be occupied with different actions, since everyone was to start from the Primary Point of My Divine Will, all were to be converted into Light, and therefore each one was to be Light for the other.


              This is why I (Jesus) tell you (Luisa) that I (Jesus) want to find everyone and everything in you (Luisa). My Divine Will, Prime Act of all celestial and terrestrial creatures, will bring you (Luisa) the communication of all their acts, and you (Luisa) will remain bound to them, and they to you (Luisa).Therefore, Living in My Divine Will encloses everything and everyone. So, be attentive, for I (Jesus) want to give you (Luisa) the Greatest Thing which exists; but I (Jesus) want Great Things and Highest Attention from you (Luisa). (Because) the One (God) who gives Much, wants to receive Much (back).”