Volume 28 – November 30, 1930

“Now, My daughter, (Luisa) the one who does My Divine Will and Lives in It, when she (Luisa) does her Acts, draws into herself all the Acts of My Fiat, that It has done and continues to do; and My Divine Will draws the creature (Luisa) and her Act into Its (The Divine Will) Act.  So, by virtue of Its One Will, It draws her (Luisa) into the heavens, into the sun, into the air—in everything.  And do you know what happens then?  No longer does One Single Divine Reason and Will Fill Heaven and earth, but another reason and will, human (Luisa’s), that, dissolving within the Divine Reason and Divine Will, remains—one can say—as the Veil of the created things, but a Veil that has Reason and Will, though Sacrificed and Identified with the Divine Reason and Divine Will. And then it happens that My Fiat is no longer alone in Loving, Honoring and Glorifying Itself in the created things, but there is another will, human (Luisa’s), that Loves It, Adores It, Glorifies It, as heavens, as sun, as air.  In sum, it (Luisa’s) is present everywhere and in each distinct thing in which My Divine Will Reigns. 


“So, just as My Divine Will draws the human will (Luisa’s) into Itself and into Its Acts, to make Itself be Loved, Adored and Glorified with Its Own Love, Adoration and Glory, in the same way, the creature (Luisa) who Wants to Live but of My Divine Will draws into herself all the Acts done by It, and it makes itself be Loved and Sanctified, as a Divine Will Knows how to Love and Sanctify, that extends Its heaven, forms Its sun—in sum, It continues Its Divine Art, just as It started it and is continuing it in the Creation.  Do you see, then, what it means to do My Divine Will?  And not doing It means to lose Its heaven, Its sun, Its air, Its seas of Grace, Its Divine Art.  Therefore, Always in It (the Divine Will) do I (God) Want to find (Luisa) the daughter of My Divine Will.”