Volume 12; March 23, 1921

 Then He (Jesus) said to me (Luisa): “My daughter (Luisa), My Will has the special virtue of rendering souls little, making them become so little as to feel the extreme need for My Will to administer life to them. Their littleness is such that they are unable to make one act or take one step if My Will does not administer that act or that step to them. So they live completely at the expense of My Will, because their littleness carries no baggage, either of things from their own, or of love of self; rather, they take everything from My Will – and not to keep it for themselves, but to give it to Me. And since they need everything, they live dissolved in My Will.

Listen, I (Jesus) went round the earth over and over again; I looked at all creatures, one by one, in order to find the littlest of all. Among many I found you (Luisa) – the littlest of all. I liked your littleness and I chose you. I entrusted you (Luisa) to My Angels, so that they might keep you, not to make you grow, but to preserve your littleness. And now I want to begin the great work of the Fulfillment of My Divine Will; nor will you (Luisa) feel greater because of this; on the contrary, My Divine Will will make you (Luisa) even smaller, and you (Luisa) will continue to be the little daughter of your Jesus the Little Daughter of My Divine Will.”

Volume 13; October 21, 1921

Like a wheel, eternity spins around you (Luisa), so that you may take part in everything, and nothing may escape you – and this, so that My Divine Will may remain Honored and Fully Glorified in you. I want the First daughter of My Divine Will (Luisa) to lack nothing – not one distinction that belongs to Me (Jesus), which may make her (Luisa) be distinguished before the whole of Heaven as the first beginning of the Sanctity of Living in My Divine Will. Therefore, be attentive; never go out of My Divine Will, that you may receive all the fragrances of My Divinity; and so that, letting all that is yours come out, I may confirm all that is Mine, and My Divine Will may remain in you (Luisas) as center of Life.”

Volume 13, November 8, 1921

And Jesus added: “Blessed are you (Luisa), and all generations will call you Blessed (Luisa). My arm will make works of power in you (Luisa). You (Luisa) will be the Divine reflection; and filling the whole earth, you (Luisa) will make Me (Jesus) receive from all generations that Glory which they deny to Me.” On hearing this, I remained confused, annihilated, and I did not want to write. And He, caressing me, told me: “No, no, you (Luisa) will do it – I (God) want it (to be Known). What I (God) said will serve as Honor of My Divine Will. I Myself wanted to pay the just homage which befits the Sanctity of My Divine Will (in you Luisa); rather, I (Jesus) have said nothing compared to what I could say (about you Luisa).”

Volume 13; November 19, 1921

But do you know who prevented the execution and sustained My Humanity from dying? The first was My inseparable Mama. In hearing Me ask for help, She flew to My side and sustained Me; and I leaned My right arm on Her. Almost dying, I looked at Her, and I found in Her the Immensity of My Divine Will intact, without ever a break between My Divine Will and hers. My Divine Will is Life, and since the Divine Will of the Father was immovable and death was coming to Me from creatures, another Creature, who enclosed the Life of My Divine Will, gave Me Life. And here is My Mama who, in the portent of My Will, conceived Me and gave Me birth in time, now giving Me Life for the second time to let Me accomplish the work of Redemption.

Then I (Jesus) looked to my left, and I found the Little Daughter of My Will (Luisa). I found you (Luisa) as the first, followed by the other daughters of My Divine Will. Since I wanted My Mama with Me as the First Link of Mercy, through which we were to open the doors to all creatures, I wanted to lean My right arm on Her. And I (Jesus) wanted you (Luisa) as the First Link of Justice, to prevent It from unloading Itself upon all creatures as they deserve; therefore I (Jesus) wanted to lean My left arm on you (Luisa), so that you might sustain It together with Me.