Volume 20 – January 25, 1927 -“The Image and Likeness as in the Beginning…”

 “My daughter (Luisa), This is the True Image of the Living in My Eternal Volition: 

The soul (Luisa) Copies the Divine Will within herself, and the Supreme Will Copies the soul, in such a way that your Creator keeps the Copy of your image (Luisa) impressed within His Divine Womb.  He holds her (Luisa) so dear, because He (God) sees her (Luisa) exactly as He issued her from her Origin; she has lost nothing of her Freshness and Beauty.  His Paternal Features are Impressed in this Copy; and this Copy, in the Paternal Womb of God, Sings for Him the Praises of all Creation with all His Works, and whispers continuously to His Ear:  

‘You made everything for me (Luisa).  You Loved me and Love me so very much, and I (Luisa) want to convert everything, everything into Love for You (Triune God).’ 


“This Copy (Luisa) is the Portent of God in His Womb; she (Luisa) is the Memory of All His Works.  This is the Copy of the soul (Luisa) in God, and the Copy of God in the soul (Luisa), and the carrying out of the Divine Life in the creature (Luisa).  How Beautiful is the Kingdom of My Divine Will—the nothing (Luisa) dissolved in the All (of God), the All (of God) is Fused in the nothing (Luisa); the lowliness of the creature (Luisa) Rising up into the Divine Height (of God), the Divine Height (of God) descending into the depth of the creature (Luisa).  They are Two Beings (God and Luisa) clasped Together, Inseparable, Transfused, Identified, such that it can barely be recognized that they are Two Lives Palpitating Together. 


“All the Magnificence, the Sanctity, the Sublimeness, the Prodigies of the Kingdom of My Divine Will, will be precisely this: 

 the Faithful Copy of the soul (Luisa) in God, and the Copy of God, Whole and Beautiful, in the soul (Luisa). 

 Therefore, the children of the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat (the souls linked to Luisa) will be as many Images of little gods in My Kingdom.”