Volume 28 – February 22, 1930

(Luisa) The one who Lives in the Divine Will remains surrounded by the Divine Immutability.  Death of Good; Sacrifice of Life in order to make it Rise again. 

I (Luisa) am always prey to that Divine Fiat that knows how to Conquer Sweetly and Strongly.  With Its Sweetness It draws me in an Irresistible Way; with Its Strength It Wins me, in such a way that It can do with me whatever It Wants.  Oh! Holy Divine Will, since You Conquer me, O please! let it be so that, with Your own Strength and Sweetness, I may Win You; and surrendering to my continuous supplications—come to Reign upon earth, form Your Sweet Enchantment to the human will, and let everything on earth become Divine Will. 

So, while I was thinking about the Divine Volition, my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior and making Himself seen, told me:  “My daughter (Luisa), if you knew what it means to Give oneself prey to My Divine Will!  The soul remains surrounded by Our Immutability, and everything becomes Immutable for her:  Sanctity, Light, Grace, Love.  So, she no longer feels the variability of the human ways, but the Stability of the Divine Ways.  Therefore, (Luisa) the one who Lives in My Divine Will can be called Heavens that are always fixed and stable at their place of Honor with all their stars; and if they revolve, since it is the whole of Creation that revolves, they do not change place, nor do they mutate, but the Heavens remain always Immutable with all the stars.  Such is (Luisa) the soul who Lives in My Divine Will; she (Luisa) may make her Round, do various Actions, but since she (Luisa) makes her Round within the Motive Power of My Divine Fiat and in the Wholeness of My Divine Will, she (Luisa) will always be Heavens, and Immutable in her Goods and in the Prerogatives with which My Supreme Will has Endowed her.

“On the other hand, the one (not linked to Luisa) who lives outside of My Divine Fiat, without Its Motive Power, can be called like those wandering stars that fall in the space, as if there were no fixed place for them; and they are forced, like wandering stars, to run headlong, as if they were lost, away from the vault of the heavens.  Such is the soul (not linked to Luisa) who does not do and does not Live in My Divine Will; she mutates at each occasion, she feels within herself such variability of mutation, that she feels boredom in repeating a continuous Good; and if she makes any sparkling of Light come out of herself, it is like the glittering of the wandering stars, that soon disappears.  It can be said that This is the Sign to Know whether one Lives of Divine Will:  Immutability in Good or the changing at every little blow, if one lives of human will.”