The Benefit That Family Members And Creatures Will Receive

From Remaining Around and Close To The Souls Linked To Luisa

From The Writings Of Luisa Piccarreta

“The Little Daughter Of The Divine Will”


VOL. 11 – November 27, 1913

My Will is so great that whoever does It can call herself a God of the earth. Just as my Will forms the beatitude of Heaven, these Gods who do my Will form the beatitude of the earth, and of those who are close to them. There is not a good which exists on earth which is not to be attributed to these Gods of my Will – either as a direct or as indirect cause. Everything is because of them. Just as there is no happiness in Heaven which does not come from Me, there is no existing good on earth which does not come from them.”

VOL. 20 – October 9, 1926

The Kingdom of the Will of God is like a new Creation.  Pleasure of Jesus in hearing one speak about His Will.

I was doing my round in the Supreme Volition according to my usual way, and my sweet Jesus showed me a globe of light within my interior.  As I kept doing my acts in the Divine Fiat, it became larger, and the rays which came out of it became longer; and my always beloved Jesus told me:  “My daughter, the more often you go around in my Will in order to repeat your acts, the larger the sphere of this globe of light becomes; and the more power of light it possesses, the more its rays can extend, to illuminate the Kingdom of the Eternal Fiat.  Your acts, fused – dissolved in my Will, will form the special sun which must illuminate a Kingdom so holy.  This sun will possess the creative power, and in extending its rays, it will leave the mark of its sanctity, of goodness, of light, of beauty and of Divine likeness.  Those who will let themselves be illuminated by its light will feel the power of a new continuous creation of joy, of contentments, of goods without end.  Therefore, as my Will dominates all the acts of those who live in It, the Kingdom of my Will will be a continuous creation.  The creature will remain under a new continuous act of this Supreme Will, which will keep her so absorbed, that there will be no field of action for her own self.

This is why I love so much that the Kingdom of my Will be known – for the great good that the creatures will receive, and for the free field of action It will have.  The Supreme Will is now hindered by their own ‘self’; but when It will be known, Its rays, vivifying, penetrating and full of living light, will eclipse the human will which will be dazzled by Its refulgent light; and in seeing the great good it can receive, it will give freedom of action to my Will, giving It total dominion.  Therefore, in this Kingdom, a new era – a new Creation will begin for my Will.  It will put out everything It had established to give to the creatures, as if they had always done Its Will, after having to keep these things for many centuries as though in deposit within Itself, to then release them for the good of the children of Its Kingdom.”

VOL. 25 – December 21, 1928

Jesus kept silent, and at that moment I saw the heavens opened and a ray of light descend from above, which, fixing itself upon me, illuminated those who were around me.  And my always lovable Jesus resumed His speaking:  “Daughter of my Will, this solar ray that fixed itself upon you is my Divine Will, which brings you the life of Heaven into your soul.  How beautiful is this solar ray, which not only illuminates you and brings you its life, but whoever draws near you and remains around feels the life of light, because, like sun, it expands around, and gives to those who surround you the warm kiss of light, of its breath, of its life.  And I feel happy within you in seeing that my Divine Will diffuses and begins to beat its way.  See, the seas of love that you saw are nothing other than my Will operating.  When my Will wants to operate, the seas of my love swell, boil, form their gigantic waves which cry, moan, shout, pray, deafen.  On the other hand, when my Fiat does not want to operate, the sea of my love is calm, it only murmurs quietly, its course of joy and of happiness, inseparable from it, is continuous.  Therefore, you cannot comprehend the joy I experience, the happiness I feel and the interest I take in illuminating, in offering my very word, my very Heart, to one who occupies himself with making my Divine Will known.  My interest is so great, that I envelop him within Myself and, I Myself overflowing outside of him, I take the floor, and I Myself speak about my Will operating in my love.  Do you think that it is your confessor that speaks, in these evenings in which he is speaking in public about the nine excesses of my love?  It is I who take his heart in my hands and make him speak.”