042412_2057_HAPPYBIRTHD2.jpgby Luisa Piccarreta


O Eternal and inaccessible Supreme Will of my Eternal Love, prostrate before You I get lost in You. Your Immensity envelopes me, overwhelms me, annihilates me.  But at the same time it lifts me up to Your Throne and restores my life, New Life, unchanging and holy—the Life of the Will of my Jesus in whose center I find, as in one point, past, present and future. O, yes, I find the Supreme Will creating, that in all the things that It creates, It sends me Love.  But It awaits the exchange from every creature.

And I, on behalf of the entire human family, from the first to the last creature, I take from this unfathomable Will the love of each of them and I enter into every creating act, into every twinkle of the stars, into every ray of sunlight, into every breath of wind, into every drop of water, into every plant and animal.  And then I enter into every heartbeat of every heart, into every word, step, work, thought, glance.  And filling all with love, I go before the Supreme Majesty, to give Them the exchange of love of all created things.

O, sweet and most powerful Will, immense Will from which everything comes forth and nothing escapes, I come to place at Your Most Holy feet the love of all.  I come to harmonize together with created love. Ah yes, I exchange You in love for all, my voice harmonizing over all and in all.  And making this voice eternal, so that it multiplies to infinity in every moment, I will always say to You:  “I love You, I love You, I love You”.  I will seal all with the created love, so there will be nothing said or done that is not sealed with my love.

Jesus, according to Your Eternal Will, I enter into the first instant of Your Conception, into Your every heartbeat, thought and breath, into Your every movement, prayer and pain that You suffered in the Maternal Womb, into Your every moan, tear and difficulty of your childhood, into every step, work and word of Your mortal life.  I enter into Your Most Holy Will, into the immense Sea of Your Passion, into every drop of Your Blood, into every wound, into every insult and contempt, into every thorn, slap and sputum.  I unite myself in the pains that You suffered on the Cross, in the burning thirst, in the bitterness of gall, and in Your reparations and satisfactions, up to Your last breath.  And together with all generations and in the name of all, I enter into Your unending Will in which all are contained.  And so in a Divine way I come to give You the exchange of love, to give You reparation for repairing.  And I sink into the abyss of Your Will and I adore every drop of Your Blood, I kiss every wound, I bless, praise and thank You for Your every Act.  In Your Will You have given me everything, and in Your Will I exchange You for everyone and everything.

My Love, let us join together the Creating FIAT, the Redeeming FIAT and my FIAT in Your Will.  Let us make of them one alone—the one disappearing in the other—so that You may have complete love, everlasting glory, Divine adoration, blessings and eternal praises, from creation and from Your FIAT VOLUNTAS TUA (Your Will be done) on earth as It is in Heaven.

          Heavenly Queen, Divine Mama, You who had Primacy over the Divine Will, spread Your blue mantle, and in the immensity of the Eternal Will envelope all creatures, sealing their foreheads with the Seal of the Divine Will, so that all may Live the Life of the Divine Will on earth, in order to pass into Your Maternal Womb to Live of the Divine Will in Heaven. Amen.