The Children of the Divine Will Will Compete to Live In the FIAT

From the Writings of Luisa Piccarreta

“The Little Daughter of the Divine Will”


Letters of Luisa #126

Therefore, holy Father, let us take to heart living in the Divine Will.  It will keep us sheltered, protected from all dangers and free form all evils.  Oh, if all knew what it means to live in the Divine Will – they would compete, and all evils would cease instantly!


VOL. 11 – December 30, 1916

I cannot resist the pains of a loving soul, and I keep her at my side like a queen. In the pains, the dominion of this creature is so great, that they make her acquire noble, dignified, ingratiating, heroic, disinterested manners, similar to my manners; and the other creatures compete to let themselves be dominated by this soul.


VOL. 12 – May 4, 1919

Ah, if everyone understood the great good of living in my Will, they would compete! But, alas! – how few of them understand this and live more in themselves than in Me.


VOL. 13 – January 25, 1922

It happens as to a little one who did not want to study all the languages. As he grows up, and hears these languages being spoken, which he did not want to study, or which he was not given the opportunity of studying – he will understand nothing. In fact, by not wanting to study, his intelligence remained closed, and he made no effort to prepare a little space in order to comprehend those languages. At the most, he will be amazed, and will enjoy from someone else’s happiness, but he will not possess it, nor will he be the cause of happiness for others. See then, what it means to know one truth more, or one truth less – if all knew what great goods they miss, they would compete in order to acquire truths.


VOL. 15 – June 15, 1923

If you knew what it means to hear the divine truths, what charm of light they contain, such that the sun would remain eclipsed, and the good they bring to the one who speaks them and to the one who listens to them, you would compete – you, in speaking them, and the one who feels the duty to do so, in listening to them.


VOL. 19 – April 18, 1926

Oh! if everyone knew what it means to operate in the Supreme Fiat and the prodigies It contains, they would all compete to operate in It.


VOL. 20 – September 17, 1926

Oh! If all knew what it means to break up with Our Will, and into what abyss they fall – all would tremble with fright, and would compete in order to return into the Kingdom of the Eternal Fiat, to take back their place, assigned to them by God.


VOL. 22 – June 1, 1927

Oh! if mortals knew the great good they acquire by knowing a true good, a truth, and by making it their own blood in order to absorb it in their own lives, they would compete among themselves, they would forget about everything in order to know one truth – and would lay down their lives to put it into practice.”


VOL. 23 – October 2, 1927

Oh! if creatures knew such a great good, they would compete among themselves and all passions would change into passion of light for living, only and always, in that Divine Fiat which sanctifies everything, gives everything and rules everything.”


VOL. 24 – May 20, 1928

So, the circular from earth echoes the celestial circular, and Heaven and earth move, occupying themselves only with the purpose of the Kingdom of my Divine Will – the earth, with all that is needed in the natural order; the celestial Court, with all that pertains to the supernatural order.  It seems that Heaven and earth hold hands and compete with each other, to see who hastens more to prepare a Kingdom so holy.


VOL. 26 – July 30, 1929

Oh! if all knew the great secret of operating in my Divine Volition, they would compete so as not to let anything escape them which would not pass from within Its most pure light.”


VOL. 30 – June 17, 1932

O! if all creatures would comprehend what it means to Live in My Divine Will—O! how all would aspire and compete, to make in It their Celestial Dwelling.”


VOL. 33 – October 27, 1935

“O! if creatures would know what it means to Live in My Divine Volition, they would compete to Live in It, and It would be populated with children of My Will.


VOL. 34 – May 16, 1937

“And if not today, because it seems to them that It is not food adaptable for them, and perhaps they despise what would be able to form the Divine Life in them, the time will come that they will compete for who will be able to know these Truths more.  By knowing them they will Love them, Love will render them adaptable food for them, and so they will form the Life that My Truths will offer them.  Therefore do not think about it; it is a question of time.  I, who know how things will go, I do not stop, I continue to Manifest My Truths—and you, continue your flight, and lend yourself to listening to Me and to placing them in practice.”


VOL. 35 – October 19, 1937

O, if all knew what it means to Live in the Divine Will, to let It Reign, they would compete with each other to be invested by It and become repeaters of Divine Life.”