VOLUME 24 – April 1, 1928

Necessity of the Test; what the Test will be for the children of the Divine Kingdom.  One (Luisa) who Lives in the Divine Will offers Royal Acts to God. 


My abandonment in the Divine Will is continuous; but while I (Luisa) was all abandoned in It, I was thinking to myself:  ‘What might be the proof that Jesus will want from those who will Live in the Kingdom of the Divine Will?  If Jesus wants a proof of Loyalty from everyone in order to confirm the State to which He calls them and to be sure of being able to entrust to the creature the Goods He wants to give her, much more will He require this proof from the children of His Kingdom, which will be the Most Sublime State that can exist.’  But while I was thinking of this, my always lovable Jesus moved in my interior and told me:  “My daughter (Luisa), indeed there is no certainty without a Test, and when the soul passes the Test, she receives the confirmation of My designs and everything that is necessary to her and befits her in order to carry out the State to which she has been called by Me.  This is why I (God) wanted to Test ADAM – to confirm his Happy State and his Right of Kingship over the whole Creation; and since he was not faithful in the Test, by Justice he could not receive the confirmation of the Goods which his Creator wanted to give him.  In fact, through the Test man acquires the Seal of Faithfulness, which gives him the Right to Receive the Goods that God had established to give him in the State to which his soul had been called by Him.  It can be said that one who is not Tested has no value – neither before God nor before men, nor before himself.  God cannot Trust a man without a Test, and man himself does not know what Strength he Possesses. 


If ADAM had passed the Test, all human generations would have been confirmed in his State of Happiness and of Royalty.  In the same way, I Myself, loving these children of My Divine Will with a Love all Special, wanted to go through the Test for all in My Humanity, reserving for them the one Test of never allowing them to do their human will, but only and always My Divine Will, so as to Reconfirm for them all the Goods needed in order to Live in the Kingdom of My Divine Fiat.  With this, I (Jesus) closed all exit doors for them; I (Jesus) Anointed them with an Invincible Strength, in such a way that nothing else will be able to enter the Very High Fences of My Kingdom.  In fact, when I (God) command that something should not be done, it is a door that I leave, through which the human will can make its exit; it is an opportunity that the creature always has, by which she can go out of My Divine Will.  But when I say:  ‘from here there is no exit’, all doors remain closed, her weakness is Fortified, and the only thing that is left to her is the decision to enter, never to go out again – or not to enter at all.  Therefore, in order to Live in the Kingdom of My Divine Will there will only be the decision the decision will carry the Accomplished Act.  Am I (Jesus) not doing the same with you (Luisa)?  Do I (Jesus) not cry out constantly from the depth of your heart (Luisa):  ‘nothing dare enter but My Divine Will alone’?  As Center of Life, with Its Omnipotent Strength, with Its Dazzling Light, My Divine Will keeps everything outside of you (Luisa); and eclipsing everything, It makes Its Prime Motion of Life Flow in all of your Acts, and It Dominates and Reigns as Queen.”