February 2, 1928

How she (Luisa) must make up for those who have not operated in the Unity of the Divine Fiat.  How, for one who does not possesses It (The Divine Will) , It is a foreign language.  The reason why no one has spoken about It (The Divine Will) until now.  How one who does not Live in the Unity receives the effects from the Divine Will, not the Life of It. 


I was continuing my Round in the Supreme Fiat, and as I arrived at Eden, I was saying to myself:  ‘My Jesus, I make the Unity of your Divine Will my own, in order to make up for that Unity which my father ADAM lost when he withdrew from It, and to make up for all those acts which his descendants have not done in the unity of It.’  But while I was saying this, I thought to myself:  ‘And I – am I in the Unity of the Divine Fiat?  If I am not, how can I make up for others?  So, my speaking ends up in words, but no facts.’  And my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me:  “My daughter (Luisa), when ADAM sinned, there was the withdrawal of the Unity of My Divine Will on both sides:  man withdrew from It, and It withdrew from him; and as My Divine Will withdrew, man lost My Unity, all of its Qualities, and the Rights which God had given him in creating him, because he was the true deserter of the Kingdom of My Divine Will, and a deserter loses all rights and the possession of his very goods.


Now, just as My Divine Will withdrew from man because he was the one who withdrew first, so can It give Itself again to one (Luisa) who, withdrawing from the human volition, enters again into Its Kingdom as the New Conqueror of that Unity of My Divine Fiat.  More so, since between you (Luisa) and the Divinity there has been a Mutual Accord – My Divine Will, in Giving you (Luisa) the Great Gift of Its Unity, calling you (Luisa) to the First Act of Creation; and you (Luisa), not only in Receiving it, but in Giving to It the gift of your human will.  So, there has been an exchange on both sides – and not with simple words, but with Facts; so much so, that My Divine Will is making you (Luisa) aware of what regards the Great Gift It gave you (Luisa), that you (Luisa) may Know what you (Luisa) Possess, may Enjoy its Goods, and, appreciating it, may impetrate it for the human family; and you (Luisa), having given the gift of your human  will, do not want to recognize it ever again, and feel terror even just in remembering it. Now, it is Right that you (Luisa) Fulfill your Duty and make up for that Unity lost by man from the time when Mine did Its withdrawal, withdrawing into the Celestial Regions.  Is My Divine Will perhaps not free to give Itself again, as long as It finds again one (Luisa) who no longer wants to live of her human will?  And besides, you must know that if My Divine Will were not present in you (Luisa), you (Luisa) could not have comprehended Its Celestial Language; it would have been like a foreign dialect for you (Luisa), like a light without heat, like a food without substance, and it would have been difficult for you (Luisa) to write it on paper in order to transmit it to your brothers.


All this is a sign that My Divine Will, Lording over you (Luisa) in everything, makes Itself thought in your mind, word on your lips, heartbeat in your heart, the teacher who knows that his pupil comprehends his lessons and loves to listen to him.  Therefore, it was necessary to give you (Luisa) the gift of My Divine Will, so as to give you (Luisa) the grace necessary in order to make you (Luisa) Know and Transcribe all the most Beautiful Prerogatives of the Kingdom of My Divine Fiat. And this is also the reason why no one until now has spoken at length about My Will, to make others comprehend the Immense Seas of Good which It contains, and which It wants to give and can give to creatures.  At the most, they have come out with a few words, and with words almost half-broken, as if they had nothing to say about My Fiat, so long and extensive, which contains and embraces all eternity.  Since they did not Possess It as gift and as their own thing, the language to speak of the importance of It and of Its infinite qualities was as though foreign to all.  Since they did not Know It in depth, how could they speak of a Divine Will which contains so much, that all centuries are not enough to speak about It? Therefore, be attentive, My daughter (Luisa), and while you (Luisa) cross Its sea, take always something new, so as to make It known to the human generations.”