St. Joachim and St Ann, parents of the Blessed Virgin Mary – 7/26

From The Virgin Mary in the Kingdom – Day Thirteen

The Queen of Heaven in the Kingdom of the Divine Will departs for the Temple and gives example of total Triumph in the Sacrifice

My child, courage, do not fear; your Mama is all for you, and today I was waiting for you so that my heroism and my triumph in the sacrifice might infuse in you strength and courage, and I might see my child triumphant in her pains, with the heroism of bearing them with love and in order to do the Divine Will.

Now, my child, listen to Me. I had just turned three years old when my parents let Me know that they wanted to consecrate Me to the Lord in the temple. My heart rejoiced in hearing this – about consecrating Myself and spending my years in the house of God. But beneath my joy there was a sorrow: the privation of the dearest persons one can have on earth – my dear parents. I was little, I needed their

paternal cares; I was depriving Myself of the presence of two great saints. Moreover, I saw that as the day approached on which they were to deprive themselves of Me, who rendered their lives full of joy and of happiness, they felt such bitter sadness as to feel they were dying. But though suffering, they were disposed to make the heroic act of taking Me to the Lord.

My parents loved Me in the order of God, and considered Me a great gift, given to them by the Lord. This gave them the strength to make the painful sacrifice. Therefore, my child, if you want to have an invincible strength to suffer the hardest pains, let all of your things be in the order of God, and hold them as precious gifts given to you by God.

Now, you must know that I prepared Myself with courage for my departure for the temple, because, as I delivered my will to the Divine Being and the Supreme Fiat took possession of my whole being, I acquired all virtues as nature. I was dominator over Myself; all virtues were in Me like many noble princesses, and according to the circumstances of my life, they promptly showed themselves, to fulfill their office without any resistance. In vain would they have called Me Queen, had I not possessed the virtue of being Queen over Myself. I had in my dominion perfect charity, invincible patience, enrapturing sweetness, profound humility, and the whole endowment of the other virtues. The Divine Will rendered the little earth of my humanity fortunate, always flowery, and without thorns of vices.

Do you see then, dear child, what it means to live of Divine Will? Its light, Its sanctity and power convert all virtues into nature; nor does It lower Itself to reign in a soul where there is a rebellious nature – no, no! It is sanctity, and It wants nature to be ordered and holy where It must reign.

Therefore, by my sacrifice of going to the temple, it was conquests that I made; and over this sacrifice, the triumph of a Divine Will was formed within Me. These triumphs brought new seas of grace, of sanctity and of light into Me – to the extent of feeling happy in my very pains, in order to be able to conquer new triumphs.

Now, my child, place your hand upon your heart, and tell your Mama: do you feel your nature changed into virtue? Or, do you feel the thorns of impatience, the noxious herbs of agitation, the bad humors of affections which are not holy? Listen – let your Mama do it; place your will into my hands, determined in not wanting it any more, and I will let you be possessed by the Divine Will. It will banish everything from you, and all that you have not done in many years, you will do in one day, which will be the beginning of true life, of happiness and of sanctity.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel – July 16

The Story of Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Hermits lived on Mount Carmel near the Fountain of Elijah in northern Israel in the 12th century. They had a chapel dedicated to Our Lady. By the 13th century they became known as “Brothers of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.” They soon celebrated a special Mass and Office in honor of Mary. In 1726, it became a celebration of the universal Church under the title of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. For centuries the Carmelites have seen themselves as specially related to Mary. Their great saints and theologians have promoted devotion to her and often championed the mystery of her Immaculate Conception.

Saint Teresa of Avila called Carmel “the Order of the Virgin.” Saint John of the Cross credited Mary with saving him from drowning as a child, leading him to Carmel, and helping him escape from prison. Saint Thérèse of the Child Jesus believed that Mary cured her from illness. On her First Communion day, Thérèse dedicated her life to Mary. During the last days of her life she frequently spoke of Mary.

There is a tradition–which may not be historical—that Mary appeared to Saint Simon Stock, a leader of the Carmelites, and gave him a scapular, telling him to promote devotion to it. The scapular is a modified version of Mary’s own garment. It symbolizes her special protection and calls the wearers to consecrate themselves to her in a special way. The scapular reminds us of the gospel call to prayer and penance—a call that Mary models in a splendid way.

Saint Kateri Tekakwitha -July 14

Saint Kateri Tekakwitha

Flower of the Algonguins
Lily of the Mohawks

Feast Day
14 July in the United States
17 April in Canada

KATERI (CATHERINE) TEKAKWITHA Saint of Iroquois/Algonquin descent. Fleeing persecution, she settled in Quebec, where she devoted her life to God. Date: 1656 – 1680 Source: Prayer card

Saint Kateri Tekakwitha,
Model of Fidelity Against Religious Persecution

  “Today the Church needs saints. This calls for our combating our attachment to comforts that lead us to choose a comfortable and insignificant mediocrity. Each one of us has the possibility to be a saint, and the way to holiness is prayer. Holiness is, for each of us, a simple duty.” St. Mother Teresa

The true American heroes are not sport or entertainment figures, but Catholic saints. We should turn our “lonely eyes” to them and follow their good examples, virtues and works. They are our true friends and are alive in heaven with God. They are models of holiness for us. They can help us just like friends on earth by their prayerful intercession on our behalf. They give us courage and hope.

July 14 is the feast of one of our saints of the states, St. Kateri Tekakwitha. Let our nation turn its lonely eyes to her for courage and hope. Pope Benedict XVI canonized her at St. Peter’s square in Vatican City October 21, 2012.

The blood of the martyrs is often the water that sprouts the seed of the Catholic faith. The blood of the only martyrs of the United States, Saints Isaac Jogues, Rene Goupil and Jean de la Lande, watered the seed of the faith in the Mohawk Village at Auriesville, New York. Kateri Tekakwitha was born there in 1656, ten years after they were martyred there.
Kateri’s Baptism

Kateri lived in the Mohawk Village with her uncle, the chief of the Turtle Clan, after her parents died from smallpox when she was four. The smallpox left her disfigured with impaired vision. “Tekakwitha” in Mohawk means “one who puts things in order” or “one who feels her way”, because Kateri had to feel her way with her poor eyesight in the darkened lodges. She often stayed in the Longhouse because the sunlight hurt her eyes.

She fell in love with Jesus and decided to remain a virgin. Virginity was unheard of amongst the Indians and they pressured her to marry and to work on Sunday, but she refused to do so. When they connived to have her lodge visited by a young warrior in the hopes of their union, she turned him out. Then the Indians treated her as a slave and put her to work for the village.

In 1666, the French attacked and burned down Kateri’s village. The Mohawks built a new village on the north side of the Mohawk River at Fonda (Caughnawaga), New York. Here Kateri first  heard of the Catholic faith from Father Jacques de Lamberville, a French Jesuit, who occasionally visited her village at St. Peter’s Mission. He baptized her on April 18, 1676 and she took the name Catherine that the Mohawks pronounced “Kateri”.

The other Mohawks persecuted her for her faith. They mocked her devotion to Our Lady and her recitation of the Rosary. Kateri was not deterred, but to avoid the persecution she escaped in 1677 with some companions from the village to Canada. She trekked north through New York and paddled Lake Champlain to Sault Saint-Louis, a Christian Indian Mission near Montreal on the St. Lawrence River. Her journey took over two weeks, traveling by foot and canoe about three hundred miles through woods, rivers, swamps and lakes.

 The Lily of the Mohawks 

At the Mission, Kateri lived a life dedicated to prayer, penitential practices and care for the sick and aged. Her day at the Mission began at 4 a.m. each morning in church where she remained for several hours of prayer and Masses. She helped the sick and the poor. She formed a group called the Slavery of the Blessed Virgin and they fasted and endured exposure to the cold in the woods as acts of penance. On March 25, 1679, Kateri was permitted to make a vow of perpetual virginity.

Kateri was a half-blind, pockmarked orphan Indian maiden. She was little more than a slave in her own clan, but in God’s eyes she was His pure daughter and a model for her race. Many Indians followed her good example and converted. Kateri received the Eucharist with the greatest devotion. Father Pierre Cholenec, who prepared her for her First Communion said, “Only God knows what passed between Himself and His dear Spouse.”

Kateri attended daily Masses at 5 a.m. and 7 a.m. and visited the Blessed Sacrament five times daily, after her daily visitations to the sick and the poor. During her own last sickness, she dragged herself to Mass until she could no longer walk. She died at the age of 24 on April 17, 1680 in the presence of Father Cholenec and all of her pox marks disappeared. He said that at the time of her death Kateri’s face “… so disfigured and so swarthy in life, suddenly changed about fifteen minutes after her death, and in an instant became so beautiful and so fair that just as soon as I saw it (I was praying by her side) I let out a yell, I was so astonished.”

Two hundred and ninety three years later on the very same date, April 17, 1973, young Peter McCauley’s hearing was spontaneously restored through Kateri’s intercession. This was the miracle that led to her beatification by Pope John Paul II on June 22, 1980.

Pope Benedict XVI canonized Kateri on October 21, 2012. He called St. Kateri the “protectress of Canada and the first Native American saint” and he entrusted to her “the renewal of the faith in the First Nations and in all of North America.”

Archbishop Charles J. Chaput of Philadelphia, who is of American Indian descent, said, “I think many young people today are embarrassed about embracing the Catholic faith because they live in a secular culture that’s hostile toward religious experience. St. Kateri also grew up in a place where there was great hostility toward Christianity, but she resisted all efforts to turn her away from her faith, so in some ways she would be a model of fidelity in the face of persecution on religious freedom grounds.”

Kateri’s Feast Day is July 14. Because of her purity, she is known as the “Lily of the Mohawks.”

Letters of Luisa • Illness and Sufferings


9. The “Fiat” will give you strength

My good daughter,

Here I am. As to nature, I feel compassion for your painful state; but as to the soul, you would be worthy of envy from the very Angels…  You know, as many pains as you suffer, as many tears as you shed, so many are the Angels around you, gathering, full handed, the pearls which you form with your sufferings, and bringing them to Jesus as pledges of your love.  However, I beg you not to cover these pearls with the mud of your laments, or of your not being perfectly resigned to the Most Holy Will of God.  Therefore, be tranquil; let’s hope that everything goes well for the soul and for the body.

With all my heart I pray and will pray for you.  And you, be good; dignified.  Always pray to Jesus that He may assist you, as you are far away from your family – from all of us.  Learn a little bit to be alone with Jesus, and He will be with you.  Be sure that I won’t forget you.

Your family is doing well.  Your mother will come on Sunday.  Poor one, she suffers so much for you.  Therefore, be cheerful; only a few days more and your purgatory will end.  The Misses Cimadomo and the trainees remember you and return your greetings.  I pray Jesus and the Celestial Mama to bless you always, and keep you hidden:  Jesus in His Heart, and Mama under Her mantle; and I say,

Most affectionately yours,


17. Fiat

My good daughter in the Divine Volition,

Thank you, thank you for all your attentions.  Know that every additional book you promote is an additional right which the King of sorrows and the Queen of Heaven give you, to be faithful daughter of the Divine Will.  Listen, my daughter, it is a mother that speaks to you.  Listen to me; maybe these are my last words.  Listen to the Celestial Mama and to sweet Jesus.  They want you to not think of the past – to place a sepulchral stone on it, so that you may forget everything and say:  “My life will start today; I am born again together with my Queen Mama, with Jesus, and with the Divine Will.”  And your pains, your crosses, even though heavy, will serve the Divine Beggar, Who looks for our sufferings in order to form and continue His life within us.  Oh, how happy will you feel, if in every pain you say,  “This pain serves Jesus”!  Then you will feel His invincible patience, filial trust, and courage of heroes.  Patience, trust, courage, is the bread of the strong, the heroism of martyrs.  Therefore, courage!  Those who think of the past lose the present.  The Lord has disposed everything:  crosses, illness, state of marriage; in a word – everything.  The Lord had to prepare the material in order to make of you a saint; and He has prepared enough of it.  So, all you have to say and do is this:  “The Heart of Jesus wants me a saint:  I must become a saint!”  Have we understood each other?

Now I assure you of my prayers for your children; then the Lord will console you even more.  I leave you in the Divine Volition to become a saint.  Never get disturbed in anything; rather, give all to Jesus, so that He may change it into flames of love.  Pray for me.  With a thousand regards, I say,

most affectionately yours,

the little daughter of the Divine Will

Corato, January 5, 1935

18. To Mrs. Costanza Benedetta Pettinelli from Siena

In Voluntate Dei!

My most dear daughter in the Divine Volition,

How many blessings will your good daughter receive as she interests herself in promoting the Divine Will!  Now let’s come to us.  I repeat to you my “thank you” in the name of the Celestial Lady and the King of sorrows, for all that you are doing for the Divine Will.  You will see it in Heaven and you will also feel it down here – in the depth of your heart – the love they have for you and the glory that awaits you up there.  You must know that He is the one who leads you, and the Celestial Mama, squeezing you to Her maternal Heart – the one who is pushing you to promote them.  They use you as an ambassador to make the Divine Will known, and when they see that you are about to speak about It – oh, how they rejoice, how they celebrate and love you more!… But you tell me:  “For us, the sea and the heavens are always stormy.”  Your enemies make fun of you; so much the worse for them!  Jesus too was mocked in His pains, but it was then that He triumphed; and by means of pains, He conquered our souls.  Don’t you want to be like Him?  You must know that your pains are written in the pains of Jesus, as triumph of His Love toward you, and that for every pain you suffer, sweet Jesus adds one more degree of sanctity and one more touch of His likeness; aren’t you happy?  Yet, on some occasions you have said to dear Jesus that you wanted to suffer together with Him, so He took your words and made facts.  But, in spite of this, be sure that beloved Jesus will be jealous that you don’t lack what is necessary, and even the storms will calm down.  Send everything – pains, bitterness, strains – into the Divine Will; tell Him from the heart that you want nothing but His Will, and look at all things as bearers of a Will so holy, and you will see that the Fiat will defend you.  Don’t get discouraged, do not fear, do not lose peace, abandon yourself more than ever in the arms of the Divine Will, and be tranquil, waiting in full confidence for the helps and means which are necessary to you.

My good daughter, how bad did your words sound to me,  “I am afraid to be lost”!  Don’t you know that sufferings are the certainty, the seal, of our salvation?  Sufferings form the carriage which brings us to Heaven, and the more the sufferings, the faster it will go.  So, each additional pain is a faster ride which takes us soon and straight to Heaven.

Therefore, courage, courage.  All other things are left; while sufferings are brought to Heaven, and form our most beautiful throne and never ending glory.  Now I repeat my refrain:  continue to promote the Divine Will.  I expect a great deal from you, and so does Jesus and the Celestial Mama.  I commend myself to your prayers, and I will not forget to keep you locked in the Divine Will as the dearest of my daughters.

Accept my respectful regards, as I say,

most affectionately yours,

the little daughter of the Divine Will

Effects of the Hours of the Passion

Vol. 12 – May 16, 1917
Effects of the Hours of the Passion. 

Finding myself in my usual state, I was fusing all of myself in my sweet Jesus, and then I poured all of myself into the creatures, in order to give the whole of Jesus to all creatures.  And my lovable Jesus told me:  “My daughter, every time the creature fuses herself in Me, she gives to all creatures the influence of Divine Life; and according to what creatures need, they obtain their effect:  those who are weak, feel strength; those who are obstinate in sin, receive light; those who suffer, comfort; and so with all the rest.”

Then I found myself outside of myself.  I was in the midst of many souls who were saying to me – they seemed to be purging souls and Saints, and were mentioning one person known to me, who died not too long ago – and they were saying to me:  ‘He feels as though happy in seeing that there is not one soul who enters Purgatory without carrying the mark of the Hours of the Passion; and surrounded by the cortege of these Hours and helped by them, souls take a safe place.  And there is not one soul who flies into Heaven without being accompanied by these Hours of the Passion.  These Hours make a continuous dew rain down from Heaven to earth, into Purgatory, and even into Heaven.’

On hearing this, I said to myself:  ‘Maybe my beloved Jesus, in order to keep the word He had given – that for each word of the Hours of the Passion He would give a soul – there is not one soul whom He saves who does not benefit from these Hours.

Afterwards, I returned into myself, and as I found my sweet Jesus, I asked Him whether that was true.  And He:  “These Hours are the order of the universe; they put Heaven and earth in harmony, and hold Me back from sending the world to ruin.  I feel My Blood, My Wounds, My Love, and Everything I did, being placed in Circulation; and they Flow over all in order to Save all.  And as souls do these Hours of the Passion, I feel My Blood, My Wounds, My Yearnings to Save souls, being put on the way, and I feel My Life being repeated.  How could creatures obtain any good if not by means of these HoursWhy do you doubt?  This thing is not yours, but Mine.  You have been the strained and weak instrument.”

Feast of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist – 6/24

Today we celebrate the birthday of St. John the Baptist – one of three birthdays in the Catholic liturgical calendar, the others being that of the Lord Jesus Christ  Himself and of His Blessed Mother. It is interesting to note that St. John the Baptist’s birthday comes just as the days are starting to get shorter (in the Northern Hemisphere), whereas Christ’s birthday comes just as they are starting to get longer:   “He must increase, I must decrease” (John 3:30).

From the Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will – Meditation 1 – After many days of travel, finally I arrived in Judea, and I hastened to the house of Elisabeth. She came toward Me in feast. At the greeting I gave her, marvelous phenomena occurred. My little Jesus exulted in My womb, and fixing little John in the womb of his mother with the Rays of His Divinity, He Sanctified him, gave him the use of Reason, and made known to him that He was the Son of God. And John leaped so vigorously with love and with joy that Elisabeth was shaken. Touched by the Light of the Divinity of My Son, she too recognized that I had become the Mother of God; and in the emphasis of her love, trembling with gratitude, she exclaimed:
“Whence comes to me so much honor, that the Mother of my Lord would come to me?” I did not deny the highest mystery; rather, I humbly confirmed it. Praising God with the song of the Magnificat – sublime canticle, through which the Church continuously honors Me – I announced that the Lord had done great things in Me, His servant, and that because of this, all peoples would call Me Blessed.
My child, I felt devoured with the desire to pour out the flames of love that consumed Me, and to reveal My Secret to Elisabeth, who also longed for the Messiah to come upon earth. A secret is a need of the heart which is revealed, irresistibly, to persons who are capable of understanding each other.
Who can ever tell you how much good My visit brought to Elisabeth, to John, and to their whole household? Everyone was Sanctified, filled with Gladness, felt unusual Joys, and comprehended things unheard-of. John, in particular, received all the Graces which were necessary for him, to prepare himself to be the Precursor of My Son.


Memorial of Saint Aloysius Gonzaga -June 21st

Memorial of Saint Aloysius Gonzaga -June 21st

Reflections on Luisa’s Name Saint

Luigi: A Eucharistic Saint

Link to a Prayer to BVM by St. Aloysius

Holy Mary, My Queen I commend myself to Your Blessed Protection and Special Keeping and to the Bosom of Your Mercy this day and every day of my life and the hour of my death. I entrust to you all my hopes and consolations all my trials and miseries my life and the end of my life that through Your Most Holy Intercession and Your Merits all my actions may be ordered and directed according to Your Will and that of Your Son. Amen

Saint Aloysius, Luigi to call him by his proper name, may well be the most loved Jesuit in history. Luigi contracted the plague from those whom he was nursing. He foresaw his own death and asked Our Lord that he might die within the Octave of Corpus Christi. He died, in fact, on the Octave Day of Corpus Christi with the name of Jesus on his lips.


Come Divine Will thru little mamma Luisa
St. Aloysius and little mamma Luisa
please intercede for us

  • He is known for his purity and the performance of great austerities and religious practices.
  • St. Aloysius joined the Jesuits in Rome in 1585.
  • He has been declared Protector of young students and Patron of Catholic Youth.
  • This was the Saint that Jesus wanted The Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta to be named after.

Volume 2 – June 20, 1899

Afterwards, Heaven opened; it seemed that a very great feast was being prepared.  At that very moment a young man of lovely appearance came down from Heaven, all dazzling with fire and flames.  Jesus told me:  “Tomorrow is the feast of my dear Aloysius – I must go attend.”  And I:  ‘And so You leave me alone – what shall I do?’  And He:  “You too will come.  Look at how beautiful Aloysius is; but the greatest thing in him, which distinguished him on earth, was the love with which he operated.  Everything was love in him – love occupied him interiorly, love surrounded him externally; so, one can say that even his breath was love.  This is why it is said of him that he never suffered distraction – because love inundated him everywhere, and with this love he will be inundated eternally, as you see.”

And in fact it seemed that the love of Saint Aloysius was so very great, as to be able to burn the whole world to ashes.  Then, Jesus added:  “I stroll over the highest mountains, and there I form my delight.”  Since I did not understand the meaning of it, He continued:  “The highest mountains are the Saints who have loved Me the most, and in them I form my delight, both when they are on earth, and when they pass into Heaven.  So, everything is in love.”  After this, I prayed Jesus to bless me and those whom I was seeing at that moment; and He, giving His blessing, disappeared.

Volume 19 June 21, 1926; Saint Aloysius was a flower that bloomed from the Humanity of Our Lord, made bright by the rays of the Divine Will.  The souls who will possess the Kingdom of the Divine Will will have their roots within Its Sun.

This morning, having received Holy Communion, I received It as usual in the Most Holy Will of God, offering It to my dear Saint Aloysius – not only the Communion, but all the goods contained in the Most Holy Will of God, for his accidental glory.  Now, while doing this, I saw that all the goods contained in the Supreme Volition, like many rays of light, rays of beauty and of multiple colors, inundated the dear Saint, giving him an infinite glory.  And my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me:  “My daughter, Aloysius is a flower and a Saint bloomed from the earth of my Humanity and made bright by the reflections of the rays of the Sun of my Will.  In fact, though, holy, pure, noble and united hypostatically to the Word, my Humanity was earth; and Aloysius, more than flower, bloomed from my Humanity – pure, holy, noble, possessing the root of pure love, in such a way that in each leaf of his flower one can see written, ‘love’.  But what renders him more beautiful and brilliant are the rays of my Will, to which he was always submitted – rays which gave such development to this flower as to render it unique on earth and in Heaven.  Now, my daughter, if Aloysius is so beautiful because he bloomed from my Humanity, what will be of you and of all those who will possess the Kingdom of my Will?  These flowers will not bloom from my Humanity, but will have their roots within the Sun of my Will.  In It is formed the flower of their life; they grow and bloom in the very Sun of my Volition which, jealous of these flowers, will keep them eclipsed within Its own light.  In each petal of these flowers one will see, written, all the specialties of the divine qualities; they will be the enchantment of all Heaven, and all will recognize in them the complete work of their Creator.”

And while He was saying this, my sweet Jesus opened His breast and showed, inside it, an immense Sun, in which He was to plant all these flowers; and His love and jealousy toward them was so great, that He would not let them bloom outside His Humanity, but inside Himself.

Volume 26 – June 27, 1929

Having received Holy Communion, I was offering It for the glory of Saint Aloysius, and I offered, as a present for him, everything that Our Lord had done in His Divine Will with His mind, with His words, works and steps, for the accidental glory of Saint Aloysius on his feast day.  Now, while I was doing this, my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me:  “My daughter, a more beautiful present you could not give to dear Saint Aloysius on the day of his feast.  As you were offering your Communion and all my acts done in my Divine Will, so many suns were formed for as many acts as I did in It while being on earth; and these suns invested Saint Aloysius, in such a way that he received so much accidental glory from the earth, that he could not receive more.  Only the offerings of acts done in my Divine Will have the virtue of forming their suns, because, containing the fullness of light, it is no wonder that It converts into suns the human acts done in It.”


Prayers offered at the Memorial Mass of St Aloysius




Prayer for Saint Aloysius or for anyone else that you want to offer it for!

Volume 26 – June 27, 1929
Having received Holy Communion, I was offering my Holy Communion for the glory of
Saint Aloysius (__________), and I offered It, as a present for him/her,

everything that Our Lord had done in His Divine Will with His mind,

with His words, His works and His steps, for the accidental glory of
Saint Aloysius (___________) on this his/her feast day.

Now, while I was doing this, my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior,
told me:

“My daughter, a more beautiful present you could not give
to dear Saint Aloysius (_____________) on the day of his feast.
As you were offering your Holy Communion and all My Acts done in My Divine Will,
so many suns were formed for as many Acts as I (Jesus) did in the Divine Will while being on earth;
and these suns invested Saint Aloysius (______________),
in such a way that he/she received so much accidental glory from the earth,
that he/she could not receive more.

Only the offerings of Acts done in My Most Holy Divine Will have the virtue
of forming their suns, because, containing the Fullness of Light,
it is no wonder that the Divine Will converts into suns the human acts done in the Divine Will.”

Happy Fathers Day – God Bless all Fathers

January 10, 1938
The first sermon that the little King Jesus gave to the children of Egypt.  How each of them had their Celestial Father in their heart, Who loved them and wanted to be loved. 

I was doing the round in the Divine Fiat, and – oh! how I yearn that not one act would escape me of what It has done, both in Creation and in Redemption.  It seems to me that I lack something if I do not recognize It, love It, kiss It and clasp It to my heart in everything It has done, as if it were my own.  And the Divine Volition would remain as though displeased if one who lives in It does not know all of Its acts, and if It does not find, in everything It has done, the little ‘I love You’ of the one whom It so much loves and for whom there is nothing It has not done.

So, I came to follow that point when the Celestial Child was in Egypt, in the act of taking His first steps; and I kissed His steps, I placed my ‘I love You’ at each step He was taking, and I asked Him for the first steps of His Will for all human generations.  I tried to follow Him in everything; if He prayed, if He cried, I asked that His Will would animate all the prayers of creatures, and that His tears would regenerate the Life of Its Fiat in the human family.  Then, while I was attentive in following Him in everything, the little Baby King, visiting my poor soul, told me:  “Daughter of my Will, how happy I am when the creature does not leave Me alone – I feel her behind Me, in front of Me, and in all my acts.  Now, you must know that my exile in Egypt was not without conquests.  When I reached the age of about three years, from our little hovel I could hear the children playing and shouting in the street; and I, little as I was, would go out into their midst.  As they would see Me, they would run around Me, and each one wanted to get the closest to Me, because my beauty, the enchantment of my gaze, the sweetness of my voice, were such that they felt captivated to love Me.  Therefore they would throng around Me, and they loved Me so much that they were unable to detach from Me.  Now, I too loved these children; and since, when love is true, it tries to make itself known – not only this, but to give what can make one happy in time and eternity – I gave to these little ones my first little sermon, adapting Myself to their small capacity; more so since, possessing innocence, they could more easily understand Me.

Now, do you want to know what my sermon was about?  It said to them:  ‘My children, listen to Me; I love you very much and I want to make known to you your origin.  Look at the heavens – up there you have a Celestial Father who loves you very much.  But He loves you so much, that He was not content with being your Father from Heaven, guiding you, creating for you a sun, a sea, a flowery earth to make you happy; but loving you with exuberant love, He wanted to descend into your hearts, to form His Royal Palace in the depth of your soul, making Himself sweet prisoner of each one of you.  But to do what?  To give life to your heartbeat, breath and motion.  So, as you walk, He walks in your steps, He moves in your little hands, He speaks in your voice; and as you walk, as you move, because He loves you very much, now He kisses you, now He squeezes you, now He hugs you and carries you as though in triumph as His own dear children.  How many hidden kisses and hugs does this Celestial Father of ours not give you!  And you, because you were inattentive, have not let your kiss meet His, or your hugs encounter His paternal embrace; and He has remained with the sorrow that His children have neither kissed Him nor hugged Him.

Now, my dear children, do you know what this Celestial Father wants from you?  He wants to be recognized in you, as having His dwelling in the center of your soul; and since He gives you everything, nor is there anything He does not give you, He wants your love in everything you do.  Love Him – let love never depart from your little hearts, from your lips, from your works – from everything; and this will be the delicious food you will give to His Paternity.  He loves you very much and wants to be loved.  No one can arrive at loving you as He loves you.  This is so true, that while you also have a terrestrial father, yet how different from the Love of the Celestial Father.  He does not always follow you, does not watch over your steps, does not sleep together with you, nor does he palpitate within your heart; and if you fall, he does not even know anything about it.  On the other hand, your Celestial Father never leaves you; if you are about to fall, He gives you His hand so as not to let you fall; if you sleep, He watches over you; and even if you play and do some impertinences, He is with you and knows everything you do.  Therefore love Him very, very much.’  And becoming more enflamed, I would say to them:  ‘Give Me your word that you will love Him always – always.  Say together with Me:  “We love You, our Father who are in Heaven.  We love You, our Father who dwell in our hearts”.’

My daughter, at my speaking, some of the children would be moved, some would cry of joy, some would remain enraptured, some would cling to Me so strongly, that they did not want to leave Me any more.  I made them feel the palpitating Life of my Celestial Father in their little hearts, and they rejoiced and made feast, because they no longer had a Father far away, but inside their own hearts.  And I, to fortify them and give them the strength to depart from Me, would bless them, renewing upon those children Our Creative Strength, invoking the Power of the Father, the Wisdom of Myself, the Son, and the Virtue of the Holy Spirit; and I would say to them:  ‘Go – and then you will return.’  And so they would leave.  But then they would come back the following days, almost in throngs – a crowd of children.  They would set themselves to spy when I was to go out, and to see what I was doing inside our hovel.  And when I went out they would clap their hands, make feast for Me, and shout so loudly, that my Mother would come out the door to see what was happening.  And, oh! how enraptured She would remain, in seeing Her little Son speaking to those children with so much grace; so much so, that She felt Her Heart burst with love, and could see in them the first fruits of my Life down here, because, of these children who listened to Me – no one was lost.  Knowing that they had a Father inside their hearts was like a pledge for them to be able to possess the Celestial Fatherland, to love that Father who already dwelt also in Heaven.

My daughter, this sermon of Mine which I, a little Child, gave to the children of Egypt, was the foundation, the substance of the creation of man; it contains the most necessary doctrine, the highest sanctity; it makes love arise in each instant, for the Creator and the creature to love each other.  What sorrow in seeing many little lives that do not know the Life of a God in their souls.  They grow up without Divine Paternity, as if they were alone in the world; they do not feel or know how much they are loved.  How can they love Me?  So, once love is taken away, the heart hardens, life becomes degraded, and – poor youth – they give themselves prey to the gravest crimes.  This is a sorrow for your Jesus, and I want it to be a sorrow for you, that you may pray for many who teach that I am present in their hearts, that I love and want to be loved.”