Feast of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the Divine WIll 11/21

Excerpt from The Queen of Heaven in the Kingdom of the Divine Will

Day Thirteen

The Queen of Heaven in the Kingdom of the Divine Will departs for the Temple and gives example of Total Triumph in the Sacrifice.

 The soul to the Triumphant Queen:

Celestial Mama, today I come to prostrate myself before You, to ask for Your Invincible Strength in all my pains; and You know how my heart is filled with them, to the point of feeling drowned with pains. O please! If You love so much to act as my Mother, take my heart in Your hands and pour into it the Love, the Grace and the Strength to triumph in my pains, and to convert them all into Divine Will.

Lesson of the Triumphant Queen:

My daughter, Courage, do not fear; your Mama is all for you, and today I was waiting for you so that My Heroism and My Triumph in the sacrifice may infuse in you Strength and Courage, that I may see My daughter triumphant in her pains, and with the heroism of bearing them with love and in order to do the Divine Will.

Now, My daughter, listen to Me: I had just turned three years old when My parents made known to Me that they wanted to consecrate Me to the Lord in the Temple. My heart rejoiced in hearing this—that is, consecrating Myself and spending My years in the house of God. But beneath My Joy there was a sorrow—for a privation of the dearest persons one can have on earth, which were My dear parents. I was little, I needed their maternal cares; I was depriving Myself of the presence of two great saints. Moreover, I saw that as the day approached on which they were to deprive themselves of Me, who rendered their lives full of joy and of happiness, they felt such bitterness as to feel themselves dying. But, though suffering, they were disposed to make the heroic act of taking Me to the Lord.

My parents loved Me in the order of God, and considered Me a great gift, given to them by the Lord; and this gave them the strength to make the painful sacrifice. Therefore, My daughter, if you want to have Invincible Strength to suffer the hardest pains, let all your things be in the Order of God, and hold them as precious gifts given to you by the Lord.

Now, you must know that I, with Courage, prepared Myself for My departure for the Temple, because, as I delivered My will to the Divine Being and the Supreme Fiat took Possession of My whole being, I acquired all Virtues as My own Nature. I was Dominator of Myself; all Virtues were in Me like many Noble Princesses, and according to the circumstances of My Life, they promptly showed themselves, to do their office without any resistance. In vain would they have called Me Queen, had I not possessed the Virtue of being Queen over Myself. Therefore, I had in My Dominion Perfect Charity, Invincible Patience, Enrapturing Sweetness, Profound Humility, and the whole endowment of the other Virtues. The Divine Will rendered My little earth of My humanity fortunate, always flowery, and without the thorns of vices.

Do you see then, dear daughter, what it means to Live of Divine Will? Its Light, Its Sanctity and Power convert all Virtues into one’s nature; nor does It lower Itself to Reign in a soul where there is a rebellious nature—no, no. It is Sanctity, and It wants the nature in which It must Reign to be Ordered and Holy. Therefore, by the Sacrifice of going to the Temple, it was Conquests that I made; and over this Sacrifice, the Triumph of a Divine Will was formed in Me. And these Triumphs brought into Me New Seas of Grace, of Sanctity and of Light—to the extent of feeling Happy in My Pains, in order to be able to Conquer New Triumphs.

Now, My daughter, place your hand upon your heart, and tell your Mama: do you feel your nature changed into virtue? Or, do you feel the thorns of impatience, the noxious herbs of agitations, the bad humors of affections which are not holy? Listen—let your Mama do it; place your will into My hands, determined in not wanting it any more, and I will make you be Possessed by the Divine Will, which will banish everything from you; and what you have not done in many years, you will do in one day, which will be the beginning of True Life, of Happiness, and of True Sanctity.

The soul:

Holy Mama, help your daughter; make a visit to my soul, and with Your Maternal hands, snatch from me everything You find which is not Will of God. Burn away from me the thorns, the noxious herbs, and You Yourself, call the Divine Will to Reign in my soul.

 Little Sacrifice:

Today, to honor Me, you will call Me three times to visit your soul, and will give Me all the freedom to do with you whatever I want.

Ejaculatory Prayer:

Sovereign Queen, take my soul in Your hands, and transform it completely into Will of God.

A letter From Luisa – In every circumstance, let us never lose peace, and let us run into the arms of Jesus as our refuge.

  1. In Voluntate Dei

Most esteemed Francesca,

I don’t know how to thank you for your goodness and charity toward me, the poorest of all creatures.  May Heaven reward you, and may the Queen Mama hold you in her arms to keep you and to make you good and holy, as sweet Jesus wants.

My good daughter, it is necessary to die to everything in order to rise again to all goods and to true sanctity.  But it is so sweet to be able to say:  “Crucified You, O my Jesus – crucified I.  Slandered, despised, abandoned by all, You – slandered, despised and abandoned I.  So, O Jesus, we look alike.”

You are right in what you say to me, and I add:  what we should care about is to live dissolved in the Holy Will.  In each one of our acts done in the Divine Will, also natural, in the most tiny things, even in one breath, we can form a martyrdom, not human, but divine – more noble, more holy than the martyrdom of shedding our blood, to offer to Jesus His infinite Love, His Sanctity which has no beginning and no end.  And Jesus will see His Most Holy Will operating in our tiny act.  In His operating Will, He will find in us infinite material in order to form His Life.  What joy, what happiness!  Therefore, let us never move away from His Will, even at the cost of our lives… It is true that sometimes the storms are such that we feel like succumbing – and even from people we did not expect; but dear Jesus helps us and sustains us, in such a way that everything ends up in His Holy Will.  Therefore, in every circumstance, let us never lose peace, and let us run into the arms of Jesus as our refuge.  In this way we will be safe.

I like to hear that you always receive Communion.  Never leave it, either out of disturbance, or distress, or fears.  Nothing which is not peace ever comes from God, but always from our enemy, who gains a lot when he sees us disturbed.  And we lose true trust; we lose our arms to take refuge in Jesus.  Therefore, in order to become saints, nothing is needed but courage, trust and peace, in order to live in the immense sea of the Divine Will.

Thanking you again, I leave you in the Divine Volition to make yourself a saint.  Pray for me, for I so much need it, and from the heart I will do it for you.  Greeting you with the affection of the Holy Divine Will, I say,

Most affectionately yours,
The little daughter of the Divine Will.

Corato, August 10, 1941

An uninterrupted, continuous broadcast of the Complete 24 Hours of the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ 

Dear little Family of Luisa in the Most Holy Divine Will, 


Monday, November 2, 2020 at 5 pm CENTRAL TIME

there will be an uninterrupted, continuous broadcast of the Complete 24 Hours of the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ we pray with the intention that the outcome of our 2020 United States Elections may Perfectly Align With and Perfectly Fulfill God’s Thrice Holy Divine Will in our great country that is founded upon all men being Created Equal in the Eyes of God and Endowed with certain Inalienable Rights: 

the Rights to Life, Liberty and the (authentic) pursuit of Happiness (God).

The aim of this broadcast is to have the view of a unique Adoration Chapel during each Hour, with the Meditations for Each Hour being read in the background during each particular Hour.  

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24 Hours of the Passion for the 2020 United States Election


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From the Letters of Luisa – #5

5.                                                J.M.J.

Fiat – In Voluntate Dei!

My good daughter in the Divine Volition,

I send you the greetings of the “Fiat”, which will bring Its life into your mind, so as to form the Divine Trinity within it, Its love in your heart, Its motion in the pain you suffer, and Its creative virtue in such a way that you will feel It flowing in your blood – in your breath.  You will feel It palpitating in all your being, and will feel Its company.  It will never leave you alone, and you will often kiss It, squeeze It tightly in your arms, love It more and more, and say:  “Give me the food of your Will, raise me in your arms, clothe me with your Light, heal me with your creative virtue.”

Look at what a beautiful gift the operating Divine Will is sending you, as It wants to make of you a saint.  Do not get discouraged; these are works that It wants to do, and when It is determined to do them, It won’t listen to reason:  if It does not finish Its work, It is not content.

Therefore, my daughter, be at peace, rest in Its arms like a little baby.  I repeat the greetings of the “Fiat”.

Most affectionately yours,

The little daughter of the Divine Will