One is not worthy of Jesus if he does not empty himself of everything. What true exaltation consists of.

1/14/02 – Vol. 4  One is not worthy of Jesus if he does not empty himself of everything. What true exaltation consists of.

As I was in my usual state, my adorable Jesus came and told me: “My daughter, only one who has emptied himself of everything and has filled himself completely with Me can be truly worthy of Me, in such a way as to make of himself an object of Divine Love alone; to the point that My Love must come to form his life, and he must love Me, not with his love, but with My Own Love.” Then He added: “What do these words mean: He has cast down the mighty from their thrones and has lifted up the lowly? That the soul, destroying herself completely, fills all of herself with God, and as she loves God with God Himself, God exalts the soul to an Eternal Love. This is the true and greatest exaltation, and also true humility.” Then He continued: “The true sign to know whether one possesses this Love is that the soul cares about nothing but loving God, making Him known, and making everyone love Him.” Then, as He withdrew in my interior, I heard Him pray, saying: “Ever Holy and Indivisible Trinity, I adore You profoundly, I love You intensely, I thank You perpetually, for all and in the hearts of all.” And I went on in this way, hearing Him pray almost continuously inside of me, and I with Him.

Do not listen to the enemy

  1. To a Religious



My good daughter in the Divine Volition,

I felt pity in reading your letter, in hearing of your painful state; nor could I forget about a daughter of our Venerable Father and mine, who was so generous to me during the last months of her life down here.  And miserable as I am, I could not forget about your sacrifices, writing to me in such a painful period for all of us; even less could our lovable Jesus forget of your sacrifices, made for Him, as you left everything in order to give yourself completely to Jesus.  You cannot deny that with all your heart you wanted to give yourself completely to Jesus.  It is true that you have made a few little escapes from His arms, busying yourself with other things, and that you have not been firm and constant in what you yourself had promised Jesus in certain rushes of your heart.  But Jesus looked, and still looks, at the gift you gave Him.  Moreover, gifts are cherished with care, and looked upon as one’s own things.  Therefore Jesus will not let your gift escape.  Be sure, my daughter, Jesus loves you and wants you good and holy.  Do not listen to the enemy, who would want to snatch the gift from the hands of Jesus; do not pay attention to doubts or anything which is not peace.  These are things of the enemy, rags of hell, not of Jesus.  His things are peace; the rags of Heaven are certainties.  Therefore, as a mother who loves her daughter, I beg you to no longer let these infernal rags enter your heart; and if the enemy torments you, determined, say to him:  “These are things that don’t belong to me.  I don’t want to steal from anyone, not even from hell.”   And then, I repeat to you my usual refrain:  unshakable firmness in good.  Interest yourself in nothing but Jesus and what pertains to your office; in this way you will shut the door to the enemy and he won’t find the way to agitate you.  So, I repeat:  peace, peace, my daughter.  And you will certainly find peace if you look at the Divine Will in everything.  It is the peacemaker of souls, and the bearer of peace and sanctity, even down here.  Therefore, forget about everything, and remember only that Volition which, more than a tender and compassionate Mother, wants to make her daughter holy and beautiful.  And I, together with It, more than a mother, want to regenerate you in that Divine Fiat and give my life in order to have you as His daughter and mine.  I believe you will listen to my pleas; and leaving you, no longer in your turbulent will, but in that of Jesus, in Which I will see you again very often, in the Divine Will I say,

your most affectionate Mother

Letter from Luisa – Here I am to give you my wishes for Holy Christmas.

  1. To Mother Cecilia


My good and reverend Mother…

Here I am to give you my wishes for Holy Christmas.  And what better wish to give you than to send you little Jesus, so that He may make you be born together with Him?  Oh, how He longs for it, and comes to the point of crying, because He does not want to be alone, but wants the creature to be born and live together with Him.  The dear Baby will say to you, to the ear of your heart:  “My daughter, let me live in you; do everything together with Me, and I will give you my Sanctity to make you a saint, my Beauty to embellish you, my Wisdom so that everything may be order within you.  Then I will give you the great gift of My Will to let you breathe, palpitate, love, together with Me.”… He will tell you:  “Only then will I be content, when I see that you look like Me in everything.”

My dearest Mother, let us make Jesus content; let us be reborn with Him and live together with Him.  He is newly born, and does not want to be alone; He feels the need of the company of someone to kiss Him and to dry His tears.  My Mother, this is my wish; I believe that your Maternity will be content… More so, since every additional act we do in the Divine Will is a new birth for us.  We are reborn in Jesus, and He in us.  In this way we will make little Jesus happy.

Leaving you to be reborn together with Jesus, I kiss your right hand.

The little daughter of the Divine Will.



20  C + M + B  20

May Christ bless this House…

All who dwell and pray in it…

And All Whom they Welcome in His Name


V. On entering the house the Magi found the child Jesus with Mary his mother.
R. They did him homage and presented to Jesus symbolic gifts: gold to the great king, incense to the true God, and myrrh as a foreshadowing of his suffering and death.

Let us pray,

God, our Father, by the guidance of a star, you revealed your only Son as the Savior of all nations.

Grant that we who already know you by faith, may be brought to the contemplation of your glory in our heavenly home.

We ask this through Christ your Son Our Lord.  Amen.

All may recite the Canticle of the Blessed Virgin Mary (The MAGNIFICAT) by which Mary praised God at the time of her Visitation to the house of Elizabeth.  St. Luke’s Gospel Chapter 1, verses 46-55.

V. Be enlightened, O Jerusalem, and shine forth for your light has come.
R. And upon you is risen the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ born of the Virgin Mary.
V. All nations shall walk in your light and kings in the splendor of your birth.
R. And upon you is risen the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ born of the Virgin Mary.

Reading of the Gospel for the Solemnity of the Epiphany of Our Lord.

 St. Matthew’s Gospel, Chapter 2, verses 1 to 12

V. Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world, has appeared and been revealed to the nations.
R . The prophets foretold his coming, and the angels and shepherds adored him.
V. The Magi rejoiced to find him and they lay their treasures before him.
R. All you nations and peoples, come and adore him.

All recite the OUR FATHER as the rooms of the house are sprinkled with holy water.

Let us pray.

Blessed are you, Lord, God of all creation.  Through your goodness we have received all benefits.

Come, visit and bless + this house so that it may be a shelter of health, chastity, self-conquest, humility, goodness, mildness, obedience to the Commandments, – and thanksgiving to God, + The Father, +The Son, and +The Holy Spirit.

May the love and blessings of God, + The Father, and + The Son, and + The Holy Spirit, descend upon this house,
all those who reside within it, and upon all those whom they welcome in the Name of our Savior, Jesus Christ.
And may God’s grace and peace remain with all of them forever.  Amen.

The initials of the names ascribed by tradition to the Magi (Caspar, Melchior and Balthasar), and the numerals of the current year are written with the blessed chalk upon the entry doors of the house in the following manner:

20 C + M + B  20
Some interpret the letters to stand for
Christus Mansioni Benedicat! 
May Christ bless this house!

Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God 01/01/2021

12/28/36 – Vol. 36 ……

         “Now, My daughter, listen to Me and pay attention.  I want to tell you a Great Surprise of Our Love, and nothing must escape you.  I want you to know the extent of the Maternity of My Celestial Mother—what She did, how much it cost to Her, and what She is still doing.  You must know that the Great Queen was not My Mother only in Conceiving Me, delivering Me to the light, feeding Me with Her milk, and offering Me all the possible cares that I needed during My Infancy; this was not enough, either to Her Maternal Love, or to My Love as her Son.  Her Maternal Love was always running through My Mind, and if Sorrowful thoughts were troubling Me, she laid Her Maternity in each one of them, hiding them inside Her Love and kissing them.  I could always feel My Mind as if it was hidden under Her Maternal Wings, that never left Me alone; each one of My Thoughts was kept by My Loving Mother, who gave Me all Her Maternal attentions.  Her Maternity was placed in each one of My Breaths and heartbeats; and if My Breath and heartbeats felt smothered by My Love and suffering, She would run with Her Maternity to free Me from My suffocating Love and put balm on My Pierced Heart.  If She looked, spoke, worked and walked—She ran, as a Mother, to receive in Her Maternal Love My Glances, Words, Works and steps, Investing them with Her Love and hiding them in Her Heart.  She would also make Her Maternal Love flow in the food She prepared for Me, so that while eating it, I could feel Her Loving Maternity.  How much more could I tell you of the expression of Her Maternity in My sufferings?  There was not a Pain, not a drop of the Blood I shed that was not felt by My Mother.  But after doing these things as My Mother, She would then take all My Pains and My Blood, and hide them inside Her Maternal Heart to Love them and continue Her Maternity. 

        “Who could say how much She Loved Me and how much I Loved Her?  My Love was such that in everything, I could not be without feeling Her Maternity within me. I can say that She would run, never to leave Me alone, not even in My Breathing.  And I called her.  Her Maternity was for Me a need, a relief, a support for My Life down here. 

        “Now, My daughter, listen to another Love Surprise of your Jesus and of our Heavenly Mother.  In all We did, Love was never obstructed between Us; the Love of one ran into the Love of the other to form One Single Life.  But in wanting to do the same with creatures, how many obstructions, rejections, ingratitudes do we find.  You must know that as My inseparable Mother laid Her Maternity inside and outside of My Humanity, so She was made and Confirmed as Mother of every thought, every breath, every heartbeat and word of creatures, placing Her Maternity in their works, in their steps and in all their sufferings.  Her Maternity runs everywhere.  If creatures are in danger of falling into sin, she covers them with Her Maternity to prevent them from falling; and if they do, she leaves Her Maternity as help and defense, to make them stand up again.  Her Maternity runs and lays also on the souls who want to be good and holy, as if She found Her Jesus in them.  She becomes Mother of their intelligence, and Guide of their words, covering and hiding them in Her Maternal Love, in order to grow as many other Jesuses.  Her Maternity shows on the beds of the dying.  Using the rights of authority as Mother given to Her by Me, in such a tender tone that I cannot refuse Her anything, She says:  ‘My Son, I am the Mother, and they are My children; I must save them.  If You don’t grant Me this, My Maternity would be compromised.’  And as She says this, She covers them with Her Love, hiding them with Her Maternity to rescue them. 

          “My Love was such that I told her:  ‘Mother, I want you to be the Mother of all, and I want you to do for all creatures all that you have done for Me, laying your Maternity in all their acts so that I will see them covered and hidden in your Maternal Love.’  My Mother accepted and remained Confirmed, not only as the Mother of all, but also as the One who would Invest each of their acts with Her Maternal Love.  This was one of the Greatest Graces I have given to the whole of human generations.  But what Pains does My Mother not receive?  Creatures even reach the point of not wanting to recognize Her Maternity—of denying it.  Therefore the whole of Heaven prays and anxiously waits for the Divine Will to be known and to Reign.  Then, the Great Queen will do to the children of My Will what She did for Her Jesus, and Her Maternity will have Life in Her children. 

          “I will give My own Place in Her Maternal Heart to those who Live in My Will.  She will raise them for Me, guiding their steps and hiding them in Her Maternity and Sanctity.  Her Maternal Love and Her Sanctity will be Impressed in all their acts; they will be Her True Children, being like Me in everything.  O!  how I would Love everyone to know that if they want to Live in My Will, they have a Queen and a Powerful Mother who will compensate for all they lack.  She will raise them on Her Maternal lap, being with them in everything they do, molding their acts as Her own; to the extent that they will be known as the children grown, kept and educated by the Loving Maternity of My Mama.  These will be the ones who will make Her Happy, the ones who will be Her Glory and Honor.” 

Arb. Vigano and the Jericho March

December 12, 2020

Dear brothers and sisters,

I greet all of you on this day dedicated to prayer for our beloved Nation, the United States of America. Let’s ask God to make truth and justice triumph! Let’s ask Him to dispel the lies and deceptions of the children of darkness!

You have organized these marches in many cities in America, and named them after a Biblical event: the siege of Jericho. Jericho was the first city that the people of Israel came to after they crossed the Jordan River and entered the Promised Land. The way that God commanded the Hebrew people to conquer Jericho shows us the wonderful ways of the Lord, which are so different from our ways! The Book of Joshua tells us that Jericho was walled up and completely closed – it appeared to be an impregnable fortress! It appeared that a long siege would be necessary to conquer it by hunger, or else that huge weapons of war would be needed to break down its walls. And yet the only thing God commanded was that the people walk around the city with the Ark of the Covenant, blowing the Jubilee Trumpets, as the soldiers and people followed in perfect silence, for seven days.

God did not want to make the city of Jericho fall immediately, in order to show mercy to its inhabitants and invite them to do penance. As Saint John Chrysostom says, “The Lord, who took six days to create the heavens and the earth, took seven days to destroy a sinful city.” The Jubilee Trumpets that sounded around the city were used by the Jews to announce pardon and forgiveness. God would not have made them sound without an ending that was full of goodness. In the same way, an ending that is full of goodness inspires our prayer today, for our Country and for our President!

Even the little children walked with their mothers around the city: those little ones were the most chosen portion of all, because they embodied the innocence that overwhelmed wickedness. Thus, moral strength fought against brutal violence, faith fought against unbelief, obedience fought against arrogant rebellion, humility fought against pride, and faith in the Lord fought against the presumption of man. God revealed the superiority of the power of Good over the power of Evil through an astonishing intervention.

We too, in this hour of great tribulation for our Nation, are praying that truth will triumph over lies, justice over abuse and fraud, honesty over corruption, honor over infamy, faithfulness over betrayal, and that order will triumph over destruction.

We are the silent army of the children of Light, the humble ranks who overthrow evil by invoking God, the praying army that walks around the walls of lies and betrayal in order to bring them down.

We fight the battles of the Lord with faith and courage, carrying the Ark of the Covenant in our hearts, remaining faithful to the teachings of the Gospel of Our Lord! We do not need material strength to fight, because we have the Lord of Armies at our side! Nothing can resist the power of the prayer. The walls of the Deep State, behind which evil is barricaded, will come crashing down!

Jericho was also the place where Jesus Christ converted the tax collector Zaccheus (Luke 19: 1-10). We pray for the conversion of public officials who have become complicit in public fraud and have betrayed their oath to serve our Nation.

Along the road that led from Jerusalem to Jericho, the Good Samaritan stopped to help and care for the traveler who was attacked by robbers (Luke 10:25-37). May his fraternal charity be an example for Patriots who are called to serve our homeland that has been attacked and wounded by both internal and external enemies.

It was also in Jericho that the Lord healed Bartimaeus of his blindness (Mark 10:46-53). May the blind man’s faith spur us on to conversion, so that we place our trust once again in God and that He may hear the cry of our prayer for our beloved Nation.

We are citizens of Heaven: this is the homeland that awaits us for eternity. On this earth we are also children of a homeland that gave us birth and in which we were raised and educated, a homeland we have served with dedication and courage. Be proud, as Christians and as Patriots, to be able to give witness today to your faith in God and your love for the United States of America, for its Constitution, and for its President Donald J. Trump.

Let us pray…

O Lord, Almighty God, prostrate before Thee we invoke Thy powerful protection in this hour of great turmoil, when darkness seems to be spreading over our beloved Nation.

Make vain the assaults of those who, blinded by vice and hatred of Thee, wish to subject our Nation and the whole world to the tyranny of sin and rebellion. Grant wisdom and courage to those who are called to decide the fortunes of the United States of America, and to those who serve their country with fidelity and honor.

Lord, bless our President and our public officials. For those who exercise the power entrusted to them from above, obtain the graces necessary to carry out their duties with integrity and justice.

O Almighty God, who many times hast manifested the power of Thy right hand at the side of Christian armies, place Thyself at the head of this army of Thy children. Let the prayer we address to Thee through the intercession of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the Patroness of the Americas, rise up to Thee, so that we may attain the freedom and peace that Thou hast promised us.

And just as in the time of Joshua, raise up holy heroes and courageous witnesses of the Faith, so also today hear the prayer we raise to Thee, and break down the walls of the City of darkness, granting victory to those who serve under Thy holy banner. Amen.


 + Carlo Maria Viganò, Archbishop
Former Apostolic Nuncio in the United States of America




 + Carlo Maria Viganò, Archbishop
Former Apostolic Nuncio in the United States of America

The Holy Innocents Martyrs – Feast -12/28

Day Twenty-four

The Queen of Heaven in the Kingdom of the Divine Will.

A Cruel Tyrant. Little King Jesus is brought by His Mama and by Saint Joseph into a foreign Land, where They go as Poor Exiled Ones. Return to Nazareth.

The soul to her Queen, overwhelmed by Sorrow:
My sovereign Mama, your little child feels the need to come to your maternal knees to keep You a little company. I see  your face veiled with sadness, and a few fleeting tears flowing from your eyes. The sweet little Baby is shivering, and sobbing, He cries. Holy Mama, I unite my pains to yours, to comfort You and to calm the crying of the Celestial Baby. But, O please, my Mama, do not refuse to reveal to me your secret. What is it that is so gloomy for my dear Little Baby?

Lesson of the Mother Queen:
My dearest child, today the Heart of your Mama is swollen with love and with sorrow, so much so, that I cannot refrain from crying. You know of the coming of the Magi Kings, who caused rumor in Jerusalem, asking about the new King. And cruel Herod, for fear of being removed from his throne, has already given the mandate to kill my sweet Jesus, my dear life, together with all the other children.
My child, what pain! The One who has come to give life to all, and to bring into the world the new era of peace, of happiness, of grace…they want to kill Him! What ingratitude! What perfidy! Ah, my child, to what extent the blindness of the human will reaches! To the extent of becoming ferocious, of tying the hands of the Creator Himself, and of making itself the owner of the One who created it. Give Me your compassion, my child, and try to calm the crying of the sweet Baby. He cries because of human ingratitude, because, only a newborn, they want Him dead; and in order to save Him, we are forced to flee. Dear Saint Joseph has already been advised by the Angel to leave for a foreign land. Accompany us, dear child; do not leave us alone, and I will continue to give you my lessons on the great evils of the human will. Now, you must know that as man withdrew from the Divine Will, he broke off with his Creator. Everything on earth had been made by God for him – everything was his; but man, by not wanting to do the Divine Will, lost all rights, and one could say that he did not know where to place his foot. So He became a poor exiled one, a pilgrim who could not have a permanent residence; and this, not only for the soul, but also for the body. All things became mutable for poor man; and if he did possess any fleeting thing, it was by virtue of the foreseen merits of this Celestial Baby. This, because the whole magnificence of Creation was destined by God for all those who would do His Will and live in Its Kingdom. All others, if they manage to take anything, are the true petty thieves of their Creator; and with reason: they do not want to do the Divine Will, but they want the goods which belong to It?
Now, dear child, listen to how much this dear Baby and I love you: at the first dawn of His life, He goes into exile, and into a foreign land, in order to free you from the exile in which your human will placed you; to call you to live, not in a foreign land, but in your fatherland – the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat – which was given to you when you were created. Child of my Heart, have pity on the tears of your Mother, and on the tears of this sweet dear Baby – crying, We ask you never to do your will. But We beg you, We implore you: come back into the bosom of the Divine Will, which so much longs for you! Now, dear child, in the midst of the sorrow for human ingratitude, and in the midst of the immense joys and happinesses that the Divine Fiat gave us and the feast that all Creation made for the sweet Baby, the earth became green and flowery again under our steps, to give homage to its Creator. The sun fixed on Him, and praising Him with its light, it felt honored to give Him its light and heat. The wind caressed Him; the birds, almost like clouds, alighted around us, and with their trills and songs, made the most beautiful lullabies for the dear Baby, to calm His crying and favor His sleep. My child, since the Divine Will was in us, we had power over everything.
So we arrived in Egypt, and after a long period of time, the Angel of the Lord told Saint Joseph that we should return to the house of Nazareth, because the cruel tyrant had died. So we repatriated to our homeland. Now, Egypt symbolizes the human will – a land full of idols; and wherever Baby Jesus passed, He would knock down these idols and cast them into hell. How many idols does the human will possess! Idols of vainglory, of self-esteem and of passion, which tyrannize the poor creature! Therefore, be attentive; listen to your Mama. I would make any sacrifice never to let you do your will; and I would also lay down my life, to give you the great good of living always in the bosom of the Divine Will.

The soul:
Most sweet Mama, how much I thank You for making me understand the great evil of the human will. And so, for the sake of the sorrow You suffered in the exile of Egypt, I ask You to free my soul from the exile of my will, and to let me repatriate to the dear fatherland of the Divine Will.

Little Sacrifice:
Today, to honor Me, you will offer your actions united with mine, in act of gratitude to the Holy Baby, praying Him to enter into the Egypt of your heart to change it completely into Will of God.

Ejaculatory Prayer:
My Mama, enclose little Jesus in my heart, that He may reorder it all in the Divine Will.