Part 1

Reflections On The Importance Of Continuous And Repeated Acts

From The Writings Of Luisa Piccarreta

“The Little Daughter of the Divine Will”


The below passage is the sign to know if you are linked to Luisa

and living in the Divine Will

VOL. 36 – November 13, 1938

Then, I was thinking to myself:  how can one know whether he is Living in the Divine Will?

My sweet Jesus added: “My daughter, it’s easy to know it. You must know that, when My Fiat Reigns in the soul, It keeps Its Act in continuous Operation.  It cannot be present and not do something. It is Life, and It must Breathe, move, Palpitate, make Itself heard. It must have Its Primary Operating Act so the creature feels Its Empire, and follows Its Acts, almost continuously, in the Divine Will.  Therefore, continuation is a sure sign that one Lives in It.  With this continuation, he feels the need of Divine Breathing, motion and attitude.  Therefore, if he stops his continuous acts he feels as though he is missing Life, motion and everything else.  Soon he restarts his continuous acts, because he knows that it would cost too much to do otherwise.  It would cost him Divine Life, and one who has possessed It can hardly let It go.

Now, what is this action of the creature in the Divine Will?  It is the sequence of My Life and of My Will in the creature, because only My Will has the virtue of being Unceasing in Its continuous Acts. Otherwise, if it could be said so, everyone and everything would remain as if paralyzed and with no life; but this cannot be.  Now the creature does not possess by herself this virtue of operating continuously, but when united with My Will, she has the virtue, the Strength, the will and the Love to do it.  How much she can change things.  In fact, the creature who lets herself be carried and possessed by It can make such changes that she no longer recognizes herself, if she even retains a distant memory of her past life.  There is also another sign.  When My Will sees the soul being disposed, It first embalms her—her will, her pains—with an air of Peace; then It forms Its Throne. Therefore, one who Lives in my Will possesses a Strength that is never extinguished; a Love that does not Love anybody, but Truly Loves all in God.  To how many sacrifices she exposes herself for all—and for each one in particular.  Poor daughter, she is the True Martyr and Victim of all.  O!, how many times in seeing her suffering, I look at her with so much Tenderness and Compassion, and to cheer her up I say:   ‘My daughter, you received My same Destiny.  Poor daughter, Courage; your Jesus Loves you more.’  And in feeling more Loved by me, she smiles in the sufferings and abandons herself in My arms.  My daughter, to experience, to possess what my Will can do, creatures need to be inside of It; otherwise they won’t understand a thing.”


Hours of Passion: 11PM Hour

And almost staggering, You are about to fall near them, while John extends his arms to sustain You. You are so unrecognizable that, if it wasn’t for the tenderness and sweetness of your voice, they would not have recognized You. Then, recommending vigil and prayer to them, You return to the Garden, but with a second piercing to your Heart.

In this piercing, my Good, I see all the sins of those souls who, in spite of the manifestations of your favors, in gifts, kisses and caresses, in the nights of trial, forgetting about your Love and your gifts, have remained as though drowsy and sleepy, therefore losing the spirit of continuous prayer and of vigil.

My Jesus, it is yet true that after having seen You, after having enjoyed your gifts, when one is deprived of them, it takes great strength in order to persist. Only a miracle can allow these souls to endure the trial.

Therefore, as I compassionate You for these souls, whose negligences, fickleness and offenses are the most bitter for your Heart, I pray that, if they came to taking one single step which might slightly displease You, You will surround them with so much Grace as to stop them, so as not to lose the spirit of continuous prayer!


Letters Of Luisa:#19

My good daughter in the Divine Volition,

Your letter brought me great contentment, especially in hearing that you want to strip yourself of the mourning clothes of the human will; and I briefly answer to your difficulties.  To live in the Divine Will is not so difficult as you and others believe, nor does sweet Jesus want impossible things, nor can He teach difficult things; rather, in all He teaches, His love is so great that not only does He facilitate His teachings, but in order to make all that He wants and teaches easier, He puts Himself at our disposition, doing together with us all that He wants and teaches.  My daughter, everything is in a strong, firm, constant resolution to deliver our will into the hands of Jesus, so that His Will may underlie each one of our acts. Therefore, in all our being, in the most natural acts of life – in food, in sleep, in sufferings, in prayer, and also in legitimate pleasures, the Divine Will must have Its royal place, Its field of action, and our will must be the ground in which to receive these divine acts, and the footstool on which the Divine Will must place these acts; and these acts, united together, will form its Life.  Life cannot be formed with one single act, but with many acts, repeated and incessant.


Letters Of Luisa:#63

Oh, how the Divine Will wants you a saint!  But It wants you to call It continuously, in order to make the day of peace arise in your soul, and make all the miseries which prevent true sanctity, magically disappear from your heart.  The Divine Fiat awaits you, to say to you:  “Give me life in your acts and I will make you a saint.  And everything will turn into happiness.”


Letters Of Luisa:#68

Therefore, let us be attentive!  Let us not give this sorrow to our dear Jesus – to live without the life of the Supreme Fiat.  It is our life – fully and always ours; let us not put it aside, let us live together; let us make it breathe and move within us.  Let us not lose the seed we have acquired by reading just the little drops of a Will so holy; but rather, let us water it with our repeated acts, so that its Life may grow, beautiful and flourishing, within our souls.

VOL. 4 – July 28, 1902

A spirit of continuous prayer.

Continuing in my usual state, I found myself outside of myself, and I found my adorable Jesus who, not wanting to show me the troubles of the world, told me: “My daughter, withdraw – do not want to see the evils, most grave, which are in the world.” And on saying this, He withdrew me Himself, and while carrying me He repeated: “What I recommend to you is a spirit of continuous prayer. The continuous effort of the soul to converse with Me, whether with her heart, or with her mind, with her mouth, or even with a simple intention – renders her so beautiful in my sight, that the notes of her heart harmonize with the notes of my Heart. I feel so drawn to converse with this soul, that I manifest to her not only the works ad extra [external] of my Humanity, but I keep manifesting to her something of the works ad intra [interior] which the Divinity did in my Humanity. Not only this, but the beauty that a spirit of continuous prayer makes her acquire is so great, that the devil is as though struck by lightning, and remains frustrated in the snares He lays in order to harm this soul.” Having said this, He disappeared, and I found myself inside myself.

VOL. 11 – August 24 1915

How can those words which I pronounced in creating man, ‘We make man in Our Image and Likeness’, be explained? How could the creature, so incapable, ever resemble Me and be my image? Only in my Will could she arrive at this, because by making It her own, she arrives at acting in the Divine manner; and through the repetition of these Divine acts she arrives at resembling Me, becoming my perfect image. It happens as to that child who, by repeating the acts which he observes in his teacher, becomes like him. So, the only thing that makes the creature be like Me is my Will. This is why I have so much interest that the creature, making It her own, may fulfill the purpose for which she was created.”

VOL. 12 – December 28, 1917

Jesus wants the continuous acts of the creature. It does not matter if they are small; as long as there is the motion, the seed, He unites them to His own, and He makes them great.

Continuing in my usual state and being a little in suffering, I thought to myself: ‘How is it that I cannot find rest, either at night or during the day; rather, the weaker and the more suffering I feel, the more my mind is awake and unable to take rest.’ And my sweet Jesus told me: “My daughter, you do not know the reason, but I do; and now I will tell you. My Humanity had no rest; even in sleep I had no respite, but I worked intensively; and this, because having to give life to everyone and everything, and redo everything within Me, it was convenient for Me to work without stopping for one instant; and one who has to give life, must be in continuous motion and uninterrupted act. Therefore, I was in continuous act of letting lives of creatures out of Myself, and of receiving them. Had I wanted to rest, how many lives would not be delivered? How many, without my continuous act, would not develop and would remain withered? How many would not enter into Me, because the act of Life of the only One who can give life, is missing?

Now, my daughter, since I want you together with Me in my Will, I want your continuous act. Therefore, your awake mind is act, the murmuring of your prayer is act, the movements of your hands, the beating of your heart, the moving of your glances, are acts. They may be small, but what do I care? As long as there is the motion, the seed, I unite them to mine, I make them great, and I give them the virtue of producing lives.

My acts too were not all apparently great, especially when, as a little one, I moaned and suckled milk from my Mama, I amused Myself in kissing her, caressing her, entangling my little hands with hers. Then, when I was a little older, I picked flowers, I brought the water, and other things. These were all little acts, but they were united in my Will, in my Divinity – and this was enough. They were so great as to be able to create millions and billions of lives. Therefore, as I was moaning, lives of creatures were coming out from my moans; I suckled, I kissed, I caressed, but lives were coming out. Souls were flowing in my fingers entangled with the hands of my Mama; and as I picked the flowers and brought the water, souls were coming out from the heartbeat of my uncreated Heart, and they entered into It. My motion was continuous.

This is the reason for your vigil. When I see your motion and your acts in my Will – now placing themselves at my side, now flowing in my hands, now in my voice, in my mind or in my Heart – I make of them the motion of all, and I give life to each one in my Will, giving them the virtue of my own acts; and I make them run for the salvation and for the good of all.”

VOL. 12 – March 4, 1918

Firmness produces heroism.

Continuing in my usual state, I was lamenting to Jesus about my poor state, and He told me: “My daughter, courage, do not move in anything. Firmness is the greatest virtue. Firmness produces heroism, and it is almost impossible for one not to be a great saint. Rather, as she keeps repeating her acts, she forms two bars – one to the right, and the other to the left – which serve her as support and defense; and as she reiterates her acts, a fount forms in her, of new and increasing love. Firmness strengthens grace, placing on it the seal of final perseverance. Your Jesus does not fear that His graces may remain without effects, and therefore I pour them in torrents over a constant soul. There is not very much to expect from a soul who works today, and tomorrow does not – who now does some good, and now some other. She will not have any support, and will be bounced now to one point, now to another. She will die of starvation, because she will not have the fount of firmness, which makes love arise. Grace fears to pour itself, because she will abuse it, and use it to offend Me.”


VOL. 12 – February 27, 1919

In the Divine Will there is no hindrance to the love of God.

Continuing in my usual state, as blessed Jesus comes, He almost always calls me into His Will to repair or to substitute for the acts of the creatures in a divine manner. Now, in coming, He told me: “My daughter, what a stench emanates from the earth! I can find no place for Myself; and because of the stench, I am forced to run away from the earth. However, you can make for Me some sweet-smelling air, suitable for Me. Do you know how? By doing what you do in my Will. As you do your acts, you will form for Me a divine air; and I will come to breathe it, finding a place for Me on earth. And since my Will circulates everywhere, everywhere will I feel the air which you will form for Me, and it will blow away the bad air which the earth sends Me.”

After a little while, He came back and added: “My daughter, how much darkness! It is such that the earth seems to be covered with a black mantle, to the extent that the creatures can no longer see. Either they have remained blind, or they have no light to be able to see; and I want not only divine air for Me, but also light. Therefore, let your acts be continuous in my Will, so that you may not only form air for your Jesus, but also light. You will be my reflector, the reflection of my Love and of my very Light. Even more, I tell you that as you do your acts in my Volition, you will you raise Tabernacles. Not only this, but as you keep forming your thoughts, desires, words, reparations and acts of love, many Hosts will be unleashed from you, because they are consecrated by my Will.

Oh, what a free outpouring my Love will have! I will have free field in everything – no more obstruction. I will have as many Tabernacles as I want. The Hosts will be innumerable; we will communicate each other in every instant, and I too will cry out: ‘Freedom! Freedom! Come all into my Will, and you will enjoy true freedom!’ Outside of my Will, how many obstructions does the soul not find! But in my Will she is free. I leave her free to love Me as she wants; even more, I tell her: ‘Lay down your human remains – take what is Divine. I am not mean and jealous with my goods; I want you to take everything. Love Me immensely – take, take all my Love; make my Power your own; make my Beauty your own. The more you take, the happier your Jesus will be.’ The earth forms few Tabernacles for Me; the Hosts are almost numbered. And then, the sacrileges, the irreverences that they do to Me – oh, how offended and hindered my Love is! But in my Will – no hindrance; not a shadow of offense. The creature gives Me love, divine reparations and complete correspondence; she substitutes together with Me for all the evils of the human family. Be attentive, and do not move from the point at which I call you and want you.”

VOL. 12 – April 3, 1920

The whole Will of God in creating man was that he would do His Will in everything, in order to develop His Life in him.

Continuing in my poor state, I felt my lovable Jesus in my interior, Who was uniting with Me in prayer. Then He told me: “My daughter, my whole Will in creating man was that he would do my Will in everything. And as he would continue to do my Will little by little, I would complete my Life in him in such a way that, after repeated acts done in my Will, forming my Life in him, I would come to him. And finding him similar to me – as the Sun of my Life would find Sun of my Life formed in his soul, It would absorb him within Me; and as the two would be transformed together, like two Suns into one, I would bring him into the delights of Heaven.

Now, as the creature does not do my Will, or if she does It every now and then, my Life is halved by the human life, and the Divine Life cannot be completed. It is obscured by the human acts, and does not receive abundant food sufficient to the development of a life. Therefore, the soul is in continuous opposition to the purpose of Creation. And, alas, how many are those who, by living the life of passions and of sin, form the diabolical life within themselves!”

VOL. 13 – May 21, 1921

Jesus finds rest in the souls who live in His Will.

As I was in my usual state, my always lovable Jesus made Himself seen in my arms, in the act of taking rest. I pressed Him to my heart, and I told Him: ‘My Love, say a word to me – why are You silent?’ And Jesus: “My beloved daughter, rest is necessary to Me; after I have spoken to you so much, I want the first effects of my words within you. You – work, doing what I have taught you, and I will rest; and once you have put my teachings into practice, I will come back again to speak to you about higher and more sublime things, in order to find rest more beautiful in you. Besides, if I do not rest in the souls who live in my Will, in whom could I hope for rest? Only the souls who live in my Will are able to give Me rest. The living in my Will forms the room for Me; the acts done in my Will form my bed; the repeated acts and the constancy in repeating them are the lullabies, the melodies and the opium to favor my sleep. However, while I sleep, I watch over you, in such a way that your will is nothing other than the outpouring of Mine, your thoughts the outpouring of my Intelligence, your word the outpouring of Mine, your heart the outpouring of my Heart. Therefore, even if you do not hear Me speak, there is such dissolving of yourself within Me, that you do not want, nor think, nor do anything but what I want and do. So, as long as you live in my Will, you can be sure that everything that happens within you, is Me.”


VOL. 13 – July 14, 1921

Just as the Sun forms the life of all nature, the Divine Will forms the life of the souls.

My will was swimming in the Eternal Volition, and an incomprehensible light made me comprehend and told me: “My daughter, it happens to one who lives in my Will as to the earth exposed to the Sun. The Sun, king of all Creation, dwells above all, and the whole of nature seems to be begging the Sun for that which forms its life, its beauty, its fecundity. The flower begs the Sun for its beauty, its color, its fragrance; and as it blooms and opens out, it opens its mouth to receive from the Sun the heat and the light in order to acquire color, fragrance, and to form its life. The plants beg the Sun for maturity, sweetness and flavor. All things beg their life from the Sun.

My Will is more than Sun. As the soul enters into Its burning rays, she receives Life; and as she keeps repeating her acts in my Volition, she receives now my beauty, now my sweetness and fecundity, now my goodness and sanctity. So, each time she enters the rays of my Will, she receives many more Divine qualities. Oh, how many different beauties, how much liveliness of colors, how many fragrances she acquires! If these souls could be seen by the other creatures, they would form their paradise on earth – so great is their beauty. They are my reflectors – my true images.”

VOL. 13 – August 25, 1921

I was fusing all of myself in the Holy Divine Volition, and my Jesus told me: “Daughter of my Will, the more you immerse yourself in my Volition, the more the circle of your will is enlarged within Mine. It is yet true that the acts done in my Will fill everything, just as the light of the Sun fills the earth; however, by repeating the acts in my Will, the circumference of the Sun itself becomes larger and the soul acquires greater intensity of light and heat. As she repeats her acts in my Will, her will remains tied to Mine as many times; and these knots make many Divine rivulets flow over the whole earth, preventing the free course of Justice.” And I: ‘Yet, O my Jesus, many scourges fill the earth, such as to be horrifying.’

“Ah! my daughter – yet, one can say that this is still nothing. And if it wasn’t for these rivulets, for these knots of the human will made in the Divine Will, I would look at the earth as if it did not belong to Me any more, and therefore I would make chasms open everywhere to swallow it. Oh, how the earth weighs upon Me!”


VOL. 13 – September 14, 1921

Each time the soul does her acts in the Divine Will, she grows more and more in sanctity.

Continuing in my usual state, my always lovable Jesus, on coming, told me: “My daughter, each time the soul does her acts in my Will, she grows more and more before Me in wisdom, in goodness, in power and beauty. In fact, as she keeps repeating her acts in my Will, she takes more bites of wisdom, of goodness, etc.; and the soul grows with the food from which she feeds herself. This is why in the Holy Gospel it is written that I grew in wisdom before God and before men. As God, I could neither grow nor decrease. My growth was just in my Humanity which, growing in age, came to multiply my acts in the Supreme Volition; and each additional act I did was additional growth in the Wisdom of the Celestial Father. This growth of Mine was so true that even creatures noticed it. Each one of my acts ran in the immense sea of the Divine Will; and as I operated, I nourished Myself with this Celestial Food. It would take too long to tell you about the seas of Wisdom, of Goodness, of Beauty and Power that my Humanity swallowed in every additional act It performed.

The same happens to the soul. My daughter, Sanctity in the Divine Will grows in every instant – there is nothing that can escape from growing, and that the soul cannot let flow in the infinite sea of my Will. The most indifferent things – sleep, food, work, etc. – can enter into my Will and take their place of honor as agents of my Will. If only the soul wants it so, all things, from the greatest to the smallest, can be opportunities to enter my Will – which does not happen with virtues. In fact, if one wants to exercise the virtues, many times the occasion is missing. If the soul wants to exercise obedience, it takes someone who commands her, and it may happen that for days and weeks there is no one to give new orders for her to obey; therefore, as much as goodwill to obey as she might have, poor obedience will remain idle. The same with patience, humility and all the other virtues; since they are virtues of this low world, other creatures are needed in order to exercise them. On the other hand, my Will is virtue of Heaven, and I alone am enough to maintain the soul every instant in continuous exercise. It is easy for Me to keep her up night and day, in order to maintain her exercised in my Will.”

VOL. 16 – July 23, 1923

The Divine Will is in continuous act of giving Itself to the creature, and wants her continuous encounter in order to give her the life of Heaven in advance.

I was abandoning all of myself in the Holy Divine Will according to my usual way, and my sweet Jesus made Himself seen coming toward me in order to receive me in His Most Holy Will; and He told me: “My daughter, my Will is in continuous encounter with the will of the creature; and as the human will encounters Mine, it receives the Light, the Sanctity, the Strength, which my Will contains. My Will is in continuous act of giving Itself to the creature in order to give her the life of Heaven in advance. If she receives Me, she remains with this Celestial Life; but if in every act she does, she does not receive this Supreme Volition, which is all intent, for her good, on making her happy, strong, holy, divine, and as though transformed into a dawn of celestial light, she remains with her human will alone, which renders her weak, miserable, muddy, and surrounds her with passions so vile as to move to pity.

Don’t you see how many souls drag themselves because of their weakness in being unable to conquer themselves to do good? Others, which are unable to dominate themselves; others, inconstant like reeds in the wind; others, unable to pray without a thousand distractions; others, always discontent; and others, who seem to be born to do evil. These are all souls who do not encounter my Will in all their things. Yet, my Will is for all; but since they run away from It, they do not receive the good which my Will contains. This is a just pain for those who want to live involving themselves in all miseries.

However, this Will of Mine, which they did not want to encounter during their life, to receive as many goods for as many times as they would meet It, they will encounter It at their death, receiving as many pains for as many times as they escaped It, because by escaping It, they have become guilty, stained and covered with mud. So it is right that they receive a pain; and as many painful encounters form for them, for as many times as they did not encounter my Will upon earth. But these painful encounters will be without merits, without new gains, as it would have happened, had they encountered It during their life… Oh, how many moans of sorrows come from the prisons of Purgatory, how many shouts of desperation can be heard from hell, because my Will was not encountered upon earth!

Therefore, my daughter, may your first act be to encounter my Will; may your first thought and heartbeat be to encounter the Eternal heartbeat of my Will, that you may receive all my Love.

Try to make continuous encounters in everything, that you may be transformed in my Will and I in yours, in order to dispose you to make the last encounter with my Will at your last hour. In this way, you will have no painful encounters after your death.”

VOL. 16 – August 9, 1923

The human will enwraps the creature with darkness; but one who lives in the Divine Volition, makes the Light and the Sun of the Divine Will arise.

I was fusing myself in the Holy Divine Will, and my sweet Jesus, squeezing me to Himself, started to pray with me, and then He told me: “My daughter, the human will has covered with clouds the whole atmosphere, in such a way that thick darkness hangs over all creatures, and almost all of them walk limping and groping. And every action they do without the connection of the Divine Will, intensifies this darkness and man becomes more blind, because the Light, the Sun of the human will, is the Divine Will. Without It, there is not light for the creature.

Now, one who works, prays, walks, etc., in my Will, rises above this darkness, and as she works, prays, speaks, piercing these thick clouds, she sends flashes of Light over all the earth, such as to shake those who live down at the bottom of their will, preparing their souls to receive the Light, the Sun of the Divine Will. This is why I care so much that you live in my Will – that you may prepare a Heaven of Light which, sending continuous flashes of Light, may dispel this heaven of darkness that the human will has formed over their heads; in such a way that, possessing the Light of my Will, they may love It, and my Will, loved, may reign upon earth.”

VOL. 16 – December 29, 1923

“My daughter, why do you want to run away from Me? How is it – do you want to leave Me? Don’t you know that between Me and you there is an eternal bond that binds us together, and that neither you nor I can detach ourselves, since what is eternal enters into Me and becomes inseparable from Me? All the acts we have done together in my Will are eternal acts, just as eternal is my Will. Therefore, you have something of your own in Me, and I have of my own in you. An eternal vein flows in you, which renders us inseparable; and the more you continue and multiply your acts in my Will, the more you take part in that which is eternal. So, where do you want to go? I was waiting for you to come, to relieve Me and free Me from this place into which human perfidy has thrown Me, and with hidden sins and secret evils, has barbarously crucified Me. This is why I clung to you, that you might free Me and take Me with you.”

VOL. 17 – July 25, 1924

Sanctity is not formed of one single act, but of many acts united together. One single act forms neither sanctity nor perversity, because since the continuation of acts is missing, the colors and the true shades of Sanctity are missing; and since these are missing, one cannot attribute a weight or a just value to either sanctity or perversity. Therefore, what makes Sanctity shine forth and places the seal on It, are continuous good acts. No one can say he is rich because he possesses a coin, but, rather, those who possess extensive properties, villas, palaces, etc. etc. So it is for Sanctity; and if sanctity needs many good acts, sacrifices, heroism, it can also be subject to gaps, to intervals.

The Sanctity in my Will is not subject to intermittent phases, but it comes to be associated to that continuous Act of the Eternal Will, which never, never ceases, but is always acting, always operating, always triumphant – it always loves and never stops. Therefore, the Sanctity in my Will brings into the soul the mark of the works of her Creator – that is, His continuous Love, the continuous preservation of all the things created by Him: it never changes, and is immutable. One who is subject to change belongs to the earth, not to Heaven. Changing is of the human will, not of the Divine; interrupting good is of the creature, not of the Creator. Therefore, all this would be unbefitting for the Sanctity of living in my Will, because It contains the uniform, the image, of the Sanctity of her Creator. Therefore, be attentive; leave all rights to the Supreme Will, and I will keep forming in you the Sanctity of living in my Will.”

VOL. 18 – October 4, 1925

“My daughter, aren’t you happy that none of the ‘I love You’s’ that come out of you go lost, but all remain impressed in Me?  And then, do you know what good comes to you by repeating them?  You must know that when the soul decides to do some good, to exercise a virtue, she forms the seed of that virtue.  By repeating those acts, she forms the water with which to water that seed in the earth of her heart; and the more often she repeats them, the more she waters that seed, and the plant grows beautiful and green, in such a way that it quickly produces the fruits of that seed.  On the other hand, if she is slow in repeating, many times the seed remains suffocated; and if it comes out at all, it grows thin and never gives fruit.  Poor seed, without enough water in order to grow.  My Sun does not rise over that seed, to give it fecundity, maturity and a beautiful color to its fruits, because it is not fecund.  On the other hand, by always repeating those same acts, the soul contains much water with which to water that seed; my Sun rises over that seed every time It sees it being watered; and It delights so much, knowing that it has much strength in order to grow, that It makes its branches reach up to Me; and in seeing its many fruits, I pick them with pleasure, and I rest under its shadow.

So, repeating your ‘I love You’ for Me procures for you the water with which to water and form the tree of love.  Repeating patience waters and forms the tree of patience; repeating your acts in my Will forms the water with which to water and form the divine and eternal tree of my Will.  Nothing can be formed with one single act, but with many upon many repeated acts.  Only your Jesus contains the virtue of forming all things, and the greatest things, with one single act, because I contain the creative power.  But the creature, by dint of repeating the same act, forms the good she wants to do, bit by bit.  Through habit, that good or that virtue becomes her nature, and the creature becomes the possessor of it, and it forms all of her fortune.  This happens also in the natural order.  No one becomes a teacher by having read the vowels and the consonants once or a few times, but by repeating them constantly, to the point of filling his mind, his will and his heart with all that science that is needed in order to be able to be a teacher to others.  No one feels satiated if he does not eat, bite after bite, the food that is needed in order be satiated.  No one harvests the seeds if he does not repeat, who knows how many times, his work in his little field; and so with many other things.  To repeat the same act is a sign that one loves, appreciates and wants to possess that very act which he does.  Therefore, repeat, and repeat incessantly, without ever tiring.”

VOL. 19 – May 23, 1926

“My daughter, my Will has the power to give death and to give life; and since my Humanity knew no other life but the Life of my Divine Will, as the sins crowded over Me, my Will made Me feel a distinct death for each sin.  My Humanity moaned under the pain of the real death which my Supreme Will gave Me; but over that very death which this Divine Will gave Me, It made the new life of grace rise again for creatures.  So, as evil and bad as a creature might be, if she has the fortune of letting one act of my Will enter into herself, even at the point of death, since my Will is life, It sows the seed of life in the soul.  And as she possesses this seed of life, there is great hope that the soul may be saved, because the power of my Will will be careful so that this act of life of Its own, which has entered the soul, may not perish and turn into death.  In fact, my Will has the power to give death, but my Will Itself and all of Its acts are untouchable and not subject to any death.  Now, if one act alone of my Will contains the seed of life, what will not be the fortune of one who embraces within her soul, not one act alone, but continuous acts of my Will?  This creature receives, not just the seed, but the fullness of life, and places her sanctity in safety.”


VOL. 19 – September 13, 1926

Therefore, in order to restore the Kingdom of my Will upon earth it takes sufficient acts of the creature, so that my Kingdom may not remain in the air, but may descend, to be formed upon the very acts of the creature formed by her to obtain a good so great.

This is why I push you so much to go around in all Our works – Creation and Redemption – so that you may place the share of your acts, your ‘I love You’, your adoration, your gratitude, your ‘thank You’ upon all Our works.  Many times I have done this together with you; and then, as the fulfillment, after your round in Our Will comes your refrain, so pleasing to Us:  ‘Supreme Majesty, your little daughter comes before You, on your paternal knees, to ask You for your Fiat, your Kingdom, that It be known by all.  I ask You for the triumph of your Will, that It may dominate and reign over all.  I am not the only one who asks this of You, but with me are your works and your very Will.  Therefore, in the name of all, I ask – I plead for your Fiat.’  If you knew what a breach in Our Supreme Being is this refrain of yours!  We feel We are being prayed by all Our works, beseeched by Our very Will; Heaven and earth pray on their knees to ask Us for the Kingdom of the Eternal Will.  Therefore, if you want It, continue your acts, so that, by reaching the established number, you may obtain what you long for with so much insistence.”

VOL. 20 – November 1, 1926

Oh! how my Will in the sea sings the praises, loves and glorifies Our Power, Our strength, Our eternal motion that never stops!  And if Our Justice forms its just roaring waves, such as to knock down cities and peoples, like peaceful sea after the storm, Our peace is never disturbed, and my Will, veiled by the waters of the sea, says to man:  ‘Be pure like these crystal clear waters.  But if you want to be pure, walk always toward Heaven, otherwise you would putrefy, just as these waters, so pure, would become putrid if they did not always flow.  Let the murmuring of your prayer be continuous, if you want to be strong and powerful like me – if you want to knock down the strongest enemies as well as your rebellious will, which prevents Me from unveiling Myself and going out of this sea to come to reign in you and extend in you the peaceful sea of my grace.  How could you possibly want to remain below this sea that glorifies Me so much?’

You too, sing the praises, love and glorify Our Purity, Our Power, Strength and Justice, united to my Will which awaits you in the sea as Its own daughter; Our eternal motion toward the creatures in order to do good to them, and the continuous murmuring of Our Love through the created things, which, while murmuring love, wants the continuous return of the murmuring of the continuous love of the creatures.  Pray that my Will may give them the divine qualities It exercises in the sea, so that It may come and reign in the midst of those who now keep It rejected in the whole Creation.

VOL. 20 – October 9, 1926

I was doing my round in the Supreme Volition according to my usual way, and my sweet Jesus showed me a globe of light within my interior.  As I kept doing my acts in the Divine Fiat, it became larger, and the rays which came out of it became longer; and my always beloved Jesus told me:  “My daughter, the more often you go around in my Will in order to repeat your acts, the larger the sphere of this globe of light becomes; and the more power of light it possesses, the more its rays can extend, to illuminate the Kingdom of the Eternal Fiat.  Your acts, fused – dissolved in my Will, will form the special sun which must illuminate a Kingdom so holy.  This sun will possess the creative power, and in extending its rays, it will leave the mark of its sanctity, of goodness, of light, of beauty and of Divine likeness.  Those who will let themselves be illuminated by its light will feel the power of a new continuous creation of joy, of contentments, of goods without end.  Therefore, as my Will dominates all the acts of those who live in It, the Kingdom of my Will will be a continuous creation.  The creature will remain under a new continuous act of this Supreme Will, which will keep her so absorbed, that there will be no field of action for her own self.

This is why I love so much that the Kingdom of my Will be known – for the great good that the creatures will receive, and for the free field of action It will have.  The Supreme Will is now hindered by their own ‘self’; but when It will be known, Its rays, vivifying, penetrating and full of living light, will eclipse the human will which will be dazzled by Its refulgent light; and in seeing the great good it can receive, it will give freedom of action to my Will, giving It total dominion.  Therefore, in this Kingdom, a new era – a new Creation will begin for my Will.  It will put out everything It had established to give to the creatures, as if they had always done Its Will, after having to keep these things for many centuries as though in deposit within Itself, to then release them for the good of the children of Its Kingdom.”


VOL. 20 – November 4, 1926

Therefore, the little “I love You” in my Will becomes sea of love; the little prayer turns into sea of prayer, the “I adore You” into sea of adoration, the little pains into sea of pains.  And if the soul repeats her “I love You”, her adoration, her prayers in my Will, and suffers in It, my Will arises, forming immense waves of love, of prayers and of pains, which go to unload themselves into the unending sea of the Eternal One, in such a way as to place the love of God and that of the creature in common, because one is the Will of both One and the other.  Therefore, one who lets herself be dominated by my Will, possesses so many seas for as many acts as she does in It; and while she does little, she has much.  She has a Divine Will which delights in making of the little act of the creature a sea, and only with these seas can she impetrate the longed for Kingdom of the Divine Fiat.  This is why Our newborn, the little daughter of my Will, was needed, so that, turning her little pains, her “I love You” and everything she does into seas that communicate with the sea of the Eternal One, she can have ascendancy to impetrate the Kingdom of my Will.”


VOL. 20 – November 20, 1926

Then, after this, I continued to follow the Creation, and I could see that eternal motion that never stops, flowing everywhere; and I thought to myself:  ‘How can I follow the Supreme Volition in everything, if It runs so rapidly in all things?  I do not have Its virtue, nor Its rapidity; therefore I have to remain behind, unable to follow Its eternal murmuring in everything.’  But while I was thinking of this, my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me:  “My daughter, all things have a continuous motion, because they came out of a Supreme Being who contains a motion full of life; therefore, as a consequence, all things which came from God were to contain a vital motion that never ceases.  If it ceases, it means that life ceases.  See, you yourself have a murmuring, a continuous motion in your interior.  Even more, the Divinity, in creating the creature, gave him the likeness of the Three Divine Persons; It placed in him three motions which were to murmur continuously, to unite with that continuous motion and murmuring of love of their Creator.  And these are:  the motion of the beating of the heart which never ceases, the circulation of the blood which always flows without ever ceasing, the breathing of the breath which never stops.  This, in the body; in the soul there are three more motions which murmur continuously:  the intellect, the memory and the will.  Therefore, everything is in keeping your motion bound to the motion of your Creator, in order to murmur together with His eternal motion.  In this way, you will follow my Will in Its motion which never stops, in Its acts which never cease, and you will make your motion return into the womb of your Creator, who awaits with so much love the return of His works, of His love, and of His murmuring.

VOL. 20 – December 19, 1926

Now, while all these properties which came from Us glorified Us, giving Us the glory of as many continuous and divine acts for as many created things as came out to light, they were established as properties of the creatures, who, uniting their wills to Ours, were to have their act in each act of Our Will, in such as way that, just as We were to have the divine act of Our Will in each created thing, We were to have the act of the creature, transfused, as if they were one alone.  With this, she would come to know her riches; and by knowing them, she would love them, and acquire the right to possess them.  How many divine acts does my Supreme Will not do in each created thing, and the creature has not even the slightest knowledge of these acts?  And if she does not know them, how can she love them and possess them, being unknown to her?  Therefore, all the riches, the happinesses, the Divine acts contained in the whole Creation are inactive and lifeless for the creatures; and if they receive anything at all, it is not as property, but as the effect of the Supreme Goodness which always gives of Its own.  It gives, as alms, also to those who have no right of possession; others, then, take them as usurpations.  In fact, in order to possess these goods which the Celestial Father has put out in the Creation, the creature must follow Its course; she must rise to union with the Divine Will in order to work together with It and do the same acts – to know them in order to do them, so as to be able to say:  ‘What It does, I do’.  With this, she acquires the right of possession in all the acts of this Supreme Will; and when two wills form one single will, ‘mine’ and ‘yours’ no longer exist; rather, by right, what is mine is yours, and what is yours is mine.

This is why my Supreme Will calls you – awaits you in each created thing:  to make you know the riches which are in It; to make you repeat Its Divine acts along with It, and to give you the right of possession.  You yourself become Its own property; you remain dissolved within Its immense riches and within Its very acts, and  – oh! how the Divine Fiat enjoys making you the owner of Its immense riches.  Its desire of constituting Its heiresses is so great, that It feels twice as happy when It sees one who knows Its possessions, and makes Its divine act her own.  In fact, even though It saw that man, by withdrawing from Its Will, lost his way to reach the possession of Its dominions, It did not stop, but in the excess of Its Love and of Its long sorrow of seeing Its riches inactive for the good of creatures, as soon as the Eternal Word clothed Himself with human flesh, It became life of each one of His acts, to form more goods for them, powerful helps and effective remedies, more within the means of decayed humanity, so as to realize the purpose of making them possess what was released into Creation.

VOL. 21 – March 5, 1927

And Jesus, compassionating me, told me:  “My daughter, do not fear, I am here with you.  What I want is that you never go out of My Will, and that you continue your acts—always, without ever moving from the boundaries of the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat.  And this will give you the firmness that will make you be like your Creator, for once He has done an act, that act has continuous life, without ever ceasing.  An act ever continuous is only of God, who suffers no interruption in His Acts.  This is why Our Firmness is unshakeable, and extending everywhere with Our Immensity, it renders Our Acts uninterrupted; and whatever place We lean on, We find Our Firmness, that gives Us the greatest honor—it makes Us known as the Supreme Being, Creator of everything, and it renders Our Being and Our Acts unshakeable.  In fact, whatever place We want to lean on, We find Our Firmness that sustains everything.

“My daughter, firmness is of Divine nature and a Divine Quality, and it is right that We give this participation and quality of Divine nature to one who must be daughter of Our Divine Fiat and must live in Our Kingdom.  So, your continuing your acts in It, without ever interrupting them, reveals that you are already in possession of the quality of Our Firmness.  How many things firmness says:  it says that the soul moves only for God; it says that she moves with reason and out of pure love—not with passion and out of self-interest; it says that she knows the good she does, and therefore she remains firm in it, without ever interrupting it.  Firmness says, with indelible characters:  ‘Here there is the finger of God.’  Therefore, be firm in your acts, and you will have Our Divine Firmness in your operating.”

VOL. 22 – June 20, 1927

So, you must be convinced that I keep you still alive in order to reorder the work of Creation, and just as one human will, by placing itself outside of Mine puts everything in disorder to the point of changing the face of the earth, in the same way, another human will which enters into Mine, and with repeated and incessant acts, must reorder everything and return to Me the sweet enchantment, the harmony, the beauty of the first times of Creation.  Don’t you feel within yourself how large your field is?  And as though going back to the terrestrial Eden, in which my Divine Will celebrated with the first acts of man and they enjoyed together the fertile and beautiful land It had given him, I call you to bind those first acts and to make you follow all the lands invaded by the human will, so that, embracing all times together, you may help to remove the stones, the thorns, the sand, with which the human will has reduced [those lands to such a state] as to arouse pity.”

VOL. 22 – July 21, 1927

Now, you must know that when souls die in my grace they are confirmed in the nature of love, in the nature of glory and in the life of the Divine Will.  So, in Heaven everything is nature in all the Blessed, therefore they give Me nothing more; rather, I give to them, constantly, that continuous act of joys, of happiness, of beatitudes ever new and without end.  This is why I am all eyes over the earth, as though putting all Heaven aside – because Heaven is mine; and I fix on and become all attention for the soul who lives in the exile, who, even though she does not possess the nature of Heaven, wants to give Me the new gains of love, of glory and of adoration.  If you knew how your love hovers around within my Will, how it rises between Heaven and earth, investing all created things, and breaching even into Heaven, up to wherever my Divine Will extends, it gives Me the new possession of the love of the creature who has let herself be invested by the power of my Supreme Fiat; and while the possession of love reaches Me, a new one she prepares – that of glory.  And as you return to repeat your acts, your acts are always new for Me because, indeed, you did not have them before.  Therefore, you are always new in the love, in the glory, in the adoration you give Me, because, echoing in you, my Will communicates to you that new act which It possesses by Its own nature.  So, what I do in Heaven, giving to all the Blessed that new act, never interrupted, of joys and of unspeakable contentments, you are destined to give to Me from the earth, in the light and power of my Will.  Therefore, be attentive on following Its rapid flight.”

VOL. 22 – July 30, 1927

“My daughter, life is in the continuous motion.  Everything that comes from God must possess a motion; so, there is not one thing created by Us which does not move.  Heavens and earth, sun and sea, they all move with such order and continuous velocity as to never stop.  If they did stop, life would cease, and the good they do would also cease.  At the most, they would remain like painted pictures, which are unable to do good to anyone.  A good, an act, can only be called true good when it has its incessant motion.  This is why Our Divine Being is perfect in all Our acts – because It has Its continuous motion, It never ceases to do and to give good; and if It did cease, which cannot be, the life of good would cease.

Now, Our Will, life and perfect echo of Our Divine Being, is incessant motion, and therefore It is perfect good, and a good which can give itself to all.  When a good is incessant, all can take it, its continuous motion makes it possess the spring of inexhaustibility.  Therefore, one who must live in my Divine Will must possess the echo of my Will and, with incessant motion, follow Its acts and the good that comes to you, which places you in the order of the divine motion, moves you with enchanting rapidity, and goes around together with all created things.  Your acts are inexhaustible, and all can take the good of them, because they come from the spring of the eternal Fiat.  And do you think it is trivial to do a good that always springs?  And this is the cause for which in creatures one cannot see true and perfect goods – because their virtues are interrupted, and as they lose the incessant motion of a virtue, the life of the good of it already ceases.  They lose the taste, the pace, the strength, because they do not possess the incessant motion, and so the life of the virtue is not formed in them, nor that act which always springs, but rather, something superficial and passing.  So, how can they give the good of those virtues to all, if they do not possess their life and spring themselves, which are such that, while they give to others, they are never exhausted and lose nothing?  Does the sun perhaps lose anything by giving its light to all?  Certainly not, because it possesses the spring of light and its motion of giving light is incessant.  Therefore, my daughter, in my Divine Will your acts, your prayers, your asking for Its Kingdom, must have the incessant motion to be able to impetrate for all that the Divine Fiat be known and loved by all.”

VOL. 22 – August 12, 1927

How incessant prayer conquers God. Uproaring of nature. The three little fountains.  Preparations for world wars.

I felt myself in the terrible nightmare of His privation.  I was oppressed, I agonized, I felt so ill that I could take no more.  And my adorable Jesus, after having pressed me well under a press so painful, having compassion for my extreme affliction, clasped me tightly in His arms, telling me:  “Poor daughter, how you suffer.  Courage, I do not want you to reduce yourself to these extremes – you oppress yourself too much.  Yet, you should be consoled, your interior is a continuous speaking before the Divine Majesty, and a continuous act.  And a speaking ever unceasing before God, wanting the Kingdom of my Divine Fiat, brings with itself the certainty of victory.  So, either you have won or you are about to win.  A continuous doing and speaking acquires the nature of a winning power before God, and it is as if God would lose the resisting strength, while the soul acquires the winning strength.  An exchange takes place:  God is disarmed and the soul is armed with divine weapons, but the Supreme Being is not given to being able to resist.  Does that asking Me continuously for the Kingdom of my Eternal Will seem trivial to you? – going around through the whole Creation, and, over and over again, in all the acts I did in Redemption, as well as in the seas of the acts of love and of sorrow of the Sovereign Queen of Heaven, to ask for my Kingdom?  You seek nothing for yourself, and you go round and round, asking over and over again that my Divine Will be known, and that It dominate and reign.  Not a shadow of what is human enters into this, nor any personal interest; it is the holiest and most divine prayer and act; it is prayer of Heaven, not of the earth, and therefore the purest, the most beautiful, the invincible one, which encloses only the interest of the divine glory.  Until now no one has prayed Me with such insistence.  My Mama did pray Me with such insistence for the sake of Redemption, and She was victorious; but for the Kingdom of my Will – no one until now with such insistence as to conquer a God.  Therefore, your insistence says much; the very uproaring of all nature says much.  In these times, all the elements, uproaring, are bearers of goods, and this is necessary to reorder my Kingdom.  It is the greatest thing, and it takes the uproaring in order to purify the earth.  Therefore, I do not want you to oppress yourself too much, but rather – keep on with your continuous flight, with your insistence, so as to acquire the complete strength to win the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat.”

VOL. 24 – April 12, 1928

A kingdom cannot be formed with one act alone, but with many upon many acts; and the more the acts, the greater and more glorious the kingdom becomes.  Therefore, my death was necessary to my Love; with my death I was to give the kiss of life to creatures, and from my many wounds I was to let all goods out, in order to form the kingdom of goods for creatures.  So, my wounds are springs which gush with goods, and my death is spring from which life for all gushes forth.

VOL. 24 – April 29, 1928

“My daughter, when the soul practices a virtue, the first act she practices forms the seed, and as she practices the second, the third act and so forth, she cultivates the seed, she waters it, and it grows into a plant and produces its fruits.  If then she practices it only once, or a few times, the seed is neither watered nor cultivated – it dies, and the soul remains without plant and without fruit, because a virtue is never formed by one single act, but by repeated acts.  It happens as to the earth:  it is not enough to sow the seed in its womb, but it is wise to cultivate it often and to water it, if one wants the plant and the fruits of that seed; otherwise the earth becomes hard over that seed and buries it without giving it life.

Now, one who wants the virtue of patience, of obedience and the like, must sow the first seed, and then water it and cultivate it with other acts.  In this way, she will form many beautiful and varied plants.  On the other hand, my Will is not seed like the virtues – but life; and as the soul begins to be resigned, to look at my Will in everything and to live in It, the little divine life is formed in her.  And as she advances in the practice of living in my Will this divine life keeps growing and expanding, to the point of filling the soul with all of this life, in such a way that nothing is left of her but a veil that covers it and hides it within itself.  And just as with virtues, so with my Will:  if the creature does not give the continuous nourishment of her acts to the little divine life within her, this life does not grow, and does not fill her entirely.  It happens as to a newborn baby who dies at birth if he is not nourished.  In fact, since my Will is life, more than the virtues which are images of the plants, It needs continuous nourishment in order to grow and to become a whole life, as much as a creature is capable of.  This is why it is necessary that you always live in It:  that you may take Its delicious food from my Will Itself, so as to nourish Its divine life in you.  See then, how great is the difference which exists between the virtues and my Will:  the first are plants, flowers and fruits which embellish the earth and delight the creatures, while my Fiat is heaven, sun, air, heat, heartbeat – all things which form life, and divine life, in the creature.  Therefore, love this life, and give it continuous nourishment, that it may fill you completely and nothing may be left of you.”

VOL. 24 – June 25, 1928

Such is one who operates in my Will.  Her acts acquire the continuity – they are always repeated without ever ceasing.  They are the true Sun which, from the moment It was created by God, has given Its first act of light – but so great, as to fill Heaven and earth with one single act.  And It repeats this act always, without ever ceasing, in such a way that all can take Its act of light, though one was the act that constituted itself act of perennial light for all.  If the Sun could repeat Its act of light, one would see as many Suns for as many acts as It could repeat; but since the act of light that It did is one, one sees only one Sun and no more.  But what the Sun did not do the Sovereign Queen did, and one who operates in my Will does also:  as many Suns for as many acts, and these Suns are fused together, though distinct among them in beauty, in light, in the glory that they give to their Creator, and in the universal good that they make descend upon all creatures.  These acts have a divine power; by virtue of these acts the Most Holy Virgin could obtain the coming of the Word upon earth, and by virtue of these acts my Kingdom will come upon earth.  One act repeated incessantly in my Fiat has a conquering, enrapturing and enchanting virtue before Our Divinity.  That continuous repetition in the Divine Volition is the strength of the soul, the invincible weapon that debilitates her Creator and conquers Him with weapons of love, and He feels honored to let Himself be conquered by the creature.”

VOL. 26 – May 4, 1929

Now, while my poor mind was wandering within It, my sweet Jesus moved in my interior and told me:  “My daughter, one who lives in my Divine Volition feels within herself the continuous and constant act of the divine operating of my Divine Fiat.  This continuous act, generated by Its Power in the creature, has such strength, such empire over all, that it captivates all with its sweet enchantment, in such a way that all turn around her – the Angels, the Saints, the Sacrosanct Trinity, the spheres and all Creation.  All want to be spectators, to enjoy a scene so sweet, enchanting and beautiful of the continuous act of the creature in the Divine Fiat.  She enters into the bank of the Supreme Being, and unifying herself in the continuous act of her Creator, she does nothing but put out, with her continuous act, the innumerable beauties, the sweetest sounds, the insuperable rarities of the qualities of her Creator.  And what enraptures the most is to see her littleness that, all daring and courageous, without fearing anything, as if she wanted to lord over her very Creator, to give Him pleasure, to captivate Him to herself, to ask Him for the Kingdom of His Will upon earth, takes and puts out, from within the divine bank, all Our joys and happinesses, as if she wanted to exhaust them.  And seeing that she does not exhaust them, she does not tire, she repeats her continuous act, in such a way that all wait for her to finish; and seeing that she does not finish, they press themselves around her, so much so, that she becomes place of center, and all turn around, so as not to lose a scene so consoling and never before seen – that is, the continuous act of the human littleness in the unity of the Supreme Fiat.  More so, since the continuous operating is only of God, and as one sees it being repeated by the creature, it causes the greatest surprises and makes Heaven and earth astonished.

VOL. 26 – May 16, 1929

Therefore, it is a necessity that you remain always in Our Fiat, to unite yourself to Us in Our continuous operating, and to give Us the field to always operate within you.  In fact, the sign of the divine operating is precisely this:  to operate always – always, without ever ceasing.”

VOL. 26 – June 19, 1929

My poor mind was wandering in the Divine Fiat; I felt the sweet enchantment of Its enrapturing light, and I thought to myself:  ‘But, what is this Divine Will in my poor soul?’  And my beloved Jesus, moving in my interior, told me:  “My daughter, what fortune yours is to live under the sweet enchantment of my Divine Volition.  Don’t you know that when It takes possession of the creature, It forms in her Its operating Life, in such a way that It operates in the one in whom It reigns just as It operates within Itself?  And, more than Queen, It imposes Itself over everything, It extends with Its light in the littleness of the creature, It forms in her Its sweet enchantment for the human will so as to be more free to form Its Life.  And since the Divine Life of my Fiat is composed of repeated acts never interrupted, It is not subject to stopping, and this is why you feel within yourself an act that never ends, a light that is never extinguished, a love that always burns.  Not so for those who do not live in my Volition.  They feel the Divine Life interrupted in their interior, their acts broken; they feel themselves now one way, now another; their will is not invested by a continuous light that sweetly nourishes them and enchants them, such that, feeling the sweetness of my Volition, they would give not a thought to entering the field in order to operate in a human way; and if they feel the light, it is at intervals.

VOL. 26 – July 14, 1929

My usual abandonment in the Supreme Fiat continues.  I feel that It leaves me not a free minute; It wants everything for Itself, in a way that is ruling, but sweet and strong at the same time.  It is so attractive, that the soul would, herself, let It put Its sweet chains on her, so as not to oppose even slightly what the Divine Volition would want to do over her and within her.  So, while I was thinking about this, my lovable Jesus, moving in my interior, told me:  “My daughter, do not be surprised if my Divine Will does not leave you free in anything – because It does not want to form simple acts and works, but life, and to one who must form a life continuous acts are needed; and if the continuous act ceases, the life cannot grow, nor be formed, nor have its true existence.  And so this is why my Divine Will, wanting to form Its Divine Life in you, wants to be free, It wants absolute freedom, and with Its incessant act which It possesses by nature, It pours Itself over the creature, and extending with Its more than maternal wings of light, It invests each fiber of the heart, each heartbeat, breath, thought, word, work and step; It warms it, and with Its kiss of light It impresses Its Life in each act of the creature.  And while destroying the human life, It constitutes Its very self as Divine Life within her.  And since nothing but tenebrous acts can come out of the human will, my Will does not want to mix with it, and therefore It stands at attention to be able to form Its Life, all of light, in one who, freely, has given It freedom to reign.  Therefore, Its attitude is admirable, It is all eyes so that nothing may escape It; and with unspeakable love, in order to see Its Life formed in the creature, It makes Itself heartbeat for each heartbeat, breath for each breath, work for each work, step for each step; even over the little trifles of the creature, It runs, It extends, It places the Power of Its Fiat, and creates Its vital act in them.  Therefore, be attentive in receiving Its continuous act, because this is about life, and life has need of breath, of continuous heartbeat and of daily nourishment.  Works are done and are put aside, nor do they need to be kept always in hand in order to be works; but life cannot be put aside – if the act ceases, it dies.  Therefore, the continuous act of my Will is necessary for you – you, in receiving it, and my Will in giving it to you – so that Its Life in you may live, be formed and grow with Its divine fullness.”

VOL. 26 – September 15, 1929

I was repeating my acts in the Divine Volition, to follow Its acts in all of Its works; and I thought to myself:  ‘Why repeat always the same acts?  What glory can I give to my Creator?’  And my sweet Jesus, coming out from within my interior, clasped me in His arms to strengthen me, and told me:  “My daughter, the repetition of your acts in the Divine Fiat breaks Its isolation and generates company for all the acts that my Divine Will does.  So, It no longer feels alone, but has one to whom It can tell Its pains, Its joys, and entrust Its secrets.  And besides, an act continuously repeated is divine virtue, and has the virtue of generating goods that do not exist, of reproducing them and communicating them to all.  Only a continuous act is capable of forming life and of giving life.

Look at the sun, symbol of my Divine Will, that never leaves the creature and never tires of doing its continuous act of light.  Every day it returns to visit the earth, always giving its goods; it returns to trace the goods already given with its eye of light – and many times it does not find them.  It does not find the flower which it colored with the beauty of its shades, and perfumed by just touching it with its hands of light.  It does not find the fruit to which, pouring its own self out, it communicated its sweetness, and which it matured with its heat.  How many things the sun does not find, after it has poured its very self out with many acts, more than maternal, in order to form the most beautiful flowerings, and form so many plants, and raise so many fruits with its breath of light and of heat – because man, snatching them from the earth, has used them to nourish his life.  Oh! if the sun had capacity of reason and of sorrow, it would turn into tears of light and of burning fire, to cry over each thing it formed and does not find.  And, in its sorrow, it would not change its will by ceasing to communicate its goods to the earth in order to form again what was taken away from it; because, no matter how much wrong they might do to it, its nature is to always give its act of light in which all goods are present, without ever ceasing.  Such is my Divine Will; more than sun, It pours Its own self out over each creature, to give her continuous life.  It can be said that It invests the creatures with Its omnipotent breath of light and of love, It forms them and raises them.  And while the sun gives place to the night, my Divine Will never leaves on their own the dear births that came from It – molded, vivified, formed, raised with Its breath and burning kiss of light.  There is not one instant in which my Divine Will leaves the creature, and pouring Itself over her, does not communicate to her Its various shades of beauty, Its infinite sweetness, Its inextinguishable love.  What does my Divine Will not do for her and give to her?  Everything.  Yet, It is not recognized nor loved; nor do they preserve within themselves the goods It communicates to them.  What sorrow!  While It pours Its own self out over each creature, It does not find the goods It communicates; and, in Its sorrow, It continues Its act of light over them without ever ceasing.  So, this is why one who must live in my Fiat must have her repeated and continuous acts, so as to keep It company and soothe It in Its intense sorrow.”

VOL. 27 – October 18, 1929

Then, I felt afflicted because of many things which it not necessary to say on paper; and my adorable Jesus added:  “My daughter, courage, I do not want you to afflict yourself.  I want to see in your soul the peace and the joy of the Celestial Fatherland; I want your very nature to give of fragrance of Divine Will, which is all peace and happiness.  It would feel uncomfortable in you, and as though jeopardized in Its light and happiness, if perennial peace and happiness is not in you.  And then, don’t you know that one who lives in my Divine Fiat forms two arms for herself?  One is immutability, the other arm is firmness in operating continuously.  With these two arms she keeps God clasped, in such a way that He cannot free Himself from the creature; not only this, but He enjoys her keeping Him clasped to herself.  Therefore, you have no reason to afflict yourself, whatever the circumstances might be, when you have a God who is all your own.  So, let your thought be to live in that Fiat that gave you life to form life in you, and I will take care of the rest.”

VOL. 27 – November 10, 1929

After this, I was continuing my round in the Creation, to follow the acts of the Supreme Fiat done in It; and my sweet Jesus added:  “My daughter, there is great difference between the creation of the whole universe and the creation of man.  In the first there was Our creative and preserving act, and after everything was ordered and harmonized, We added nothing else that was new.  On the other hand, in the creation of man, there was not only the creative and preserving act, but the active act added to it – and of an activity ever new; and this, because man was created in Our image and likeness, and since the Supreme Being is a new continuous act, man too was to possess the new act of his Creator, which might resemble Him in some way.  Therefore, Our active act of continuous novelty remained inside and outside of him; and by virtue of this, Our active act, man can be and is always new in his thoughts, new in his words, new in his works.  How many new things do not come out of mankind?  And if man does not give his new act as continuous, but at intervals, it is because he does not let himself be dominated by my Divine Will.  How beautiful was the creation of man – there was Our creative, preserving and active act; We infused in him, as life, Our Divine Will in his soul, and We created Our Love as blood of his soul.

VOL. 27 – November 30, 1929

Oh! if they knew what it means to live without my Divine Will, even if they were not evil and did some good.  The human will is always night for the soul, which oppresses her, embitters her, and makes her feel the weight of life.  Therefore, be attentive, and let nothing escape you which does not enter into my Divine Fiat, which will make you feel the full day that will give you back the order of Creation.  It will call back the harmony, which will place in force the continuous giving of your acts and the continuous receiving of your Creator; and embracing the whole human family, you will be able to impetrate that the order of the way in which they were created may come back, that the night of the human will may cease, and the full day of my Divine Will may arise.”

VOL. 27 – January 2, 1930

Now, you must know that man was created by Us with this prodigy – he was to possess within himself Our continuous act of Divine Will.  By rejecting It, he lost the act and remained with the effects, because We knew that just as the earth cannot live without at least the effects that the sun produces, if it does not want to live in the fullness of its light and of its heat, so could man not live without at least the effects of Our Divine Will, since he had rejected the life of It.  Therefore, Its Kingdom will be nothing other than calling back the continuous act of Our Divine Fiat operating in the creature.  And this is the reason for my long speaking about It – it is nothing other than the beginning of the continuous act of my Divine Fiat, which never ends when It wants to operate in the creature, and is so manifold in the works, in the beauty, in the grace and in the light, that Its boundaries cannot be seen.  Therefore, continue going around in everything that my Divine Fiat has done and produces; and never tire, if you want to obtain a Kingdom so holy.”

VOL. 28 – March 24, 1930

Then, I continued to follow the acts in the Divine Fiat, and I thought to myself:  ‘I am always back to the start, repeating – always repeating the long story of my acts in the Divine Volition, the long singsong of my ‘I love You’.  But what are the effects of it?  Oh! if I could obtain that the Divine Will be known and reign upon earth, at least it would be for me so much the better.’  But while I was thinking of this, my beloved Jesus clasped me to His Divine Heart, and told me:  “My daughter, firmness in asking forms the life of the good that is asked for; it disposes the soul to receive the good that she wants, and moves God to give the gift that is asked for.  More so, since with the many repeated acts and prayers that she has done, she has formed within herself the life, the exercise, the habit of the good that she asks for.  God, won by the firmness of her asking, will give her the gift; and finding in the creature, by virtue of her repeated act, as though a life of the gift that He is giving her, He will convert the good asked for into her nature, in such a way that the creature will feel herself as the possessor, and victorious in feeling transformed into the gift she has received.  Therefore, your asking incessantly for the Kingdom of my Divine Will forms in you Its Life; and your continuous ‘I love You’ forms in you the Life of my Love.  And since I have given you the gift of both one and the other, you feel within yourself as if your nature felt nothing other than the vivifying virtue of my Will and of my Love.  Firmness in asking is the assurance that the gift is yours.  And asking for the Kingdom of my Divine Will for all, is the prelude that others can receive the great gift of my Supreme Fiat.  Therefore, continue to repeat, and do not tire.”


VOL. 28 – April 1, 1930

Then, I continued my round in the acts of the Divine Will, and I thought to myself:  ‘But what is the use for the so many times I go round and round in the Supreme Fiat to follow Its acts?’  And my sweet Jesus added:  “My daughter, all lives have need of nourishment; without nourishment, a person neither forms nor grows.  And if nourishment is lacking, there is the danger that life may be taken away from him.  Now, following my Will, uniting oneself to Its acts, going around in It over and over again, serves to form the nourishment with which to nourish, form and make Its Life grow in your soul.  Its Life can nourish Itself with no other acts but those which are done in Its Will; nor can It form in the creature, or grow, if she does not enter into It; and by the union of her acts, It forms in her Its birth of light, to form Its Life of Divine Will in the creature.  And the more acts of Divine Will she forms, and the more she unites herself with Its acts and lives in It, the more abundant food she forms to nourish It and make It grow more quickly within her soul.  Therefore, your going around in It is life that it forms – it is nourishment that serves the development of the Life of my Divine Will in your soul; and it serves to prepare the food to nourish my Will in the other creatures.  Therefore, be attentive, and do not want to stop.”

VOL. 28 – April 12, 1930

Having said this, He remained silent.  I remained afflicted because of so much sorrow of Jesus, and I continued my acts in the Divine Fiat; and Jesus added:  “My daughter, the sun, though untiring in acting as sower of Our Love over the earth, in the evening, in withdrawing in order to form the day for other regions, seems to give peace to the earth, giving it the freedom to produce or not produce the seed it has sown, intending to make the new assault of the sowing of love.  On the other hand, the Sun of my Divine Will never leaves the soul; as It reflects Itself in her with Its light and, more than sun, acts as divine sower, with Its reflections It forms in her Its Sun in the creature.  Therefore, for one who lives in my Divine Will there are no nights or sunsets or dawn or daybreak, but it is always full day, because Its light gives Itself to the creature as her nature, and what is in one’s nature remains as one’s property.  More so, since the Sun of my Divine Will possesses the source of light, and as many Suns as It wants to form, so many It forms.  But with all this, even though one who lives in my Will possesses her own Sun which never withdraws, the Sun of my Fiat has always new light and heat, new sweetness, new flavors, new beauty to give, and the soul has always something to receive; there are no pauses as with the sun that is under the vault of the heavens.  In fact, not possessing the source of light, it cannot form many suns as the earth keeps revolving around it.  But with the Sun of my Divine Volition, which possesses the source of it, Its light always beats down, and calling the creature to continuous activity with It, It always gives her Its new act never interrupted.”


VOL. 28 – May 2, 1930

My very will, made happy by Its happiness, wants to drink in large gulps Its divine happiness, and does not want to have anything more to do with living but of Divine Will.’  Unhappinesses, bitternesses, weaknesses, passions, do not enter into my Will, but remain outside of It.  Its balsamic air sweetens and fortifies everything; and the more the soul lives in It and repeats her acts in my Divine Volition, the more degrees of happiness, of sanctity, of strength and divine beauty she acquires; and even in the very created things, she feels the happiness of her Creator that they bring to her.  My Divine Will wants to make the creature who lives in It feel the nature of Its happiness, and therefore It makes her happy in the light of the sun, in the air that she breathes, in the water that she drinks, in the food that she eats, in the flower that cheers her.  In sum, in everything It makes one feel that It can give but happiness to the creature, therefore Heaven is not far from her, but inside of her, wanting to make her happy in everything.”

Then, I continued my round in the Creation, to follow the Divine Fiat in all created things, and everywhere I tried to place my usual ‘I love You’, to requite It for Its such great love spread in the whole universe.  But my mind wanted to interrupt my race of my continuous ‘I love You’ by saying to me:  ‘But, is there in me the life of this ‘I love You’ that I keep repeating always?’  But while I was thinking this, my sweet Jesus, clasping me to Himself, told me:  “My daughter, you have forgotten that an ‘I love You’ in my Divine Will has the virtue that, after it is said once, it never stops saying ‘I love You, I love You…’.  The ‘I love You’ in my Divine Will is life, and, as life, it cannot cease to live – it must have its continuous act.  My Fiat does not know how to do finite acts, and everything that is done in It by the creature acquires continuous life; and just as the breath, the heartbeat, the continuous motion are necessary in order to live, so do the acts done in my Divine Will, having their origin in It, change into life, and, as life, they acquire the continuation of the act itself, without ever ceasing.  Therefore, your ‘I love You’ is nothing other than the continuation of your first ‘I love You’.  As life, it wants the nourishment in order to grow; the breath, the heartbeat, the motion, in order to live; and by your repeating your ‘I love You’, it feels the heartbeat, the breath, the motion, and it grows in the fullness of love, and it serves to multiply as many lives of love for as many ‘I love You’s’ as you say.  If you knew how beautiful it is to see all Creation strewn with as many lives of love for as many ‘I love You’s’ as you say!  So, one ‘I love You’ calls and demands with insistence another ‘I love You’.  And this is why you feel a need, a necessity of love, to follow the race of your ‘I love You’.  True good never remains isolated; more so in my Divine Will, since, It being life that has no beginning and no end, everything that is done in It is not subject either to ending or to being interrupted.  Therefore, one ‘I love You’ serves to maintain and call to life another ‘I love You’; these are steps of life of love that the creature takes in my own Volition.  Therefore, do not stop, and continue the race of your ‘I love You’ to the One who so much loves you.”


VOL. 28 – July 4, 1930

All created things possess the repetitive virtue of the Divine Fiat.

I felt I was being crushed under the weight of tremendous oppressions that surround my poor existence.  Oh! how I longed for the Celestial Fatherland.  I would have wanted to disappear from the earth without ever again hearing and seeing anyone.  I love – I long to fling myself into the arms of Jesus, to say to Him:  ‘My Love, keep me clasped in your arms – do not leave me any more, because only in your arms I feel secure, I fear nothing.  Jesus, have pity on me; You know what passes in my soul – do not abandon me.’  And I tried as much as I could to abandon myself in the Supreme Fiat.  And my sweet Jesus, having compassion for me, making Himself seen all tenderness, told me:  “Poor daughter of mine, courage; know that you are not alone in suffering, but you have your Jesus who suffers together with you – or rather, more than you do, because these are things that regard Me more than you, and I feel them so vividly, that I feel my pierced Heart being tortured.  However, what must console us is that they are things from the external forum; between Me and you nothing has changed – as things were, so are they now.  Human judgments have no power in our intimacies and communications, therefore they can do no harm to us.  Therefore, I do not want your flight in my Divine Will to be ever interrupted.  My Will has the repetitive virtue, and all things created by Us, which have their continuous dwelling in Our Volition, possess the virtue of repeating the continuous act received by God in Creation, and of giving to creatures, each day, their continuous act.  The sun, each day, gives its light; the air lets itself be breathed continuously; the water repeats each day its giving itself to man in order to quench his thirst, wash him and refresh him.  And so do all other created things – they repeat the repetitive virtue of my Divine Fiat; and if any of these created things could go out from within It, they would instantly lose the virtue of repeating their continuous act which, while it is old, is always new for the good of creatures.

This is the surest sign that created things are in my Divine Will, and this is the sign that the soul lives in It and lets herself be dominated:  if her acts, though old, have the virtue of being as though always new and continuous.  In my Divine Will there are no stops; the soul feels the ease and virtue of her continuous act.  Does the sun perhaps stop in its course of always giving light?  Certainly not.  Such is the soul who lives in my Divine Will; she feels within herself all the fullness and, as though converted into her own nature, the vivifying virtue of the divine goods and of the continuous act of the Divine Fiat.

Now, just as created things repeat their continuous act, so do my acts and those of my Celestial Mama, because they are done in the Divine Will and are animated by It, possess the repetitive virtue and, more than sun, dart through creatures and rain down upon their heads all the goods of all Our acts which, though old, are always new for the good of miserable Humanity, because they possess the continuous act.  But even though they rain down upon their heads without ever ceasing, they are not taken by the creatures, and only then do they receive the fruit of Our continuous acts – when they recognize them, implore them and want to receive them; otherwise, they receive nothing.  It happens as to the sun:  if the creature does not go out to enjoy and receive the good of its continuous light, she does not receive all the good of its light; she receives it only those times in which she takes the care of going out.  And if another one does not open the doors, even though the sun invests the earth with its continuous act of light, she will remain in the dark.  Therefore, my daughter, if you want to take all the good of your Jesus and of the Sovereign of Heaven, in Our Fiat you will find them all in act.  Implore them upon yourself, recognize them, and you will feel yourself under the rain of Our continuous acts.”

VOL. 28 – July 16, 1930

After this, I continued my acts in the Divine Volition, and in my mind I was thinking to myself:  ‘What glory do I give to my God, and what good comes to me by repeating always the same acts?’  And my sweet Jesus told me:  “My daughter, one act alone does not form life, nor complete works in the creatures.  The very Divinity, in Creation, wanted to act as repeater for as many as six times, to form the whole machine of the universe.  We could have made all created things with one single Fiat, but – no, We were pleased with repeating It, to take pleasure in seeing, coming out of Us, with Our creative strength, now the azure heavens, now the sun; and so with all other things created by Us.  And the last Fiat was repeated over man, as the fulfillment of the whole work of Creation.  And even though Our Fiat added no other Fiat to create other things, yet It always acts as repeater, in order to maintain and preserve, as though in Its breath of the Fiat, all things in act, as if there and then It had created them.  And, oh! how necessary is repetition.  By repeating, love grows, enjoyment is redoubled, one appreciates more what is repeated, and one feels the life of the act that is repeated.  Now, by continuing your acts in my Divine Will, you come to form the Life of my Divine Will in you; by repeating them, you raise It and nourish It.  Do you think that by repeating them a few times you could have formed Its Life in you?  No, my daughter; at the most, you could have felt Its balsamic air, Its strength, Its light – but could not have formed Its Life.  It takes the acts that never cease to be able to say:  ‘I possess the Life of the Fiat.’  Does the same perhaps not happen to the natural life?  One does not give it food or water only once, and puts it aside without giving it anything any more; but, each day, if one wants to preserve life, it is necessary to nourish it; otherwise, of its own it dies down.  Therefore, continue your acts in my Fiat, if you do not want Its Life to die down and not have Its fulfillment in you.”

VOL. 28 – October 18, 1930

My poor mind continues its course inside the Divine Will, according to the circumstances I find myself in; but my point of support, my origin, the means, the end of my acts, is always the Divine Will.  Its Life runs within me like the sweet murmuring of the sea, which never stops.  And I, as requital of homage and of love, give to It the murmuring of my acts which the same Divine Fiat makes me do.  And my always lovable Jesus continues, telling me:  “My daughter, each act done in my Divine Will forms a divine resurrection in the soul.  Life is formed, not of one act, but of many acts united together; so, the more acts are done, so many times does she rise again in my Will, in such a way as to be able to form a complete Life, all of Divine Will.  Just as the human life is formed of many distinct members in order to be able to form its life, and if there were only one member, it could not be called life, and if some members were missing, it would be called defective life; in the same way, the repeated acts done in my Will serve as if different members of Divine Will were formed in the creature; and while they serve to reunite together these acts in order to form the Life, they serve to nourish the same Life.  And since my Divine Will has no end, the more acts are done in It, the more Its Divine Life grows in the creature.  And while this Life rises again and grows, the human will receives death from these very acts done in my Divine Volition; it finds no nourishments with which to nourish itself, and feels itself dying at each act done in my Divine Will.  But – what sorrow! – as many times as the creature does her will in her acts, so many times does she make Mine die in her act.  Oh! how horrifying it is that a finite will casts out of its act an infinite Will that wants to give it life of light, of beauty, of sanctity.”

Then, I continued my acts in the Divine Volition, with my usual refrain:  ‘I love You, I love You in everything You have done for love of Us.’  But while I was doing this, I thought to myself:  ‘Blessed Jesus must be tired of my singsong ‘I love You, I love You’.  So, why say it?’  And my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me:  “My daughter, true love, accompanied also by the words ‘I love You’, never brings Me tiredness, because, I being a complex of love and a continuous act of love, as I never cease to love, when I find my Love in the creature, I find Myself; and the sign that her love is a birth from my Love is when it is continuous.  An interrupted love is not the sign of Divine Love; at the most, it can be a love of circumstances, an interested love, such that, as these cease, love ceases.  And also the words ‘I love You, I love You’, are nothing other than the air that my Love produces in the creature, which, condensed within her, produces as though many flashes of little flames toward the One whom she loves.  And I, when I hear you say ‘I love You, I love You’ – do you know what I say?  ‘My daughter is flashing in the air of her love toward Me, and one flash does not wait for another.’  And besides, all continuous acts are those which have the virtue of preserving, nourishing and growing the life of creatures.  See, also the sun rises every morning and has its continuous act of light; nor can it be said that by rising every day it tires men and the earth; rather, the complete opposite – all long for the rising of the sun, and only because it rises every day does it form the nourishment of the earth.  Day after day, it keeps nourishing, little by little, the sweetness in the fruits, until it makes them reach perfect maturation; it nourishes the varied tints of colors for the flowers, the development for all the plants; and so with all the rest.  A continuous act can be called perennial miracle, though creatures do not pay attention to it; but your Jesus cannot do without paying attention, because I know the prodigious virtue of an act never interrupted.  Therefore, your ‘I love You’ serves to preserve, nourish and grow the Life of my Love in you; if you do not nourish It, It cannot grow, nor receive the multiplicity of the sweetnesses and the variety of the divine colors which my Love contains.”

VOL. 28 – November 20, 1930

Therefore, do not fear, because fear renders unhappy the good that one possesses and embitters the purest, the holiest and divine joys that exist in my Fiat.  More so, since each act done in my Divine Will forms the nourishment in order to nourish the past acts done in It.  In fact, many acts united together have formed Its Life in the soul, and life cannot be preserved and grow without nourishment; therefore, one act serves to preserve another and to form the Life of my Will in the creature.  Repeated acts form the water with which to water It, the air to give continuous breathing to this Life, all of Heaven; the heartbeat to make It feel the continuous heartbeat of my Will, the food to preserve It alive.  And just as the body cannot live without nourishment, without the air that makes it breathe continuously, and without the heartbeat that gives motion to its whole life, nor is it enough to have taken food a few times, or to breathe and palpitate at intervals to be able to form the human life, but always – always, because only continuous acts have the virtue of forming life, otherwise the life is extinguished; in the same way, one who wants to form within herself the Life of my Volition has need of repeated acts, in such way that nothing be lacking to this Life, either the air to make It breathe, or the food to nourish It, or the heat or the light to make her feel the life of Heaven in her soul.  Therefore, do no be concerned with anything else – but always forward in my Divine Will.”

VOL. 28 – December 21, 1930

My flight in the Divine Volition continues; it seems to me that I call It, because life would be missing in me without It.  The life of good, the life of love, the life of the light, the life of peace, would be missing in me; and my human will, seeing itself alone, would assault me and would give life to my passions in me.  This is why I fear so much that even for just one instant it may remain without the Fiat operating in me, because, It being present, my will remains crouched down and does not dare to move before a Will so holy and so powerful.  Therefore I call It, and It gives me Its hand to take me into Its acts, that I may follow It and keep It company.  And since It created everything for love of creatures, when It feels her close and identified, It takes such delight, that It feels as though repaid for the many things It issued from Its creative hands.

VOL. 29 – April 4, 1931 

My abandonment in the arms of the Most Holy Supreme Will continues; and even though I feel myself under the thick clouds of inexpressible bitternesses, that take away from me the beauty of the Divine Light, and if I feel it, it is behind these clouds—yet, as I say my “I love You” and do my acts in the Fiat, the thunder is formed; and unleashing the lightning, it rips the clouds open, and through those rips the refulgent light enters into my soul and brings me the light of the truth that Jesus wants to manifest to His little creature.  It seems to me that the more I repeat my “I love You,” the more often I thunder and lightning; and these lightnings, piercing the clouds, wound my highest Good, Jesus, who, wounded, sends me His Light as herald of His little visit to His embittered daughter.

VOL. 29 – April 24, 1931 

“My daughter, even though Our Divine Operating super-abounds—but so much, that the creature cannot arrive at taking all the superabundance of the goods that We put in Our creative works—yet, in order to operate We always require the little operating of the creature; and according to ‘the more or the less’ of her operating, so We dispose ‘the more or the less’ of the goods that We want to give in the work We want to do for the good of creatures.  In fact, their operating serves Us as little ground or space on which to place Our Goods.  If a ground or space is small, We can place little; if it is large, We can place more; and if We want to place more, she will be incapable of taking and of comprehending what We have given her.  See, then, how necessary is the little operating of the creature so that Our works may have life in the midst of the human generations; more so since, as the creature begins her little acts, her prayers, her sacrifices in order to obtain the good that We want to give her, she places herself in communication with her Creator, she opens a sort of correspondence, and all her acts are nothing other than little letters that she sends to Him, in which she now prays, now cries, and now offers Him her own life, to move Him to give the good that We want to give her.  This disposes the creature to receive it, and God to give it.  If it were not so, the way would be missing, and all communications would be closed; the knowledge of He who wants to give the gift would be missing, and it would be like giving and exposing Our gifts to hostile people, who are neither loved by Us, nor lovers of Us—which cannot be; while, when We want to do a work, We always elect someone who loves Us and whom We love, because Love is the seed, the substance, the life of Our works; and when Love is missing, the respiration, the heartbeat of a work are missing, and the gift received is not appreciated, and by not appreciating it, there is the danger for it to die at birth.  Here, then, the necessity of your acts and of the sacrifice even of your life in order to make My Divine Will known and to make It reign.  There is no greater work than this, and this is why I want your repeated acts, your incessant prayers and your prolonged sacrifice of a life buried alive; this is nothing other than the spacious ground on which to place such a great good.  Each act of yours is a little letter that you send to Us; and We, in reading it, say:  ‘Ah! yes, there is someone who wants Our Will upon earth, and who wants to give her own life in order to make It reign!’  With this, We dispose things, the graces, the events, in order to fill your little ground, and We wait for you to expand it more in order to place the great Gift of the Kingdom of Our Will.

VOL. 29 – May 4, 1931

Power of the word of Jesus.  How the repeated acts are like fluid for the plants.  Forced pains lose freshness.  Jesus wants to be free in the soul.

My abandonment in the Divine Volition continues.  Its sweet empire attracts my poor will, and even though very often it would want to as though enter the field to make its way, given the painful circumstances I find myself in, yet, the Omnipotent Fiat, with the irresistible strength of Its Light, fixes Itself upon the night of my will and prevents my step; and forming Its day of light in my soul, It draws me to do my little acts in Its Divine Volition.  And I was thinking to myself:  “Why does Jesus have so much interest that I do not neglect my repeated acts in His adorable Will?” 

And Jesus, all tenderness and goodness, told me:  “My daughter, because all the acts that you do in your interior are acts taught and formed by Me; so, they are My Acts, and I do not want you to remain behind, without uniting yourself together with Me in order to follow them.  In fact, you must know that when I do a crafting in the soul, when I speak and teach, your Jesus has such power as to convert the good, taught and operated in the creature, into her nature; and good in one’s nature cannot be destroyed.  It would be as if you had the eye given to you by God as property of your nature, and you would not make use of it in order to look; or voice, hands, feet, and you would not make use of them in order to speak, to operate and walk.  Would you not be worthy of condemnation?  Now, just as I give gifts in one’s nature to the body, in the same way, when I speak, My Creative Word has the power to give to the soul, as though in her nature, the gift that I intend to give with My Word.  In fact, one Fiat of Mine can enclose a heaven, a sun, an incessant prayer as gift, with which My Fiat has the power to convert these gifts as though into the soul’s nature.  So, what you do in your interior are gifts in your nature, that My Word has formed in you.  Therefore, you will be attentive not to keep My gifts as useless; I placed them in you so that, with these repeated acts in My Will, we may together impetrate the great gift that My Divine Will come to reign upon earth.  More so, good daughter, since the repeated acts are like fluid for the plant.  If the plant has no fluid, it withers and cannot produce either flowers or fruits; the fluid is like the vital blood of the plant that, circulating in it, preserves it, makes it grow, and makes it produce the most beautiful and tasty fruits, such as to form the glory and the profit of the farmer.  But this fluid does not form on its own in the plant; it is the farmer that must be attentive to water it and cultivate it—and not once, but always, giving it, as though in its nature, sufficient fluid so that the poor plant may find the daily nourishment in order to vegetate and grow, to be able to give its fruits to he who cultivates it.  But if the farmer is slothful, the plant loses the fluid and dies.

“See, then, what the repeated acts are:  they are the blood of the soul, the nourishment, the preservation and the growth of My Gifts.  And I, as Celestial Farmer, never cease watering you; so, there is no danger that I might be slothful.  But you must receive this vital fluid; and only then do you receive it, when you repeat the acts in My Will in the depth of your soul.  Then you open your mouth, and I, watering you, give you the blood into your soul, so as to give you Divine warmth, celestial nourishment; and adding for you more words of Mine, I preserve you and I increase My Gifts.  Oh! if the plant had reason and refused to be watered by the farmer, what would be the lot of the poor plant?  The lot of losing life!  And what sorrow for the poor farmer?  Therefore, to repeat the acts is to want life; it is to take the nourishment.  To repeat is to love and appreciate, and satisfy the yearnings and make your Celestial Farmer content, who, with so much love, has worked in the field of your soul.  And as I hear you repeat your acts, whether together with Me or on your own, you give Me the fruits of My work, and I feel loved back and repaid for the many gifts I have given you; and I dispose Myself to give you greater gifts.  Therefore, be attentive, and let your constancy be the winning strength that conquers and dominates your Jesus.”


VOL. 29 – May 10, 1931

After this, I was thinking about the Divine Will—how it seemed difficult to me that Its Kingdom might come.  And my beloved Jesus added:  “My daughter, just as the yeast has the virtue of fermenting the bread, so is My Will the fermentator of the acts of the creature.  As she calls My Divine Will into her acts, they remain fermented by It, and form the bread of the Kingdom of My Will.  Now, in order to make much bread, the yeast is not enough, but it takes much flour; it takes someone who must do these acts of uniting flour and yeast; it takes water, bond of union to be able to knead flour and yeast, so that the yeast may communicate the fermenting virtue, and the flour may receive it.  Then it takes the fire, to cook this bread, to form it as nourishing and digestible bread.  Now, does it not take more time, more acts, to form it, rather than to eat it?  The sacrifice is in forming it; as for eating it, it is done quickly, and one feels the taste of the sacrifice.  So, My daughter, the yeast of My Divine Fiat, that has only the virtue of fermenting your acts, emptying them of the human will in order to convert them into bread of Divine Will, is not enough, but it takes a continuation of acts, of sacrifices—and for a long time, in such a way that My Will, with Its fermenting virtue, will ferment all these acts so as to form much bread and keep it prepared and in store for the children of Its Kingdom.  When everything will be formed, what is left is to dispose the events; and this is easier, and is done quickly, because it is in Our Power to move the secondary causes in order to do what We want.  Did I not do likewise for Redemption?  My long thirty years of My hidden Life were like the yeast in which all My Acts were fermented, to form and ferment the great good of Redemption.  The short life of My public life and My Passion was My fermented bread that My Divine Will formed and fermented in My Acts that, like bread, I broke for all and gave to eat, so that all might receive the bread of the redeemed ones, to acquire the necessary strengths to put themselves in safety.  Therefore, give yourself no concern; think of doing your duty and letting not one of your acts escape in which you do not put the yeast of My Divine Will, so that your being may remain fermented by It; and I will think of all the rest.”

VOL. 29 – June 8, 1931

“Therefore, repeat often the sweet memory of Our insuperable Love that We had in Creation; it was a creature of Ours, an image of Ours, a child of Ours that We issued to the light, and this is why We made such great display of love, and in hearing it being reminded to Us, We feel like loving him more.  So, the whole Creation is nothing other than a display of Our loving Will toward the creature; and in Its loving display, It keeps repeating:  ‘Fiat, Fiat,’ to pearl all Creation with Its display of love.  More so, since each act, word, thought, done in Our Divine Will, form the nourishment of the soul.  Nourishment preserves life, it makes it grow, and maintains for it the necessary strength to be able to form sufficient nourishments so as not to remain on an empty stomach.  So, the continued acts are nothing other than foods that are prepared from one day to the next, so as to always have something with which to nourish oneself.  If no acts are done, she will have no food; so, the poor creature will have nothing with which to satisfy her hunger, therefore the life of the good, holy and Divine Acts will die in her.  If then the acts are not continued, but every now and then, she will have scarce nourishments; and when food is not sufficient, the life of good grows as weak, and weakness makes one lose the taste and the appetite for nourishing oneself.

“On the other hand, when the acts are continued, each act has its exercise—one makes itself food, one water, one fire in order to cook them, one condiment to make itself be enjoyed, in such a way as to whet the appetite.  In sum, the repeated acts are nothing other than Divine Cuisine, forming the celestial dining for the creature.  And, oh! how beautiful it is to see the creature who, with the continuation of her acts in Our Fiat, prepares for herself Divine Nourishments, and feeds herself with the foods of her Celestial Fatherland.  In fact, you must know that one holy thought calls for another, one word, one good act, calls for another; and one serves the other in order to be nourished—and nourishment forms life.”

VOL. 29 – September 7, 1931

And I:  ‘My Love, a thought afflicts me—I fear I may lack the continuation of my acts in Your Divine Will, and as I would interrupt the sound of my bell, You, offended by me, might put me aside, and will not give me any more grace to make me live in Your Will.’

And Jesus added:  “My daughter, do not fear; you must know that one step gives life to another step, one good is life and support of another good, one act calls to life another act; and even evil, sin, is life of other evils and of other sins.  Things never remain isolated, but almost always have their succession.  Good is like the seed, that possesses the generative virtue; as long as one has the patience to sow it into the bosom of the earth, it will produce ten—twenty times as much.  The same for the creature; if she has patience and remains attentive to enclose in her soul the seed of the good that she has done, she will have the generation, the multiplicity—one hundredfold, of the good acts that she has done.  And if you knew what it means to do a good act!  Each act is a protection that she acquires, and a voice speaking before Our Throne of the one who has done a good.  For each additional act of good, so many more defenders does the creature have for her defense; and if the circumstances of life cause her to find herself in such constraints and trials that it seems that she might want to vacillate and fall, the good acts that she has done take on the appearance of assailers, and they assail Us, so that the one who has loved Us and has had a succession of many good acts may not vacillate; and they run around the creature as supporters, that she may not give up in the trial.  And suppose that there had been a sequence of acts done in Our Will—oh! then in each act there is a Divine Value and virtue defending the creature.  We see in each of her acts Our Will as though engaged, therefore We Ourselves make Ourselves Defenders and Supporters of she who has given life in her acts to Our Divine Fiat.  Can We perhaps deny anything to Ourselves?  Or disregard Our Will operating in the creature?  No, no.  Therefore, do not fear, but rather, abandon yourself like a little newborn in Our Arms, that you may feel Our Support and the protection of your very acts.

“Do you think that a repeated, continued good is nothing?  They are Divine Properties that one acquires, they are armies that are formed, that make one conquer the Celestial Fatherland.  It happens to one who has continued many good acts as to someone who has acquired many properties; if he has a setback, it won’t be able to do him much harm, because the many properties will fill the void of the setback that he suffered.  But if someone else has acquired little, or possesses nothing, a little setback is enough to leave him destitute, of the most squalid misery.  Such is to do much good, or little or nothing.  This is why I always repeat to you, be attentive, be faithful to Me, and let your flight in My Will be continuous.”

After this, He added:  “My daughter, you must know that when you keep disposing yourself to do your acts in My Divine Will, My Will remains conceived in your act; and as you do it, you give It the field to form Its Life in the act that you do.  Not only this; your new acts serve as nourishment to those already done.  In fact, since My Divine Will is Life, once It has been enclosed in the acts of the creature, It feels the need of air, of breath, of heartbeat, of nourishment.  Here is the necessity of the new acts, because these serve to maintain Its Divine Air, Its continuous breathing, Its uninterrupted heartbeat, and the nourishment in order to grow My very Will in the creature.  See then, the great necessity of the continuation of the acts in order to let It live and reign in the creature; otherwise, My Will would be uncomfortable without Its full triumph in all her acts.”

VOL. 29 -September 12, 1931

My abandonment in the Divine Volition continues; and while I was doing my acts, I thought to myself:  “But, is it true that my sweet Jesus likes the continuity of my little acts?”

And Jesus, making Himself heard, told me:  “My daughter, a broken love can never give of heroism, because by not being continuous, it forms many voids in the creature, that produce weakness, coldness, and are almost in act of extinguishing the little flame that was lit.  And therefore it takes away from her the fortitude of love, that, with its light, makes one comprehend Who it is that one loves, and with its heat it maintains lit the little flame that produces the heroism of true love; so much so, that she feels happy to give her life for Him whom she loves.  A continuous love has the virtue of generating in the soul of the creature Him whom she always loves; and this generation is formed in the center of her continuous love.

“See, then, what an incessant love means:  to form for oneself the stake on which to consume and burn oneself; to be able to form, on that stake, the Life of your beloved Jesus.  One can say:  ‘In continuous love I consume my life to make live again Him whom I incessantly love.’  Oh! had I not always loved the creature, and if I did not love her with a love that never says ‘Enough,’ I would never have descended from Heaven to earth to give her My Life with so many pains and heroism for love of her.  It was My continuous Love that, like sweet chain, drew Me and made Me do the heroic act of laying down My Life in order to purchase hers.  A continuous love can reach anything, it can do anything, it facilitates everything, and it knows how to convert everything into love.

“On the other hand, a broken love can be called love of circumstances, interested love, vile love, that can reach the point, if the circumstances change, of denying and maybe even despising Him whom it loved.  More so, since only the continuous acts form life in the creature, she, as she forms her act, in her very act arises the light, the love, the sanctity, the grace, according to the act that she does.  Therefore, an interrupted love and good cannot be called either true love, or true life, or true good.”

Then He added with a more tender tone:  “My daughter, if you want your Jesus to accomplish in you His loving designs, let your love and your acts be continuous in My Will.  In fact, when My Will finds continuity, It finds Its way of Divine Acting, and remains engaged in the perennial act of the creature; and It hastens to do what It has established for her, finding, by virtue of her incessant acts, the space, the necessary preparations and the very life in which It can form Its admirable designs and accomplish Its most beautiful works.  More so, since each act done in My Will is one more re-tying that is formed between the Divine Will and the human; it is one more step that she takes in the Sea of the Fiat, it is a greater right that the soul acquires.”

VOL. 29 – September 16, 1931

After this, I continued my abandonment in the Divine Fiat by following Its acts; and my beloved Jesus added:  “My daughter, each good comes out of God matured, and this maturation is formed between God and the soul.  See, by doing your acts, you expose yourself to the rays of the Divine Sun, and as you undergo the heat and the light, your acts do not remain arid, insipid, but matured; and you, together with them, remain matured in the love, in the Divine Knowledges, in everything you do.  And I, seeing you matured in those acts, prepare in Me other love to give you, and other truths to tell you; and since of everything that comes out of Me nothing is sterile, but everything is fecund and well-matured in the live flame of My Love, you receive the virtue of forming new maturations in you.

“This is why many times I am waiting for the completion of your acts, to give you the surprise of letting you know other truths.  These, like many breaths of light and of heat, finish maturing in your soul the goods and the truths that your Jesus has communicated to you.  See, then, the necessity of your acts in order to dispose yourself to receive other knowledges on My Divine Fiat, and to let Me find in you the continuation of your acts in order to render them mature.  Otherwise, what could I do?  I would remain like sun that, while it goes through the earth, finds neither a flower to color, nor a fruit to mature; so, all the admirable effects that the sun contains would remain within its light—the earth would receive nothing.

“Therefore, Heaven opens Itself over operative souls—the miraculous force of the Light of My Divine Volition; not over idle souls, but over those who work, who sacrifice, who love, who have always something to do for Me.  Rather, you must know that the beatitudes of Heaven pour themselves over the earth and go to place themselves in the soul who lives and operates in My Will, because they do not want to leave her lacking the Celestial joys and happinesses, while she forms a single Will with Heaven.  However, while the Blessed swim in the Divine Joys, they acquire nothing of merit; on the other hand, with the pilgrim soul, they not only make her happy, but add the merit, because for one who does My Will upon earth everything is meritorious—the word, the prayer, the breath and even the joys convert into merit and into new gains.”

VOL. 30 – November 4, 1931

“Therefore, never let Our Divine Will escape you if you want Our Work to be continuous; It will be your voice-bearer and Ours, in which you will emit your voice to call Us, and We will hear the sweet whispering to Our ear and will immediately descend into Our own Will within your soul, to continue Our Work.  In fact, you must know that the continuous acts form Fulfilled Life and Works; what is not continuous can be called effects of My Will, not Life that is formed in the creature, and the effects little by little vanish away, and one remains on an empty stomach.  Therefore, Courage and Confidence, and always forward, crossing the Sea of the Divine Will.”

VOL. 30 – December 21, 1931

“My daughter, to recognize what My Will can do in the act of the creature forms the Divine Act in her; and in this act, as its foundation, My Will places the Divine Beginning; and as it keeps forming, It invests it with Its Immutability, in such a way that the creature will feel in her act a Divine Beginning that never shows any sign of ending, and an Immutability that never changes.  She will hear within herself the ringing of the little bell of her continued act that does its continuous course.  This is the sign that the soul has received the Divine Beginning into her acts:  the continuation—a prolixious act says God Dwelling in her and in her acts; it says Confirmation of the Good, because the Value, the Grace, the Power of a continued act is so great, that it fills the little voids of intensity of love, the little weaknesses to which the human nature is subject.  It can be said that a continued act or virtue, is like the judge, the order, the sentry of the creature.  This is why I care so much that your acts be continuous—because there is something of My Own inside of them, and I would feel My Act dishonored in yours.


VOL. 30 – January 3, 1932

Then, I continued to think about the Divine Fiat, and my sweet Jesus added:  “My daughter, My Will is Light, the human will is the dark room in which the poor creature lives.  As My Will enters into this dark room, it remains all invested by this Light that illumines everything, even the most remote and little hiding places of the soul.  It makes Itself Light of the thought, of the word, of the works, of the steps—but with a marvelous variety.  The thought takes on a variety of Colors animated by the Light; the word takes on another variety of Colors; the action, the step, other varieties of Colors.  And as she repeats the thought, the word, the action, the step, animated by the Light of My Will, so are the hues of the Divine Colors formed; and the Beauty of it is that they are all Colors animated by Light. 

“O! how beautiful it is to see the creature animated by the Rainbow of Our Divine Colors—it is one of the most Beautiful Scenes that she presents to Us and makes Us enjoy.  We look at her and We see that those are nothing other that the Reflection of Our Thoughts, of Our Actions, and so forth, that has formed that variety of Our Divine Colors; and Our Will makes display of Light in the acts of the creature who, with her sweet enchantment, enraptures Us and makes Us the Spectators of Our Acts; and—O! how We await with all Love the repetition of these Scenes so Beautiful and Delightful.”

VOL. 30 – January 24, 1932

And my sweet Jesus added:  “My daughter, My Divine Will, when It is invoked in the act of the creature, takes away the sourness of the human will, It sweetens its manners, It represses the violent manners, and with Its Light It warms the works made numb by the cold of the human will.  So, one who Lives in My Divine Will prepares the Prevenient Grace for the human generations in order to make It known to them, and each of her acts in It forms the step in order to ascend—herself first, and then the creatures, to the Knowledges of the Supreme Fiat.  So, to one who Lives in It, My Divine Will gives the Maternal Virtues, and It gives her the Office of performing, before God and before creatures, the Office of True Mama.

“See, then, the necessity of your acts in My Will, in order to form a long staircase that must touch Heaven, in such a way as to force It with Its very Divine Strength, to let My Fiat descend upon earth and form there Its Kingdom, making It find, upon this staircase, the first people who would receive It and be willing to let It Reign in their midst.  Without a staircase one cannot go up, therefore it is necessary that one creature would make it, to lay the Field in order to let others ascend.  And so that this creature may be willing, We must give her the Office of Mother, who, loving the creatures as her own children, given to her by My Divine Will, would accept the Mandate and would spare neither toils nor sacrifices, and, if needed, even her own life for love of these children.

“More so since, in giving her the Office of Mother, My Divine Volition endows the soul with Maternal Love, and makes her feel these children in her own heart, and gives her Divine and human Tenderness in order to Conquer God and the creature and unite them together, to make her do His Divine Will.  There is no greater honor We can give to the creature than Maternity.  Maternity is bearer of Generation, and We give her the Grace to form Our beloved people.  And even though Maternity says pain, she will yet feel the Joy, all Divine, of seeing the children of My Will come out from within that pain.  Therefore, always repeat your acts, and do not draw back; drawing back is of the cowardly, of the indolent, of the inconstant—not of the strong; even less so, of the Children of My Will.”

VOL. 30 – February 6, 1932 

“Now, you must know that an act that is repeatedly renewed forms the habit; and since an act that never ceases is only of the Supreme Being, if the creature, then, feels herself in possession of an act that she always repeats, it means that God has enclosed His Life, His Manner, in that act.  A continuous act is Divine Life and Act, and only one who Lives in My Divine Will can feel within herself the Power, the Virtue, the miraculous Strength of an Act that never ceases, because, having been raised by Us, it is not easy for her to depart from Our Manners, and not to feel within herself the Life and the continuous Acts of He who has raised her.  Here, then, your running, feeling always the extreme need to find Our Life and yours in the Fiat, in Its Acts; and We, running in you to be present in Our Incessant Acts.  And while We run, you run with Us, so that Our Acts that are in you may Live common Life with Our Acts that are outside of you; and just as you feel the extreme need, so do We feel the extreme need of Love to make your littleness go around in all the Acts of Our Fiat, so that, since you are unable to enclose Them all within yourself, with your going around in Them you may take part in as many as you can.  Therefore, run, always run; even more, I tell you:  let us always run, because there is no greater Grace that I can give to the creature than letting her feel within herself the virtue of a continuous Act.”


VOL. 30 – February 6, 1932 

Then, I continued to follow the Acts of the Divine Will, and my beloved Jesus added:  “My daughter, each time you form an act of yours in the Act of My Divine Will, as many more Bonds do you form in It, remaining Confirmed as many times for as many acts as you do in the Divine Fiat; and the Divine Will remains Confirmed as many more times in you.  And for each Bond and Confirmation that you form, My Will expands Its Seas around you, and, as Confirmation, It places in it one of Its Truths, one of Its Knowledges as Seal, and It manifests to you one more Degree of Value that My Will contains.  But do you know what these additional Bonds, Confirmations, Truths, Knowledges, Values that you come to know, do in your soul?  They make the Life of My Will grow in you.  Not only this, but by repeating your acts, they will have as many more degrees of Value for as much more as you have known.  Your acts are placed on the scale of the Divine Value, and they are worth for as much as you have known, and for as much Value as has been communicated by Us into your act.  So, your act of yesterday, as you repeat it today, does not have the same value as yesterday, but has acquired the New Value that We have made known.  Therefore, by the repetition of the acts, accompanied by New Truths and Knowledges, day-by-day they acquire New Degrees, always increasing, of Infinite Value.  Not only do We place the acts of the creature done in Our Will on Our Eternal Scale, to give her the weight of an Infinite Value, but We preserve them in Our Divine Bank, to give her a hundred times as much.  Therefore, every single time you repeat your acts, so many times do you come to put your little coins in Our Divine Bank, and therefore you acquire as many more Rights to receive from Us. 

VOL. 30 – May 15, 1932

“Now, Living in My Divine Will, as the soul does her first act, so she feels the Strength and the Union of all the Acts of the Divine Fiat such that one act includes and encloses all the other Acts.  And she feels the need of continuing her acts in order to link them together so as to develop the Strength of the Divine Will that she feels in herself, because as Life It does not know how to be without making Itself felt.  It wants to Breathe, to Palpitate, to Work.  One act calls another and so forms the sequel of the acts with the Union of the Acts of My Will.  In order to form a Life one act, one breath, one heartbeat, is not enough, no, but there is needed continuous Breathing, Palpitating, and Working.  And as the soul Lives in My Divine Will, so It lets her breathe and palpitate, and My Fiat forms Its Full Life of working for as much as is possible for a creature to contain in herself.  Therefore if you want Its Life in you, let your acts be continuous in It.”

VOL. 30 – May 30, 1932

“Now, as the creature does her will, so she withdraws and takes a step back from her Creator, and God withdraws; and an Infinite distance forms between the one and the other.  See, therefore, the necessity to persevere in a continuous way of Operating in My Divine Will, in order to diminish the great distance between God and the creature, product of the human will.  And do not believe that this is a personal distance; I am as for all, in all, in Heaven and on earth.  The distance that the human volition forms without Mine, is a distance of Sanctity, of Beauty, of Goodness, of Power, of Love; they are Infinite distances that only My Volition Operating in the creature can Reunite and connect together and render inseparable the one from the other.

            “This happened in the Redemption, every Manifestation that was made by Us about the descent of the Word on earth, was one step that We made toward mankind.  And as they yearned and prayed for It, and Our Manifestations, Prophecies, and Revelations, were manifested to the people, so they made so many steps toward the Supreme Being, such that they remained on a walk toward Us, and We toward them.  And as the time of having to descend from Heaven to earth drew near, so We increased the Prophets in order to be able to make more Revelations, in order to hasten the walk on both parts.

“This is so true, that in the first times of the world there was no Prophet, and Our Manifestations were so few, that one can say that one step a century was made.  This slowness of walk cast coldness on the part of creatures, and a way of saying was held by almost everyone:  that My descent on earth was an absurd thing, not a reality—like one thinks today about the Kingdom of My Will:  a way of saying, and almost a thing that can not be.  Therefore the Prophets came after Moses, almost in the last times, near to My descent on earth, such that after Our Manifestations, the walk of both parties was hastened.  And then came the Sovereign of Heaven who not only walked, but ran in order to hasten the meeting with Her Creator so as to make Him descend and complete the Redemption.

            “See, therefore, how My Manifestations on My Divine Will are certain proofs that It walks in order to come to Reign on earth, and that the creature to whom they have been made, with an iron constancy, walks and runs in order to receive the First Meeting so as to give It to her soul in order to let It Reign, and so give It the step to let It Reign in the midst of creatures.  Therefore, let your acts be continuous, because only continuous Acts are what hasten the walk, overcome every obstacle, and are the only Conquerors who conquer God and the creature.”

VOL. 30 – May 30, 1932

“On the other hand, My Divine Will, possessing the Primary Act of Life and of being able to give Life, with Its Empire holds the continuous Act over the creature.  In every instant It gives Itself as Life, Life of Light, of Sanctity, of Love, Life of Strength.  In sum, as It is Life, the times, circumstances, places, hours, do not exist.  There are no restrictions, or laws, especially because It must give Life, and Life is formed with acts that are continuous, not intermittent.  And therefore in the ardor of Its Love, with Its continuous Empire, one can say that It is continuous Baptism, Absolution never interrupted, and Communion at every instant—even more, because this Our Will was given to man at the Beginning of his Creation as Perennial Life Living in him.  This was the Substance, the Fruit of Creation:  Our Will that must form Our Life in the creature.  With this Life We gave everything.  There was nothing that he could have been able to have need of, which he would not find in this Will of Ours.  One can say that he would have found at his disposition all that he could have wanted:  Help, Strength, Sanctity, Light.


VOL. 30 – July 14, 1932

I am always occupied with and in the Divine Volition; in It there is always work to do.  But it is not a work that tires—no; rather, it gives Strength, it makes the Divine Life grow, and inundates one with Joy, with Peace—one feels a Celestial Atmosphere inside and out.

But while I was swimming in the Eternal Waves of the Divine Volition, my Highest Good, Jesus, visiting my little soul, told me:  “Blessed daughter, it is I who form the Celestial Atmosphere inside and outside the creature.  In fact, as soon as she enters into My Divine Volition, I place Myself as Guard of the act that she is doing, and she forms the soil with her acts, and I form the Divine Seed, to cast it into the act of the creature.  So, her acts serve as soil; and I, Celestial Farmer, by filling her with My Seeds, use this in order to reap the harvest of the works that are done in My Will.  Do you see, then, what the continuation of the acts done in My Divine Will is for?  It serves to give Me the Work and the occasion never to leave the creature, because she gives Me always something to do, and I do not want to, nor can I leave a soil so precious, formed in My Will and exposed to the vivifying Rays of the Divine Sun, empty.  Therefore, It calls you to work in My Volition, and you call Me, and—O! how sweet it is to work together in My Fiat.  It is a Work that does not tire; on the contrary, it is Bearer of Rest and of the Most Beautiful Conquests.”

VOL. 31 – December 21, 1932

“One can say that in this exchange of will, in these reciprocal gifts of both parties, a Wedding between the soul and God takes place, an always New repeated Wedding, and when there is a wedding, everyone celebrates the new spouses.  And they extol their Creator, because with this Gift of My Fiat, it is not only the Gift that I make, but together with the Gift I give My Life, that forms the Bond of Inseparability, in which the substance of the True Wedding between the human and Divine exists.  And O! the greatest ingratitude of one who does not receive the Gift of My Volition in their act, especially in seeing My Solicitudes that I want to give It.  I pray and I supplicate that they receive It.

“And many times, by My Industry New unexpected incidents and circumstances are procured, in order to have New occasions to be able to give them more often the Gift of My Fiat.  And when I see that they do not accept It, I feel My Industries of Love changed into Sorrow, and I could say that the Heavens cry together with Me, because when this Gift of My Will acts in the act of the creature, the Heavens are comprised together with It, and they feel everything—either the Feast if It is accepted, or the Sorrow if It is rejected.  Therefore be attentive, I want nothing other than that the exchange be continuous; that you take the Gift of My Will and give Me yours in your little acts, in everything that you do:  if you pray, if you suffer, if you work, in everything.  O! how happy you will make Me!  I will be all eyes over your act, so that it has all the requirements of an act Worthy of My Divine Will.”


VOL. 32 – April 2, 1933

“This is why your continuous ‘I love You’ is Ours.  It is the Breath of Our Life, it is Our Heartbeat that does not know how to Palpitate other than ‘I Love you, I Love you, I Love you.’  This serves to maintain Our Life that does not know how to do anything other than Love, give Love and want Love.  Therefore while this ‘I Love You’ is Ours, it is Our Breath and also yours, because while We give you Love, you give Us love, and fused together Ours is woven with your ‘I love You.’  They meet each other, become one with each other, and one ‘I Love You’ alone is felt, while they are two, that enrapturing each other in turn, form one alone.  But who feels this Life Alive and Palpitating in her?  One who Lives in Our Will.  She feels Ours, and We feel hers, and we Live together.  All the other creatures keep It suffocated, and they live as if they did not have It.  And My Love gives and does not receive.  And I Live in them with a Sorrowful and Delirious Love, without anyone knowing that I am in them.  Therefore be attentive and let your ‘I love You’ be continuous, because it is nothing other than the outlet of Mine.”

VOL. 32 – May 7, 1933

You must know that the will is symbol of the breath that has the virtue of enflaming or extinguishing.  If the will is enflaming, blowing over a little spark it can enflame a great fire.  If then, it is extinguishing, blowing on it takes away its life and reduces it to ashes.

“Such is the human will, if it wants My Breath in all its acts, My Will, with Its Power, animates this Breath, and her little acts as little sparks change into flames.  And as she repeats the acts, so It repeats the Breath, in a way as to form of the little creature all one flame of Light of Divine Will.  On the other hand, if she wants to do her will, as she does it she blows and smothers everything, and she remains in a profound night, without even some little sparks of good.  In fact, one who Lives in My Will acquires Light by nature, and in all her acts she sees Light and they speak to her of Light.  On the other hand, one who does her own, acquires darknesses and night by nature, and darkness pours from all her acts, that speak to her of miseries, of apprehensions, of fears, that render life unbearable.”


VOL. 32 – May 25, 1933

“Therefore, one who does My Will and Lives in It, does not need to do miracles.  She Lives under the rain of the Miracles of My Volition, and she possesses in herself the Fount, the Source, that Transforms the creature into the Miraculous Virtue of My Divine Will in a way that one sees in her the Miracle of Invincible Patience, the Miracle of Perennial Love toward God, the Miracle of continuous Prayer without ever tiring.  And if they see pains, they are Miracles of Conquests, of Triumphs, of Glory that she encloses in her pains.  For one who Lives in My Will, It wants to give to the soul the Miracle of Divine Heroism, and in the pains It places the Infinite weight and value; it places the Imprint, the Seal of the Pains of your Jesus.

VOL. 32 – June 4, 1933

My abandonment in the Fiat continues.   I am just newly born, and I feel the need of remaining in Its arms in order to drink in large sips the milk of Its Truths so as to receive the waves of Its Light, the sweet refreshment of Its Heat.  I feel that the Divine Volition also wants to keep me in Its arms, clasped to Its Bosom of Light in order to be able to infuse in me the continuous Act of Its Operating Life in me, because life means having acts that never cease, otherwise it could not be called life.  Therefore, if I did not want to remain in Its arms in order to receive these continuous Reflections of Its Life, or It did not want to hold me, I would not be able to form Its Life in me so that the word ‘Life’ would be reduced to words, or else into a painted picture, but not a reality.  My Jesus, O please! do not permit this, and may it be that You form the reality of Its Life in my soul.

VOL. 32 – June 29, 1933

But while my mind was all plunged in the Divine Will, my Wise Teacher Jesus, surprising me with His brief little visit, told me:  “My blessed daughter, one who Lives in My Divine Will feels the need of never interrupting her walk, nor is there danger of her stopping, neither on earth, nor in Heaven, because being Eternal, Its ways and Its steps are Interminable, and one who Lives in It receives as nature the Good of being able to always walk.  Stopping oneself in My Will would be to make Our Divine Life lack an Act of Life that It forms in her soul, because you must know that one who Lives in My Divine Will arrives at so much, and can do so much, even to repeating Our Divine Life.  Our Fiat gives everything necessary to the creature who Lives in It, who, with her acts, makes herself Repeater of the same Life of God.  And if you knew what it means to repeat Our Life, the Glory, the Honor, the Love that she gives Us, the Good that she makes descend on all generations—what she does is Incalculable, and only Our Will has this Power of making this Prodigy so Great, that to no one is it given to make themselves Repeater of Our same Divine Life in the creature.”

VOL. 32 – July 30, 1933

“Therefore, when creatures will hear that My long Speaking, My almost continuous Visits, My so many Graces, will serve to form the Life of My Divine Will in you, they will no longer marvel about the ways that I have had, about the Graces that I have made, about the so many Truths that I have said.  It was Life that had to be formed, and Life has need of continuous acts.  What life can say that it does not have need of continuous acts?  Not one.  Works do not have need of continuous acts, but life needs them:  the breath, the heartbeat, the continuous motion; every day a food that sustains her, a garment that covers her, a dwelling that keeps her secure.  See, therefore, how everything that I have done and will do was necessary for Me in order to form this Life of My Divine Will, and was necessary for you in order to receive It and possess It, and to not let It lack anything that is befitting of a Divine Life.

VOL. 32 – August 20, 1933

“Not so for one who does My Will.  In order to feel It she must invoke It, she must pray.  But when does she invoke It?  In the sorrowful circumstances of life, in the needs, when she sees herself pressed by enemies, almost like those who call the doctor when they are sick, but if they are well the doctor is always a stranger for them.  Therefore the Perennial Life of My Divine Volition does not exist in them, and so they are changeable in good, patience, prayer, light.  They do not feel It as Life in themselves, and so they do not feel the need of possessing It as their own property.  Nor do they love It with True Love, because when acts are not continuous, one does not have dominion over them, nor have them in their own power, so love remains broken.  Therefore the difference is great between Life and the Effects.  Life makes one feel the need to Live of Divine Will; instead the Effects, no.  If they have, they have each other; if they do not have each other, they remain indifferent.  So always wanting My Will means that one possesses Its Life.”

VOL. 32 – October 1, 1933

“In fact, God Calls the soul and the soul calls God, and this always calling each other in order to ask and receive, and God in order to give, forms the Life of My Will in the creature.  It matures her, and makes her grow, and forms the sweet Enchantment of her Creator Himself.  One continuous Act encloses such Power, that God does not know how to unbind Himself from the creature, nor she from God.  Rather they feel the Irresistible need of remaining Bound with each other.  And only My Will knows how to produce these continuous Acts that never cease and form the True Character of Living in My Will.   On the other hand, a changeable character, a broken work, is the true sign of living of human volition, that does not know how to give either Firmness, or Peace, and does not know how to produce anything other than thorns and bitternesses.”


VOL. 32 – November 10, 1933

And my sweet Jesus, surprising me with His brief little visit, told me:  “My blessed daughter, in My Celestial Fatherland the Unique and Universal Act Reigns.  One is the Will of everyone; what one wants, the other wants.  No one changes either action or Will, each Blessed feels My Volition as their own Life; and everyone having one single Will, forms the Substance of the Happiness of the whole of Heaven.  Even more, because My Divine Will does not know how to do, nor can It do, broken acts, but continuous and Universal Acts.  And since It Reigns in Heaven with Its Full Triumph and with the Totality of Its Dominion, everyone feels Its Universal Life as by nature, and they are full even to the brim with all the Goods that It possesses.  At the most there can be according to the capacity of each one, and to the good that they have done in life, but no one will be able to change either will, or action, or love.  The Power of My Divine Will has all the Blessed absorbed, identified, Fused in Itself as if they were one alone.

VOL. 33 – March 11, 1934

After this, I continued to think about the Divine Volition, and my beloved Jesus added:  “The sign if the soul Lives in My Will is if all things internal and external are bearers of My Will, because to say that ‘I possess Its Life,’ and not feel It, is impossible.  Therefore she will feel It in the heartbeat, in the breath, in the blood that circulates in her veins, in the thought that forms in her mind, in the voice that gives life to her word, and so forth.  So the internal act echoing the external, makes My Will found in the air that she breathes, in the water that she drinks, in the food that she takes, in the sun that gives her light and heat, in sum, the internal and external give each other a hand and form so many acts in order to form the Life of My Will in them.  One act alone does not form life, but continuous and repeated acts form life. 


VOL. 33 – January 20, 1935

What great difference between a Good that possesses Life, and a good or act that as one does it, the life of that act ends.  As Life she has it in her power and she feels the continuation of the Life of that Good.  On the other hand, as act she does not have it in her power, nor will she feel the continuation of it, and what is not continuous, cannot be called Life.  And only in My Will are these Acts full of Life found, because for beginning they have the Divine Life, which is not subject to ending, and therefore It can give Life to everyone and everything.  On the other hand, outside of It all things, even the greatest works, find the end.  And O! what Beautiful Prerogative that only My Will can give, feeling in the soul her acts changed into Perennial Divine Life.


VOL. 33 – October 4, 1935

All the glory, the honor, is in being able to say with deeds:  “I am a continuous Act of Will of my Creator.”  Necessity of diversity of offices and of actions.

            I was doing my round in the Divine Will in order to search out all Its Acts done in Creation so as to place my little “I love You” and to unite myself with all created things in order to glorify my Creator and be able to say:  “I am at my place of honor, I do my Office, I am a continuous Act of Divine Will.  I can say that I am nothing, I do nothing, but I do everything, because I do the Divine Will.”

            But while I thought this, my Highest Good Jesus, making me His brief little visit, all Goodness told me:  “My blessed daughter, every created thing has a distinct Office that it occupies, and although the will of all is one, yet they all do not do the same thing.  It would not be Order, nor Virtue of Divine Wisdom, that one created thing would repeat what another one does.  But since one is the Will that Dominates them, the glory that is obtained by one, the other gives to Me, because all the Substance that they possess and the Good and the Value with which they are invested, is that they can say:  ‘I am a continuous Act of Will of my Creator; greater glory, honor, virtue, He could not give me, than being a single Act of Divine Will,’ so much so, that the little blade of grass, with its littleness, the little space that it occupies on the earth—it seems that it does nothing, no one looks at it—and yet, because My Will wanted it so, it does not seek to do more than what a blade of grass can do, by doing My Will it equals the glory that the sun gives Me, that with so much majesty rules over the earth such that it can be called continuous Miracle of the whole Creation.

VOL. 33 – October 27, 1935

“O! if creatures would know what it means to Live in My Divine Volition, they would compete to Live in It, and It would be populated with children of My Will.  And since in Mine the human will feels incapable of operating, it would do nothing other than undergo the continuity of Acts of Divine Volition.  And it is the continuation of Acts of a Good that forms the Order, the Harmony, the Diversity of the Beauties that forms the enchantment and the formation of the Life and of the Good that one wants to acquire.  Is not Our own Life perhaps continuous repetition?  We always Love, We repeat the conservation of the universe, and with this We maintain the Order, the Harmony, the life of the universe.  O! if We did not always repeat, even for an instant, one would see chaos in all things.  Therefore always in My Will repeat your continuous little refrains, always undergoing My Will in your acts, such that It would repeat in you Its Creating Act, so It will be able to form not only the act, but the Fullness of Its Life.”

VOL. 34 – June 6, 1937

And Jesus, resuming His speaking, added:  “My daughter, your fears displease Me.  You must know that so much is My Interest, the Love that burns Me, because I want that the soul Lives in My Will, that I take the commitment of everything, I supply for her in everything.  However I do this when there has been a firm and constant decision of wanting to Live in It, and she does not lack on her part, she does however much she can.  Listen to a Secret of Mine, My daughter, and where My Love makes Me reach.  Listen to what I do when, for strict necessity of the human life—this life that is also Mine—because of sufferings that I Myself dispose, so the creature remains as stupefied and lost, therefore she does not know how to follow the Acts of the Life that Reigns in her.  I, because I want that this Life does not remain interrupted, because It being Life—not virtue that can do acts at intervals and circumstances, but Life—there is all the necessity of the continuous Act—I am who am on watch and jealous, I maintain the sentinel over her.  As I see that she interrupts her course, I do what she should do, such that My Operating in My Fiat shakes her and she returns into herself, and she follows her course in My Volition.  And I, without even saying anything to her about her stop, I Retie from where she left off and where My Act followed, in a way that the Life of My Fiat remains never interrupted in her, because I have supplied for everything.  More so because in her will she wanted to, but weakness interrupted her.

“This is why My Love is so much that I want that she Lives in My Will, that at whatever cost, even if continuous Miracles would be needed, I will do them.  But have you noticed My Tenderness, My Strong Love?  That having failed to keep her course I do not reproach her, I do not say anything to her, and if I see that she notices that she has failed, I make her Courageous, I commiserate her in order to not place mistrust in her, and all Goodness I say to her:  ‘Do not fear, I have supplied for you, and you will be more attentive, is it not true?’  And she, at seeing My Goodness, Loves Me even more.  I know that I must give of Mine in order to have that the creature Lives in My Will, and therefore I will act like a king who greatly loves that his kingdom be populated.  He makes it known by the whole world that whoever wants to can come into his kingdom.  He wants it known in order to send them money for the trip, that he will let them find a residence at their disposition, abundant clothes and foods.  The king ventures to give them such riches as to render them rich and happy.  So much will be the goodness of this king, that he will live together with the people, whom he loves so much that with his riches he has ransomed them from the miseries and unhappiness of life.

“Such am I.  I will make known to the entire world that I want the people of My Divine Volition, and provided they give Me their name and will let Me know that they want to come into My Kingdom, I will give them all the Goods.  Unhappiness will have no place in him, each one will possess Its Kingdom, he will be king of himself, and they will Live together with their Creator.  I will display so much in giving, that everyone will remain enraptured by it.  My daughter, O! how I long for this Living of the creature in My Will, and you pray and long for it together with Me, and it will be sweet for you to place your life for a Kingdom so Holy.”

VOL. 34 – June 18, 1937

“This is Our Divine Commerce We want in order to give Ourselves:  We give Ourselves in order to receive the life of the creature in Our Supreme Being.  This exchange of Lives maintains the conversation; We make Ourselves known for who We are.  We let her feel the ardent Heartbeats, the Love that consumes Us, how We Love her, and how We want to be Loved.  And then, if she did not feel the need of continuously giving herself to Us, it is a sign that she does not Love Us, and her heart is not in possession of Our Irresistible Love.  This is the sign of True Love:  to want to always give oneself, almost in every instant, to whom one Loves.  But while she gives herself, the strength of Love imposes Itself such that she wants to receive, and if she did not receive she would feel suffocated and burst into cries of sorrow, as to deafen the Heavens and earth.  And therefore, in order to not arrive at such straits of sorrow, My Love waits for the creature to give herself to Me, and I immediately give Myself to her, with all the Infinity of Our Will.”


VOL. 34 – June 28, 1937

And my beloved Jesus, resuming His speaking, told me:  “My daughter, do not marvel because of what I have told you, rather, I will tell you more surprising things yet, but how much I would want that everyone would listen in order to make everyone decide to Live in My Volition.  Listen, how consoling and Beautiful is what My Love pushes Me to tell you. So much is My Love, that I feel the need of telling you where We reach for one who Lives in Our Volition.  Now, you must know that as the soul decides repeatedly and firmly to live no more of her will but of Ours, her name becomes written in Heaven with Indelible characters of Light, and she becomes enrolled in the Celestial Militia as Heiress and Daughter of the Kingdom of the Divine Will. 

“But this is not enough for Our Love.  We Confirm her in Good in a way that she will feel such horror for every least sin, that she will not be capable anymore of falling.  Not only this, but she will remain Confirmed in the Goods, in the Love, in the Sanctity, etc., of her Creator.  She will be invested by the Prerogative of reclaimed part, she will no longer be looked at as exiled, and if she will remain on earth, she will be as officiating of the Celestial Militia, not as exiled.  She will have all the Goods at her disposition.  She will be able to say:  ‘His Will being mine, what is of God is mine.’  Rather, she will feel herself Possessor of her Creator.

VOL. 35 – August 23, 1937

“You must know that the more the creature seeks My Will—wanting to know It, loving It, and not letting It escape in each of her acts—the more My Will grows to Its Fullness.  One more little attention is enough to make It grow—a sigh, a desire for Its Life.  O, how wonderfully It grows, pushing It so high, up to the heights of the Divine Sphere, to know the Highest and most Intimate Secrets.  My Will is Life, and as Life It does not want to stop.  It wants to grow continuously, and to grow It awaits the most tiny act, a loving invitation from the creature; even more so, since It doesn’t want to grow by force, but It wants the creature also to desire the continuous Growth and Fullness of My Will.  As Its Fullness grows, so does the Divine Strength within the soul—the Sanctity, the Beauty, the Happiness, the Knowledge—and the Fullness of the Innumerable Goods that My Divine Fiat possesses.

“See then, how much it means one additional act—a sigh, a desire for It, a call:  it is acquiring more of a Divine Strength; it is being embellished, so much so, that We Ourselves remain enraptured.  So We look and look at her again and again, and We recognize in her Our Strength and Our Beauty, and O, how much We Love her!  We feel even more Happy because she is for Us the Bearer of Our Joys and of Our Goods.  Before this creature Our Love swells up, It overflows from Ourselves and pours into her so much that It fills her up, forming around and inside of her Our Maze of fidgeting Love—the ardent Desire to make grow the Fullness of Our Will.

“My daughter, there is a great difference between those who are all attentive, all eyes and all heart for My Will, and the ones who just want It, but without any special attention.  It seems that these don’t have eyes to see It, heart to love It, and voice to call It in all things.  Maybe they possess My Will in small part, but Its Fullness is far away from them.”  Then Jesus remained silent.

VOL. 35 – October 12, 1937

This is Living in Our Will:  to Live always together; to be one single thing.  And this was the need of Our Love:  to have the company of the creature; to delight together, keeping her in Our Lap in order to be happy together.   Then, since the creature is small, We want to give her Our Will in order to have the opportunity to give her Our Life, Our Act and Our modes in each of her acts—Ours by Nature, hers by Grace.  This is Our Joy and Our Greatest Glory.

“Do you think it’s trivial to give Our Being so that a creature, too small to be able to contain It, can give It back to Us, together with herself, and We, in turn, can give Ourselves again?  It is a continuous reciprocal giving, that makes so much Love and Glory arise that We feel as if We are repaid by her for having given her life.  So, each thing she does without allowing Our Will to enter, is a rip that We feel; a Right that We feel being taken away from Us; a Joy that We lose.  Therefore, be attentive, so that all may become Divine Will for you.

VOL. 35 – October 19, 1937

“A single one of these Acts contains such Wonders that they just can’t find enough room in which to place themselves, such is their Greatness.  Only in Our Immensity can they find the place in which to stay, remaining Fused with Our Acts.  What will Our Glory and the glory of the creature not be, since her acts, by virtue of Our Fiat, have their place within the Acts of her Creator?  O, if all knew what it means to Live in the Divine Will, to let It Reign, they would compete with each other to be invested by It and become repeaters of Divine Life.”

VOL. 35 – December 28, 1937

Ah, My daughter, you don’t understand well what ‘not doing Our Will’ means:  they take all Our Rights from Us— they suffocate many of Our Divine Lives.

“Our Love was—and still is—so great that in every act of the creature We wanted to Create Ourselves to be Loved, to be known, and to have a continuous exchange of Life between Us and the creatures.  It is impossible to do this without Our Will.  Only Our Will has the Power and the Virtue of adapting the creature to receive Our Divine Life, and to put Our Love on the path in order to Create Ourselves within the act of the creature.  You must know that in everything she does in Our Will, an Irresistible Force calls Us.  We look at her, We reflect Ourselves in her, and with Irresistible Love We Create Our Life.  If you knew what it means to Create Our Life!  There is such a great display of Love that in Our Emphasis of Love We say:  ‘Ah, the creature let Us form Our Life in her act!’  We feel the equality with Our Love, Sanctity and Glory, and remain in anxious waiting for the continuous repetition of her acts in Our Will to repeat Our Life—to have, in her act, Ourselves Loving and Glorifying Ourselves.  Only then, We fulfill the true scope of the Creation:  everything serves Ourselves.  Even the most tiny act of the creature serves to repeat Our Life, and to display Our Love.  Therefore, Living in Our Volition will be everything for Us and everything for the creature.”

VOL. 35 – April 4, 1938

“Do you see then, the necessity of the Union of Acts which, like Seeds, are formed by the creature? This necessity determines the growth of My Will within her; it communicates the Virtue of Our Divine Qualities, producing many Prodigies of Grace and Beauty.  And We Love her so much that not only do We become inseparable, but We also Operate continuously within her.  We know that if We Love, she Loves; if We Work, she works—nor can she do anything without Us.  If her Union with Us were missing, she would be reduced to uselessness, like the earth with no water, no sun and no seed.  Therefore, Loving her very much, We do everything in her.  Do you see, at what painful, harmful and almost horrible point the creature puts herself without Our Will?”

VOL. 36 – April 25, 1938

Then He added: “On top of the Unceasing Love, there is another sign that the soul Lives in My Will. This sign Reigns inside the soul:  the Immutability—never moving from good to evil.  This can only be of God:  a firm, constant character, hard to change in its action; the Constancy that only a Divine Patience can have—always to repeat an act without ever getting tired; never being bothered—never regretting.  It is only of God.  Now, one who Lives in Our Fiat feels her Immutability and is Invested by such Firmness that she would never change her action—not for Heaven and earth.  She would rather die than stop doing and redoing what she does.  Furthermore, everything she does with a firm heart—without ever changing, had its origin in God; so she feels God in her act, and in repeating it, she feels that act flowing and her action animated by God Himself.  How can she ever stop doing what she started together with Our Supreme Being?  She would have to get out of Our Will to change action.  Our Will is Unchanging in Its Works, and It renders so, whoever Lives in It.  O! When one does not Live in It, how clearly it shows.  Today she wants to do something, tomorrow something else; one time she likes to make a sacrifice, another time she runs away from it.  One can’t trust her.  She is like a stem that bends following the wind of her passions.  The mutability of human will is such that it reaches the point of making the creature its own toy and perhaps even a toy for the demons themselves.

VOL. 36 – May 6, 1938

“My daughter, Our Love is so Great that We fix different degrees of Beauty and Sanctity to adorn the soul in Our Divine Will.  We will make these souls different from one another, distinct in their Beauty, Sanctity and Love, but all Beautiful—all Unique.  Some will remain in the Sea of Our Light and will enjoy the Goods of My Will, others will remain under the Action of My Operating Light.  These will be the most Beautiful ones, with all Our Creative Art and Operating Action.  As We find the creature in Our Will, We can do whatever We want.  She will be ready to receive Our Creative Power and We will delight in Creating New Beauties, unseen Sanctities—Love that We’ve never given to others and which they could not receive because the Life, Light and Strength of Our Will was missing.  We will hear in her Our Echo; the Creative Strength that always Generates Love and Glory; the continuous repetition of Our Acts and of Our own Life.  This is the Life of Our Fiat:  to Generate.  And where It Reigns It Generates continuously, without ever ending:  Generates in Us and keeps the Life of the Most Holy Trinity; Generates in the creature in which It Reigns; Generates Our Image, Love and Sanctity.  So, We still have a lot to do in the Work of Creation.  We have to reproduce Our Acts and Works, that will serve as the Most Beautiful Ornament for Our Heavenly Fatherland.”


VOL. 36 – May 27, 1938

I feel the need to enclose myself inside the Divine Volition to continue my life in It.  O! how I would Love to be imprisoned in Its Light, so that I could neither see nor hear anything else but what regards Its Will.

Then my beloved Jesus, coming back to visit my poor soul, all Love told me: “My blessed daughter, I want you here, imprisoned in My Will, so that no other things can have Life in you.  Now, you must know that all the harmony of the creature is in the repetition of her good acts done in My Will.  A single act does not form any harmony or Beauty, but many continuous acts United together call the attention of God, Who puts Himself in waiting for the acts of the creature.  As she performs them, He communicates to her, now Beauty, now Sanctity, now Goodness, Wisdom or Love.  In sum, He provides her with His ornaments and Divine Qualities.  All the acts repeated by the creature form the strength of her soul, binding God even more to herself.  They form Heaven in the depth of the soul and as she goes on repeating her acts, some are turned into star, others into wind blowing whispers of Love, others become a sea continuously murmuring Love, Glory, Adoration to God the Creator.  In sum, the whole atmosphere is reproduced in her.  However, when the acts are not continuously repeated, they lack that Unifying Power that gives Strength to all; they lack that Divine Mode of acting unceasingly, sustaining each of them with Creative Strength in Perennial Attitude of doing and redoing again.

“Furthermore, a single act has never formed any Sanctity because it has no Strength; it does not possess the Life of Love, since True Love never says ‘enough’—never stops—and if it does, it’s dead.  Only continuously repeated acts can send good surprises to Heaven where, as one arriving act is being enjoyed, another one follows and more and more arrive forming the Enchantment for the Heavenly Fatherland.  Therefore, in My Will there is always something to do and time can’t be wasted.”


VOL. 36 – August 6, 1938

I feel the need to give myself continuously to the Divine Will.  I am like the little girl who looks for the lap of her mother to take shelter in it, and stays there safe—all abandoned in her arms. 

But as I was thinking this, my beloved Jesus, visiting my little soul, all Goodness told me: “My little daughter of My Will, you look for your shelter in Me and I look for My shelter in you, to enjoy My creature and rest in her, so that her love may defend Mine from all the offenses of the creatures.  You have to know that, each time the creature enters My Will to do her acts, I give her My Divine Life, while she gives Me her human life.  Therefore she remains provisioned with a Divine Life for each act done in My Will, and I remain Honored and Glorified, surrounded by many human lives, since one act in My Will must be Complete. I give all Myself, not keeping anything of My Supreme Being, and she gives Me all of her human being.  What Good does the creature not receive, then, by possessing many of My Divine Lives.  As she keeps repeating her acts, so many of My Lives are added, and I give virtue to free her life to be able to say:  ‘So many Lives I gave her, as many lives she gave Me.’ 

“I can say that I find all My Satisfaction only when I see her giving Me her life in every instant—giving her will.  Seeing her giving Me her human will is My Greatest Triumph and, taken by Love, I sing My Victory, Victory that costs Me My Life and a wait of around six thousand years, during which, with so many anxious, bitter, ardent sighs, I yearned for the return of the human will into Mine.  Having obtained it, I feel the need to rest and sing My Victory.  Therefore, there is no more Beautiful Joy that she can give Me than Living in My Will.  And there is no Greater Pain she can give Me than subtracting herself from It; I feel this offense coming in the sun, in the wind, in Heaven—even in My Womb:  to see the Great Gift of the human will that I gave to the creature, and that was to serve for the exchange of Love and Life between Me and her, being converted into a deadly weapon to wound Me.  What Pain!  Now, the soul who comes to Live in My Will, makes such a harsh Pain disappear.  How then, could I not give all of Myself in her power, and give her what she wants?”

VOL. 36 – September 5, 1938

And my sweet Jesus, continuing His say with such a Tenderness that I felt my heart exploding, added: “My little daughter of My Will, My Interest and My continuous Yearning for the creature to Live in My Will is such that, once we’ve made the agreement, Myself and her, with a firm decision that she must Live in My Fiat—this being My Will—I am the first One who makes the Sacrifice to obtain the intent, so that she may Live in It.  I place Myself at her disposal.  I give her all the Graces, Light, Love and the very Knowledge of My Will, so that she herself has to feel the need to Live in It.  When I want something, and she promptly accepts doing what I want, I take care of everything; and when she fails for weakness, for inconstancy or for negligence, not for will, I come to compensate, and I do what she was supposed to do, transferring to her what I did as if she had done it.

“My daughter, Living in My Will is Life—not Virtue—that I must form. And Life needs Me, and continuous Acts—otherwise it would not be Life.  At the most it could be a Work, that doesn’t need either continuous Acts or Life.  Therefore, I do not break the Life because of involuntary indisposition or weakness, but I continue It; and it may be that in those same indispositions there is even My Will, allowing those weaknesses; in which case the will of the creature would be running into Mine anyway.  And then, among everything, I look at the agreement done together—the firm decision taken—against which there has been no other decision.  Looking at this, I keep compensating her in anything that is missing.  Even more, I Redouble the Graces.  I surround her with New Love—with New stratagems of Love to make her more attentive, and I provoke in her heart an extreme need to Live in My Will, and I pray her to hold It so tight as to always be able to Live together with It.”

VOL. 36 – October 26, 1938

Then He added: “My daughter, you don’t know yet all the Good the creature receives by Living in My Will, and the Great Glory she gives to her Creator.  Every act she does in It is a leaning of God on the creature, leaning His Power of Love and of Sanctity.  The more acts she repeats the more We trust her and the more We can lean on what is Ours, since Our Will is there, giving capacity and Strength to the creature to receive what We want to give.  But if We don’t find Our Will and her acts repeated in It, We don’t know where to lean; she doesn’t have Strength, capacity, or the space in which to receive Our Gifts and Graces, so that I can trust her.  Poor creature, without Our Will.  She, the True Citadel, without doors and without sentries to defend it—exposed to all the dangers. If We want to give, it would be like exposing Our Gifts and Our very Life to uselessness and to the danger of receiving offenses and ingratitude, so that they make Us turn Gifts and Graces into chastisements.

VOL. 36 – October 30, 1938

My little walk in the Divine Will continues, even though it seems that I do it with difficulty, step after step.  But my Jesus seems to be satisfied, as long as I don’t deviate, getting out of His Fiat.  I can say that I am really ill, because of the many painful incidents of my poor existence—this is why He is Happy with the little I do.  However, He never stops pushing me and attracting me, telling me New Surprises about His Will, to make me restart my flight.  So, visiting my little soul, He told me: “My blessed daughter of My Will, how I yearn for the soul to Live in Our Divine Will.  I am so pleased when she repeats her acts in It that I go on preparing New Gifts, Graces, Love and Knowledge, to make her know My Will more and more, and to make her appreciate and esteem the Celestial Residence in which she had the Great Honor to reside.  Therefore, if she Loves I Redouble My Love for her; and if she returns to Love Me I always come back with New Love, to surprise her; so much so, that the creature feels inundated and, confused.  She repeats:  ‘Is it possible that a God Loves me so much?’  And as she says so, taken by the ardor of My Love, she returns to Love Me and I, again, surprise her with My Love.  It is like a contest of Love—the human smallness that harmonizes with the Love of her Creator.  And she doesn’t Love Me only for herself.  Her Love is such that she Loves Me for everyone and everything. Then, what does My Fiat do?

“By Its Power and Immensity, It puts wings on this Love We gave to the creature, making it soar everywhere.  We feel that she Loves Us in each step, motion, thought, word and heartbeat of all the creatures.  She Loves Us in the sun, wind, air and sea; there is nothing in which she doesn’t Love Us.  O! how Happy and Glorified We feel that the creature Loves Us in all and everywhere.  For this, not only do We Love her, but We Love all creatures with New Love.  At an Act of Love in My Will, such Great Prodigies happen that the Heavens compete to be spectators and enjoy the New Surprises of Our Love.  Our very Divinity waits with Unspeakable Joy for the creature to enter into Our Will to Love Us—to be able to show off Our Love—to feel Loved by all.  We unleash Our Love, to become her Life, and not only Our Love:  as the creature goes repeating her acts in Our Fiat, We unleash New Power, Goodness and Wisdom, so that she will feel animated by New Power, Goodness and Wisdom.  All will take part in It, and We will have the Joy of seeing the human creatures (generations) being Invested by Our New Power, Goodness and Wisdom. What wouldn’t We make of this creature who Lives in Our Will? 


 VOL. 36 – November 13, 1938

My flight in the Divine Volition continues.  I can’t do without It, I would feel as if I myself were killing my own soul.  Heaven is watching me, and how could I live without my Life?

VOL. 36 – November 13, 1938

Then, I was thinking to myself:  how can one know whether he is Living in the Divine Will?

My sweet Jesus added: “My daughter, it’s easy to know it. You must know that, when My Fiat Reigns in the soul, It keeps Its Act in continuous Operation.  It cannot be present and not do something. It is Life, and It must Breathe, move, Palpitate, make Itself heard. It must have Its Primary Operating Act so the creature feels Its Empire, and follows Its Acts, almost continuously, in the Divine Will.  Therefore, continuation is a sure sign that one Lives in It.  With this continuation, he feels the need of Divine Breathing, motion and attitude.  Therefore, if he stops his continuous acts he feels as though he is missing Life, motion and everything else.  Soon he restarts his continuous acts, because he knows that it would cost too much to do otherwise.  It would cost him Divine Life, and one who has possessed It can hardly let It go.

Now, what is this action of the creature in the Divine Will?  It is the sequence of My Life and of My Will in the creature, because only My Will has the virtue of being Unceasing in Its continuous Acts. Otherwise, if it could be said so, everyone and everything would remain as if paralyzed and with no life; but this cannot be.  Now the creature does not possess by herself this virtue of operating continuously, but when united with My Will, she has the virtue, the Strength, the will and the Love to do it.  How much she can change things.  In fact, the creature who lets herself be carried and possessed by It can make such changes that she no longer recognizes herself, if she even retains a distant memory of her past life.  There is also another sign.  When My Will sees the soul being disposed, It first embalms her—her will, her pains—with an air of Peace; then It forms Its Throne. Therefore, one who Lives in my Will possesses a Strength that is never extinguished; a Love that does not Love anybody, but Truly Loves all in God.  To how many sacrifices she exposes herself for all—and for each one in particular.  Poor daughter, she is the True Martyr and Victim of all.  O!, how many times in seeing her suffering, I look at her with so much Tenderness and Compassion, and to cheer her up I say:   ‘My daughter, you received My same Destiny.  Poor daughter, Courage; your Jesus Loves you more.’  And in feeling more Loved by me, she smiles in the sufferings and abandons herself in My arms.  My daughter, to experience, to possess what my Will can do, creatures need to be inside of It; otherwise they won’t understand a thing.”