Volume 21; March 19, 1927

“As for you (Luisa), then, your Mission is extremely long, nor will you (Luisa) be able to complete it on earth.  Until all the Knowledges are Known and the Kingdom of the Divine Will is established upon earth, your (Luisa’s) Mission can never be called finished.  In Heaven you will have much to do; My Divine Will, that has kept you occupied on earth for Its Kingdom, will not let you be without working together with It in Heaven—It will keep you always in Its company.  So, you (Luisa) will do nothing but descend and ascend from Heaven to earth, in order to help and to establish My Kingdom with Decorum, Honor and Glory.

“And this will be for you of Great Delight, Happiness and Highest Glory—to see your littleness that, united with My Divine Will, has Transported Heaven onto earth, and the earth into Heaven.  Greater contentment you could not receive.  More so, since you will see the Glory of your Creator completed on the part of creatures, the order re-established, the whole Creation with Its full splendor, and man, Our dear jewel, in his place of Honor.  What will be Our Highest Contentment, Highest Glory and Happiness without end—as well as yours—in seeing the Purpose of Creation Fulfilled?  To you (Luisa), then, We (Triune God) will give the name of Redemptrix of Our Divine Will, constituting you (Luisa) mother of all the children of Our Fiat.  Aren’t you happy?” (Jesus is also talking to us – aren’t we happy?)

Volume 23; November 10, 1927

“You must know that the First Model in Creation was the Supreme Being, within which was man to model all his acts with his Creator.  The Second Model was to be Adam, within which all his descendants were to Model themselves.  But because he (Adam) withdrew from My Divine Will, since My Divine Will and Its Unity were missing in him, he (Adam) lacked the brushes, the colors and the raw material to be able to make the models in the Likeness of his Creator.

“Poor one, how could he form models with the very Divine form, if he (Adam) was no longer in Possession of that Divine Will that administered to him the ability to do it, as well as everything that was needed to be able to form the very models of God?  By rejecting My Divine Fiat, he (Adam) rejected the power that can do everything and knows how to do everything.  It happened to Adam as would happen to you (Luisa), if you had neither paper nor pens nor ink with which to write (The Book of Heaven).  If these were lacking to you, you would not be able to write a single word.  In the same way, he (Adam)  was no longer able to form the Models on the Divine Mold.

“The third model must be Formed by (Luisa) the one who must make the Kingdom of My Divine Will return.  Therefore, your (Luisa’s) Duties are Great; on your (Luisa’s) Models will all those of others be Modeled.  So, let the Life of My Divine Will flow in all your acts, that It may administer to you (Luisa) everything that is needed.  In this way, everything will go well, and your Jesus will be together with you (Luisa), to make you (Luisa) execute His Divine Models well.”