Reflections On Invoking the Fiat in the Little Acts

If the creature is not attentive in giving It her little acts, O!, how much It suffers. ( VOL. 36 – November 20, 1938)

From The Writings of Luisa Piccarreta

“The Little Daughter of the Divine Will”


Letters of Luisa #74

Therefore, let us allow nothing to escape us – even our little trifles, the little actions of our life – without letting them enter into Its divine sea; and in everything we can do and suffer, may It be our only purpose, for the triumph of the Divine Will, to live and reign triumphantly within our souls and in the souls of all… How happy we will be; each one of our acts will be a divine conquest.  We will see His finger, which has marked our act and has enclosed in it, with its divine strength, Suns more refulgent and Heavens more beautiful than those which can be seen in Creation.


Letters of Luisa #120

To feel pleasures, imperfections, weaknesses, is not evil.  Wanting them is ugly, because the Lord does not care of what we feel, but of what we want.  So, let us be attentive, and let us not waste time with things which do not belong to the Divine Will.  More so, since the Lord does not teach difficult things.  What He wants is exactly the little things, because they are easier to do, and we cannot find an excuse and say:  “I could not do it.”  The little things are always around us, in our hands; while the great ones come rarely.  So, we cannot say that sanctity is not for us.  Even our own nature is formed with many little acts – the breath, the heartbeat, the motion; yet, they form our life.  And if we lacked only one breath, our life – we can say – is ended.  So can we say if our little acts are not animated by the Will of God.  Therefore, let us allow everything we do to flow in the Divine Will and we will feel enlivened and in possession of the Life of the Fiat.  How happy and holy we will be! (…)


Letters of Luisa #121

I beg you to live always in the Divine Will.  I pray that Jesus will seal It in your mind, on your lips, in your heartbeat, in the movements of your hands, and even in your breath.  This Fiat wants to be prime act of all our acts, both natural and spiritual.  And when we call It, even in our little acts, It feels recognized by the creature; It makes feast, and in a delirium of love, says:  “The creature called Me; she gave Me the first place, so I can place in her acts my Sanctity, my Love, my Likeness”, and It wants to give also Its Beauty and Wisdom… It wants to give of Its own, but wants to be called.  When It is called, It makes Itself known; when It is known, It makes Itself be possessed and loved.  Therefore, be attentive, my daughter; when dear Jesus wants to give, He asks, in order to prepare the space in which to place His gifts, His light, His graces in our hearts.


Letters of Luisa #131

I hope you will feel better, because you still have much to do to make the Divine Will known.  It will be the bearer of true peace, of true sanctity, and will give back to us the rights which we have lost by doing our own will.  Not only this, but the Lord will have the great glory of forming the divine Generation in all our acts.  How happy we will be, thinking that in every little act of ours – even in the breath, in the motion, in the steps – we will form as many Jesuses, as many Divine Lives, for as many acts as we do!  Oh, how Jesus longs for this, reaching the point of counting the minutes, the breaths, to form His life in the acts of the creature and say:  “The creature loves Me with my own Love; she adore Me, she prays to Me with my own prayers…”  In this way we will populate the Sun, the earth, the sea, with many Divine Lives.  Then will our lives live hidden in God, and we will do what the Lord wants and does.  Therefore, let us pray, in order to obtain such a great good.


Virgin Mary in the Kingdom Of the Divine Will: Day 25

Dear child, in this house, the Kingdom of the Divine Will was in full force. Every little act of ours – working, starting the fire, preparing the food… – all were animated by the Supreme Volition, and were formed on the solidity of the sanctity of pure love. Therefore, from the tiniest to the greatest of our acts, immense joys, happinesses and beatitudes were unleashed. And we remained so inundated as to feel ourselves as though under a pouring rain of new joys and indescribable contentments.


Reflections on the Hours of the Passion: 6 PM Hour

Then, when the soul, fusing herself in Him, will do her immediate acts with Jesus, good Jesus will feel so attracted toward that soul that He will do what she does together with her, turning the work of the creature into Divine work. All this is the effect of the Goodness of God which takes everything into account and rewards everything, even a tiny act in the Will of God, so that the creature may not be defrauded of anything.


Reflections on the Hours of the Passion: 1PM Hour

Jesus does not spare Himself in anything. Loving us with highest love, He would want to save us all and, if it were possible, snatch all souls from hell, even at the cost of suffering all of their pains.

In spite of this, He sees that, through continual strain, the souls want to free themselves from His arms and, unable to contain His pain, He cries out: “My God, my God, why have You abandoned Me?” And we – can we say that our love for souls is similar to that of Jesus? Are our prayers, our pains and all of our most tiny acts united to the acts and to the prayers of Jesus in order to snatch souls from hell? How do we compassionate Jesus in His immense sorrow? If our life could be consumed in a continuous holocaust, it would not be enough to compassionate this sorrow. Every little act, suffering and thought that we do united to Jesus can be used to grab souls, so that they may not fall into hell. United with Jesus, we will have His own power in our hands. But if we do not do our acts united with Jesus, they will not serve to prevent even one soul from going to hell.


VOL. 11 – January 10, 1917
How sanctity is formed of little things.

This morning my lovable Jesus told me: “My daughter, sanctity is formed of little things; so, one who despises the little things cannot be holy. It would be like someone who despises the little grains of wheat which, as many of them are united together, form the mass of the wheat; and by neglecting to unite them, he would cause the necessary and daily nourishment for the human life to be lacking. In the same way, one who neglected to unite many little acts together, would cause the nourishment of sanctity to be lacking; and just as one cannot live without food, in the same way, without the food of the little acts, the true shape of sanctity, and the mass sufficient to form sanctity, would be lacking.”


VOL. 12 – December 6, 1917

Then my sweet Jesus told me: “My daughter, how sweet it is for Me to see, to feel, the soul in my Will. Without realizing it, she finds herself at the heights of my acts, of my prayers, of the way I acted when I was on this earth. She places herself almost at my level. In my most tiny acts, I enclosed all creatures, past, present and future, in order to offer to the Father complete acts in the name of all creatures. Not even one breath of the creatures escaped Me, which I did not enclose in Me; otherwise the Father might have found some exceptions in recognizing the creatures, and all their acts – because they would not have been done by Me and have come out from Me. He might have said to Me: ‘You have not done everything – and for everyone; your work is not complete. I cannot recognize all of them, because You have not embodied them all within You, and I want to recognize only what You did.’ Therefore, in the immensity of my Will, of my Love and Power, I did everything, and for everyone.

So, how could other things, outside of my Will, ever please Me, as beautiful as they might be? They are always low, human and finite acts. Instead, the acts in my Will are noble, divine, interminable and infinite – as my Volition is. They are similar to mine, and I give them the same value, love, power of my own acts; I multiply them in everyone; I extend them to all generations and to all times. What do I care if they are small? They are still my acts that are being repeated, and that’s enough. And then, the soul places herself in her true nothingness – not in humility, in which she always feels something of herself. And as a nothing she enters into the All, and operates with Me, in Me and like Me – completely stripped of herself, not caring about merit or self-interest, but all intent only on making Me happy, giving Me absolute lordship over her acts, without even wanting to know what I do with them. Only one thought occupies her: to live in my Will, praying to Me that I may give her the honor. This is why I love her so much, and all my predilections and my Love are for this soul who lives in my Will. And if I love the others, it is by virtue of the love which I have for this soul, and which descends from her – just as the Father loves the creatures by virtue of the Love He has for Me.”


VOL. 12 – December 28, 1917

Jesus wants the continuous acts of the creature. It does not matter if they are small; as long as there is the motion, the seed, He unites them to His own, and He makes them great.

Continuing in my usual state and being a little in suffering, I thought to myself: ‘How is it that I cannot find rest, either at night or during the day; rather, the weaker and the more suffering I feel, the more my mind is awake and unable to take rest.’ And my sweet Jesus told me: “My daughter, you do not know the reason, but I do; and now I will tell you. My Humanity had no rest; even in sleep I had no respite, but I worked intensively; and this, because having to give life to everyone and everything, and redo everything within Me, it was convenient for Me to work without stopping for one instant; and one who has to give life, must be in continuous motion and uninterrupted act. Therefore, I was in continuous act of letting lives of creatures out of Myself, and of receiving them. Had I wanted to rest, how many lives would not be delivered? How many, without my continuous act, would not develop and would remain withered? How many would not enter into Me, because the act of Life of the only One who can give life, is missing?

Now, my daughter, since I want you together with Me in my Will, I want your continuous act. Therefore, your awake mind is act, the murmuring of your prayer is act, the movements of your hands, the beating of your heart, the moving of your glances, are acts. They may be small, but what do I care? As long as there is the motion, the seed, I unite them to mine, I make them great, and I give them the virtue of producing lives.

My acts too were not all apparently great, especially when, as a little one, I moaned and suckled milk from my Mama, I amused Myself in kissing her, caressing her, entangling my little hands with hers. Then, when I was a little older, I picked flowers, I brought the water, and other things. These were all little acts, but they were united in my Will, in my Divinity – and this was enough. They were so great as to be able to create millions and billions of lives. Therefore, as I was moaning, lives of creatures were coming out from my moans; I suckled, I kissed, I caressed, but lives were coming out. Souls were flowing in my fingers entangled with the hands of my Mama; and as I picked the flowers and brought the water, souls were coming out from the heartbeat of my uncreated Heart, and they entered into It. My motion was continuous.

This is the reason for your vigil. When I see your motion and your acts in my Will – now placing themselves at my side, now flowing in my hands, now in my voice, in my mind or in my Heart – I make of them the motion of all, and I give life to each one in my Will, giving them the virtue of my own acts; and I make them run for the salvation and for the good of all.”


VOL. 12 – April 15, 1919

Now, the portent of my Redemption was the Resurrection, which, more than refulgent Sun, crowned my Humanity, making even my most tiny acts shine, with such splendor and marvel as to astonish Heaven and earth. The Resurrection will be the beginning, the foundation and the fulfillment of all goods – crown and glory of all the Blessed. My Resurrection is the true Sun which worthily glorifies my Humanity; It is the Sun of the Catholic Religion; It is the glory of every Christian. Without Resurrection, it would have been as though heavens without Sun, without heat and without life.


VOL. 12 – August 6, 1919

You, however – never go out of my Will. Since my Volition is Eternal, all that is done in my Will acquires an eternal, immense, infinite value; it is like a currency which arises, and never runs out. The most tiny acts done in my Will remain written with indelible characters, saying: ‘We are eternal acts, because an Eternal Will animated us, formed us and performed us…’ It happens as to a vase of clay into which liquid gold is poured, and the goldsmith forms gold items from that melted gold. Is it perhaps that that gold is not called gold because it has been liquefied in that clay vase? Certainly not. Gold is always gold, in whatever vase it might be melted. Now, the clay vase is the soul; my Will is the gold; the act of the creature operating in my Will combines my Will and hers, and they melt together. From that liquid, I, Divine Goldsmith, form the acts of eternal gold, in such a way that I can say that they are Mine, and the soul can say that they are hers.”


VOL. 13 – November 26, 1921

Therefore I called you from eternity, when nothing yet existed down here; and just as I longed for my dear Mama, delighting in Her, caressing Her, and pouring upon Her, in torrents, all the goods of the Divinity, so I longed for you, I caressed you, and the torrents which were poured on my Mama inundated you – for as much as you were capable of containing. They prepared you, anticipated you; and embellishing you, they gave you the grace that my Will be whole in you, and that my Will, not yours, would animate even your tiniest acts. My Life, my Will and all my Love flew in each act of yours. What contentment! How many joys did I not feel! This is why I call you second support after my Mama. Not upon you did I lean – because you were nothing, and lean I could not – but upon my Will, which you were to contain. My Will is Life, and whoever possesses It possesses Life, and is able to sustain the Author of Life Itself.

Therefore, just as I centralized in Me the purpose of Creation, I centralized in my Mama the fruits of Redemption, and I centralized in you the purpose of the Glory as if my Will were whole in everyone. And from you will come the squad of the other creatures. The generations will not pass away if I do not obtain this intent.”


VOL. 14 – June 19, 1922

Continuing in my usual state, I felt submerged in the Supreme Will of my sweet Jesus. It seemed to me that every little act of mine done in the Divine Will made new contentments come out from the Divine Majesty; and my lovable Jesus told me: “My daughter, I possess such contentments, happiness and beatitudes that I could give ever new joys and beatitudes in every instant. So, every time the soul operates in my Will, she gives Me the field to release new beatitudes and new contentments which I possess. And since my Will is immense and invades everyone and everything, as they come out, they flow over the soul who is operating in my Will, as the primary cause for which my beatitudes are being released, and then they circulate in everyone, both in Heaven and on earth. Therefore, as many times as you operate in my Will, so many more beatitudes and joys do you make Me release, and I feel the contentment of sharing the joys I possess.


VOL. 16 – August 5, 1923

Now, just as in order to form Redemption it was necessary for my Humanity and for my human will to enter into this Divine Will, for the fulfillment of the “Fiat Voluntas Tua” on earth as It is in Heaven, it is now necessary that I open again the doors of my Eternal Will, that I let one creature enter, and that, giving her free field, I let her do from her greatest to her tiniest act in the All-seeingness, Immensity and Power of my Will.

As you enter into It to emit your thoughts, words, works, steps, reparations, pains, love and thankgivings, my Will will coin all your acts. And they will receive the Divine Image, with the value of Divine acts, which, being infinite, will be able to make up for all, reach all, and have so much ascendancy over the Divinity as to make this Supreme Will descend upon earth, bringing the goods It contains.


VOL. 19 – April 18, 1926

Now, if Our Will was the depository of Creation and of Redemption, It must also keep the deposit of the Fiat on earth as It is in Heaven.  Here is the reason for my pushing so that you may do nothing without depositing it in It.  If you do not form this deposit of all of yourself, of your little acts, and even of your trifles, not having Its full triumph over you, my Fiat will not be able to carry out Its Fiat on earth as It is in Heaven.”


VOL. 21 – May 4, 1927

:  “My daughter, the heavens are always heavens—they never change, nor do they move.  And even though sometimes the clouds obfuscate them, spread out and cover the beautiful azure of the heavens, however, the clouds cannot touch them; they spread out at such a low level of the air, that there is great distance between the heavens and the clouds.  So, the heavens never lose their beauty, the ornament of the stars or their azure color because of the clouds; they are untouchable by anything.  If they undergo any change at all, it is the low earth, it is the human eye that, instead of seeing heavens, sees clouds and obscured air.

“Such is the soul who does My Will—she is more than heavens.  My Will extends within the soul as more than azure heavens studded with stars, and It remains in Its place, firm and unshakeable, reigning and dominating everything with such majesty as to render even the littlest acts of the creature, by virtue of Its Light, as more than most refulgent stars and sun.  So, the pains, the privations of Me, are like clouds formed at the low level of the human nature, that seem to obscure it.

“But the heaven of My Will remains untouchable, and Its Sun, that shines in It, shoots Its ardent rays more strongly; so much so, that you feel as though obfuscated.  However, it is all superficial and at the low level of your human nature, but, in your soul, the Heaven of the Divine Fiat undergoes no mutation.  Who can ever touch My Will?  No one.  It is immovable and unshakeable, and wherever It reigns, It forms Its dwelling of light, of peace and of immutability.  Therefore, do not fear; a little breeze is enough to put to flight the clouds that invest your human nature, and to dispel the darkness that seems to occupy your soul.”


VOL. 22 – July 26, 1927

:  “My daughter, my Divine Will has Its triumph in you, and this is why It squeezes you, drop by drop, under Its divine press, so that not even a drop of your will may be left in you.  Poor daughter, it is a Divine and unshakeable Will that works you in order to lay Its Kingdom in you, even in your littlest acts.  Therefore, patience, do not lose heart.  My Divine Will has two characters:  unshakeable firmness and incessant act.  This is why, when the soul has given herself to It, Its work is incessant.  Don’t you feel Its continuous motion within yourself?  And when I manifest to you a truth about It, with a mastery which is all Its own and divine, It places Its incessant motion in attitude, and It repeats it continuously within you; and while repeating it, It triumphs, because It does in you what It does within Itself of Its own nature.  Is this not, then, the triumph of my Will?”


VOL. 24 – April 26, 1928

My daughter, We do not look at whether what the creature does is great or small; rather, We look at whether there is the prodigy of Our secret – whether her tiniest acts, thoughts and sighs are invested with the power of Our Will.  This is all, and it is all for Us.


VOL. 27 –  November 30, 1929

“My daughter, with my Will you can do anything, and can reach anything.  Now, you must know that, before sinning, in each thought he made, in each gaze, word, work, step, heartbeat, man gave his act to God, and God gave His continuous act to man.  So, his condition was of always giving to His Creator, and of always receiving.  There was such harmony between Creator and creature that, on both sides, they could not be without one giving and the other receiving, to then give his act again, be it even a thought, a gaze.  Therefore, each thought of man looked for God, and God ran to fill his thought with grace, with sanctity, with light, with life, with Divine Will.  It can be said that the smallest act of man loved and recognized the One who had given him life, and God loved him back by requiting him with His Love, and by making His Divine Will grow in each act of man, small and great.  He was incapable of receiving the Divine Life all at once – he was too narrow, and God gave It to him sip by sip, in each act he did for love of Him, taking delight in giving him always, to form His Divine Life in him.  Therefore, each thought and act of man poured into God, and God poured into him.  This was the true order of Creation:  to find His Creator in man, in each act of his, so that He might be able to give him His light and what He had established to give him.  Our Divine Will, present in Us and in him, made Itself the bearer of one and of the other, and forming the full day in him, It placed in common the goods of both.  How happy was the condition of man when Our Divine Fiat reigned in him.  It can be said that he was growing on Our paternal knees, attached to Our breast, from which he drew growth and his formation.


VOL. 30 – January 7, 1932

And I, as though surprised:  “But how can it be that one Act alone can enclose everything?  It seems incredible.”

And Jesus added:  “Why incredible?  Can My Will perhaps not do everything and enclose everything, in the great just as in the smallest act?  You must know that in the Fulfilled Acts of My Will enters the inseparability of everything It has done and will do; otherwise it would not be a single Act, but would be subject to a succession of acts—which cannot be, either in Our Divine Being or in Our Will.  And besides, the Creation is a tangible example:  all created things are inseparable among themselves, but one distinct from the other.  Look at the sky, Fulfilled Act of the Fiat:  it acts as footstool to the Celestial Fatherland up above, where all the Happinesses and Joys run; it is occupied by all Angels and Saints, and upon it We form Our Throne.  That same sky forms the azure vault above the heads of the creatures, and in the same space one can see multitudes of stars; but they do not extend beyond the sky.


VOL. 31 – August 21, 1932

“This is why I Love your ‘I love You’ so much, and I want it in all My Acts, in all created things, and in every act of the creature in order to be able to form much blood as antidote and remedy to the anemia that exists, and this will be preparatory to the Kingdom of My Will.  Therefore I feel the need of your love.  It is true that it is little, but I do not look at whether it is little or great, rather I look at whether it was done in the Power of My Will, which makes the littlest acts Great for Me, and invests them with such Beauty as to enrapture Me.  Therefore it is enough for you to know that I want it, it pleases Me, and makes Me content, for you to do it, whether I see it as being little or great.  And this ‘I love You’ of yours I want in the heartbeat of your heart, in the air that you breathe, in the heavens, in the sun, in sum, in everything.  O! how I would want to see that your ‘I love You’ invests Heaven and earth, creatures and Creator.”


VOL. 32 – May 7, 1933

“Such is the human will, if it wants My Breath in all its acts, My Will, with Its Power, animates this Breath, and her little acts as little sparks change into flames.  And as she repeats the acts, so It repeats the Breath, in a way as to form of the little creature all one flame of Light of Divine Will.  On the other hand, if she wants to do her will, as she does it she blows and smothers everything, and she remains in a profound night, without even some little sparks of good.  In fact, one who Lives in My Will acquires Light by nature, and in all her acts she sees Light and they speak to her of Light.  On the other hand, one who does her own, acquires darknesses and night by nature, and darkness pours from all her acts, that speak to her of miseries, of apprehensions, of fears, that render life unbearable.”


VOL. 35 – January 2, 1938
There is no greater homage, love and glory that she can give Us, than to let Us do whatever We want in her acts.

“We can do the Greatest Wonders without anybody giving Us anything—and even without anybody telling Us anything—just as We did in the Creation.  Nobody said anything to Us, but still, how many Wonders did We not Create?  But then, there was nobody—no one who could give Us even a sigh as a pretext for Our Love, and as a refuge in which to place Our Creative Wonders.  But now, there are those who can tell Us and give Us the variety of their little acts—even the natural ones; since nature is Ours too, and We can use anything to form the Greatest Marvels in the creature.  Our Love gets more of a taste for it—Our Power remains more exalted in doing Our Greatest Wonders inside, rather than outside of the little circle of the act of the creature.  After all, these are the usual pretexts of Our Love that, in order to give, goes in search for the opportunity to do it, and to say:  ‘She gave to me, and I gave to her.  It is true that she is small, but she didn’t keep anything for herself.  Therefore, it is right that I give everything to her—even Myself.’”


VOL. 35 – September 20, 1937

This is precisely Our folly, Our delirium of Love:  We want to Operate and Love within the creature as We Operate and Love within Ourselves.  But only Our Reigning and Operating Will inside her can reach such an extent.  In fact, if We lower Ourselves, it is not to lose Our Divine Being in what is limited; rather, it is to elevate the creature to Infinity, and to give her of Ourselves; Sealing her small acts—even her breathing and her motion—with Our Eternal Love.  So, We feel within her Our Eternal Breathing of Love and Our Motion, which does not move without unleashing Love.   Therefore, the whole of Creation was nothing other than an Outpouring of Love.  We wanted to get acquainted with Our Works, and with the creatures that We gave to light, so We would Love each other with One Single Love.  My daughter, what a suffering, not having been understood by the creatures.  Because of this, We cannot receive the good of telling them Who We are, to make Ourselves known; and how We are nothing other than Love.  We want to give Love, to receive Love.  How I wish that everybody knew this!”


VOL. 35 – December 14, 1937

:  “My blessed daughter, just as nature has its day in human life, during which all the actions of life are performed, in the same way My Divine Will forms Its Day in the depth of the creature who Lives in My Will.  As the creature begins to form her acts in It, calling It to her as her own Life, she starts her Day, forming a most shining Dawn in the depth of her soul.  This Dawn gathers Its Power, Renewing in the creature the Power of the Father, the Wisdom of the Son, the Virtue and Love of the Holy Spirit.  So she starts her Day together with the Most Holy Trinity, which descends in the most tiny acts and hiding places of the creature in order to Live together with her, and to do whatever she does.  This Dawn puts to flight the darkness of the soul, so that all becomes Light for her, placing Itself as a vigil sentry, so that all her acts may receive the Light of the Divine Will.  This Dawn is the first rest of God within the room of the soul—it is the beginning of the Eternal Day in which the Life of the Supreme Being starts together with the creature.


VOL. 35 – December 28, 1937

You must know that in everything she does in Our Will, an Irresistible Force calls Us.  We look at her, We reflect Ourselves in her, and with Irresistible Love We Create Our Life.  If you knew what it means to Create Our Life!  There is such a great display of Love that in Our Emphasis of Love We say:  ‘Ah, the creature let Us form Our Life in her act!’  We feel the equality with Our Love, Sanctity and Glory, and remain in anxious waiting for the continuous repetition of her acts in Our Will to repeat Our Life—to have, in her act, Ourselves Loving and Glorifying Ourselves.  Only then, We fulfill the true scope of the Creation:  everything serves Ourselves.  Even the most tiny act of the creature serves to repeat Our Life, and to display Our Love.  Therefore, Living in Our Volition will be everything for Us and everything for the creature.”


VOL. 35 – August 15, 1937

“Now, you must know that My Divine Will gives so much Power to the creature that, as she does her most tiny acts, she feels Its Empire.  If she loves, she feels the Empire of Its Love; if she speaks, she feels Its Creative Strength; if she works, she feels the Empire and the virtue of Its Works crowding all around her, which, ruling in her will with her own empire, bring that Will to every heart to make It Rule and Dominate each of them.  Our Will feels Its own Empire in the act of the creature, and It feels forced to give what she wants in that act.  If she wants to love, with her act she makes Us be loved and obtains love for Us; if she wants Our Will to Reign, with her own empire she brings Us to the point of praying that all may receive It.  One Act in Our Will never stops.  It says to Us:  ‘I am Your Act.  You must give me what I want.’  One can say that it takes control over Our Power, duplicating It, multiplying It.  The creature, though beseeching, does not ask, but takes whatever her act wants; more so, since in Our Will We Ourselves want no act dissimilar from Our Own.  Therefore, We let Ourselves be ruled and dominated.”


VOL. 36 – May 17, 1938

So, be attentive.  I watch your steps, your words, the movements of your pupils, your tiniest acts, in order for My Will to have Its Life—Its Place.  We don’t care whether the act is natural or spiritual, big or small; but We watch attentively to see whether all is Ours; whether Our Will made arise Its Sun of Light, Sanctity and Love.  We use even the most insignificant act to make the most Prodigious Wonders, forming the most Beautiful scenes to keep Us all amused.  Didn’t We form the Marvelous Enchantment of the whole Creation from nothing?  Wasn’t it from nothing that We Created so many harmonies up to Our very Image, in the Creation of Man?  My daughter, if Creation had to give Us only what is spiritual, that would have been very little.  Instead, by giving Us also its natural acts, it can always give.  We can be in continuous relation and Our bond never breaks; more so, since the small things (breathing, moving, helping oneself in little personal things), are always available and within reach; available for the little and the great, for the ignorant and the learned and they never end. If these little things are done to love Us they form in themselves the Life of the Divine Will; Our Victory and Triumph:  the Ultimate Purpose of their Creation.  See, then, how easy it is to Live in Our Will?  The creature doesn’t have to do New Things, but just what she always does; that is to say, to live her life as We gave it, but in Our Will.”


VOL. 36 – May 17, 1938

continuing my flight in the Divine Volition, I feel It invading me inside and outside, to take Its Royal Place in my smallest acts as well as in the natural ones, and maybe even in my little trifles.  If It didn’t do so It could not Reign in Fullness within the creature.


VOL. 36 – August 15, 1938

“Today is the Feast of feasts—the Unique One, the New One, which was never repeated again. Today, the Day of the Assumption, celebrated for the first time the Divine Will Operating in the Sovereign Queen and Lady; the Marvels are Enchanting in each of Her smallest Acts, even in Her breathing, in Her motion.  Many of Our Divine Lives can be seen flowing in Her Act as many Kings that, more than bright suns, inundate—surround and embellish Her—making Her so Beautiful as to form the Enchantment of the Celestial Regions.  Do you think it’s nothing that each one of Her breaths, motions, works and Pains were filled with many of Our Divine Lives?  This is exactly the Great Prodigy of My Will Operating in the creature:  to form a Divine Life for each time It could enter the motion and the acts of the creature.  Then, since My Fiat possesses the Virtue of Bilocation and Repetition—doing again and again without ceasing everything She does—so the Great Lady feels these Divine Lives multiplied within herself, that do nothing other than further extend Her Seas of Love, Beauty, Power and Infinite Wisdom!  You must know that the Divine Lives She possesses are so Great and so many that, upon entering Heaven, they crowded the whole Celestial Region and, being impossible to contain them, they filled the whole Creation as well.  Therefore, there is no place where Her Seas of Love and Power do not flow, along with the many of Our Lives of which She is Possessor and Queen.


VOL. 36 – November 20, 1938

I feel the Divine Will inside and outside of me, surprising me whenever I’m about to do my little actions, or to say my little ‘I love You’—to invest them with Its Light and make them Its Own.  It has such an astonishing inimitable attention that it’s almost incredible.  If the creature is not attentive in giving It her little acts, O!, how much It suffers.  O! how much I too would like to be all attentive—to imitate It by letting nothing escape me, so that we can surprise each other. 


Fiat !!!