May 30, 1928

The Creation, Divine Army; the Fiat, Celestial Flag.  Example of the child and of the rich father.  How Jesus wants entire peoples to pray; who these peoples are.

Then, I (Luisa) continued my Round, and not only in all of Creation, but also in all of the Acts done by ADAM in his State of Innocence, in those done by (Mary) the Queen Virgin, as well as in those done by Our Lord (Jesus Christ).  I placed my Divine Fiat in them, sending as though an Ordered Army around the Divinity, which would ask for Its Kingdom; and Jesus added:  “My daughter (Luisa), Heaven and earth are praying.  All of My Acts, those of the Sovereign Queen (Mary) as well as those of Innocent ADAM which were all invested by My Divine Fiat – they all have a Voice which, resounding among them as a Most Sweet and Strong Echo, asks:  ‘Your Kingdom come!’  My daughter (Luisa), in creating man (Adam), I (God) acted like a most rich father who, after his child is delivered to the light, would want to amuse himself with his little one by giving him all of his riches; and he says to him, continuously:  Son, take whatever you want and as much as you want.’  The little one fills his pockets and his little hands, but so much that, unable to contain them, he drops them to the ground; and the father, inciting him, says:  Is this all you have taken?  Come, take some more – take everything.’  The child sees himself hampered; bravely he returns to take, but his capacity can take nothing else, and the father smiles and amuses himself with his little one.  So I (God) did with man (Adam):  I (God) gave him (Adam) all of My Riches as Gift, and he, like a little child, was incapable of taking them all; and amusing him, I would say to him:  ‘Take – take, My son.  Take much – take everything if you can; the more you take, the more I will enjoy and make feast.’


      Am I (God) not doing this with you (Luisa), to the point of wanting to Give you (Luisa) the Kingdom of My Divine Will?  This is why I make you (Luisa) go ROUND in the whole Creation, in the works of My Redemption, nor do I deprive you (Luisa) of the Dominions of (Mary) the Sovereign Queen of Heaven.  And while you (Luisa) go around through Our Works and Dominions, I keep whispering to your ear:  ‘Take whatever you (Luisa) want, My little daughter.’  And to Give you (Luisa) the Right to It, I (God) have you (Luisa) mark all of Our Works and Our Dominions with your ‘I love You’.  In this ‘I love you’ of yours (Luisa) which Repeats its Refrain, ‘give me your Divine Fiat’, it seems that ‘Fiat’ and ‘I love you’ are braided together, and I (God) know that what you (Luisa) want and ask for is The Greatest Thing – a Divine Kingdom in which, not only for you (Luisa), but all those (linked to you Luisa) who will be in this Kingdom, may all be Kings and Queens.